Chad H | 3 Sep 04:54 2014

Assembly Help

Ok, I haven't heard from 'theotherbob' yet so I'm throwing this out here .
I know there are people here way smarter than me with this assembly stuff.
I haven't tinkered with it really in 20 years.  Anywhoo.. I found his
article and code archived here.  I used this in
conjuction with the Color Basic Unravalled series to hopefully write a sort
of 'bootloader' to join to .BIN file data and write that to a EPROM.  The
idea is to mimic the 'LOADM' routine to transfer EPROM .BIN data to where it
should go and then execute it automatically.  So far I've assembled the code
below in the Rainbow IDE, combined the .BIN data at the end of the code
(FF), and loaded into the M.E.S.S. emulator (CoCo 2) but it just hangs with
a  blank green screen :/

I hope I'm not too far off, but wouldn't surprise me.

                *.BIN single/multisegment bootloader for ROM Pak


                ORG       49152

                * VARIABLES

EXECJP  RMB      2                              2 BYTE POINTER FOR EXECUTION

                * LOADEr

LOADER                LDA        #85

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[Color Computer] FYI: Electronics Plus is closing and they are having a huge sale on a lot of old and vintage computer equipment

*From another list:*

Cindy Croxton is closing her business due to her husband's health. They
have a ton of machines and parts and they are looking to get rid of

This was posted on the Classic Computer Online Community email list and I
figured it would be of interest to those here.

From: Electronics Plus sales@...

To: 'General Discussion: On-Topic and Off-Topic Posts'

Sent: Monday, August 11, 2014 1:58 PM

Subject: warehouse closing

I am closing my warehouse by the end of this month. My husband's health is
rapidly failing, and I want to spend what time he has left with him, not
with a bunch of old computers and parts!

Please review the pics here:

But know that the Apple room and the Lisa are gone. Lots of old keyboards,
terminals (like the ones on Halt and Catch Fire), mono monitors new in the
box, IBM 5150 and 5160 with kbds and monitors,tested working, u name it.

Please also see, make offer for anything you want.

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Mark Rawson | 3 Sep 01:35 2014

SuperIDE restore to CF card from a VHD file.

This is my first post here and I'm fairly new to using Cocos, so please
excuse any dumb questions.

I'm a UK retro-computer collector and own a couple of NTSC Coco 3
computers. One of which, I purchased with 512K RAM and a SuperIDE from
Cloud 9.

The first thing I did (before even testing the SuperIDE) was to make a
backup of the included CF card using the Win32DiskImager tool.  This
created a file with a .IMG (presumably RAW) extension. However, I've since
found a 300+ MB image online, taken from a SuperIDE CF card, which appears
to be in .VHD format which is full of goodies and works well in the VCC

My questions are:

Which program was used to create this VHD file?


Can I restore this to a 512MB SanDisk CF card and use it in my SuperIDE on
my real Coco3? If so, which tool/program is required to write a VHD image
back to a CF card?

Does the image need to be converted to another format before restore?
Again, if so, which tools/programs should I be downloading?

I have access to Mac, Linux and Windows (in order of preference).

I don't have a great deal of experience with the Coco. I don't even have
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Chad H | 2 Sep 02:36 2014

theotherbob ??

Anyone seen him?  I would really like to ask him about his .BAS to .ROM assembly listing I found archived. 
This is what I've been wanting to do but was told it was "not possible". I knew someone had to have figured it out.

Sent from my ASUS Infinity


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Tim Fadden | 1 Sep 00:07 2014

Re: fd-502 drive info

Get the brand/model of the drives and do a google, you just might find 
the info, if you haven't tried that already.

On 8/31/2014 1:37 PM, Chad H wrote:
> Sorry I gave away my original drive units and replaced them with TEAC units
> inside the 502 housings.  Should be some indication on the PCB, bottom or
> top.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Coco [mailto:coco-bounces@...] On Behalf Of Josh Harper
> via Coco
> Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2014 3:05 AM
> To: coco@...
> Subject: [Coco] fd-502 drive info
> ive got  2 drive 0  fd0592's  that im going to combine in one case   the
> drive im going to change to drive 1 I have looked I do not see jumpers
> labeled d0,d1,d2  like other drives ive dealt with   has anyone  changed a
> fd-502 drive 0 to a drive 1 and  know eacatly where the jumpers are and how
> there marked
> thanks

Tim Fadden
"Hey Schmidt, don't forget about the six P's.
Proper Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance!"


