George Ramsower | 8 Oct 21:50 2015

NitrOS9 and Basic09

  I'm looking forward to the great guys that built NitrOS9 to give 
Basic09 a work over, I think.

  What I'm doing is only B09 on my CC3 and I would like it to work 
faster, so I can slow it down. Now I'm sure that doesn't make much sense 
but, there are times when I would like it to be faster than it is. But 
other times, I need it to slow down. I use this machine for operating my 
"Micro-Mill" and when I'm just moving the head, it takes forever, using 
pokes to step the stepper motors. However, when it's actually cutting 
metal, that would be too fast and I would love to be able to slow it 
down. That's the easy part. Speeding it up is not.
  I just wonder if working over Basic09 would actually help much, if any.

George R.


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Bill Nobel | 8 Oct 05:44 2015

6809 FPGA

Hey all, as some of you know I have been porting Grant Searles project to my DE0-Nano.  I have it working with
internal ram on the Nano itself with 32k ram.  I got my 512k SRAMs from Digikey a week ago, (wired as 64k)  when I
try to use the SRAM instead of the internal RAM  I lose the PS/2 keyboard input.  I get the ‘6809 EXTENDED
BASIC’ banner, and ‘OK’ prompt. but no keyboard.  This is running it at 10mhz.  On internal RAM I can do
25mhz no problem.

For the SRAM I have it going to IOBANKS 7 & 8. SRAM address bus & chip selects on bank 8 and SRAM data on bank 7. 
Video & PS/2 I have on bank 5.

Any suggestions would be helpful

Bill Nobel


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Josh Harper via Coco | 7 Oct 03:32 2015

New Mylar Coming SOON

  Hi Guys
thanks to a couple cocolist members Ill be getting what the company I am dealing with needs to start the
project, so new mylars should be rolling out soon

Im not able to say yet but I think everyone will be happy with the price
what will be available
mylar for--------------------coco 2 raised keys keyboardcoco 3 keyboard


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Pere | 6 Oct 19:21 2015

Re: Orchestra90cc files from Da Barn Studios web

Hi Bill,
thanks a lot for answering so fast!
The loading problem was ... my own fault.
I didn't add at the and of the filename the parameter A for ascii, now I can 
load most of the files.
R AAODDS A (no need for the extension)

I have the real Orchestra90CC cartridge that runs perfect on my CoCo3 but I 
was trying to get something
more from it on my Dragon64.
By now we can load/save scores from/to tape because the disk operations are 
very low level and so
too related to the CoCo-DOS and do nothing on a Dragon DOS.

The converter keeps doing nothing at all, but this doesn't worry me because 
as you said, most of the
scores exist in CoCo format on the net.

By the way we have roughly 2500 scores in CAS format that load and run fine 
in the real cartridge and
in XRoar (which emulates the Orchestra too)

Thanks for the web references, I will give a peek at them, too



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Zippster | 6 Oct 18:33 2015

Re: 68764/68766 EPROMs

Hi Barry,

I placed an order for 50 PCBs.  

They’ll be $10 each complete with a programmed PROM,
ready to plug in and go.  Plus shipping of course.

- Ed

> On Oct 6, 2015, at 10:13 AM, Barry Nelson <barry.nelson <at>> wrote:
> How many adapters do you have, are any for sale, and if so how much?
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>>   Hey guys,
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tim | 6 Oct 17:47 2015

OT: USB Logic Analyzer

   Can anyone recommend a USB logic analyzer for around 100 bucks. Looking
   to 100Mhz sample rate. 16 channels or so. Must work on Win7 or higher.


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Barry Nelson | 6 Oct 17:26 2015

Re: Drivewire for W7

Unless you need a copy that works on a 32 bit intel Mac, in which case you need my archived copy of DriveWire
4.3.2 which is the latest version that will run properly on that OS. Since the subject of this thread is
“Drivewire for W7” then generally I agree.

>    Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2015 03:52:02 +0000

>    From: Aaron Wolfe <aawolfe <at>>

>    To: CoCoList for Color Computer Enthusiasts <coco <at>>

>    Subject: Re: [Coco] Drivewire for W7

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o    <CAA6uQZTpSQUj5sYwDXJQe7VKOr7DY1sCnrY2J5JVENxexWH7cQ <at>>

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>    The only place anyone should ever download Drivewire 4 from is the official

>    DW4 site:


>    If you download from anywhere else, god knows what you may be running on

>    your computer.


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Barry Nelson | 6 Oct 17:13 2015

Re: 68764/68766 EPROMs

How many adapters do you have, are any for sale, and if so how much?

>    Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2015 19:20:03 -0500

>    From: Zippster <zippster278 <at>>

>    To: CoCoList for Color Computer Enthusiasts <coco <at>>

>    Subject: Re: [Coco] 68764/68766 EPROMs

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>    Content-Type: text/plain;     charset=utf-8

>    Hey guys,

>    I received some PCBs back today from OSH Park and  assembled

>    an adapter.  They work great.  They fit perfectly on American CoCo2

>    motherboards and F boards, even D boards (barely).

>    Simple, cheap ECB ROM replacement for these machines.

>    Ed


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Pere | 6 Oct 14:57 2015

Orchestra90cc files from Da Barn Studios web

I have downloaded the Orchestra90cc related files from that nice web ... congrats!

But I can't get anything working on XRoar emulating a CoCo2.
First I extracted the contents of "Orchestra Master PD.dsk" with 
and so  got this three files:

I can load the two binaries on the emulation, but when they run, don't do 
OCNVRT.BIN asks for a file to convert, as I have "Orchestra 90 Music 
a01.dsk" loaded at drive 0
I just entered AAODDS.ASC :0
Then asks for as destination (have a blank disk in drive 1)
I entered AAODDS :1
The program hangs and does nothing at all. What am I doing wrong?

On the other side, running ORCH.BIN starts the player, and having the same 
disk on drive0
when I entrer the D command it shows the files without problems ... but
If I try to load any score:
D AAODDS  it simply says "File Not Found"
an dwhen using
D AAODDS.ASC the answer is "File Type Mismatch"
Also the extracted doc is somehow coded so there are strange signs between 
the readable text ...
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George Ramsower | 6 Oct 05:46 2015

Drivewire for W7

  I Googled that and got too many sites.
  Where's the best place to download drivewire for Winders 7?

George R.


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