Aria Bamdad | 28 Jul 20:41 2014

caldav sync not working


We are trying to test several cladav clients for Outlook to sync to Horde
and are having what appears to be the same problem regardless of which
client we use.  It seem that syncing the contacts works without any
problems.  However when we try to sync a calendar, the client times out or
fails.  Looking at the apache logs, I do see a request come in for what
seems to be the correct URL:   

"PROPFIND /rpc.php/calendars/someuser/calendar%3AWQ8DBORNwilUkDCclsVYbg1
HTTP/1.1" 401 291 "-" "WebDAV Collaborator/1.0"

This is the first request without authentication and that's why we get a 401
reply.  The second request is NOT logged in the apache log but is received
(I did a DumpIO trace).  The client sends the second request with proper
credentials but then times out since no response is sent back.  I don't see
any errors on the server side or any activity (running process, etc.).

One odd thing I noticed is the following.  If I login to rpc.php using a
browser, at the top level we see these folders:  principals, calendars,
addressbooks, kronolith, turba, nag, gollem.  Under addressbooks, thre is
'-system-' and below that is the user's address books.  However, under
calendars, there is also '-system-' but below that is 'outbox' and nothing
inside that folder.  However, under kronolith, you can find the user's

Thanks for any advise.


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Sandra Weddig | 17 Jul 17:16 2014

Missing alarms for yearly recurring events

I don't get alarms (neither mail, pop-up or smartphone) for yearly
recurring events like birthdays.  Which setting do I have to check?

Thx, Sandra

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John H. Bennett III | 14 Jul 19:28 2014

Kronolith ICS calendar import error


Every time I import my ICS Calendar from Kronolith 2.3.6 to 4.2.0, I  
get this error.

  HORDE: [kronolith] __clone method called on non-object [pid 2513 on  
line 2150 of "/home/httpd/html/horde/kronolith/lib/Event.php"]
Jul 14 12:22:32 www httpd: PHP Fatal error:  __clone method called on  
non-object in /home/httpd/html/horde/kronolith/lib/Event.php on line  
Jul 14 12:22:32 www HORDE: [kronolith] __clone method called on  
non-object [pid 2513 on line 2150 of  

Calendar entries seem OK, so I don't know if something is wrong, or if  
this is just log noise.




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Jan Schneider | 8 Jul 18:28 2014

Kronolith H5 (4.2.0) (final)

The Horde Team is pleased to announce the final release of the Kronolith
Calendar Application version H5 (4.2.0).

Kronolith is the Horde calendar application. It provides web-based calendars
backed by a SQL database or a Kolab server. Supported features include  
Ajax and
mobile interfaces, CalDAV support, shared calendars, remote calendars,
invitation management (iCalendar/iTip), free/busy management, resource
management, alarms, recurring events, and a sophisticated day/week view which
handles arbitrary numbers of overlapping events. For more information on
Kronolith, visit

For upgrading instructions, please see

For detailed installation and configuration instructions, please see

The major changes compared to Kronolith version H5 (4.2.0RC2) are:
     * Small bugfixes.

The major changes compared to the Kronolith H5 (4.1) versions are:
     * Added script to import from Open-Xchange.
     * Synchronize multiple calendars via ActiveSync.
     * Synchronize shared calendars via CalDAV.
     * Synchronize attendees via CalDAV.
     * Improved free/busy display (sponsored by Wolf Maschinenbau AG,
     * Improved sorting of events in month view.
     * Improved task interfaces.
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Samuel Wolf | 4 Jul 02:49 2014

umlaute broken with german holidays


I installed the following pear packages and add the holidays for  
germany to my calendar, unfortunately the umlaute are broken. Is this  
a problem in my setup or a bug in horde or the holiday pear packages?

Date_Holidays              0.21.8  alpha
Date_Holidays_Germany      0.1.2   alpha

horde                      5.2.0RC2  beta
kronolith                  4.2.0RC2  beta
Horde_Core                 2.12.0RC2 beta


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Simon B | 24 Jun 09:10 2014

Re: Calendar, Groupware 5.1.1

On 24 Jun 2014 07:38, "Peter Cox" <peter <at>> wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> Thanks for your response. I thought activesync was an exchange/Outlook
tool, but a quick wiki check does indeed show Horde. If you could point me
to some documentation I'll study.
> I'm afraid my inclination was to get out of Horde after a cpanel-enforced
update from 1.2 to 5.1.1 left me disappointed with both mail and calendar,
whilst coincidentally I bought my first smartphone (Xperia Z1 Compact,
Android 4.4.2). So I looked for the simplest synchable calendar solution on
the phone, selected Google Calendar, and looked for export facilities,
which didn't work.

Please don't top-post.

Please keep replies on list.

I don't use cpanel, so I can't help.   A quick search would indicate that
Activesync support will be added.

