InfoDesign | 21 May 09:31 2003

InfoD: Conference Vision Plus 10 (Call for Papers)

        * Vision Plus 10 *  (International Symposium)

          Touristic Information de Luxe - for All
          Creating inclusive information environments
          Making visitors wish to come again

          September 18 - 20, 2003. Lech, Vorarlberg, Austria

** Conference themes
What can be easily overcome by young and able bodied travellers
might be a real obstacle for elderly tourists. Their number is
steadily growing and so is the need to provide for their more or
less visible physical impairments and disabilities. Attentively
designed information relating to their concerns will result in
inclusive information environments. Such should not only please
the elderly: everyone travelling in unfamiliar territories will
benefit, will feel welcome and at home. The resulting ease and
pleasure of the travelling experience will remain in people's
memories. They may wish to come back and - along with the holiday
snaps - will share it with others.

** Call
IIID welcomes statements, case-studies, best practice examples
and lessons learnt from the following fields:

- Disabled tourists, but not primarily wheelchair-users
- Demanding tourists: their likes and dislikes
- Enforcing the requirements of people with disabilities:
   current legislation and legal steps planned
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InfoDesign | 22 May 15:06 2003

InfoD: Re: IIID: Two Summer Academies

        * Information Design Summer Academy *
          (Two IIID University Projects)

         In this message:
         1) Tourism and Public Transport
            (28 July - 8 August 2003; Salzburg, Austria, Europe)
         2) Remote Relations: Tools for Collaboration
            (24 August - 7 September 2003; Gifu, Japan)


1)  Tourism and Public Transport. Travelling the City 2:
     Touristic Information de Luxe - for All.
     Creating inclusive information environments;
     making visitors wish to come again

     28 July - 8 August 2003
     Salzburg, Austria / Europe

The central theme of the summer academy is the influence of
our increasingly aging society on tourism. The academy will
focus on how changing demographics will require changes in
infrastructure and services. The Summer Academy will closely
relate to the 'European Year of People with Disabilities'
with respect to an aging society.

As tourists get older part of the travel experience will be
influenced by their own physical change, they will suffer
from one or more disabilities that may not be obvious.
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