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          1) User interface design and evaluation.
             (Debbie Stone, Caroline Jarrett, Mark Woodroffe, Shailey Minocha)
          2) Wordless Diagrams (Nigel Holmes)
          3) Forms for people: designing forms that people can use.
             (Robert Barnett)
          4) Thinking in Type (Alex W. White)
          5) Printer's type in the twentieth century manufacturing
             and design methods (Richard Southall)
          6) Visual Research. An introduction to research methodologies
             in graphic design. (Ian Noble and Russell Bestley)
          7) Wayfinding. Pictografic Systems. Nonverbal. Universal.
             (Paul Arthur en Branimir Zlamalik)


1)    TITLE: User interface design and evaluation.

    AUTHORS: Debbie Stone, Open University, UK
             Caroline Jarrett, Effortmark Limited, UK
             Mark Woodroffe, Open University, UK
             Shailey Minocha, Open University, UK


    DETAILS: Price: USD 59.95 / ISBN: 0-12-088436-4 /
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