Thiago Macieira | 26 Jan 00:16 2013

MeeGo mailing list shutdown

Dear participants

As part of the MeeGo infrastructure ramp down, we will begin to shut down most 
mailing lists. In the coming days, all mailing lists at will 
be shut down, except for the following:

	Name			Reason
	meego-dev		general discussions
	meego-commits	automated emails from builds still being sent there
	meego-security	security concerns

The mailing list archives will be frozen too, but not deleted until the main 
infrastructure shuts down completely. Some mailing lists have been archived 
publicly by other services, such as:

In addition, we'd like to ask everyone still using MeeGo services, like OBS, 
to begin finding other solutions. We will shut down all but essential services 
in May 2013.

If you have questions about this, please contact me or 


Thiago Macieira - thiago.macieira (AT)
  Software Architect - Intel Open Source Technology Center
Andre Klapper | 16 May 11:47 2011

Handling of Release Blocker bug requests


a few days ago I had an IRC conversation about tickets in
with "MeeGo_Release_Blocker requested" flags and we wondered who
actually makes the decisions. It was not really clear, hence: Confusion,

I assume that the list of "CCB" people at
are meant to be the "deciders" on such requests?

If so,
1) I think I have seen folks deciding on release blocker requests that
are not listed. Could it be updated, please?
2) Assuming that the amount of CCB people has been extended in the
meantime so the list is outdated: What is the process for adding
more/new people to CCB, where is it discussed, where is it documented?


Andre Klapper ( bugmaster)
jukka.eklund | 14 Mar 13:18 2011

'EasyFix' keyword implemented in bugzilla


We have now keyword 'EasyFix' in bugzilla, to indicate "low hanging" bugs or features that the community
could tackle. So let's start to use that!

Thanks Eric :)

Jeremias Bosch | 2 Mar 15:59 2011

Update of Core Lib "Telepathy" 0.51 - 0.57 even MeeGo Core is frozen for 1.2 Release.

Hello all,
we are working on an Framework and Application using Telepathy. Our main
target platform is MeeGo.
We happily saw <at>

and decided to be compliant with MeeGo Core 1.2 - which is delivering
Telepathy 0.51 as 'core compliant'.
Unfortunately there was without any further notice an update of
Telepathy 0.51 to 0.57.

Which does change logical functionalty / provides different Interfaces
and is classically neither API nor ABI compatible.
Meaning we did porting to from previous 0.21 to 0.51 because we expected
the lib version is frozen. But now it is 0.57.
I wonder how can we avoid that there is not another update randomly
coming along the way to 1.2 Meego Release?

Don't get this wrong, the 0.57 Version seems seriously better than 0.51,
we are glad of having it updated. But
we want to secure that for future updates of any Core Compliant Lib
there is at least a 2 Weeks notice before
such an update esp. when core is supposed to be in frozen state.


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jari.tahvanainen | 1 Mar 11:42 2011

Release 1.2 (feature) status today

Hello all,


There we earlier some discussion around MM3 status for Release 1.2 (

Really short summary for the discussion would be that for all the projects there were no commitment to fulfill the targets written in

One can also state that commitment is not even needed for all the cases – and I have no objection on this either.


And here is just an update to numbers presented earlier:

-          All planned features integrated

o   Core OS 89/392=23% - including resolved 220/392=56% (Was 77/392 - 175/392 if one includes resolved to this)

o   Handset 72/303=24% - including resolved 97/303=32% (Was 71/303 - 80/303 if one includes resolved to this)

o   IVI 11/13=85% - including resolved 12/13=92% (Was 0/11 = 0% - all features are in Accepted state still)

o   Netbook – no features for 1.2

-          All data flows verified from UX

o   Handset KeyFeature Test Results on N900 having RR/PR = 86%/50% (Was RR/PR=85%/57%)

o   IVI - Basic Feature Suite on IA-Russellville having RR/PR = 52%/45% (Was RR/PR=72%/59%)

o   For Core OS I suppose the current Dataflow set would be the closest one having for N900 RR/PR = 90%/53% (Was RR/PR=90%/40%)


Br, Jari

MeeGo-pm mailing list
jeremias bosch | 25 Feb 16:31 2011

How to become a part of Meego Releases?

Hello all,
we (peregrine-communicator) would like to become a part of MeeGo Core /
Handset Core / Tablet Core / Netbook Core Release of MeeGo.

For this we added a feature request here:

The Text from the Bug:

Peregrine is delivering an multi messanger framework on top of telepathy. Its
easing the usage of telepathy and will provide an modular api which allows
thirdparty applications easy access to Chat, Voip, Video Call and Celluar Call

Additionally Peregrine Communicator delivers a QML Ui (Reference
Implementation) to show device vendors and other developers how to use it.

Peregrine Sources are under LGPL and officially supported by basysKom GmbH.

