T. Welz | 24 Jun 11:10 2015

DAV issue - base uri


I want to sync contacts/calendars with android. I tried different 
android apps, until I figured out that already connecting to the 
principals URL is failing.

When I access the principals url 
https://www.XXXXXX.eu/horde/rpc.php/principals/tw/ with a webbrowswer 
manually I get:

uri (/horde/rpc.php/principals/tw/) is out of base uri 

I tried to access the principals url with the demo of horde, there i can 
access the url without error - so I assume the issue is the base uri.

I tried to find a spot in the configuration where to set the base uri - 
but i couldn't.
Does one of you can give me a hint were to set this, please. Or am I on 
a wrong path, and connection issue is something different.

Horde Groupware 5.2.2
Kalender (kronolith) 
<https://www.wiznet.eu/horde/admin/config/config.php?app=kronolith> 4.2.2
Adressbuch (turba) 
<https://www.wiznet.eu/horde/admin/config/config.php?app=turba> 4.2.2
Webmail (imp) 
<https://www.wiznet.eu/horde/admin/config/config.php?app=imp> 6.2.2
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Michael J Rubinsky | 11 Jun 16:25 2015

Re: Outlook 2013 sync recovery after server down

Quoting Tim ODriscoll <tim.odriscoll <at> lambrookschool.co.uk>:

> On Tue, 09 Jun 2015, Michael J Rubinsky wrote:
>> Given that more recent versions are acting at least closer to the  
>> way they should points towards this being a bug in OL. We already  
>> send the correct status codes per the ActiveSync protocol  
>> specification.
> It seems the later build version of Outlook will pick up and resync  
> itself, including mail & calendar events, only if there's no shared  
> calendars involved. As soon as a shared calendar is introduced, it  
> breaks the whole resync for the calendar owner and everyone who has  
> access to it.

Considering that ActiveSync has no native support for shared  
calendars, or permissions of any kind for that matter, this isn't  

>> If you want to try to play around with different status codes  
>> yourself, you can find descriptions of them, and details on when to  
>> use them, in Microsoft's protocol document, MS-ASCMD (or something  
>> like that, don't have the PDF  in front of me).
> Thanks for that, Mike. I'll look into it..
> Tim


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Tim ODriscoll | 6 Jun 23:12 2015

Outlook 2013 sync recovery after server down

Dear All,

Recently my Horde server stopped responding (due to no free inodes  
because /tmp/horde_form_* filled up), and it caused most (5 of 6)  
Outlook 2013 clients to loose sync. Outlook does not report any  
errors, but no new emails appear in Outlook, shared & personal  
calendar events disappear or fail to update.

I get various errors in the associated sync logs:
This on a client that was not uploading calendar changes:
ERR: [16751] Could not find state for synckey {xxxxxxxxxx}1.

This on a client that was not showing any calendar events or new emails:
ERR: [3776] Horde_ActiveSync_Collections::getBackendIdForFolderUid  
failed because folder was not found in cache

The only way to resolve the issue is to remove the client from the  
ActiveSync devices page within Horde and then remove and recreate the  
Outlook mail profile on the client.

I'm using Horde_ActiveSync v2.28.1

Every other ActiveSync client (iOS/Android) picked up the sync again  
after the server was fixed, so is it right to assume an Outlook  
setting is to blame?

Many thanks,


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Michael J Rubinsky | 15 May 16:54 2015

Re: Outlook 2013 Seemingly Random Duplicate Emails using ActiveSync

Quoting Tim ODriscoll <tim.odriscoll <at> lambrookschool.co.uk>:

> On Fri, 15 May 2015, Michael J Rubinsky wrote:
>> Please provide the full synclog. Hatd to comment without any context.
> Hi Mike,
> I've sent this to you direct as it's quite large and contains  
> emails/subject lines I don't really want on list archives. I grep'd  
> the log file with this:
> 2015-05-15T08:0
> .. in an effort to get useful information out of a ~900Mb log.
> One of the duplicate emails has a message ID that contains the string:
> 000001d08edd
> Time stamps for the two entries are:
> 2015-05-15T08:08:58+01:00
> 2015-05-15T08:09:35+01:00
> Upon further user-interrogation, I've discovered that this duplicate  
> email issue only occurs when Outlook is started up in the morning  
> and does it's initial sync. Whilst Outlook is running normally  
> during the day, no duplicate emails appear. It's only in the morning  
> when the PC/Outlook is turned on, and then it's not every message it  
> happens to.
> It's very odd!
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Tim ODriscoll | 15 May 11:18 2015

Outlook 2013 Seemingly Random Duplicate Emails using ActiveSync

Dear All,

I have several Outlook 2013 users experiencing random duplicate emails  
in their inbox's. There does not appear to be a pattern as far as I  
can tell so far.

