Bill | 28 Jan 22:36 2015

Hot Coco Feb '84

Does ANYONE have the Hot Coco Feb '84 magazine that they could scan at least
the first 3 pages? The copy I have has torn pages, and it looks crappy.




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Randy Weaver | 28 Jan 18:38 2015

Bill Gates mentions the Color Computer about 1/4-1/3 into the interview

Bill Gates mentions the Color Computer about 1/4-1/3 into the interview

He also talks about Tandy being very serious about their schedule, the
difficulty in squeezing basic in such a small ROM and how the Color Computer
was an awesome machine.

Check it out!



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Brett Gordon | 28 Jan 18:23 2015


"Yet Another DOS" has been released BETA.  I need help in testing
features and hardware.
here is excerpt from the README.TXT:

YA-DOS is a branch of HDBDOS for the CoCo2 and CoCo3.  Original
HDBDOS is a 8K ROM.  YA-DOS is a 16K ROM.  Although based internally
on the HDBDOS code, much of the functionality has been changed and
appended to.  The drivers have been fully modularized and a new
device/drive switcher has been added to allow the simultaneous use of
many different devices and or drivers.  Where HDBDOS only allowed
relatively static setup of a single device plus a stock FDC at a time,
YA-DOS allows for the the dynamic setup of devices. To this end,
YA-DOS supports the use of a Multi Pak Interface (MPI) inherently,
and other than initial setup, little is required to use devices on
different MPI slots.

Another great feature of YA-DOS is the support of a Drive Partition
Table.  Drive partition tables have been used to great advantage in
many other systems, and until now have been unsupported by the Color
Computer's main operating systems, BASIC, OS-9, and Nitros9.
Partition tables not only allow cross-OS cooperation of the use of
large media, they also provide for larger use of the media, and take
the burden of setup off the user.  Where as HDBDOS was generally
restricted to a single, ROM based drive offset, YA-DOS supports
on-the-fly setting and multiple partitions in use (14 per device, 4 in
simultaneous use).  Removable media of different sorts (SD,CF,DW)
becomes much easier to use as the media itself contains it's own
partition table.

YA-DOS also provides for better integration of BASIC and Drive Wire4's
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Joe Grubbs | 28 Jan 17:15 2015

Strange 26-3127B

Hello All. I posted this on the Facebook TRS-80/Coco page but figured I should try here as well. I see a lot of
familiar names between this list and that group, so if you've seen this, sorry for the repeat.

I recently acquired a pair of 64K 26-3127B Coco2s. One of them has a "Tandy" badge, was made in Korea, and has
the awesome 6847T1 VDG. Groovy.

The other one is a bit of a misfit. It has a "Radio Shack" badge, is made in USA, and has a 20261043 motherboard
inside. Note that this 20261043 is presumably the one for the Korean 26-3134/3136 16K CoCo2 according to
my Googling. However it is 64K and has Tandy house-marked memory ICs (8) as well as what looks like a
perfectly installed jumper in J1. It goes without saying that it merely has the 6847 VDG. In all of my web
searching, I've not found mention of a similarly configured 3127B, though one site stated that the 3127Bs
were a bit varied. 

It's not a big deal, but I'm just curious if anyone has seen this combination, or it's more likely mine has had
its mobo swapped at some point in its ~30 year lifespan.




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Bill | 28 Jan 12:07 2015

Great find

I have been very fortunate to have just come into possession of a GREAT find
of Color Computer magazines and software (as well as a little hardware). 

I got the following magazines:

Rainbow Magazine from January 1985 thru December 1999 (except May 1983)

Hot Coco Magazine from June 1983 thru February 1986

The Color Computer Magazine from March 1983 thru October 1984.

I will be scanning those magazines that are not listed on the Coco archive
( and will make them available for
upload to that site (as well as my own BBS).

When I am finished, I will be offering all these magazines for sale. It'll
probably take a LONG TIME to get this done, but hey, what else have I got to
do? And it's about time I FINALLY contributed to the community. Heaven knows
I've bummed from it long enough.

Also in that terrific gathering of stuff are a bundle of good Coco books and
reference material (all of which I will contribute as needed).

And may I say that I appreciate all that everyone has done for me.

Take care, and God bless


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Willard Goosey | 28 Jan 07:58 2015

worst game ever review: pooyan

So this game apparently got mentioned as one of the Worst Games Ever
because of Radio Shack false advertising. Anyway.

