Chris Osborn | 26 Mar 20:49 2015

BASIC Week 4 contest ported to the MC-10 w/MCX-128

Just finished a hack job port of the program for the BASIC Week 4 contest to the MC-10. I assembled an MCX-128
kit yesterday during a live Google hangout. Wasn't paying attention and managed to put the PCB connector
on the wrong side. :-) I love how the MCX-128 allows you to use another computer as a file server so you don't
have to use cassette I/O. That was great because I could do my edits in Notepad instead of on the horrible
MC-10 keyboard.

Since the MC-10 & CoCo don't have split-screen graphics with text, I simply made the game pause after it's
finished drawing and wait for a keypress. It'll then jump back to the text screen, read the two inputs, then
go back to graphics and draw. There was also no (easy) way to position the text cursor, and the screen is so
much smaller than 80 columns anyway that I just ditched all the cursor movement stuff and let it make a huge
mess with the menu.

This version will most likely work on a CoCo. Check it out here:

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Bill Pierce via Coco | 26 Mar 15:55 2015

Coco Disassembler

I have many disassemblers for the Coco that run on the Coco in RSDOS and OS9. Most work pretty well and do the job.
Is there any Disassemblers for the PC that will disassemble for RSDOS and/or OS9?
I do not mean the "generic" 6809 disassemblers, but disassmblers specifically for RSDOS or OS9 files.

Bill Pierce
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elden | 26 Mar 15:23 2015

Just a thought

Hi all,
What would a Coco look like today?
If you walk into a computer store and the latest “2015 Tandy Color Computer” was on display.
What spec would it be?
What would it look like?
Just a thought

Maryborough QLD


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Duane Adrian | 26 Mar 15:22 2015

Remaking the PDP 8/I with Raspberty Pi

[Oscar] really likes the PDP-8s, with the extremely old school PDP-8/I
being his favorite. If you haven't checked the price on these recently,
getting a real PDP-8/I is nigh impossible. However, after assembling a
KIM-1 clone kit, an idea struck: what about building a modern PDP-8/I
replica that *looks* like the real thing, but is powered by modern
hardware. This would be fairly cheap to build, and has the added bonus of
not weighing several hundred pounds.

The PiDP-8 is [Oscar]'s project <>
to replicate the hardware of the 8/I in a modern format. Instead of
hundreds of Flip Chips, this PDP-8 is powered by a Raspberry Pi running the
SIMH emulator <>. The 40-pin GPIO connector
on the Pi is broken out to 92 LEDs and 26 toggle switches on a large PCB.
This setup gets [Oscar] a reasonable facsimile of the PDP-8/I, but he's
also going for *looks *too. He created an acrylic panel
with artwork copied from an original 8/I  that mounts to the PCB and gives
the entire project that beautiful late 60s / early 70s brown with harvest
gold accent color scheme.

Since this emulated PDP-8/I is running on entirely new hardware, it doesn't
make much sense to haul out disk drives as big as a small child, tape
drives, and paper tape readers. Instead, [Oscar] is putting everything on USB
It's a great solution to the problem of moving around files that are *a few
kilowords* in size.

[image: vt100normal][Oscar] says he'll be bringing his PiDP to the Vintage
Computer Festival East X <> in Wall, NJ, April
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Sean | 26 Mar 04:59 2015

CoCoTracker 6809 bug/issue

I have discovered a problem with Sock Master's 6809 version of
CocoTracker.  (I can't test the 6309 version since I don't have a CoCo with

I was wondering last year why it wasn't able to load songs that I had on
drives 1,2, or 3 with the Drive Pak.  They would never show up.
However, playing around today with the CoCo SDC, I was able to determine it
never actually looks at those drives, only drive 0.  If I copy a .mod file
from drive 1-3 to 0, and then run the program, it shows up.  If you choose
any other drive from the in-program menu, it still only shows the file from
drive 0.


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Josh Harper via Coco | 26 Mar 02:24 2015

MPI Parts needed

 hi guys
im looking for parts for my 26-3024 MPI
I need the plastic slide switch indicator
and  I need the 2 round rubber bumpers on the left side of  the mpi (want original)
if u have these I will buy them, let me know  thanks


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RETRO Innovations | 25 Mar 19:27 2015

CoCo Cartridge sizes?

I assume there are 8k, 16K, and 32k (for Coco3) ROMs for the Coco. Were 
there 4K ROMs?  If so, how many?

Is there a list of ROMs (and sizes)?

RETRO Innovations, Contemporary Gear for Classic Systems


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Joe Grubbs | 25 Mar 15:24 2015

Kipper SBC

In eager anticipation of Kip finishing the design and PCB production for the 6809 single board computer, I
dug this bad boy up and made sure it still works. Yeah I know I can't do much with a dumb terminal, but just for
vintage nostalgia sake, I figure it would be cool to try it out as the "console" device.

It's a Wyse 50, which coincidentally is the terminal that Tandy rebranded as the DT-100. In fact it's pretty
much identical except for the badges and the firmware's setup menus



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Rogelio Perea | 25 Mar 11:05 2015

Of Multi Pak Interfaces...

With the recent trend on the MPIs becoming a hot item on Ebay (for one
on-line selling venue), I wonder how those who have an MPI on active duty
are using it for. Radio Shack pushed the MPI first as a convenient way to
switch between Paks. With the accessories that came later the MPI 4 slots
could be taken as not enough ;-)

I have two on MPIs duty, one with an F board (a 3024 MPI) and one with a
CoCo (upgraded 3124). The setup on both is almost the same:

Slot 4 - Disk Controller , a 3029 for the CoCo 1 and a FD-502 for the 3
Slot 3 - Speech and Sound pak on the CoCo 1, Rulaford Research MIDI on the 3
Slot 2 - Orchestra 90 on both for the most time, sort of the wild card slot
for both CoCo setups
Slot 1 - CoCo SDC, has become the mainstay on both MPIs

Beyond this I don't do much Pak swapping, maybe an occasional RS232 here or
there, a game once in a while (many on SDC images nowadays). Can say the
list above is the official setup.

-- RP


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John Strong | 25 Mar 03:18 2015

Re: CocoSDC Pics

Thanks Rogelio for reposting the pics, I didn't release the Facebook group was that locked down!

Not a fan of facebook either, have to use it to see family pics.

Having worked in corrections for a few years (teaching), I don't post personal info for safety reasons.

I'm sure I have a few felons who don't like me since I would not let them cheat in my classes.

John Strong

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> Took the liberty to post to Imgur:
> Should be accessible by the general public.
> -- RP


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Bob Devries | 25 Mar 02:25 2015

Coco benchmark programme

Hi all,

Are there any benchmark programmes for the Coco, either using BASIC or 

Just so as I can say "my emulator is faster than yours" Hehe :)

Regards, Bob Devries
Dalby, QLD, Australia


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