Felix Ingrand | 8 Jul 11:12 2009

XmStringDrawImage issue with lesstif 0.95.0 (under Fedora Core 10)

I have some old code using XmStringDrawImage which does not work  
anymore under lesstif.

It works fine with OpenMotif, but as Lesstif is the Motif version of  
Fedora Core 10, I would rather stick to Lesstif

If I replace the call to XmStringDrawImage with XmStringDraw, it works  
fine, but of course, it does not paint the background. The sgc and gc  
graphic context are used in other places in my code and seems to work,  
so I am quite puzzled.

Any issues with XmStringDrawImage which I should be aware off?

Here is an example of the code.

Thanks in advance,

void draw_node(Widget w, Draw_Data *dd, int x, int y, int wi, int h,  
Gnode *n, PBoolean sel)
      Display *dpy = XtDisplay(w);
      Window win = dd->window;
      Node *node = n->node;

      int xs, ys;

      xs = x - dd->left;
      ys = y - dd->top;

      XFillRectangle(dpy, win, dd->sgc,
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