Sven Herzberg | 24 Apr 10:23 2009

passepartout's manual is finally translatable


I have just managed to install a manual manged by gnome-doc-utils for
passepartout [1].

Please add the passepartout manual to the list of translatable
applications on and feel free to translate it
into your language.



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Sven Herzberg | 23 Apr 09:36 2009

Passepartout 0.7.1


the passepartout team released version 0.7.1 of the GTK+ based DTP
application today. It's a bugfix release backmerging several patches
that distributions have already applied to passepartout:

0.7.1: Released 2009-04-23

    Bugs fixed:
        * 452860 – Text in text frames outside the frames
        * 453804 – gs won't generate images for ImageFrames
        * 477017 – gcc-4.2 fixes

    Code Improvements
        * gcc-4.2 fixes
        * gcc-4.3 fixes
        * gcc-4.4 fixes
        * depend on libxml++ 2.6 instead of 1.0 now

In the mean time, development for 0.8.0 is in progress (and this is in
fact just a cherry-picked set of patches from 0.8.0). Download here:


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Sven Herzberg | 8 Apr 22:14 2009

[Fwd: passepartout is finally translatable]

FYI; feel free to translate and report any missing translatable strings.

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> Betreff: passepartout is finally translatable
> Datum: Wed, 08 Apr 2009 21:40:03 +0200
> Hi,
> I have just resolved the initial issues for translatability of the
> passepartout DTP application [1].
> Please add passepartout to the list of translatable applications on
> and feel free to translate it into your language.
> If you encounter non-translatable strings in the application, please
> report them in the bug report [1], so we can fix this ASAP.
> [1]
> Regards,
>   Sven
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Romain | 20 May 19:37 2008

Compilation on archlinux

Sorry, get this error with the svn version:

>>In file included from matrix.h:6,
>>                 from
>>vector.h:39: erreur: expected initializer before ‘&’ token

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Ptinux | 16 May 00:20 2008

Compilation on archlinux

Hi all
I'm trying to build passepartout from archlinux, using cvs version (whatever, I get the same error with the "regular" version).
I had to change several headers, and I think this is also a pb of header,but, as I not a crack in C++, I can not guess wich header I need.
I get this error:
<<< attention : missing sentinel in function call In member function ?void font::FontManager::loadFont(const std::string&)?: erreur: ?auto_ptr? is not a member of ?std? erreur: expected primary-expression before ?>? token erreur: ?metrics? was not declared in this scope
make[3]: *** [libfonts_a-fontmanager.o] Erreur 1

what sould I do?

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Thomas Ernstorfer | 21 Feb 06:21 2008

Text streams have no data

Hi, I'm new here, I hope passepartout is still being developed :)

When building passepartout from svn, and opening example1.pp, I get at
the command line:

Text stream2: Image file '/tmp/pptoutJVvq3R' contains no data
Text stream2: Image file '/tmp/pptout83K0d5' contains no data
Text stream1: Image file '/tmp/pptoutCRJA7l' contains no data

And text frames show a broken file icon.

Any hints on this?


Thomas Ernstorfer
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Shawn Willden | 4 Oct 17:22 2007

Command-line layout


I found passepartout yesterday and got really excited because it seemed to fit 
my needs perfectly.  I was disappointed to find, however, that xml2ps only 
does typesetting, not layout, and there is no command-line tool to take 
a ".pp" file and perform layout to print or to generate a ".ps" file (which 
is what I need, actually).

Has anyone looked into how difficult it would be to pull out the components 
that do the postscript generation, so that I could create output on the 
command line?  I have the skills to do the work, but I'm working to a very 
tight deadline.

BTW, what I'm doing is printing ID badges, which is just printing on a 
a "CRL80"-sized (243 x 153 points) plastic card.  I'd like to use the 
passepartout GUI to create layout templates, and then run the document 
generation many times with different inputs (images and text) to produce the 
PS images for the front and back of each card.  Then I can send the PS files 
to the printer at a later stage in the process.


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Onno Tasler | 12 Sep 17:23 2007

Feature Requests for Passepartout (0.8.0 and beyond)

Since this is my first post to this list, first of all: Hello everyone!

It might be not the best start, but there are several things I would like to see for Passepartout:

- a function to mathematically calculate the best text width for a given combination of font family and
size, for one and two row calculation. I know that the LaTeX package KOMA script offers this, perhaps it
could be included in Passepartout as well. (The documentation for KOMA script is available at in German and English)

- an improved documentation, especially the PDF does not meet typographic requirements, for example it
does not use the correct “quotes” but simply "'s, also it simply shows three points ... instead of one
"…" sign. Also, it does not cover all important parts, and extended in-program-help would be welcome,
too. Last but not least, change the name from "user-guide" to "passepartout-user-guide" - it is not the
only user guide around and I might download two at the same time.

- I agree with the text editor, even tough at least I would find it sufficient to open an external program.

- There are no back links from the user guide and the maillist archiv to the main homepage. Please change
this. The user guide and the FAQ are somehow broken, other than the rest of the homepage they have no margin
and are thus difficult to read.

