gianluca | 10 Jun 16:08 2013

Hello to the list

Hello everybody!
I am new to this list, so first of all A VERY BIG HELLO TO EVERYBODY!

Now the little (for you experienced users of DirectFB) question:

I am trying to run DirectFB program in a windowed mode in X11, using my 
Desktop running Linux Mint 13 - Debian.
I installed everything (from -dev packages to libs...) so I can compile 
and run examples in a windowed mode over Xorg Desktop running MATE 
Desktop (A successor of Gnome).
I created a directfbrc file as following:


and the every application seems to run fine, with a strange behaviour 
when grabbing the mouse.
I clearly see two mouse arrows: one jumping aroud the application window 
and another one is following my mouse movement.
I can say my cursor is giving the application the event, but it is very 
annoying to see two (or even more) objects onto screen when I move the 

Any help, clue, or what ever to disable this "feature"?

The same problem occurs when I run Qt-Embedded DirectFB window mode 
application with -qws option, so I can say it is a DirectFB issue and 
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jojo | 8 Jun 09:03 2013

[directfb-users] error(segmentation fault) about for touching(read/write) the data buffer of surface in external without Lock()

I use the Lock() to get the data pointer of surface, and the data pointer also is as real data pointer in the external graphics controller.

It's normal when i StretchBlit() if i create the "system only" source surface.
But if i create the  source surface with acceleration, "segmentation fault" happened in context of external graphics controller,
so i want to know wether the data pointer of surface could be changed when in operation of "gfxcard" which as StretchBlit(), Blit() and so on ?

In my case, i need a static data pointer of surface when it's be created and it's used in context of external graphics controller,
someone have any ideas ?


- Jojo

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jojo | 7 Jun 05:45 2013

error(Invalid argument!) about for create surface with preallocated "video only" memory

I want to use directfb to Blit/StretchBlit with my preallocated "video only" memory,

It return error from "CreateSurface", my steps and environment is following:

DFB version : 1.4.0
DFBSurfaceDescription dsc = {0};
    dsc.pixelformat = DSPF_RGB32;
    dsc.caps = DSCAPS_VIDEOONLY;

    dsc.width = src_width;
    dsc.height = src_height;
    dsc.preallocated[0].data = src_data;
    dsc.preallocated[0].pitch = src_stride;

    ret = dfb->CreateSurface(dfb, &dsc, &src );
    if (ret != DFB_OK) {
        printf("****** jojo ****** CreateSurface(src) error(%s)\n", DirectResultString(ret));

Anyone have ideas about for this ?


- Jojo

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jojo | 16 May 04:14 2013

can not display cursor when moving to DirectFB surface


It's normal to display cursor when i disable HW acceleration of DirecFB,

in the HW acceleration case, when i move the cursor to the DFB surface, it disappear.

It''s a bug ? Maybe cursor need to be HW accelerated also ? 

I use the GTK+(v2.24.15) top on DirectFB(v1.4.0).


- Jojo

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mingyue | 10 May 14:21 2013

Why surface dump create a compressed file like xxx.pgm.gz

Dear Mailing List Administrators,

I want to make a screen shot, so I use surface->Dump to catch the screen. But I got a compressed file like xxx.pgm.gz which include a xx.ppm file.

I want to know how to make a xxx.ppm file directly instead of xxx.pgm.gz file. my directfb version is 1.4.11

Thank you

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Liam Donaldson | 8 May 15:51 2013


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Mutyalu Gadam via LinkedIn | 31 Mar 12:59 2013

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Anouar Abdelbari | 15 Mar 09:54 2013

XKB: Failed to compile keymap (XDirectFB)


I got this error message when I'm trying to run XDirectFB :

(EE) XKB: Couldn't open rules file /etc/X11/xkb/rules/Xfree86
XKB: Failed to compile keymap
Keyboard initialization failed. This could be a missing or incorrect setup of xkeyboard-config.

NB : setxkbmap and xkbcomp are already installed. How can I solve that ??




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Liam Donaldson | 11 Mar 13:13 2013

Re: message

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Stanislav Kogan | 7 Mar 17:54 2013

DIrectFB 1.6 inteldrmfb no system found


I'm trying to make DirectFB work on my laptop in order to run qingy,
and I get a "No system found!" error from DirectFB.

fbset -i shows framebuffer name as "inteldrmfb". The hardware is
aLenovo x201 Tablet with a core i7 and the "core processor integrated
graphics controller", the kernel version is 3.7.1 the framebuffer
drivers are i915 and fbcon. Oh, and I'm running Gentoo, so this is a
custom built kernel.

I have experimented with various options in directfbrc to make sure
that the device is correctly defined but to no help. Can anybody help




Stanislav Kogan
eMail: s.kogan@...
Jon Pomrenke | 11 Feb 23:31 2013


I am trying to implement a double-buffering capable framebuffer using DirectFB 1.4-13. I'm doing something very similar to this example: . In short, the framebuffer allocates twice the memory of the display resolution, reports twice the resolution as the virtual resolution, and switches the active buffers through ioctl(/dev/fb0, FBIOPAN_DISPLAY).

My display layer is configured to use the extra framebuffer memory:
  DBCK(dfb->SetCooperativeLevel( dfb, DFSCL_FULLSCREEN ));
  DBCK( layer->SetCooperativeLevel( layer, DLSCL_EXCLUSIVE ));
  config.flags = DLCONF_BUFFERMODE;
  config.buffermode = DLBM_BACKVIDEO;
  DFBCK(layer->SetConfiguration(layer, &config));

My framebuffer reports properly as a double-buffered display:
  (*) FBDev/Mode: Switched to 240x320 (virtual 240x640)

Now here comes the complicated part. Because fbdev.c uses mmap to handle data transfer to the framebuffer, I have no events to trigger data transfer to the LCD within my framebuffer driver. The LCD was previously looping continuously on a FRAME_DONE IRQ so I'm trying to find a way to throttle the refresh.

If I work with a full screen window, FBIOPAN_DISPLAY is called and I can trigger the LCD refresh that way. If the window is not full screen, the double buffer is updated properly, but I don't get FBIOPAN_DISPLAY and, therefore, no LCD refresh.

The code in DirectFB-1.4.13/systems/fbdev/fbdev.c handling FBIOPAN_DISPLAY is here:
     switch (region->config.buffermode) {
          case DLBM_TRIPLE:
          case DLBM_BACKVIDEO:
               /* Check if simply swapping the buffers is possible... */
               if (!(flags & DSFLIP_BLIT) && !surface->rotation &&
                   (!update || (update->x1 == 0 &&
                                update->y1 == 0 &&
                                update->x2 == surface->config.size.w - 1 &&
                                update->y2 == surface->config.size.h - 1)))
                    D_INFO("%s()  -> Going to swap buffers...\n",__FUNCTION__ );
                         if (funcs->FlipRegion)
                              ret = funcs->FlipRegion( layer,

This leads me to believe that the only way to induce FBIOPAN_DISPLAY is to create all windows at the full screen resolution or explicitly call IDirectFBDisplayLayer::Flip(). Obviously creating full screen windows consumes unnecessary resources. Calling Flip explicitly, and when not actually necessary, causes the double-buffering system to go out of sync and display the inactive buffer. Am I missing something?

I'd like to configure DirectFB to pass some sort of external refresh event to the framebuffer system, such as a frame done, or pan display. It is looking more like the correct way is to implement the clock-based IRQ refresh and utilize double-buffering to prevent flicker...

Thanks for the help,
Jon Pomrenke
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