Rene Zeipelt | 2 Dec 08:56 2014

ics modification_failed after upgrade from 4.2.2

hello list,
we got an modification_error with webdav/ics calendars after upgrade 
from horde/kronolith:

client configuration: tb 31.2.0, lightning 3.3.1 (ics)
horde: horde 5.2.2, kronolith 4.2.3, horde_dav 1.1.1, horde_http 2.1.1, 
horde_icalendar 2.0.10

the debug shows only one error line:
EMERG: HORDE [kronolith] Call to a member function getInstance() on a 
non-object [pid 26675 on line 296 of "/var/www/horde/kronolith/lib/Api.php"]
(but this is before some sql queries on kronolith)

so on our legacy system:
horde 5.2.1, kronolith 4.2.2, horde_dav 1.1.0, horde_http 2.1.1, 
horde_icalendar 2.0.9
the PUT command from the same client configuration runs without the 

can you reproduce the error? thanks for help.
best regards rene

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Per olof Ljungmark | 23 Nov 12:20 2014

Problem with Holidays - settings does not stick

Horde 5.2.2
Kronolith 4.2.3
postgres db

$conf['holidays']['enable'] = true;

For some users, the Holidays tickboxes does not stick betweens logins
and I am unable to figure out why.

One way to get around it would be to preconfigure holidays in prefs but
I can't figure out that one either.




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Jens Pranaitis | 17 Nov 14:25 2014

Kronolith 4.2.3 calender shared with everyone

Hello list,

I'm having some trouble with a user who accidentally shared his calender 
with everyone, but can't reverse that.
He claims that he only shared the calenders with a specific set of 
users, but not globally. When I look at the calender id in the table 
kronolith_shares (is this the right table, or is it kronolith_sharesng?) 
I get the following information:
share_id 2681 share_name inTWLoZ96E-GdjeRnl2Tlg1 share_owner sfb991 
share_flags 1 perm_creator 6 perm_default 0 perm_guest 0  attribute_name 
redacted attribute_desc "" attribute_color #0e00e4 share_parents NULL

I tried setting share_flags to 0 or 2, but that didn't change anything 
(I don't know what the column means, I was just guessing based on other 

Any ideas what I could be missing?

Kind regards,

Jens Pranaitis
IKM-Serviceteam der Philosophischen Fakultät
HHU Düsseldorf
Gebäude 23.03, Ebene 01, Raum 27a
Tel.: 0211/81-13077

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marco perugini | 22 Oct 17:44 2014

Fwd: lightning vs kronolith

hi all! this is my scenario:

client os - linux mint 16
server os - scientific linux 6.5
tb - thunderbird 24.6.0
cal - lightning 2.6.6
webm - horde groupware webmail edition 5.2.2
webc - kronolith 4.2.2
dav - horde_dav 1.1.0
httpd - httpd-2.2.15-31.sl6.x86_64

I'm focusing on remotely managing horde calendars from TB/lightning via 
calDAV, I followed the instructions provided  <at>

when I create and share a calendar from my own account I can add it in 
lightning without any problem [I can add/modify/delete events, dismiss 
reminders, ...]. success log is linked from

the problem is when I try to add another user's shared calendar, I get 
the error linked from 
and I can't do anything while horde.log give me "EMERG: HORDE 
[kronolith] Call to a member function toHash() on a non-object [pid 4825 
on line 686 of "/var/www/html/webmail/kronolith/lib/Application.php"]"

I've double checked every available permission on this calendar for my 
account; I provided for the web server log 
[] and 
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John H. Bennett III | 22 Oct 16:26 2014

Private events being sent in daily agenda email reminders


I added a private event to my calendar, and in the daily agenda email,  
that event was sent to both myself and my wife.

We both have the preference set for, Choose if you want to receive  
daily agenda email reminders:  set to "On all calendars I have read  
access to"  Which is what we want, but for a private event, I would  
have expected this event to not be sent to her in the daily agenda  
email, as it's a private event for me.  Needless to say, this ruined  
the surprise I had planned for her.

Is this feature working as designed, or have I found an issue?  If  
working as designed, then I don't see the value of adding a private  
event, if it will be sent in the daily agenda email to all that have  
read access to your calendar and have the pref set to send daily  
agenda emails.

I am going to set up a test server, and test this more to see if I  
have something wrong, but it doesn't look like it to me.

My system is current as of yesterday.




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John H. Bennett III | 30 Sep 06:35 2014

Find in maps


How does one use the find in maps feature?  I created an event, added  
a location, Las Vegas, NV, and as I'm typing the Find in Maps link  
appears.  I click it, but nothing happens.  Then I click the Map tab,  
and it's blank also.
Do I need to have the googlemaps api configured in horde/conf.php?  If  
so, I used this link,,  
to help me.  I have enabled Google Maps Embed API, and Google Maps  
JavaScript API v3.  I only got 1 API key for both services, but I did  
add this to horde/config.php
$conf['api']['googlemaps'] = 'MY API KEY';, but still nothing.

