Michael M Slusarz | 14 Apr 07:15 2014

Session Prefs Caching

A problem that I've been mulling over for the last few weeks.

The problem is when the prefs data starts getting larger, we are  
hauling around this data in a storage container that must be read from  
the backend/transmitted on network on every single page access.   
Horde_Pack helps with the size issue, and the data segmentation in  
Horde_Session ensures that we don't need to unserialize the data for  
the apps we don't use.  But my unscientific examination of my personal  
session data indicates 2/3 of a typical session is taken up by this  

It has become an issue since I'm currently writing support for adding  
images to HTML signature data for a client.  The problem is that  
realistically the only place to save this data is embedded within the  
HTML signature data itself (data URLs).  But images are most likely  
incompressible data, and potentially large (say 30 kb).  And there is  
no reason to be carrying around this kind of data when we are only  
using it in a single location ... and its a location where it would be  
perfectly acceptable to allow access to the prefs backend to get this  
data rather than needing to cache it.

I'm trying to figure out the right balance of caching, and features  
like HTML sig data to me is tipping the scales for getting rid of  
in-session prefs caching.  Since this is a fairly big change, I'm  
looking for input.

Possible solutions:

1.) On-demand access.  I think this should be done regardless of what  
caching solution we decide on.  Currently, every time we push an  
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Stefan | 1 Apr 22:13 2014

Horde 5.2

Good Day
When do you release Horde 5.2?
I’ve ever the problem, that one outlook hast he error:
Could not sync, due server configuration problems.

Robert says me, that’s fixed in Horde 5.2



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Remi Collet | 24 Mar 10:29 2014

Horde_Test and pecl_http


Current Horde_Test 2.0.5 optionally requires pecl/http 1.7.x

Is there any plan to switch to pecl/http 2.0.x ?

FYI: pecl/http 1.7.x doesnt support upcoming PHP 5.6 and from upstream
information this is not really planed.

pecl/http 1.7.x supports 4.4 to 5.5
pecl/http 2.0.x supports 5.3 to 5.6

=> https://bugs.php.net/66879

Probably nothing really urgent, but... to be planed ;)


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Michael M Slusarz | 20 Mar 20:17 2014

Time to rewrite the entire project

Michael Slusarz [slusarz <at> horde.org]


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Servizi Informatici (admin | 18 Mar 15:06 2014

ingo (procmailrc) "Reject" recipe bug

Dear Ingo developers (Jan?)
fixing bug http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/7520
introduced a bug on "Reject" procmail recipe:

That's wrong:
   :0 Wh
   * !^X-Loop: $SENDER
   :0 eh
   | (formail -rA"X-Loop: $SENDER" \
resulting in all matched messages delivered to ":0" mailbox :-{

should be:
   :0 Wh
   * !^X-Loop: $SENDER
   | (formail -rA"X-Loop: $SENDER" \

Please correct:
 <at> 129
              $this->_action[] = '  :0 eh';

<             $this->_action[] = '  :0 eh';

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Jasper Olbrich | 13 Mar 10:55 2014

kronolith: "Save as New" from shared calendar without DELETE permission


I recently encountered a problem regarding shared calendars:

* if sharee has only read permissions, he can use "Save as New" to copy 
an event to his own (default) calendar.
* if sharee has read and edit permissions, but not delete permission, 
the drop down menu to select a different calendar does not appear 
(relevant code is at the very top of kronolith/templates/edit/edit.inc), 
and "Save as New" creates a new event in the shared calendar
* if sharee has read, edit, and delete permission, he can pick his own 
calendar and use "Save as New" to create a copy in his own calendar.

So, if you do not have delete permission on a shared calendar, there 
seems to be no way to get a copy of an event into your own calendar.

Has this been possible in earlier versions of kronolith (we are running 

What would be the "correct" way to enable this behavior? I would suggest 
that the selection of a "target" calendar is possible even without 
delete permissions, and if the sharee does not have delete permission 
and picks a different calendar, the "Save Event"-button has to be disabled.

Regards, Jasper

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Remi Collet | 12 Mar 14:04 2014

Re: Constructive Criticism/Venting

Le 12/03/2014 13:05, Mathieu Parent a écrit :

>> sabredav,
> yes. But they never had.

