Remi Collet | 29 Oct 18:28 2014

EMERG: HORDE [horde] Call to undefined method stdClass::searchLocations() [pid 26351 on line 141 of "/usr/share/horde/lib/Block/Weather.php"

After today update

Any idea ?

ErrorException Object
    [message:protected] => Call to undefined method
    [string:Exception:private] =>
    [code:protected] => 0
    [file:protected] => /usr/share/horde/lib/Block/Weather.php
    [line:protected] => 141
    [trace:Exception:private] => Array
            [0] => Array
                    [function] => catchFatalError
                    [class] => Horde_ErrorHandler
                    [type] => ::
                    [args] => Array



    [previous:Exception:private] =>
    [severity:protected] => 1
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Giacomo Rutili | 15 Oct 10:25 2014

Force tablet UI to dynamic

Hi everybody,

I'm new on dev mailing list

I'd like to know if is possible to force to show the dynamic interface 
for tablet access.

I mean: the default horde behavior for login with tablet is the same for 
smartphone but it is uncomfortable becouse tablet has an higher 
resolution and dimension so I could use the standard and full features 
dynamic interface.

How could I change the login (or css or view) script?

Thanks a lot

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Remi Collet | 14 Oct 11:36 2014



In Horde_Imap_Client 2.25.2
In optional dependencies


But this package doesn't seems to be released.

Michael M Slusarz | 14 Oct 07:31 2014

Vagrant Configuration

For a speech I will be giving in a few weeks, I have personal need for  
a way to quickly setup a test Horde setup with the latest git master  
code.  Since I'll likely be on a Windows machine, Docker is not an  
option.  Vagrant ( is the way to go.

I created a repo and pushed my initial work today to it:

The image is based on Ubuntu 14.04.  PHP 5.5 latest is installed, and  
the default Ubuntu Apache installation is used for HTTP.

Note that currently Horde Groupware apps (and all required and  
optional dependencies) are installed in the image, but Horde itself  
isn't configured.  That's next.

Pretty cool - if you have vagrant installed on your machine, all you  
have to do is clone that repo, cd into the directory, and run "vagrant  

Can see this being useful for 2 separate use cases in the future:

1. Demo purposes.  Since Horde is provisioned using the most  
up-to-date code, this gives a user a chance to test out new features  
without the need for someone to roll a new release.

2. Bug fixing.  More advanced users can use the image directly to bug  
fix, without messing around with setting up a local development  
environment.  And less advanced users can use the image to test  
whether their bug is reproducible on an environment other than their  
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denis bahati | 9 Oct 15:21 2014

LDAP attribute not Allowed


I am setting up my calendar so that it can use freebusy url. I have added calEntry and turbaContact object
classes but still getting the errors entry "failed schema check: attribute 'turbaType' not allowed" and
entry failed schema check: attribute 'freeBusy' not allowed. Anyt work around will be appreciated.

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Lukas Weiss | 9 Oct 11:57 2014

switch from dynamic to mobile


is it possible for a user to change the view from smartmobile to 
dynamic? i would like to implement a link "view full version".

i found the $conf['user']['force_view'], but this is a global setting.

i tried to use $registry->setView(), but can't find the right point in 
the code where to add this. either the session is not initialized yet, 
so i don't know the user (core.php) or it's too late (hooks).

thanks in advance.


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Jan Schneider | 8 Oct 14:42 2014

phpDocumentor replacement

I'm yet again looking at potential phpDocumenator replacements and  
found apigen:

Looks quite nice IMO: (only  
available until the next rebuild with phpDocumnetor)

Jan Schneider
The Horde Project


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denis bahati | 30 Sep 18:12 2014

Login without domain

Dear Members,

How can I configure horde so that I can login without domain part in a single installation with virtual users
and virtual domain?


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Alex Lanz | 24 Sep 14:29 2014

Specific configuration based on the group of the user


I have a problem with the configurations. I want to allow sharing only 
for a specific group of users. In the conf.php file the value for 
sharing can be set with the following line:

$conf['share']['no_sharing'] = true;

Although I want to allow sharing for advanced user that are in the group 
"advanced". My first try was add the following lines to the 
conf.local.php file:

$conf['share']['no_sharing'] = (isAdvancedUser() ? false : true);

The function "isAdvancedUser" contains these lines:

function isAdvancedUser() {
   global $registry, $injector;
   $groups = $injector->getInstance('Horde_Group');
   $myGroups = $groups->listAll($registry->getAuth());
   return in_array('advanced', $myGroups);

The problem is that the session is not started when the configuration 
files are read. Is there a point in the code where I can modify this 
value based on the user's group?


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Remi Collet | 15 Sep 17:33 2014

horde_lz4 with system liblz4


I plan to submit horde_lz4 to official Fedora repository.

But Fedora Guidelines don't allow to use bundle library[1]

Can you please consider the attached patch which allow to

1/ build with system liblz4 (add --with-liblz4)

=> should be noop for standard build

2/ fix build with recent liblz4 r222

=> LZ4_uncompress is deprecated and have be removed

With this patch applied and with liblz4 r222:

$ php -d extension=modules/ /usr/bin/phpunit test
PHPUnit 4.2.6 by Sebastian Bergmann.
Time: 15 ms, Memory: 2.75Mb
OK (12 tests, 14 assertions)


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Jasper Olbrich | 11 Sep 17:00 2014

"report as spam/as innocent" per message instead of per per mailbox

Hi all,

today I realised that it's not possible to mark a message as innocent if 
it isn't in the spam folder and the default
$servers['imap']['spam']['innocent']['display'] = true
is set. This happened for an user that had the "do nothing" option set 
when a message is marked as spam.

This brought up the following questions:

1) is it possible to make the context menu of IMP's mail list view 
context sensitive with respect to the spam flag? I.e. show "report as 
spam" if the flag is not set, and "report as innocent" otherwise?

2) what is the reason to make the 'display' option do different things 
for spam and innocent?


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