supervisor data in data cache


i have been looking at leon3 implementation and i noticed there is no

supervisor bit in the cache tag (or a ACC bits like in the MMU entries.)

(sparc v8 manual does not talk about such a bit either)

and i was woundering if a user can read supervisor data from caches ?

did i missunderstand the code?

if i not mistaken a OS such as linux will run in supervisor mode?

i did see the CTX bits but mostly the OS is mapped to all the processes virtual memory...

thanks ron.

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GRMON2 strange profiler results


Are there certain compiler switches to make the profiler in GRMON2 to work correctly? Does optimization greater than O0 cause trouble?

I am currently using the sparc-rtems toolchain (with -g3 and more switches) to build an application. I load the executable with grmon, turn the profiler on, let run for a long time (1 hour) and then look at the profiler results. The profiler results show ~10% of the time being spent in a empty initialization function. I can verify this initialization function is only called once (through use of a breakpoint in grmon) and even more confusingly the function only has the following asm code (dumped with objdump):
400c3cc8: 81 c3 e0 08 retl 
400c3ccc: 01 00 00 00 nop 

The function directly before the initialization one is much longer, does many computations, and would make sense to be called much more. It is directly adjacent to the initialization function, here is its last instruction:
400c3cc4: c8 35 a3 32  sth  %g4, [ %l6 + 0x332 ]

Is gcc being too clever by making code shared between the computation and initialization functions which then confuses the profiler? But if this were the case, I would think the breakpoint would get hit more than once unless this code is only for an off-nominal error path in the computation function? Any ideas?


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Hi All,


Does anyone know if the OpenCV vision library has been ever ported to LEON ?


Thanks in advance,


Posted by: Oscar Deniz <oscar.denizsuarez-/E1597aS9LQAvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org>



Hi All,

Do you know if the OpenCV vision library has been ever ported to LEON ?


Thanks in advance,



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uIP 0.9 support status

Hello guys,

as far as I understand, the support for uIP 0.9 is currently abandoned? The library itself is a part of BCC toolchain, and the supplied example (http server) does not seem to work (it looses many packets so the connection is unstable and is very unlikely to work).

I've done some research and written a simple "driver" for GRETH to work with uIP 0.9 (namely, with its http server). Here it is: dmitrodem / uip-grlib — Bitbucket


The code is awful, and I wish that someone could use it as a working example to make a working solution.

BTW, the provided example fits into 256 kbytes RAM. I'd be very greatefull if you have any ideas how to make it smaller.

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AMP on GR712RC - how to disable cpu#1

I'm playing with a simple AMP on the GR712RC processor with two BCC images loaded to different SDRAM addresses.
The master cpu#0 is able to startup and run the slave cpu#1 by writing the multiprocessor status register
        [0x80000210] = 2;

However I have no idea how to stop cpu#1 after the work is done.
I even tried to trap cpu#1, but I never see bit1 rising up in
multiprocessor status register [0x80000210].

What is the desired way to stop / power-down cpu#1 ?
Any help is appreciated.

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Input stimulus file reading in verilog

I'm having trouble reading a command file using the $fscanf system function. I am trying to read the command.txt file using $fscanf and passing the contents to a bus model. 

command.txt looks like this:


W 0x4000 AA

S 0x4001 BB

W 0x4002 CC


R 0x4000 AA



Hope someone could help me.

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eprom error [1 Attachment]

While compiling eprom.c with the following command 

sparc-rtems-gcc -nostdlib -nostdinc -O2 -Ttext 0 eprom.c -o eprom


we are getting the error as follows

Error: junk at end of line, first unrecognized character is ' :'

What could be the reason for this.

Snapshot is also attached

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prom not working in kc705 [1 Attachment]


i am trying to run prom in kintex kc705

i have make prom file from mkprom utility with the following command:

mkprom2 -freq 40 -rmw -rstadder 0x00af000 hello.o -msoft-float  

and run in grmon 

flash unlock

flash load hello.prom

flash lock

and i have also given the reset address in xconfig for synthesis as per attached and also in mkprom2 .

but i am not getting any output in uart.

Kindly help 



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LEON3 not meeting timing on KC705 development board

The default design for the LEON3 on the Xilinx KC705 development board does not meeting timing.

I have decreased the clock speed and it still doesn't meet timing.

If I remove various components it will meet timing.

I imagine the default design should meet timing.

Any thoughts on why this would be? I am running the latest version of GRLIB.

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Detach grmon


I have a situation where I need run a benchmark without the influence of grmon and few flash memory capacity (8MB) that I guess not permit a Linux image.

Would be possible detach the monitor after loading and run an application?

Ps: I use terasic DE2i-150 dev kit with 128MB SDRAM, 2MB SSRAM and 8MB Flash.

Best regards,


Posted by: almeidajr-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org