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          1) Wayshowing: A guide to environmental signage
             (Per Mollerup)
          2) Playfair's commercial and political atlas and
             statistical breviary (William Playfair)
          3) Selected readings of the Information Design
             International Conference 2003.
             (Carla Spinillo, Solange Coutinho (Eds.))
          4) The stroke: theory of writing (Gerrit Noordzij)


1)    TITLE: Wayshowing: A guide to Environmental signage.
              Principles and practices.

      AUTHOR: Per Mollerup

     DETAILS: Price: USD 45.00 / ISBN: 303778055X /
              Published: 2005 / 288 Pages /
              Publisher: Lars Muller Publihers


DESCRIPTION: Designers and manufacturers use the term 'wayfinding'
              when talking about the function of signs and signage
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