I have this configured in kronolith/conf.php
$conf['maps']['providers'] = array('Google', 'Bing', 'Yahoo');
$conf['maps']['geocoder'] = 'Google';

and I've tried both
$conf['maps']['geodriver'] = 'Mysql';
$conf['maps']['geodriver'] = 'Sql';

I don't fully understand the geo drivers yet, but I'm trying to.

Am I running into bug, or is there  
more I need to do?


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Eric Van Bocxlaer | 20 Sep 23:21 2014

Can't add or edit events in dynamic view Horde webmail 5.2.2, Kronolith 4.2.2


For some time now I can't edit or add events in the dynamic view. No  
problem in editing or adding in the simple view!

So I did some debug in FireBug and the reason is a undefined  
'date_format' in the javascript file kronolith.js, function getDate:
     getDate: function(what) {
         var dateElm, timeElm, date, time;
         if (what == 'start') {
             dateElm = 'kronolithEventStartDate';
             timeElm = 'kronolithEventStartTime';
         } else {
             dateElm = 'kronolithEventEndDate';
             timeElm = 'kronolithEventEndTime';
         date = Date.parseExact($F(dateElm), Kronolith.conf.date_format)
             || Date.parse($F(dateElm));
         if (date) {
             time = Date.parseExact($F(timeElm), Kronolith.conf.time_format);
             if (!time) {
                 time = Date.parse($F(timeElm));
             if (time) {
         return date;
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Markus Wagner | 18 Sep 19:05 2014

Howto debug "Permission denied" messages


whenever I open a view on a calendar on kronolith I get an "Permission

Although, apparently everything works fine, I want to trace the source
of the "problem". (Unfortunately the message itself is not very
verbose). Also, it doesn't happen on other user accounts with less/no
calendar content.

I turned up logging to debug - but don't have a clue what to look for.
Or what should/might I check in the DB?

Thanks for any hints!



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John H. Bennett III | 8 Sep 22:22 2014

mini calendar view


Something else I noticed today.  If you take a look at, and look at the  
screenshots, notice the words New Event, and if you keep scrolling  
through, New Task.  On my system, and test systems, I only see New.   
The rest is line wrapped below, but hidden by the actual mini  
calendar.  Clicking on the new does work.

Also look at the mini calendar from the screenshots, and notice it  
shows a full calendar month view.  Mine show Sunday thru Friday.  I  
have to scroll for Saturday, or to change the month view.

It shows the same way on IE 11, and the latest Chrome, and no matter  
if I use a 15, 18, 21, or 27 inch monitor.

Yeah, it's just cosmetic, but is this something that can be fixed, or  
that I can fix?

Thanks yet again,



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John H. Bennett III | 8 Sep 21:39 2014

Issue with default and additional calenders to use for synching

Hello again,

I have a new issue that I need help with.  Now that I've gone to  
production with the latest horde 5 components, I'm seeing an issue  
with trying to set up syncing, for all users except myself.

Everyone has a default calendar, and a shared calendar was created and  
all authenticated users have all rights except delegate.  When I log  
in as one of my other users, go to preference, calendar, default  
calendar, I choose their personal calendar, then go to Synchronization  
preferences, and there is nothing to choose.  I am expecting the  
shared calendar that was created to be available as it is for my  

If I choose the shared calendar as the default calendar and then go to  
Synchronization preferences, their personal calendar shows up.  This  
isn't what I want.  I want them to use their personal calendar as the  
default, and be able to choose the shared calendar as the additional  
one to be used for synchronization with external devices.  This is how  
my account is set up.  I am also the one that created and shared the  
calendar, if that makes a difference.

Please let me know what I need to do to fix this scenario.

Thank you,

John Bennett


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Systeembeheer BCS | 5 Sep 11:23 2014

Re: timezone problem in Calendar Views

Citeren Tomi Orava <tomi.orava <at>>:

> Quoting Systeembeheer BCS <adje <at>>:
> Hi,
>>> Figured it out. Turns out there are 4 variables that influence the way
>>> kronolith stores, displays and edits calendar items:
>>> 1. default timezone of the user as set in global prefs> locale and time
>>> 2. timezone set while entering the event
>>> 3. timezone set in php/apache
>>> 4. nag on/off
>>> Assuming the timezone settings have 2 possibilities (default or
>>> Europe/Amsterdam) this results in 16 possible scenarios. Tested them one
>>> by one resulting in the table below. In each case I entered an event
>>> starting at 10:00. The table lists the times as they are displayed in
>>> the calendar views, as the show up in the event editor and as they are
>>> stored in the sql dbase.
> <snip>
>>> I tested with setting timezones in php.ini before but somehow missed
>>> this all, too many variables and to much noise from events that were
>>> stored incorrectly.
>>> Might be a good idea to fix this in Kronolith so the the users tz is
>>> always taken into account. Could prevent similar disasters for other
>>> users in the future
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