Pooyan (CoCo3 patched) is a silly little single-screen arcade
game. cats/alligators/whatevers jump down from the top of the screen
and you have to shoot their balloons to make them drop. You can move
up and down, and shoot arrows. The enemy critters throw apples(?) at
you. Something unspecified but apparently bad happens if they make it
all the way to the ground.

The game's engine seems pretty well thought out. Arrows and apples
both travel in arcs, and fairly precise hits have to be made for the
weapons to be effective. Shooting the critter doesn't bug them, you
have to shoot their balloon. Likewise the critters have to hit "you",
not the elevator cage you're riding. They can block your shots with
their apples.

Speed was mentioned as an issue with this game. I haven't lasted 2
full minutes yet so I don't really think the game moves too slow. ;-)
I think I mentioned that I stink at games.

The intro music is pretty good, and the sound effects work well. This
is apparently a port? So I'm sure purists object to there being
no music during play, but whatever.

Since the game was patched to be in color on an RGB coco3 it wouldn't
be fair to talk much about graphics. Besides, what else do I need to
say beyond "PMODE 3"?  I do wonder what the critters are supposed to
be though. :-)

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Chad H | 28 Jan 05:39 2015

Color Computer 3 System gets top $$$ these days

Amazing what complete Color Computer 3 systems are fetching these days.


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Stephen H. Fischer | 28 Jan 05:11 2015

Bug report for filling out a bug report



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Bill Nobel | 28 Jan 03:46 2015

Nitros9 Build question

Hi all,  I got a question about building Nitros9.  I have lwtools, toolshed etc.. installed on my Win7 machine
all builds working fine. On both my Linux & Mac Machines, I get the following error:

lwasm --6309 --format=os9
--pragma=pcaspcr,nosymbolcase,condundefzero,undefextern,dollarnotlocal --includedir=.
--includedir=/Users/billnobel/Downloads/Coco3/nitros9-v3.3.0/defs -DNOS9VER=3 -DNOS9MAJ=3
-DNOS9MIN=0 -DNOS9DBG=0 -Dcoco3=1 -DH6309=1
/Users/billnobel/Downloads/Coco3/nitros9-v3.3.0/level2/modules/kernel/krn.asm -okrn
WARNING: IFP1 if is not supported; ignoring
/Users/billnobel/Downloads/Coco3/nitros9-v3.3.0/level2/modules/kernel/krn.asm:00028 	IFP1	

ERROR: Multiply defined symbol (D.CCStk)
D.CCStk	std	<D.CCStk	set pointer to top of global memory to $2000

Am I missing something?

Also my hg clone command isn’t working on my Mac tonight (Getting server error 500) anybody else
experiencing this tonight?

Bill Nobel


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Bob Devries | 28 Jan 02:36 2015

xroar for Nintendo DS

Hi All,
does anyone here have experience with XRoar for Nintendo DS?

I have installed it, and it runs; brings up the DECB banner and allows 
typing. If I try to load a disk image, it immediately goes to the DOS 
command (the disk image is OS9 L1) and it boots.

I don't know how to load a second image into drive 1.

Anyone done this?

Why am I doing this? Because I can?

Regards, Bob Devries
Dalby, QLD, Australia


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David Ladd | 28 Jan 00:02 2015

[COCO] Disk Images from HDD's MM/1 & CoCo


Warnings up front---
Please make sure you only work with copies of your original disk images.
Never work with the original disk images of your hard drives or floppy disk

This is directed towards Allen and anyone else this may help.

Now for those who have used linux/mac to transfer a MM/1 disk image using
DD(or compatible) utility you can actually use the "os9" utility, from the
toolshed project, to access files on those disk images.

You can even use this "os9" utility to copy files between the 512byte
sector images that are used on the MM/1 and the 256 byte based images on
the CoCo.

To format a disk image for use on the CoCo that is at max capacity and at
cluster size of 1 would be as follows:
os9 format -l524280 diskimagename.os9

Give you a example of transfering files between a MM/1 disk image that uses
actual 512byte sectors and a CoCo Disk Image that is based on 256byte
sectors would be easy.  Example as follows using dsave option:
os9 dsave -e mm1.os9, coco.os9,

You technically could go the other direction as well if you like.
If you wanted to format a OS-9/68K image that would use 512byte sectors by
default you can use the os9 command to do that as well with a cluster size
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