Jan Schneider | 1 May 17:12 2005

Kronolith H3 (2.0.3) (final)

The Horde Team is pleased to announce the final release of the Kronolith
Calendar Application version H3 (2.0.3).

Kronolith is the Horde calendar application.  It provides web-based calendars
backed by a SQL database, the MCAL library, or a Kolab server.  Supported
features include shared calendars, remote calendars, meeting management,
alarms, recurring events, and a sophisticated day/week view which handles
arbitrary numbers of overlapping events.

Major changes compared to the Kronolith version H3 (2.0.3-RC1) are:
    * Fixed time grids in free/busy view.
    * Include dates in reminder messages.
    * Use SMTP authentication settings when sending reminders and
    * Updated French, German, and Slovak translations.

Major changes compared to the Kronolith version H3 (2.0.2) are:
    * Send reminders in users' languages.
    * Fixed warning in IE when entering Kronolith over HTTPS.
    * Include attendees in iTip invitations and fixed updating of attendee
    * Improved importing of iCalendar data.
    * Improved Free/Busy data generation.
    * Use bind variables in SQL driver.
    * Added PostgreSQL upgrade script.
    * Updated Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian (Bokmaal),
      Russian, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese translations.
    * Minor bug and layout fixes and improvements.

The full list of changes (from version H3 (2.0.2)) can be viewed here:
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