Hatice Gunes | 23 Jul 17:02 2014

MAPTRAITS'14: Call for Participation and Workshop Papers — 1st Int'l Audio/Visual Mapping Personality Traits Challenge and Workshop <at> ACM ICMI 2014

Dear List,

Call for Participation and Workshop Papers:

MAPTRAITS'14 —1st Int’l Audio/Visual Mapping Personality Traits Challenge and Workshop

organised in conjunction with the ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI 2014),
Istanbul , Turkey, 12 November 2014


The Mapping Personality Traits Challenge and Workshop (MAPTRAITS) aims at comparing signal processing
and machine learning methods for automatic visual, vocal and/or audio-visual analysis of personality
traits and social dimensions.

There are two sub-challenges:  (1) Quantized trait recognition and (2) Continuous trait prediction. Data
consist of audio-visual interaction clips that have been assessed by multiple raters along the five
dimensions of the Big Five personality model, namely, extraversion, agreeableness,
conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness, and the four additional dimensions of engagement,
facial attractiveness, vocal attractiveness, and likability.


Training and test data, as well as baseline results are now available for visual-only, audio-only,
audio-visual modalities once the registration process is completed:


Challenge participation is optional -- other papers that are relevant to the theme of personality
analysis and mapping can be submitted in the form of workshop papers.
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Roto Virpi | 23 Jul 13:15 2014

NordiCHI'14 - Registration open; Late submissions by Aug 14

NordiCHI'14 is the 8th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, which is organized in
collaboration with ACM SIGCHI. The conference takes place in Helsinki, Finland, October 26-30, 2014,
and contributions from all over the world are welcome. We expect 400+ participants from 30+ countries,
and we are proud to have Don Norman and Antti Oulasvirta as the keynote speakers. More info: http://nordichi2014.org<http://nordichi2014.org/>.

We have opened the NordiCHI'14 registration system, so you are welcome to register to the conference: http://nordichi2014.org/attending/registration.

We also want to remind that the deadline for late submissions is August 14, 2014. There are several
submission categories that hopefully help you find the most suitable way to showcase your work and
discuss topics of interest.

              Design cases: http://nordichi2014.org/submissions/designcases
      Industry experiences: http://nordichi2014.org/submissions/industryexperiences
                     Demos: http://nordichi2014.org/submissions/demos
                   Posters: http://nordichi2014.org/submissions/posters
                    Videos: http://nordichi2014.org/submissions/videos
Student design competition: http://nordichi2014.org/submissions/student-design-competition

The above submission categories are in the PCS system at https://precisionconference.com/~nordichi.
We also call for submissions by email to the following categories:

       Doctoral consortium: http://nordichi2014.org/submissions/dc
              Performances: http://nordichi2014.org/submissions/performances
                    Panels: http://nordichi2014.org/submissions/panels

The conference theme is Fun, Fast, Foundational. This means we especially welcome submissions that
address designing for positive experiences (such as fun), user-centered design in fast-paced agile
development, as well as foundational theories and in-depth insight into the topics of the conference (http://nordichi2014.org/submissions#topics).

Follow us in Facebook:
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David Kim | 23 Jul 11:12 2014

UIST'14 Student Innovation Contest, deadline: August 7th

UIST will be held in Hawaii between Oct 5 and Oct 8 this year, and we are organizing the student innovation
contest again!!

This year's contest hardware is the Kinoma Create by Marvell, and demos will focus around household
interfaces. Let your home be your canvas and let your creativity shine ;)

Check out our website on http://www.acm.org/uist/uist2014/contest.php or see below for more details!

The 1st and 2nd place winners in the three categories "Most Creative", "Most Useful" and "People's Choice"
will be awarded with $1500 and $500, respectively. We also have means to provide 2x travel grants of $1000
each to encourage high school and undergraduate teams to participate and build demos.

We really hope that you'll participate at this year's contest and to see you in Hawaii! ;)

It would be great, if you could forward this announcement to anyone who might be interested in
participating in this contest.

