Gene Heskett | 3 Mar 00:27 2015

dumb question of the month

Hi all;

What the heck is the name, and exec syntax of the basic program on hdbdos 
drive0 of the hard drive, that redoes the 5 byte bootfile location & 
size in LSN0 of the hard drive?
It should be there, but the directory listing scrolls about 1/3rd of 
whats there offscreen at 300 mph.  And I know so little about rsdos that 
I can't even call up a hires screen which would probably show it.

While working on bootlink (I found the wrong data display bug & fixed 
that) and tried to reboot it, forgetting that my experimental run of the 
fixed code had made the default drive $84, which is where I was playing 
with level 3 stuff until I gave it up because what we have is 
incomplete.  So now I can't reboot into nitros9 without testing 30 
floppies to see which one will work.

Yes, I know, paint that stuff on the wall dummy...  Get out your wet 
noodle whips etc etc.

And I didn't figure the recent precip had saturated the ground either, 
but I have about 1/8" of water on the basement floor, every place there 
a hairline crack its wet, so now my feet, in stockings around the house, 
are cold & wet.  Distracting.

Cheers, Gene Heskett

"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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Simon Jonassen | 2 Mar 22:30 2015


Hey Guys...

here's the latest totally mad stuff from deepest darkest Denmark....

coco II loading tape while playing 2 voice music....

/Simon :-)


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Brian Goers | 2 Mar 18:19 2015

Request for - CoCoFEST! seminars and Discusion

In eight (8) weeks is the Glenside Color Computer Show.
Would anyone attending like to have a have a discussion or Seminar planed?

Contact me directly or from the Glenside web page.
Announce your topic on this list if you wish.

  Brian Goers
   Club Librarian

     The 24nd Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFEST!      April 25 & 26, 2015
                                                              Saturday 9 
am to 5 pm
                                                              Sunday 9 
am to 3 pm
      Fairfield Inn & Suites Lombard
          645 West North Avenue
          Lombard, IL 60148


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Bill | 2 Mar 13:21 2015

More magazines

This morning I attempt my only contribution to the Coco world: I'm gonna
scan the ENTIRE 1984 year of Hot Coco Magazine. When I am finished, I'll
have a COMPLETE set of Hot Coco for 1984. The only damage in the set is the
back cover of the June issue has been replaced with a plain piece of paper
(the cover was damaged and torn off, evidently.)

After I'm done, this set of Hot Coco Magazines will be for sale to the
highest bidder. The will be stapled back together, and made as pristine as

About the scanning: I'm removing the staples from the magazines, scanning
them into the computer with Acrobat 10 Pro as a full color OCR searchable

Unfortunately I don't know when I will be finished. Last time I scanned the
December 1984 issue, it took me 2 attempts to do it, and took over 2 weeks.
Hopefully I've learned a few things.



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RETRO Innovations | 2 Mar 10:07 2015

4 Port MPI PCB artwork (so far)

As a stepping stone to the 8 port unit, I thought I'd finish the 4 port 
one that I had started, since the same design is usable for both, just 
the CPLD size has to change.  As of right now, the design:

  * All data lines routed
  * All CPLD lines routed except switch select lines
  * 1.15" spacing btween ports (25mm = 1.00", and I could just not make
    that work with the CPLD size.  I hope 1.15" will work
  * Initial decoupling caps in place, not all routed though.
  * All power buues are routed

To do:

  * Add 3V3 regulator (have to create a footprint
  * Check dimensions of portion that goes into Coco (Anyone have a high
    res scan of a PCB that has the grounding ears?  I am trying to
    follow Gene's measurements, but it's difficult without a pic
  * Determine cabling option and reroute lines to headers
  * Add PSU connector(s)
  * Tie ground planes together at edges.
  * Add Large electrolytics on each port for power stability
  * Add standoff mounting holes

Lots of minor stuff, but routing was the more complicated, so I focused 
on it first.  I'll probably still move some of the lines around (and the 
LEDs will have to move, as they are right under the carts now), but the 
CPLD lines should be close to final.

Without ground pour:

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Stephen H. Fischer | 2 Mar 06:44 2015

Rainbow On Tape / Disk project help please


I am trying to get the absolute paths out of the project.

For those of you willing to try to download and report back to me using different browsers, thanks in advance.

With Internet Explorer 11 on W7 I see one file name that is incorrect and one file is wrong but it appears to work.

I want the project to be able to be placed anywhere and the downloads will still work.

As IBM Lotus Word Pro was created just as the Internet started I have had to manually edit the "index.htm"
file by hand using Notebook.

TIA again



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Hugo Dufort | 2 Mar 01:42 2015

Hi! I'm new here!

Hi! I am new in this group, so let me introduce myself, and explain how 
I got interested in the Coco community and what I expect to find here.