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Josh Harper via Coco | 31 Aug 10:05 2014

fd-502 drive info

ive got  2 drive 0  fd0592's  that im going to combine in one case   the drive im going to change to drive 1 I have
looked I do not see jumpers labeled d0,d1,d2  like other drives ive dealt with   has anyone  changed a fd-502
drive 0 to a drive 1 and  know eacatly where the jumpers are and how there marked



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Chad H | 30 Aug 23:06 2014

"super" ROM pak??

I recall months back seeing a YouTube video where someone was developing a arduino or raspberry PI
controlled ROM pack that would load .ROM files on the fly from SD card and allow the coco to boot from them. 
Does anyone have any current info on this project?


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Bill Pierce via Coco | 29 Aug 17:59 2014

Mess with Becker Port & DW4

I have been "messing" (pun intended) with the Mess w/Becker Port (Win32 UI version) that Guillaume
uploaded to The Color Computer Archives, and I've found a few peculiarities. After checking the
"non-becker port" emulations, I find these are limited to the becker port emulations only.
As a note, I've only tested this on an old WinXP laptop which is EXTREMELY slow and is quirky in operation to
begin with. I will be trying these tests on my Win Server 2003 (pentium 3) and Win 7 (dual core) machines as
soon as I can. My main quadcore (Win Vista Premium 64bit) that I normally use is down for the count at the
moment which is my usual machine for emulators and Coco stuff.
Here is what I find... Anyone else?

1. When in HDBDOS, if I switch to the internal Mess disk drives (DRIVEOFF) and perform any disk operations,
the emulation crashes. I cannot seem to access the emulated floppies at all. The hdbdos floppy partitions
seem to perform properly.

2 When using the "DOS255" or "AUTOEXEC.BAS" method to boot NitrOS9 from a OS9/RSDOS partitioned VHD, the
boot fails. I've tried this with several configurations with offsets poked into hdbdos, rom modified
with offsets and offsets in the DW4 UI. All fail. These same VHDs will boot fine in VCC so I know it's not the software.
A Nitros9 DW disk image from the repo will boot fine from DW slot0 with no offsets (non partitioned). Once
booted, I can access the "/Xx" drives from NitrOS9 with no problem. In fact, this is how I created the
partitioned VHD I was trying to boot from. I have created literrally hundreds of boots in the past 3 years
for others as well as myself and for the most part, without failure, so I'm pretty sure the problem is not in
the boot itself.
This could be a quirk in this WinXP laptop and Java but I won't know until I try other systems.

3. When in Nitros9, EmuDsk does not seem to work correctly and I have no access to Mess' internal HDs. I think
this is related to #1 above. I haven't tried EmuDsk on non-becker port/DW4 emulations so I'm not sure if it
works there. I know it did before the patch.

4. The "Natural" keyboard mode blocks the use of the "arrow" keys. The "Coco" mode, restores this. I've
tried several settings in the configs, but cannot get the arrow keys to work in "Natural" mode. I'm pretty
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Luis Antoniosi (CoCoDemus | 29 Aug 13:31 2014

RGB2VGA on DE0-Nano (improvements)

Here, for the non-believers:

Luis Felipe Antoniosi


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Robin Lavallée | 29 Aug 03:37 2014

CoCo Diskettes backup


Objective: I want to make backup copies of all my Coco diskettes before
their content is lost forever. I’m especially looking at backing up some
programs I wrote then I was less than 10 years old. :D

What I have:

·         A CoCo2

·         A CoCo3

·         A floppy disk reader for the CoCo

·         A bunch of CoCo floppy diskette containing all sort of data.

·         A PC

My talents (or lack of):

·         I’m no good at soldering. (No experience).

·         I’m good with software.

·         I’m ready to pay for missing parts.

What is my plan:

1)      I need to get DriveWire (3 or 4?) running on the PC

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Kandur | 28 Aug 18:49 2014

Curtis Boyle's Compuserve OS-9 Forum dumps

Oh boy! So happy to find this archive.
Hope there are mirrors of it,
it would be shame to loose it, like the Delphi archives!
Tonns of old friends' names and posts in it.
Are you reading this Kevin Darling?



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