- A to do list / roadmap, or some other kind of overview which parts need help. I am not able to invest a lot of
time right now, but if I knew what's up, I might spend at least a little.

- A "mission statement" of some kind, that explains, what this program achieves to be (except for the
current "being a dtp program") and for what kind of uses it is intended and /why/ (not how) it is different
from other dtp programs like Scribus and LaTeX.
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Sven Herzberg | 10 Aug 16:14 2007

Feature Requests for Passepartout (0.8.0 and beyond)

Hey guys,

as long as we're working on stabilizing 0.7 to become a shiny new and
nice 0.8.0, I'd like to request features from you. Here are some things
I'd like to get done:

*cleaning up the build system:* there are still some minor issues with
the build system that I'd like to look into. The current work by Daniel
Macks was a really good start (fixing lots of warnings generated by
automake), we should continue to walk that road. This would also include
things like: checking whether build-flags (eg. --with-gnome are
correctly detected automatically and can be both enforced and disabled).

*fixing warnings:* I'd like to switch to a build setup that
automatically enables -Wall and -Werror *if and only if* a .svn or .git
folder is found in the source directory. Right now, passepartout throws
some warnings while compilation on my Ubuntu systems. Most of them look
like easy-fixes that we should just fix. The advantage of this is that
new warnings don't tend to slip through.

*migrate the about dialog:* migrate the current about dialog to use
GtkAboutDialog, this improves the consistency within GTK+-built

*use modern image formats:* I'd like to move away from the current
practice of using xpm and .h files for image definitions. We should
convert these files to PNG.

*look for tango-alternatives:* We should look into some older icons and
check if there are similar icons from the tango project available that
we can use.

*allow icon-themeing:* We should allow icon theming, so people can
contribute passepartout-related icons to their icon themes, which would
result in a passepartout that integrated into the desktop more smoothly.

*bug-buddy-integration:* we should extend the GNOME build to include
bug-buddy support, this can increase the bug reports we receive by end
users (and we don't want people to be confronted with crasher bugs more
than once).

*Documentation:* we should move the documentation into SGML and make it
translatable using the gnome-doc-tools. Also a some yelp-integration
with the desktop would be nice.

*Text Editing:* as passepartout doesn't provide in-document-editing, we
should at least make it easier for people to edit the texts. This can be
done by providing a double-click callback (also available via context
menu) which opens a text editor. This includes well-documented XML
format for xml2ps.

*Bugs, bugs, Bugs:* and of course, annoying bugs that are coming in,
should be fixed as well.

I think these things can be done savely in the current trunk to get
passepartout into a nice shape for 0.8.0. Things I'd like to look into
for 0.9.0:

*Canvas Migration:* Last month I made a good progress with the canvas
migration in my presentation application, with some time spent for
Passepartout, we can migrate it to the same canvas. This will result in
shiny new cairo-based rendering.

*Localization:* We should add support for passepartout to become
translatable. This would increase the number of people being able to use
passepartout and would also make it nicer for most of the rest.

*UI Building:* If we target for anual releases, GTK+ 2.10 will be pretty
widely spread; we should use the new GtkBuilder code to build the user
interface. This will reduce the amount of code needed to maintain the
user interface, and also GUI editors like glade should be usable for
that too.

*Text Editing:* we should try to look into in-place-editing, as this
would be something people will keep on requiring.

So, that's everything from me now. I will go ahead and put these into
the bug tracker, so they don't get lost. If you think some things should
be done later/earlier or in a different way, just reply to this email.


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Sven Herzberg | 9 Aug 00:03 2007

The next steps (towards 0.8.0)

Hey dudes,

  so, we finally got 0.7.0 out and Fredrik got his subversion account.
What do you think of the next steps? I'd go on like this:

Keep on developing bug fixes and improvements for 0.7.0 in 0.7.x
versions. Once we feel like it, we can try to come down to a stable
release 0.8.0. Then we can continue bug fixing for that version in a
dedicated 0.8.x branch, while we start real development for 0.10.0 (or
1.0) in a 0.9.x series.

This would allow several things:
1. more releases: some of you may have noticed, the latest release got
quite some nice feedback on the bug tracker; we should release more
often, to invite more people to test unstable passepartout versions.
2. we can start larger changes to the internals when we have a dedicated
unstable series. The unstable release can come down to a certain
stability when we start focusing on the next stable release. GNOME has
made a really good progress with this kind of development.

In my optinion we should look at some larger distributions (Fedora,
Ubuntu, Suse) and check when they will freeze the source code versions
of their packages, so we can get 0.8.0 distributed pretty widely (to get
much more feedback).

Commants? Flames?

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Fredrik Arnerup | 5 Aug 22:27 2007

[Passepartout-announce] Passepartout 0.7.0

"Genius is eternal patience."
   - Michelangelo

Thanks to Sven Herzberg, we can now finally present the 0.7.0 release 
of Passepartout.
Download your copy from:

Some of the changes:
* Build against gtkmm-2.4/libgnomecanvasmm-2.6/libsigc++-2.0
* Use the new FileChooserDialog.
* Full screen mode.
* Control scaling and shearing.

- The Passepartout Team

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