Rosalie Yacoub | 28 Oct 17:49 2008

turn off a Windows Mobile device without on-off button?

Looking into a case for the Juno ST, and the Otterbox I'm considering has the problem of hiding the on/off
switch.  The On part should not be a problem, because the buttons on the face of the Juno can be assigned to
programs & will start the Juno back up after it is turned "off".

However, if someone doesn't want to wait for the auto-off, I am wondering if anyone has a good solution for
switching off the PDA using either one of those buttons or from the "Start" menu.

Any suggestions appreciated,

Rosie Yacoub
GIS analyst
Vegetation Mapping Program
CA Dept. of Fish and Game


Alex Mandel | 25 Jun 18:25 2008

NSIS Wizard

To respond to Doug's question at the meeting yesterday.
While I typically haven't used a wizard to make the .nsi installer scripts I almost always use Notepad++
which supports syntax highlighting for it and one click compilation(Not sure if Textpad has support for
NSIS). I have however had luck with the HM NIS Edit tool in the past which is a more wizard based frontend.

See this page for more details. 



rayacoub | 7 May 22:19 2008

Dell Pharos 5235e

Does anyone have any experience with the Dell Pharos who could comment
on the GPS capacity and screen brightness?



Alex Mandel | 7 May 21:43 2008

Re: GPS and Handheld Equipment Recommendations

>>> On 5/7/2008 at 12:21, Kristina White <KWHITE@...> wrote:
> Hi Alex!
> I am working down in the Salton Sea which means harsh environmental 
> conditions (heat, wind, salt, air born debris, water, etc.).  Can you 
> recommend equipment (GPS and Handheld) that is rugged and would handle 
> extreme heat?
> Thanks,
> Kristina

Depends on your accuracy needs and software requirements. No device is going to handle the heat all that
much better so it's up to the user to shade it, keep it in a pocket or otherwise alter it's operating
conditions. You might want to consider putting a handheld in an otterbox that's sealed, some bluetooth
GPS devices could fit in the box with the handheld or you could get a Juno and put that in a box. It might seem a
little redundant but after you drop it in the salton sea the first time it'll make sense, since an otterbox
with air in it might float depending on the weight inside. The problem of course is glare, but like I said
before if you build a shade or only operate in at least your bodies shade things should work out. If
software's not really an issue last time I looked the Garmin
  76 floated on it's own and was about $200. Some of those might still be available.



Alex Mandel | 5 May 21:55 2008

Meeting Notes 4/29/08

I transferred what I had written down and could remember to the notes online. 

Please edit the document if I forgot anything or you have more links and information to add.

Thank you,



Alex Mandel
CA Dept. of Fish & Game
Resource Assessment Program (RAP)
916.445.4658 1812 9th St.
Sacramento, CA 95811


Alex Mandel | 5 May 20:02 2008

UMPC option for field work

Based on a question raised at the last meeting I did a quick revisit to see what's out there in the Ultra Mobile
PC realm of things.
Note, UMPC is a term Microsoft coined so the devices are invariably windows if it has that label, devices
running other OSes would likely be called something like Internet Tablets.

Here's a list of some general options ranging from $750 - $2000, of non ruggedized devices. My biggest
concern with these devices is battery life, keyboard controls and screen brightness outdoors. But if
someone has funds there are a few that look worth trying.



Chris Ball | 30 Apr 23:30 2008

ArcPad and ArcPad Application Builder

for clarification from last PDA meeting:

these are 2 different software packages.  I asked if Application Builder came with ArcPad, it does not.

ArcPad is currently $495, and Application Builder is $1500. 





Chris L. Ball
Research Analyst II (GIS)
California Dept. of Fish and Game, North Central Region
Forest Resources Conservation Planning (FRCP)
Resource Assessment Program (RAP)

(916) 358 - 2910

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Steven Goldman | 28 Apr 20:01 2008

PDA Workgroup meeting

Item Type:  Appointment
Start Date:  Tuesday, 29 Apr 2008, 10:00:00am (Pacific Daylight Time)
Duration:  5 Hours
Place:  BDB Conference room

Hi all,

We have our meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) from 10-3pm in our downstairs conference room here at BDB as usual. 
Come in person if you can.

If not, here is the conference line info:
BDB Phone Conference
Participant 3964799

Our agenda is here.  Let me know if you have any changes. 

Agenda and Minutes for Meeting. 04/29/2008
Data Collection Workgroup

Status Update on Tasks(15min):
Update on Website: Rapnet, DFG Intranet, BDB Test Wiki
Equipment Library Update 
Current Projects Updates 
Hardware/Software Research Update 

Discussion Items(1h):
New Device Review (C. Stermer, T. Love, ) 
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Alex Mandel | 25 Mar 07:17 2008

Re: The future of PDAs?

Maybe we could have you come up and demo it at the next workgroup meeting.


>>> Tracy Love 03/20/08 2:42 PM >>>
well ive had it for a day and so far it rocks
screen is beautiful and sharp
keyboard is kinda difficult but i think ill get faster at it
battery life seems pre dang good
ill really write something on it later i just thought i would post something quick and dirty

im probably going to test this for awhile and then mail it to you to see what you think
that is if your interested

Tracy Love 
Research Analyst
California Department of Fish and Game
Bay Delta Region 
p.o box 47
Yountville, CA
(cell) 707-227-4568

>>> "Alex Mandel" <amandel@...> 3/6/2008 12:47 AM >>>
I'll be real interested to hear about results. Keep in mind since it's a linux platform it shouldn't be to
hard to package up some really good software for it. I'll check up with the QGIS developers to see if any of
them have a had chance to try it yet. I bet we could also setup a local WMS service with an OpenLayers html page
locally on the device to server raster tiles ourself in a web browser as well as any other Library layers we
want over the web. 
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Alex Mandel | 5 Mar 23:26 2008

The future of PDAs?

Thought this might be an interesting device to test
5" touch screen, GPS cradle, Wifi, etc Win Moblie 5.0
Cowon Qw5

It's starting to get into the Ultra Mobile PC range but looks to have a much better battery life then all the
UMPCs I've looked at.
For kicks also take a peek at the Asus eepc.


Alex Mandel | 26 Feb 00:34 2008

Satellite Forms

Anyone seen this before, I stumbled across it while looking for something else but noted a few interesting things.

Using Palm DB format on both devices(Palm and Win CE) with a desktop utility to convert to Access or DBF that
doesn't require a sync tool.

Vb like scripting or so it claims

Might be a 1/2 way solution between what we have and going to a full coding environment.