Carsten Schumann | 19 Aug 10:03 2011

Infinite loop in Horde/Icalendar.php when syncing

Hi guys,

I have reinstalled my horde webmail since I had to upgrade from webmail 
1.2.4 to 4.0.2 for my new Ipad. The web frontend works fine but when I 
try to sync my mobile phone against kronolith, apache ends up in an 
infinite loop in Horde/Icalendar.php:584 while trying to parse the 
answer from my phone.

The loop reads:


$vCal, $matches)) {
             foreach ($matches[1] as $s) {
                 $r = preg_replace('/=\r?\n\s/', '', $s);
                 $vCal = str_replace($s, $r, $vCal);

$vCal has the value

fr=C3=A4umen^M DTSTART:20071201T100000Z^M DTEND:20071201T120000Z

and after the preg_match_all instruction, $matches[1] contains an array 
with one element

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karlitos | 30 Jul 17:38 2011

setting the Syncml uri for calendar/tasks/notes to another than the default one


I can not determine the right url for horde  if I wan to sync another than the default calendar or task, memos
vith SyncML.  I was able to set the sync with the default one by setting url = calendar on the client side
(Syncevolution on my N900), the same for tasks and memo. But if I have for example a work calendar on my phone
and set the source for calendar to this one and let the uri = calendar, the SyncML writes the work data to the
default calendar one on my horde groupware. I can not find any documentation related to this issue, could
someone help me please ?

Thanks in advance Karel

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LALOT Dominique | 28 Jul 18:23 2011

syncml error


I just upgraded to the very last version upgrading the database

[image: Address Book] Address Book
schema is ready.
Application is ready.   [image:
Calendar] Calendar
schema is ready.
Application is ready.   (content)
1.0   DB schema is ready.

  [image: Filters] Filters
schema is ready.
Application is ready.   [image:
Horde] Horde (horde)<>4.0.7

Application is ready.   [image:
Mail] Mail (imp)<>5.0.8
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LALOT Dominique | 21 Jul 10:53 2011

syncml and horde 4


Doing the last tests with an iphone 3.x before migrating:

Activesync is now OK may be thanks to the last patch

Testing the syncml part now:
With horde 3.3.5, kronolith 2.3.2 syncml is working well using todo+ical

now going to last versions:
I can download my 216 events, modify them, delete them from iphone. But no
modifications from server arep updated on the iphone.
I completely wipe iphone data several times, wipe syncml data anchor on
server, but I am still in a single way updating only from iphone to server
except from the initial data download.


Dominique LALOT
Ingénieur Systèmes et Réseaux

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LALOT Dominique | 12 Jul 12:05 2011

activesync still working?


Kronolith 3.0.5
Horde 4.0.7

I was working with activesync and iphone for several month and suddenly
something got broken. I was away for several weeks and did not try
activesync for some period. As I went back to work, I updated horde via
pear. As my setup is a little bit complicate (shibboleth auth), I spent
hours putting traces to understand what was wrong.

When I try to setup an account ont the Iphone, I get a failure and I am
asked for another password.
Finaly, I purge my data, upload new data from prod, run db_migrate,
everything is OK in the admin panel.

But nothing better. So I change my auth driver to LDAP. I can login normaly,
but the activesync problem still exists. On my Iphone, I have one calendar
using subscription URL and it works well.

Am I alone on that problem?

I can see the URL called in apache access_log, and the answer is 500

in horde/rpc.php,
case 'ActiveSync':
    /* Check if we are even enabled for AS */
    fputs($handle,"Trace DOM1 ActiveSync trouvé \n");
    if (empty($conf['activesync']['enabled'])) {
        fputs($handle,"Trace DOM3 ActiveSync non actif \n");
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Zulan | 10 Jul 19:07 2011

Sync Android Funaambol / Horde4


I am trying to sync an Android Nexus S with Horde (Contacts and 
Calendar for

Funambol Sync Version 10.0.5
I set the Server names to "contacts" and "calendar"

Horde 4.0.7
kronolith 3.0.5
turba 3.0.4
(all installed yesterday using pear on a Debian squeeze)

Full sync logs are at


Basically both directions are working, but some values are missing

Horde --> Droid

Location: OK
Email: Ok
Home Phone: MISSING!
Work Phone: MISSING!
Mobile Phone: OK
Fax : OK
Photo: Not OK, missing image driver

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San | 23 May 04:34 2011

Re: sync Digest, Vol 909, Issue 1

Hi Jan,

 Thank's for the reply. I had seen this site ( but it isn't so clear for me, because the
syncronization of calendar, contacts, tasks, events, etc. depends of third
party of project and it isn't explained in only one tutorial that explain
step by step, so I need to assemble a puzzle for it's works for me.