You can find the Website here:
You can find the Sources here:

We are compatible to handset and netbook (both tested). 
Currently Peregrine is updating to use LibQtTelepathy 0.51. And additionally
changing its packaging layout to deliver separate packages for Framework and

Our last release can be found here:

How do we proceed, your goal is to deliver in meego core (and i.e. Ui specific
to handset and netbook)  

Is this in general the correct way to go? Are there criteria we need to
fulfill first?

Thank you,

Hindman, Gavin | 8 Feb 22:21 2011

MeeGo 1.2 Core Feature Freeze on 2/10


Given the current state of the Core feature set for MeeGo 1.2 we are going to declare 1.2 feature freeze for
the MeeGo Core this week.

2/10/2011 is your last opportunity to submit a new or updated package to the MeeGo Core unless you already
have an Accepted feature in this query:

After 2/10, all new feature requests will be automatically assigned to MeeGo 1.3, or later, unless they are
escalated through the MeeGo CCB with clear business impact justification for inclusion in MeeGo 1.2.  
Please include CCB justification in your feature submission and I will ensure it is brought before the CCB.

MeeGo CCB process and history are here: 

After 2/10, all future bug fixes must be submitted as a patch to an existing MeeGo trunk package.

PLEASE NOTE that this only applies to the MeeGo Core.  The vertical UX and adaptation kernel programs are
progressing to their own schedules in parallel.

Thanks to everyone for your hard work and diligence in helping us reach this critical milestone towards a
successful 1.2 release in April.

Gavin Hindman 
MeeGo Core Product Manager
jukka.eklund | 2 Feb 08:06 2011

Keywords into bugzilla


One missing feature in bugzilla that is hurting at least myself working with features, is the missing
keyword feature. We have needed to bypass this by putting strings into the summary to differentiate eg.
Change Requests. This is not good, and needs to improve.

If you agree, please vote for this bug so that we get this feature implemented to bugzilla:

jari.tahvanainen | 1 Feb 12:45 2011

Release 1.2 MM3 - to be or not to be ...

Hi there,


When 1.2 was started qa team together with release engineering created initial targets for MM3 (and for other steps too). See

Definition: MM3 - Feature development phase completed

  • All planned features integrated

    • Medium and low risk items

    • Lower priority items

  • All Data flows verified from UX

  • Reliability gaps identified

  • Development focus switched from introducing new features to fixing bugs

  • Translations done

So are we there? I would say no.

-          All planned features integrated

o   Core OS 77/303 = 25% (175/303=58% if one includes resolved to this)

o   Handset 71/182 = 39% (80/182=44% if one includes resolved to this)

o   IVI 0/11 = 0% (all features are in Accepted state still)

o   Netbook – no features for 1.2

-          All data flows verified from UX

o   E.g. Handset KeyFeature Test Results on N900 having RR/PR = 85%/57%

o   IVI - Basic Feature Suite on IA-Russellville having RR/PR = 72%/59%

o   For Core OS I suppose the current Dataflow set would be the closest one having for N900 RR/PR = 90%/40%

-          Reliability gaps identified – no data for this from QA (might be too early to have this in MM3)

-          Translations done – I suppose this needs to be asked from Localization team – I have not done it (yet).


So what shall we do?

-          Change MM3 criteria?

-          Align our test sets according the current understanding of deliveries?

-          Move features to be part of 1.3?

-          Keep on taking features in as late deliveries and have a risk on quality ?

-          Something else?

-          All of the previous?


Details for feature data as a snapshot after this …

For Core OS Planned features (having target_build <=

-          Total – 323

-          Verified – 27

-          Released (and not verified) – 50

-          Resolved (waiting to be released) – 98

-          Accepted (under development) – 126

-          Verified+released+resolved+accepted = 303

-          Other (new, waiting, reopened, closed) – 20

For Handset Planned features (having target_build <=

-          Total 191

-          Released – 71

-          Resolved – 9

-          Accepted – 96

-          Other (reopened) – 9

-          Accepted+resolved+released = 182

For IV Planned features (having  target_build <=

-          Total – 11

-          Accepted – 11


Note that I did not take all features for 1.2 into account here since I suppose the closest thing for Planned Features are the ones having target_build before MM3.  Or what do you think?


Br, Jari

MeeGo-pm mailing list
jukka.eklund | 26 Jan 08:33 2011

MeeGo 1.2 change management topics for this week


I have updated the wiki with latest topics:

Some highlights:
- Local sync with MTP (media transfer protocol) is under discussion, and looks like its not going to make it
to 1.2 (see featurezilla)
- package management being discussed still
- good discussion also about non-functional performance features, please add your input
- tethering use cases under discussion, currently 1.2 has USB and BT PAN but not WLAN or BT DUN
- some other things under discussion also:[CR]&classification=MeeGo%20Features&query_format=advanced&version=1.2&short_desc_type=allwordssubstr

If you have input or new topics to propose, please add your comments to featurezilla and/or email to this thread.

jukka.eklund | 21 Jan 09:22 2011

MeeGo product management weekly meeting actions, Wed wk03/11


The wiki page is updated with the decisions of our last meeting: