Umair ulHassan | 31 Jul 14:05 2015

CFP - Workshop on Benchmarks for Ubiquitous Crowdsourcing (CROWDBENCH 2016)

** Deadline is November 20, 2015 **

*International Workshop on Benchmarks for Ubiquitous Crowdsourcing:
Metrics, Methodologies, and Datasets*

In conjunction with IEEE PERCOM 2016 -
International Conference on Pervasive Comptuing and Communication
14-18 March, 2016
Sydney, Australia


The primary goal of this workshop is to synthesize existing research work,
in ubiquitous crowdsourcing and crowdsensing, for establishing guidelines
and methodologies for the evaluation of crowd-based algorithms and systems.
This goal will be achieved by bringing together researchers from the
community to discuss and disseminate ideas for comparative analysis and
evaluation on shared tasks and data sets.
A variety of views has emerged on the evaluation of crowdsourcing, across
research communities, but so far there has been little effort to clarify
key differences and commonalities in a forum.
The aim of this workshop is to provide such a forum; such that, it creates
the time and involvement required to subject the different views to
rigorous discussion.
It is expected that the workshop would result in a set of short papers that
will clearly argue the positions on the issue.
These papers will serve as a base resource for consolidating research in
the field and moving it forward.
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info | 31 Jul 12:00 2015

Call for Posters ( Deadline Extended ) :: 6th International Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction, Tourism and Cultural Heritage ( HCITOCH 2015 ) :: Ravenna, Italy :: September 22 - 24, 2015

Call for Posters ((( Deadline Extended ))) 

6th International Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction, Tourism and Cultural Heritage ( HCITOCH 2015
) :: Ravenna, Italy :: September 22 - 24, 2015 
ALAIPO :: Latin Association of Human-Computer Interaction :: 
AInCI :: International Association of Interactive Communication :: 
HCITOCH 2015 will be composed of research presentations, keynote lectures, invited presentations,
doctoral consortium, research-works-in-progress, demo session and poster presentations. 
Works must be submitted following the instructions found on the submission of papers section. All
accepted works will be published in the respective conference proceedings (in printed book form, CD/DVD
and magazine) by international and prestigious publishing houses in America / Europe: 
All contributions should be of high quality, originality, clarity, significance, impact and not
published elsewhere or submitted for publication during the review period. In the current
international workshop it is demonstrated how with a correct integration among professionals of formal
and factual sciences interesting research lines in the following subjects Human-Computer
Interaction, Tourism, Cultural Heritage, Quality Design, Communicability, Ubiquitous Computing and
other computational areas are solicited on, but not limited to: 
An extensive listing connotes and reflects the requirement and also skill necessary to find intersection
zones of the disciplines among the different domains, fields, and specialities; which at the same time
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Tomayess Issa | 31 Jul 11:29 2015

IADIS International Conferences 2015:2nd call for ITS, ICEduTech and STE 2015 in Brazil

Hello Again Sir/Madam
How are you? Hope everything is OK
It is possible to post this call to your mailing list
Regards and thanks

Dear Sir/Madam,

On behalf of the organizing committee of the 2015 IADIS International
Conferences<>, it is my pleasure to invite you to participate in any of the
following three conferences:

(1) Internet Technologies and Society (ITS 2015)<>
(2) International Conference on Educational Technologies 2015
((ICEduTech)<> and
(3) Sustainability, Technology and Education (STE2015)<>

These three conferences aim at providing a communication platform for foreign and domestic technology
experts, sharing their experiences in Internet Technologies & Society, Education, and
Sustainability, bringing to Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil their international experiences.

These three 2015 IADIS International Conferences are scheduled to be held on 30 November - 2 December 2015, 
at Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

N.B.: The conference proceedings will be submitted for indexing to INSPEC, EI Compendex,Thomson ISI,
ISTP and other indexing services.

 Submission date for full papers is due until 4 September 2015 (2nd Call Submission)

 Looking forward to your participation

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Sabine Graf | 31 Jul 01:40 2015

Call for Articles: Special Theme on Mobile, Ubiquitous and Pervasive Learning in the Bulletin of the Technical Committee on Learning Technology

(ISSN 2306-0212) 
publication of IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Learning
Technology (TCLT)

* Special Theme: Mobile, ubiquitous and pervasive learning 
* Deadline for submission: August 21, 2015.

The Bulletin of the Technical Committee on Learning Technology (former
Learning Technology Newsletter) aims at publishing and disseminating current
research about new and emerging learning technologies as well as their
design, usage, application, and evaluation in different contexts of
technology enhanced learning. 