Valkyrie & David, Co-chairs of UIST 2014 Student Innovation Contest

UIST 2014 Student Innovation Contest Announcement

[cid:image001.jpg <at> 01CFA667.084EAD90]<http://youtu.be/8fT6YjYyB4M>[cid:image002.jpg <at> 01CFA667.084EAD90]<http://youtu.be/8fT6YjYyB4M>[cid:image003.jpg <at> 01CFA667.084EAD90]<http://youtu.be/8fT6YjYyB4M>

Calling all hackers, designers, engineers, artists, researchers, and inventors...

The goal of the contest is to invent new interactions on state-of-the-art hardware. We give you the
hardware and you show us what you can do. You will demo your creations at the UIST conference on October 7th
2014, and the winners will be announced the same evening.

This year's hardware focuses on bringing more software-centric students into the fold for the contest. 
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SenticNet | 23 Jul 08:50 2014

[SenticNet] CFP: ICDM workshop series on opinion mining

Apologies for cross-posting,

Submissions are invited for the 4th edition of Sentiment Elicitation from
Natural Text for Information Retrieval and Extraction (SENTIRE), the IEEE ICDM
workshop series on opinion mining. The term SENTIRE comes from the Latin feel
and it is root of words such as sentiment and sensation. SENTIRE aims to provide
an international forum for researchers in the field of opinion mining and
sentiment analysis to share information on their latest investigations in social
information retrieval and their applications both in academic research areas and
industrial sectors. The broader context of the workshop comprehends Web mining,
AI, Semantic Web, information retrieval and natural language processing. The
workshop is going to be held in Shenzhen on 14th December 2014. For more
information, please visit: http://sentic.net/sentire

Memory and data capacities double approximately every two years and, apparently,
the Web is following the same rule. User-generated contents, in particular, are
an ever-growing source of opinion and sentiments which are continuously spread
worldwide through blogs, wikis, fora, chats and social networks. The
distillation of knowledge from such sources is a key factor for applications in
fields such as commerce, tourism, education and health, but the quantity and the
nature of the contents they generate make it a very difficult task. Due to such
challenging research problems and wide variety of practical applications,
opinion mining and sentiment analysis have become very active research areas in
the last decade.

Our understanding and knowledge of the problem and its solution are still
limited as natural language understanding techniques are still pretty weak. Most
of current research in sentiment analysis, in fact, merely relies on machine
learning algorithms. Such algorithms, despite most of them being very effective,
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Katarzyna Wasielewska | 23 Jul 01:23 2014

2nd CFP: Special Issue on CLOUD for Health

Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience

Volume 15, Issue 4:    Special Issue on CLOUD for Health

In the last 20 years, computational methods and data analysis have 
become very important part in health systems; especially, in research 
areas such as biomodelling, genomics, neuroscience, cancer models, 
medical image analysis, biotechnology, or automatic diagnosis. The 
development of those areas leads to an unprecedented demand for 
large-scale data management and analysis (Tbytes or Pbytes) and 
scalability in computing power.

This new situation requires appropriate IT-infrastructures, where new 
biomedical challenges can be solved within an acceptable timespan. Cloud 
computing has the potential to help solving those problems by offering a 
utility model based on highly flexible computing and storage 
capabilities and abstraction layers that allow overcoming many of the 
constraints present in dedicated systems. It may also increase research 
productivity by allowing sharing applications, tools, and algorithms in 
an easy way, by increasing the availability of new methods for the 
research community, and by supporting large-scale multi-centric 

The aim of this special issue is to promote synergies between cloud 
computing and health communities by exploring applications developed in 
clouds, cloud systems enhancements for bio*, and new trends and needs 
shared between both communities.

