Todd Thuma | 5 Oct 14:01 2010

It is a shame that the rich history of work and data is lost. Had it been a book
I would have purchased a copy.

I hope that the data can be retreived one day, or at the very least, Mindboards
will fill the gap left behind. My thanks to those organizing this and soldiering



In lugnet.robotics, John Hansen wrote:
> Some of you may be wondering what is going on with the site.  It's
> been down almost 2 weeks now.  Attempts to contact the site owner have failed.
> The hosting company will not answer any questions about the site or provide
> access to the site content.  Due to this latest outage and the long standing
> problems communicating with the owner of the site and repeated outages in the
> past a decision was made to start from scratch on a new site with multiple
> people involved in the ownership and management.
> The new site is hosted on  It will be a hub for accessing
> source code and binaries for many different cross platform LEGO MINDSTORMS tools
> and utilities, such as the NQC source code and my enhanced NBC/NXC firmware
> source code.  Using the sourceforge hosted apps from phpBB to wordpress it will
> also be a source for community-based conversations, questions, and answers about
> If you used the nxtasy forums please consider using their replacement on this
> new site.
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Gustav Jansson | 5 Oct 18:52 2010

Re: LDraw Parts of HiTechnic Sensors and Multiplexers now available

An updated LDraw HiTechnic sensor pack is now available on the
< HiTechnic website>.  The
updated pack includes the two latest HiTechnic sensors: the Angle sensor and the
Magnetic sensor.  

Here is the sensor lineup of what is included in the pack:


The parts in this pack, like the original 1.0 sensor pack, were all modeled by
Philo Hurbain.  Thank you Philo!

David Schilling | 14 Oct 05:24 2010

Re: Robot Competition at BrickCon 2010

In, David Schilling wrote:
> This year's robot competition at BrickCon will be a racing competition. Build
> and program a robot able to race around an irregularly shaped gradient track
> while avoiding obstacles on the track. [...]

Here are the results of the Robot Racing competition:

Michael Schumacher Award (first place): Gus Jansson  -- total time: 8:10
Jeff Gordon Award (second place): Steve Putz  -- total time: 9:13
Dale Earnhardt Award (third place): Heidi Lovett  -- total time: 10:55

Special awards were also given out for special achievements.

Smokey Yunick Award (most innovative): Heidi Lovett
Kimi Raikkonen Award (hard luck): Mark Kenworthy
Paul Tracy Award (best crash): Doug Bell
John Force Award (funniest): Richard Mussler Wright

The Jacques Villeneuve Award wasn't given due to the lack of participants.
Perhaps next year?

Steve Putz has posted a couple of videos on youtube:

Thanks to everyone for participating, and Steve for posting the videos.

  David Schilling

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Claude Baumann | 19 Oct 12:32 2010

autonomous boat project

The autonomous boat project that we started in April this year has reached the
programming- and test phase.

Enjoy at