They have before 1.7

>> symfony (pear channel exists but is broken)
> It's not dead, one is dead (http://pear.symfony-project.com/), but the
> other one is alive (http://pear.symfony.com/)

But, as I said, broken.
Lot of component are missing.
And they release all component to each new version, whatever they have
changed or not...

>> phpunit (pear channel is now only used to distribute the phar version), ...
> No, it has the latest versions (http://pear.phpunit.de/ has 4.0.6,
> released a day ago).

Check the new archive.
   $ tar tf PHPUnit-4.0.6.tgz
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Michael M Slusarz | 12 Mar 06:53 2014

Constructive Criticism/Venting

Just a random e-mail to share some thoughts.  Some come from  
experience refactoring several things over the last month or so.  Some  
come from reading e-mails and bug reports.

* Horde_Core a a package is completely unnecessary.  It really makes  
no sense separate from the horde application.  For H6 I see no reason  
not to combine the two (they are identical to upgrade.)

* Type hinting is not tremendously useful, and in fact can be a  
hinderance.  Example: we were noticing that Horde_Imap_Client, when  
unserialized in IMP (which will happen on every access except logins),  
would recreate a cache object that would be entirely separate from the  
global Horde object.  To get around this, I decided to use the old  
wrapper trick - create a wrapper library that does nothing more than  
have access to the global instance when unserialized.  This can/should  
be accomplished without doing something like having to extend the  
entire Horde_Imap_Client_Cache class.  However, due to type hinting,  
this wasn't possible.  This calls into doubt the usefulness of type  
hinting.  Especially since...

* Dependency injection is useless IMHO.  We really aren't using it, so  
most/much of Horde_Injector functionality is unnecessary overhead.   
E.g. as our AJAX processes become smaller, the Horde_Injector overhead  
because a greater part of the process runtime.  IIRC, it now takes up  
to 10%, for things we don't use - like Reflection analysis on every  
access (maybe this can be optimized/cached).  For our (Horde  
applications) purposes, dependency injection isn't tremendously useful  
since we may have multiple configurations for the same object - i.e.  
we have different DB setups for different apps, so each DB object  
needs to be manually injected.  Not to mention it is almost impossible  
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Remi Collet | 11 Mar 07:09 2014

Horde_Crypt and gnupg version ?


Which is the version of gnupg needed (and preferred) for Horde_Crypt ?

ON fedora /usr/bin/gpg is gnupg version 1.4.16
Some test fail because of version output (recent versions doesn't output
full version anymore, but only "GnuPG v1")

This minor workaround is enough [1]:
   sed -e '/GnuPG v/s/%d.%d.%d (%s)/%s/' -i PgpTest.php

Then all tests succeed.

In RHEL 6 and 7 /usr/bin/gpg is gnupg version 2.0
All test succeed.

Of course there can be issue when password are needed
(IIRC, only gnupg v1 accepts password from command line options)

If only gnupg v1 is accepted, then we have a problem ;)
(RHEL 6 and 7 don't have gnupg v1, so /usr/bin/gpg is a simple link to
/usr/bin/gpg2, and we can't have gnupg v1 in some other repo, as
/usr/bin/gpg exists)

If both are accepted, perhaps test could be slightly improved

   if (is_executable('/usr/bin/gpg')) {
       $gpg = '/usr/bin/gpg';
   } else if (is_executable('/usr/bin/gpg2')) {
       $gpg = '/usr/bin/gpg2';
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Remi Collet | 11 Mar 06:52 2014

Horde_Imap_Client and Horde_Pack


According to packahe.xml, Horde_Imap_Client have an optional dependency
on Horde_Pack.

But test suite fails without Horde_Pack:

PHP Fatal error:  Class 'Horde_Pack' not found in ...

Shouldn't those tests be skiped when Horde_Pack not available ?


P.S. really a minor minor issue.

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Jörn Mankiewicz | 6 Mar 02:05 2014

Anonymous CVS down?


Is it just me, or is the anonymous cvs-server down? I just wanted to take a 
look at the code of the minerva invoice module which obviously cannot be found 
anywhere in the new git-repo. Can anyone be so kind and give the server a 




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