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Marcus Foth | 23 Jul 03:59 2014

CfP: City Labs Workshop (part of SocInfo'14), Barcelona, 10 Nov 2014

City Labs Workshop, Barcelona, November 10th 2014

In conjunction with the International Conference on Social Informatics (SocInfo 2014)

Paper submission deadline: Sept 22, 2014
Paper acceptance notifications: Oct 1, 2014
Camera Ready: Oct 5, 2014

Social media and digital traces from sensor such as smartcards and mobile phones have played a key role in
providing insights into people's activities, opinions and day-to-day lives. These detailed
user-generated information streams offer a unique opportunity for cities to understand and engage
their citizens. The research domain of smarter cities aims to monitor disruptive events (e.g.,
emergencies, Olympics), analyze social behaviour, identify citizens' sentiment and understand their
interactions with services. On the other side, cities can use their understanding of the citizen to
foster stronger relationships with the diverse communities in their constituencies. This
understanding could be applied to mobilize people on important issues such as education, health care,
political engagement and community awareness. Also, new digital fabrication tools have been recently
used to generate adoptable, dynamic and interactive architecture able to evolve together with urban
dwellers, and it has been shown that new Internet-of-Things devices could effectively capture physical
observations to understand how cities and urban centers work. As a result, cities now provide a living lab
where applied research can be carried out to understand citizen and services with a focus on
collaborative, user-centred design and co-creation.

This workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss and explore the research
challenges and opportunities in applying the pervasive and social computing paradigm to understand
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G.Elisabeta Marai | 22 Jul 17:15 2014

IEEE VIS 2014 CFP: Workshop on Visualizing Electronic Health Record Data - EXTENDED DEADLINE


CFP: Visualizing Electronic Health Record Data (Workshop)
Co-located with the IEEE VIS 2014 Conference (Paris, 9-14 November 2014)

Organizers: Catherine Plaisant, Silvia Miksch, Theresia Gschwandtner, Sana
The submission deadline has been EXTENDED to August 31st - to align with
the other VIS workshops

Electronic Health Record (EHR) databases contain millions of
patient records including events such as diagnoses, test results, or
medication prescriptions. These records are an invaluable data source for
clinical research and improvement of clinical quality, as they provide
longitudinal health information about patient populations. The use of EHR
databases could be dramatically improved if easy-to-use interfaces allowed
clinical researchers and quality improvement analysts to explore complex
patterns in order to build and test hypotheses regarding the benefits,
risks, and appropriateness of treatments or medication regimens.

Novel strategies in information visualization and visual analytics
are needed. The interest in this topic is growing at a very rapid pace and
is interdisciplinary by nature, both in term of field (medicine
and computer science) but also research environment (academic research as
well as industry and government agencies). Because of the European location
of the conference, we have a unique opportunity to create bridges and
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Iván Cantador | 22 Jul 13:21 2014

Extended deadline: RecSys'14 Workshop on New Trends in Content-based Recommender Systems - Silicon Valley, CA, USA - 6-11 October 2014


RecSys'14 Workshop on New Trends in Content-based Recommender Systems
(CBRecSys 2014)

Silicon Valley, CA, USA
6-11 October 2014

Description & Objectives

While content-based recommendation has been applied successfully in many
different domains, it has not seen the same level of attention as
collaborative filtering techniques have. In recent years, competitions like
the Netflix Prize, CAMRA, and the Yahoo! Music KDD Cup 2011 have spurred on
advances in collaborative filtering and how to utilize ratings and usage
data. However, there are many domains where content and metadata play a key
role, either in addition to or instead of ratings and implicit usage data.
For some domains, such as movies the relationship between content and usage
data has seen thorough investigation already, but for many other domains,
such as books, news, scientific articles, and Web pages we do not know if
and how these data sources should be combined to provide the best
recommendation performance.