For your original question a developer might need to respond, but this
sounds like a bug introduced by cpanel


> On 23/06/2014 23:01, Simon B wrote:
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Peter cox | 23 Jun 19:00 2014

Calendar, Groupware 5.1.1

Can anyone advise how to overcome the failure of export (as iCalendar)  
to harvest all calendar entries? 'My calendars' contains one, ticked  
calendar, and I'm not trying to harvest any tasks or address book  
data. Some events do appear in the ics file (including specified  
times, all days and recurrents), others don't.
My intent is to migrate to Google calendar in order to have Android  
phone synch, sorry.
Kind regards,
Peter Cox

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Matthias Becker | 18 Jun 15:06 2014

group invitations in kronolith

I regularly want to invite several people to a meeting.

What I have to do is:
Create an event.
Add attendees, which is not convenient if I  have like 10 participants,
since I don't have a list, where I just have to check them, but I have to
remember their email addresses.

In egroupware, there was the possibility to define a group (of the
abovementioned participants),
and when creating the event,
I only add 'groupofparticipants' to the attendees,
and each attended gets invited and on acceptance gets an event in its
individual calendar.

Is this function lost in Kronolith, or is it just hidden?
The administrator here and several other people couldn't answer this question,
I also tried google and the FAQ, but couldn't find a solution.

Creating a special calendar for this group of people is not what I want.



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Anthony Messina | 17 Jun 13:00 2014

Administratively disable download of sound notifications

Is there a way to disable the download of the notification sound files  
at the administrative level, or even the user level?  I have my  
Kronolith notification preferences set to "Inline, Email, No Sound",  
but every time I click in Kronolith (dynamic interface), requests for  
the sound files are issued creating unecessary connections and  

"GET /horde/kronolith/ HTTP/1.1" 200 23910
"GET /horde/themes/default/sounds/doorbell.wav HTTP/1.1" 200 5168
"GET /horde/themes/default/sounds/jetsndb.wav HTTP/1.1" 200 31256
"GET /horde/themes/default/sounds/gnid3.wav HTTP/1.1" 200 13688
"GET /horde/themes/default/sounds/reminder.wav HTTP/1.1" 200 23151
"GET /horde/themes/default/sounds/theetone.wav HTTP/1.1" 200 24776
"GET /horde/themes/default/sounds/doorbell.wav HTTP/1.1" 200 5168
"GET /horde/themes/default/sounds/jetsndb.wav HTTP/1.1" 200 31256
"GET /horde/themes/default/sounds/reminder.wav HTTP/1.1" 200 23151
"GET /horde/themes/default/sounds/gnid3.wav HTTP/1.1" 200 13688
"GET /horde/themes/default/sounds/theetone.wav HTTP/1.1" 200 24776

I did a fair amount of work in Kronolith yesterday and found that over  
16MB total for the day had been transferred just for these sound files  
(which I thought I disabled with "No Sound").

Thanks.  -A
Anthony - -
8F89 5E72 8DF0 BCF0 10BE 9967 92DC 35DC B001 4A4E

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Systeembeheer BCS | 14 Jun 14:05 2014

timezone problem in Calendar Views

We like the time of an event to appear in the different calendar views  
(Month, Week) so on the Calendar>User interface preference page we set  
"Choose the views to show event start and end times in:" to "Month,  
Week and Day Views". That works fine.

Now when creating a new event in the calendar, some users change the  
timezone in the event window from "Default" to "Europe/Amsterdam".  
That should not make a difference as Europe/Amsterdam is the default  
timezone anyway and all users are set to this. But it does make a  
- With the timezone of an event set to default, times displayed in the  
calendar views are correct.
- Events with the timezone set to Europe/Amsterdam appear with the  
start- en ending times displayed with an offset of -2 hours.

Running Horde Groupware 5.1.4, Kronolith version 4.1.5 on Ubuntu  
server 12.04LTS.
/etc/timezone on the system is set to Europe/Amsterdam, the 'date'  
command shows the correct local time from the command line.

Maybe related: although Ubuntu has the correct timezone setting, in  
Horde's "global prefs">"Locale and Time" setting all users have to set  
the default timezone to Europe/Amsterdam anyway to get the correct  
time in Horde. I assume Horde always references to UTC regardless of  
system settings?



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Aria Bamdad | 4 Jun 18:42 2014

CalDAV client fails with 401 Authentication error


I am trying to test a CalDAV  sync solution for Outlook called iCal4OL but regardless of which calendar URLs I use, I
continue to get a 401 error in my apache logs and the sync client keeps
prompting for user name and password.  In fact, I have seen this behavior
when I tested other DAV clients.  However, I currently have over 100 clients
syncing without any problems using Funambol sync within outlook.  These all
authenticate against the /rpc.php URL.

I am using IMP 6.1.7 with Horde 5.1.6.  Horde authentication is setup for
'Let a Horde application handle authentication' and the application selected
is 'imp'.  IMP authenticates against my IMAP server. 

When I use any of the URLs provided for a calendar (CalDAV subscription,
Account URL, WebDAV/ICS, etc.), I get a 401 error in my apache log for the
request that comes in.  I get NO errors in my horde log file.

When I enable IMP IMAP debugging using $servers['imap']['debug'], I see no
attempts to authenticate when a CalDAV request comes in but I DO see one for
when a Funombol request comes in.

Any idea why this is?




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