 Today we have a Exchange that works with Outlook to share and sync
calendar, contacts, tasks and events and we need to find a similar thing
with lower cost. I'm testing iCal and I'm studing the CalDAV and CardDAV
with other Colaboration tool, like a Zimbra.



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San | 16 May 17:04 2011

Manual / Tutorial / How to

Hi all,

 Can anyone tell me a good "How to" configure SyncML or ActiveSync and
iCalendar to Sync Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Events with Horde and
Outlook 2000 or Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007. I found a lot of list
that have doubts about bug and problems, but a I don´t found a good
"How to" to explain step by step how to configure Horde and Client.

 My Enviroment is:

Horde 3.3.3
Red Hat 5.5



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LALOT Dominique | 11 May 18:01 2011

activesync no more working for iphone?


I started to play with activesync in March using git, then beta then install
4.0, 4.0.1, then 4.0.2 (last update)
what is sure is that it was working in 4.0.0 or 4.0.1.
During that time I had many things to improve, prefs and so on so I did not
test activesync each time.

I was "playing" with shibboleth and was unable to sync, as the
authentication driver was not suited for. I patched just Horde/Rpc.php in
order to do an ldap bind in case of failure.
As nothing worked (it was ok for the authentication), I went back to imap or
ldap auth in order to be sure that the normal tested driver was working.
But it does not work anymore.

Nothing in apache error.log
I destroyed my device state, went back to my iphone and destroy data, set up
a new account (iphone os 3.1)
That's difficult to understand the problem's origin and also there is no way
to look at a log on the iphone side... - lalot [11/May/2011:16:57:23 +0200] "GET
/horde/rpc.php/kronolith/lalot/lalot.ics HTTP/1.1" 200 12756 "-"
"DataAccess/1.0 (7E18)" - lalot [11/May/2011:16:52:47 +0200] "POST
HTTP/1.1" 200 612 "-" "Apple-iPhone/705.18" - lalot [11/May/2011:16:58:06 +0200] "POST
HTTP/1.1" 200 676 "-" "Apple-iPhone/705.18"
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David Solbach | 29 Apr 18:24 2011

Activesync contacts and calendar on the N900


I know this might be a N900 MfE client only problem, still I want to ask this 
here, since the horde wiki states that activesync works for the N900.

The problem is, that the N900 seems to forget all Activesync settings as soon 
as I leave the configuration wizard.

Does anyone else have the same problem? If yes, I would like to update the 
horde activesync Wiki page so that others don't bump into the same problem.

Or maybe I'm doing something wrong?


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Ben Smith | 29 Apr 00:19 2011

Fwd: Horde 4 and Funambol android client

SyncML works great for me with Horde 3.3.11 using the Funambol Outlook and
Funambol Android clients.  On Horde 4, however, SyncML no longer works with
the Funambol Android client. It appears to still work with the Funambol
Outlook client.

On android I see this kind of thing in the error log:

Thu Apr 28 13:53:07 MST 2011 [ERROR] [CalendarSyncSource] Cannot save
Encountered " " at line 15, column 1.

Was expecting one of:
    "END:VEVENT" ...
    <IDENTIFIER_T> ...


Thu Apr 28 13:53:09 MST 2011 [ERROR] [CalendarSyncSource] Cannot save
Encountered " Airlines # 1635" at line 15, column 12.

Was expecting one of:
    ";" ...
    <QP_PARAMETER_T> ...
    ":" ...
    ":" ...

I realize that this may not be a Horde SyncML problem, but I thought I would
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