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info | 22 Jul 09:00 2014

Last Mile * * * Deadline: July, 28th * * * 5th International Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction, Tourism and Cultural Heritage (HCITOCH 2014) ::: Republic of San Marino ::: Call for Papers, Demos and Posters

Last Mile * * * Deadline: July, 28th * * * 5th International Workshop on 
Human-Computer Interaction, Tourism and Cultural Heritage (HCITOCH 2014) ::: 
Republic of San Marino ::: Call for Papers, Demos and Posters
AInCI :: International Association of Interactive Communication :: 
ALAIPO :: Latin Association of Human-Computer Interaction :: www.alaipo.com
5th International Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction, Tourism and 
Cultural Heritage (HCITOCH 2014): Strategies for a Creative Future with 
Computer Science, Quality Design and Communicability :: San Marino, Republic 
of San Marino :: September 15 - 16, 2014
HCITOCH 2014 will be composed of research presentations, keynote lectures, 
invited presentations, doctoral consortium, demo session and poster 
Papers must be submitted following the instructions found on the submission 
of papers section. All accepted papers will be published in the respective 
conference proceedings (in printed book form, CD/DVD and magazine) by 
international and prestigious publishing houses in America / Europe:
All contributions should be of high quality, originality, clarity, 
significance, impact and not published elsewhere or submitted for 
publication during the review period. In the current international workshop 
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IJsselsteijn, W.A. | 22 Jul 09:57 2014

Early Bird Deadline & Program Online Experiencing Light 2014

[Experiencing Light logo]


The EXPERIENCING LIGHT 2014 international conference on the 10th and 11th of November 2014 will bring
together recent insights into the effects of light and lighting design on human wellbeing. The
preliminary program of the conference is online at http://www.experiencinglight.nl/program.html.

The EARLY BIRD registration fees are valid for the next two days (until July 24). Be sure to
register<http://www.experiencinglight.nl/registration.html> on time!


We are pleased to announce that in addition to the experiencing light conference, we will also organize a
doctoral consortium targeted at young researchers who study the effects of light and light design on
human wellbeing. The aim of the doctoral consortium is to provide an opportunity for a limited amount of
doctoral students to discuss their current and future research projects within an interdisciplinary
panel of doctoral students, under the guidance of distinguished researchers. The doctoral consortium
will be held prior to the Experiencing Light 2014 conference, on November 9th 2014. The admission fee is
€30,- for students who also register for the Experiencing Light 2014 conference. We cordially invite
doctoral students who feel they would benefit from this kind of feedback on their dissertation work to
apply for this opportunity to share their work with senior researchers and fellow students in the field of
light and lighting design. Further information on the application procedure as well as more details on
the contents of the doctoral consortium will be announced in the near future.

On behalf of the organizing committee, we hope to see you at Experiencing Light 2014!

prof. dr. Wijnand IJsselsteijn
Cognition and Affect in Human-Technology Interaction
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Nemanja Memarovic | 22 Jul 09:45 2014

NordiCHI'14 Workshop ::: Personal or Social? Designing Mobile Interactions for Co-located Interaction :::

[Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this CfP]

CfP: Personal or Social? Designing Mobile Interactions for Co-located Interaction
*** in conjunction with NordiCHI 2014 ***
*** October 27, Helsinki, Finland ***

*** August 14 2014 - papers due ***
*** September 04 2014 - feedback to the authors ***
*** September 30 2014 - camera ready ***

*** more info at http://personalorsocial.wordpress.com/ ***

======== WORKSHOP SUMMARY ========

Personal mobile devices like mobile phones, tablets, fitness wristbands, and smart watches are becoming
a ubiquitous technology weaved-in into our daily lives and activities. However, today these devices are
designed and considered by the users as personal – not shared or collaborative. The workshop is
interested in how mobile technology could be introduced in activities that are inherently co-located
and cooperative – without being too dominant. The practical goal of the workshop is to provide a forum
for researchers, designers, and practitioners to explore this design space, to test and refine a design
method, as well as to explore the potential to apply current commercial mobile devices, applications,
and interaction techniques, as well as perhaps extend them, to allow richer social experiences.

This workshop is building on the success of previously organized workshops "Computer Mediated Social
Offline Interactions" at UbiComp 2012 and 2013, and "Designing Mobile Face-to-Face Group
Interactions" at ECSCW 2013.

======== TOPICS OF INTEREST ========
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