My ActiveSync log appears to show the message being pushed down to the  
device twice in different sync sessions:

2015-05-15T08:08:58+01:00 INFO: [7165]  
Horde_Core_ActiveSync_Driver::getMessage(INBOX, 3105)
2015-05-15T08:08:58+01:00 INFO: [7165] Sending MIME Message.
2015-05-15T08:08:58+01:00 INFO: [7165] Checking MIMETRUNCATION: ,  
ServerData: 6700
2015-05-15T08:08:58+01:00 INFO: [7165] Fetching verb for  
<000001d08edd$05ac5100$1104f300$ <at> lambrookschool.co.uk>: Array
2015-05-15T08:09:35+01:00 INFO: [26335]  
Horde_Core_ActiveSync_Driver::getMessage(INBOX, 3105)
2015-05-15T08:09:35+01:00 INFO: [26335] Sending MIME Message.
2015-05-15T08:09:35+01:00 INFO: [26335] Checking MIMETRUNCATION: ,  
ServerData: 6700
2015-05-15T08:09:35+01:00 INFO: [26335] Fetching verb for  
<000001d08edd$05ac5100$1104f300$ <at> lambrookschool.co.uk>: Array

I've disabled my AV plugin within Outlook 2013 and this morning I've  
disabled all other plugins as the problem persists.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to sort this out?
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Tim ODriscoll | 1 May 16:18 2015

Shared Calendar Syncing

Dear All,

I have 6 users who all need read/write access to one users calendar.  
This is a huge calendar (2000 events for the current year) and the  
users would like a desktop app (windows 7) to manage said calendar.

What's the best way to achieve this?

I'm running Horde Groupware 5.2.5. I'm aware shared calendar support  
isn't in the synchronization preferences and I'm willing to sponsor  
that feature if need be, or if there's another way? I've tried  
'ical4ol' (you can use different credentials for different  
connections) but only the full ICS sync worked, so it would spend a  
few seconds downloading/uploading the entire calendar - not ideal with  
6 users accessing it at the same time.

I've got Outlook 2010/Funambol working nicely for a single users  
calendar, but I don't know what it would do with a shared calendar.

I've tried Thunderbird/Lightning and it throws an access-denied error  
whenever I try to modify an event, even if I'm using the credentials  
for the calendar owner.

Any suggestions on how to achieve a shared calendar with a desktop app?

Many thanks,



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grupo correo | 20 Feb 14:07 2015

Fwd: Duplicate calendar events using syncml

Hi Jan,

I changed the log level to E_ALL but no appears any messages "Array to
string conversion".

I'm attaching the new logs obtained in the new test.

Thank You
Attachment (Log.tar.gz): application/x-gzip, 30 KiB

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grupo correo | 19 Feb 13:47 2015

Duplicate calendar events using syncml

Hi List,

Calendar events created in Outlook 2010 are duplicates when I synchronize with
the server.

When i create an event in Outlook Calendar and sync with funambol, this
event is uploaded to the server, and this one is created in Kronolith. But
when i re-sync outlook calendar with funambol the event is created again.
So, the same event is repeated. If i delete the event create previously in
outlook, this one doesn't desepear from Horde.

I'm using the 5.2.1 version of Horde, funambol 10.0.1 and SyncML version 1.2

The only error that appears in the log of php.txt is:
"PHP ERROR: session_destroy(): Trying to destroy uninitialized session"

I attach the logs of the test and php.txt that I have made.

Thanks a lot.
Attachment (Logs.tar.gz): application/x-gzip, 24 KiB

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zulan | 11 Feb 21:03 2015

Syncing shared calendars with caldav


I want to share calendars between two horde users. Within the webapp it works 
as intended, but I seem unable to access the shared calendars through CalDav.

In the account (rpc.php/principals/mylogin) listing, the shared calendars 
don't show up.
When i try to access them via the subscription url 
(rpc.php/calendars/otherlogin/calendar:...) I get an error (e.g. 
Sabre\DAVACL\Exception\NeedPrivileges, User did not have the required 
privileges ({DAV:}read) for path).

Any suggestions?

I am running horde 5.1.5 (from ubuntu) and connect with DAVdroid on android 
and some motorola CalDav sync adapter on another android.


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Iain McFarlane | 4 Jan 23:42 2015

Download headers/full body


On the Asus ZenUI Email application it only lets me download headers
automatically there is no option to download the body of the email.
If I look on the stock android app it works fine connected to the same
   account on Horde.

Asus developers have said it must be an issue with my server.

I suspect they have misinterpreted the standard (as is so often the
case) does this sound feasible?




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M Decker | 20 Dec 23:36 2014

New SyncML client for Android (open source): ChBoSync

Dear list,

I would like to inform you that we have released "ChBoSync", which is
a free SyncML client for Android that can be used to sync with a Horde
server (to be frankly: Horde is the only SyncML server we used for
testing of this app so far).

ChBoSync is  a modification of the "PTBV SyncML Client" by Andreas
Wolff, which again is a  modification of Funambol's open source

The app is available for free in Google's app store:

For more details see the app's home page:

Kind regards,

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