The special theme of this issue will focus on topics related to mobile,
ubiquitous and pervasive learning, including (but not limited to) research
on concepts, design and practical applications of technologies, systems and
tools that support mobile, ubiquitous or pervasive learning; case studies
and exploratory studies on mobile, ubiquitous or pervasive learning; and
evaluations of mobile, ubiquitous or pervasive learning technologies,
systems and tools.

Articles that are not in the area of the special theme are most welcome as
well and will be published in the regular article section. The Bulletin of
the Technical Committee on Learning Technology invites short articles, case
studies, and project reports for the next issue. This issue will be
published in Volume 17, Issue 3.

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Sheelagh Carpendale | 31 Jul 03:40 2015

CFP: Workshop on Personal Visualization: Exploring Data in Everyday Life


Workshop on Personal Visualization: Exploring Data in Everyday Life
(In conjunction with IEEE VIS 2015, Oct 25th or 26th, Chicago, IL)


*** Paper Submissions due August 31st, 2015 ***



Information visualization and visual analytics tools have tended to focus
on data that is important to science, finance, business, and government.
These tools have typically been designed for experts, including
scientists, financiers, and other professionals. However, individuals are
now increasingly able to collect and manipulate large volumes of data
about themselves (e.g. biometric data, exercise, sleep, and nutrition
data) as well as data about topics that interest them (neighborhood
statistics, sports metrics, environmental data, etc.). This "personal
data" is creating new opportunities for both visualization and visual
analytics, and presents a variety of new research and design challenges.
Recently, the visualization community has started to consider the emerging
and important case of "personal visualization" and examine the challenges
and potential associated with collecting, visualizing, and making sense of
personal data.

This workshop, held in conjunction with the<>  2015
IEEE VIS conference in Chicago, will examine the opportunities and
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Remco Chang | 31 Jul 00:13 2015

DSIA Workshop Submission Deadline Extended (and Keynote Speaker announcement)

Dear Colleagues,

Due to a conflict with the VLDB deadline, we are extending the submission
deadline for the Workshop on Data Systems for Interactive Analysis (DSIA)
by 2 weeks. The new deadline is Monday, August 17, 2015.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that Joe Hellerstein from UC
Berkeley will be the keynote speaker for the workshop. Joseph M. Hellerstein
<> is a Chancellor's Professor of Computer
Science at the University of California, Berkeley, whose work focuses on
data-centric systems and the way they drive computing. He is an ACM Fellow,
an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow <> and
the recipient of three ACM-SIGMOD "Test of Time"
<> awards for his
research. In 2010, Fortune Magazine included him in their list of 50 smartest
people in technology, and MIT's Technology Review magazine included his
work on their TR10 <> list
of the 10 technologies "most likely to change our world". Hellerstein is
the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Trifacta <>,
a software vendor providing intelligent interactive solutions to the messy
problem of wrangling data. He serves on the technical advisory boards of a
number of computing and Internet companies including EMC
<>, SurveyMonkey <>,
Captricity <>, and Dato <>,
and previously served as the Director of Intel Research, Berkeley.

Workshop Announcement:

The 1st Workshop on Data Systems for Interactive Analysis (DSIA 2015)
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Denis Parra | 30 Jul 19:26 2015

CFP: ACM IUI 2016 ~ 21st ACM Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

--------------------------- Call for Submissions ---------------------------
ACM IUI 2016: ACM Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

Sonoma, CA, USA
March 7 - 10, 2016

ACM IUI 2016 is the 21st annual meeting of the intelligent interfaces
community and serves as a premier international forum for reporting
outstanding research and development on intelligent user interfaces. ACM
IUI is where the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) community meets the
Artificial Intelligence (AI) community. We are also very interested in
contributions from related fields, such as psychology, behavioral science,
cognitive science, computer graphics, design, the arts, etc.

The conference brings together people from academia, industry and
non-profit organizations and gives its participants the opportunity to
present and see cutting-edge IUI work in an focused and interactive
setting. It is large enough to be diverse and lively (we expect over 200
people), but small enough to allow for extensive interaction among
attendees and easy attendance to the events that the conference offers,
ranging from oral paper presentations, poster sessions, workshops, panels
and doctoral consortium for graduate students.

IUI topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

   - Processing of multi-modal input (gestures, eye gaze, face,
physiological information etc.)
   - Natural language and speech processing
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info | 30 Jul 18:00 2015

Call for Long Chapters: Quality Interaction and Design Assessments: Methods and Techniques

Call for Long Chapters: Quality Interaction and Design Assessments: Methods and Techniques

Title: "New Perspectives from User Interfaces and Semantic Web: Information Quality, Advanced
Interdisciplinary Applications and Combination of the Technologies Challenges" 

Pixels Collection. Handbook with high quality color printing (publisher of peer-reviewed). 

Blue Herons Editions: 

All submitted chapters will be reviewed on a triple-blind review basis. 