My name is Hugo and I'm 41 years old. I live in the southeastern corner 
of Quebec, Canada.

My parents gave me my first computer, a Coco2 with 64kb memory and a 
tape recorder, when I was in 4th grade (10 years old). I started playing 
games and learning Basic programming quite fast. I would say I was 
motivated and perhaps talented. I learned to read binary and hex 
numbers, and I also learned how to peek/poke in memory. However the 
possibilities were limited (I had no printer and an old black & white 
TV) and I've lost many Basic programs due to IO Errors and cassette 
mismanagement. I spent afternoons playing Wilcatting, Sea Dragon or 
Zaxxon. Still, I had discovered how to bring up the semigraphic modes, 
and programmed a few nice games in these modes. I also discovered a 
pixels pattern that made the pain() function overflow, so I wrote my own 
better paint() function for pmode4.

Things changed when the Coco3 was launched. I kept bugging my parents 
till they bought me one. Then I pushed until they bought a dual diskette 
unit, a DMP-105 printer, and the better (white) Joystick. I also 
received many nice programs such as CocoMax 3 and a banner printing 
application. I started learning how to better program with the Coco3. I 
wrote a few useful applications:
- A program for reading bitmaps from disk, writing them on screen, 
dithering and adjusting colors, and printing.
- A basic word processor, which I used to write many homeworks and 
personal files. It worked just fine, had adjustable margins, and even 
printed accented characters properly.
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Gene Heskett | 2 Mar 00:32 2015

Notice to bootlink users

Greets all;

I just noticed a bug in the report format it uses, its apparently showing 
the first 2 bytes of the old bootfiles location where it should be 
showing the old bootfiles size.  I have known about it for a week but 
its not a showstopper and I've wasted a ream of paper now trying to get 
a  good printout of the listing or the source file, finally backtracked 
and found it just today, that 1, I wasn't booting from the default, I am 
booting from $84/132 and 2, that the /p descriptor, probably used 
straight from the repo when I made that boot had grown an xmode alf=0A.

That of course turns its output into some sort of a winders compatible 
format. Much as I hate winders, I feel suitable ashamed.

Since in my setup, where I use dw>cups to do the chores, I do a CR>LF 
translation before feeding it to cups to be printed, I was wasting 1/3rd 
of a ream of paper because everything was double line spaced.  
Embarrassing is what it is...  Dumb even.

So, I'll let you all know when a new one has been put together & posted 
to my web page.

My apologies.

While I am at it, because I am having to do weight lifting acrobatics 
with a hex calculator to see which vdisk I am currently booting if I 
don't paint it on the wall, I am going to try to add a new subroutine so 
that when you do a "bootlink ?" it will tell you, in hex, and decimal, 
which of the hdbdos vdisk bootfiles it is currently using, and do 
nothing else but that.
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Brian Blake | 1 Mar 22:46 2015

CoCo Forum

To all CoCoNutz,

First, I want to be crystal clear about my intention here: it never has
been or ever will be to siphon traffic from the mailing list Dennis so
graciously hosts and moderates for us. The mailing list has a very rich
history and is loaded with extremely knowledgeable people. With that

About four years ago I was just learning HTML for my job, and created as my practice site. About this time, came under
several attacks causing disruption and loss of data. Several members there
and here on the list asked me if I'd be interested in hosting a new forum
on It took a little bit, but, I finally created one, (link should also be below in my sig).

It's only purpose was to give CoCoNutz another method of communicating and
discussing our favorite 8 - bitter. As stated above, this was never though
of as a replacement for the mailing list. Some people prefer forums, others
do not.

If any of you software or hardware gurus wish to post about and discuss
your projects there, a forum for those subjects was created when the forum
went online.

The website, blog and forum are not going to disappear as long as Aaron
hosts them and I haven't passed thru the Pearly Gates. And even if Aaron
were to cease hosting, I'd move them to another hosting service. You do
have to register and I manually approve/deny all memberships. Unless your
IP originates in China, Pakistan, India or some other country not known for
the CoCo or its relatives to have been sold, I usually approve within
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Duane Adrian | 1 Mar 22:07 2015

Scanned CoCo magazines in PDF format to share with others.

I found this website link that has many computer magazines in PDF format.
The second link ois for TRS 80 computers.

Just wanted to share this with everyone.

Archive of TRS 80 files


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Al Hartman | 1 Mar 20:08 2015

Well... My TDP-100 is in sad shape.

Both the power switch and reset switch are broken. It won’t power up.

But, I’ll take pictures as it is.

It has the original Lowerkit, and a Mark Data Composite adapter in it.

I really like the TDP-100. Wish I could find another. I’ll either have to replace the two switches, or find
another “F” board to replace this one.

-[ Al ]-


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