The proposal is expected to be 2 - 4 pages, submitted in .doc or .pdf 
format, composed of title, author(s) (name, affiliation, phone number, and 
e-mail address), extended abstract (background, related work, principal 
contributions, references and so on), table of contents, and contact 

All contributions should be of high originality, quality, clarity, 
significance, impact and not published elsewhere or submitted for 
publication during the review period. 

More information:

    For news of CHI books, courses & software, join CHI-RESOURCES
     mailto: chi-resources-subscribe-request <at>

    To unsubscribe from CHI-ANNOUNCEMENTS send an email to
     mailto:chi-announcements-unsubscribe-request <at>

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Abhishek Mukherji | 30 Jul 17:58 2015

CFP: WristSense workshop (co-located with IEEE PerCom 2016)

WristSense 2016: Workshop on Sensing Systems and Applications Using Wrist Worn Smart Devices.
(co-located with IEEE PerCom 2016) March 14th 2016, Sydney, Australia.

Call for Papers:

Recently there has been a growing interest in consumerization of wrist-worn devices especially smart
watches and wrist bands. Many large corporations such as Samsung and Apple already have a commodity smart
watch and many other companies such as FitBit, Nike, Jawbone have wristbands geared towards fitness
tracking.  Smart-watches and bands are equipped with many sensors, (for example, latest Samsung Gear
devices have heart rate, accelerometer, gyroscope, infrared sensors etc.) a processor, communication
radios (for example, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) and a small size display. It is, therefore, possible to capture
information about the device user, perform computation and communication using these devices to infer
various activities/contexts of the user. Further, they also represent a perfect platform to conduct
research on human activity, behavior, and related areas, given the capabilities described above.
Moreover, compared to smartphones, wrist-worn smart devices provide richer information about certain
user activities (e.g., eating, typing, and sleeping). In most cases, a smart-watch is also connected to a
powerful smartphone, which could help in drawing many interesting inferences by combining data from
both these devices.

We invite paper submissions in the following areas:

Design, implementation, and evaluation of systems using wrist based smart devices.
Design and implementation of pervasive applications for wrist-worn smart devices and/or smartphones.
Description of experiences in data collection and deployments using wrist-worn devices and/or smartphones.
Feedback, notifications, and alerts using wrist-worn smart devices.
User behavior analysis on data collected from wrist device and/or smartphones.
User activity and context recognition using wrist-worn smart devices.
Achieving energy efficiency and extending battery life of wearable devices.
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Angelo Di Iorio | 30 Jul 16:51 2015

ACM SAC 2016 - Web Technologies Track - Call for Papers


                           CALL FOR PAPERS

            31th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing

                      Track on Web Technologies

                     4–8 April 2016, Pisa, Italy



Aims and rationale

The World Wide Web is changing. The advent of HTML 5, the increasing 
importance of AJAX and client-side scripting, the explosion of 
Web-based Social Networks as well as the advent of the Federated Social 
Web, the new frontiers of Semantic Web are only some examples of this 
general trend.

Web applications are progressively evolving into rich and flexible 
environments where users can easily access documents, publish content, 
listen to music, watch videos, draw pictures, and play directly via 
browser. This class of ubiquitous software systems is gaining momentum 
and fosters the evolution of new ways for people to interact and 
Novel approaches and techniques, new tools and frameworks are needed to 
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Silvia Giordano | 30 Jul 12:32 2015

FT on Social and Mobile Solutions in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networking - IEEE Communication Magazine

                  CALL FOR PAPERS

                   FEATURE TOPIC
Social and Mobile Solutions in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networking

            IEEE Communications Magazine

         Series on Adhoc and Sensor Networks 

The IEEE Communications Magazine announces for the 10th Anniversary of the Series on Adhoc and Sensor
Networks, a Feature Topic on Social and Mobile Solutions in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networking. 

The Series on Adhoc and Sensor Networks of the IEEE Communications Magazine intends to provide the latest
developments in this very rich and exciting domain. The Series explores in depth the concept of ad hoc and
sensor networking, highlighting the recent research achievements in the field, and also providing
insight into theoretical and practical issues related to the development of these networks from
different perspectives. This series offers a relevant forum for both academic and industrial research,
covering, at the same time, the theory, the practice and the state of the art of ad hoc and sensor

The special focus of this FT aims to explore the ad hoc and sensor networks research and development related
to social and mobile solutions: communications, applications, algorithms and systems as well as
services and computing. Thus, we are interested in articles that involve people, networked sensors,
mobile phones and/or sensing context, how they interact and how they perform.
Both original research and review papers are welcome. Possible topics of social and mobile solutions in ad
hoc and sensor networking include but are not limited to:

- Architectures and design 
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