Arun Persaud | 2 Mar 19:26 2009

testing new commits

Hi all

I started fixing some bugs and might add some other features
(gnu-readline support and better bughouse support) to xboard. However, I
can only test on SUSE linux, so I was wondering if there is anyone on
the list who can test on windows and/or other systems?


Arun Persaud | 29 Mar 04:37 2009

moving from Xt to gtk


I started working on adding gtk support to Xboard and removing Xt/Xaw. 
Will probably take a while to get the whole thing ported to gtk. A copy of my code can be found at:;a=summary

in the gtk2 branch.

I'll put all callbacks from xboard.c into a separate file and also try to get all GUI stuff out of xboard.c, so
that porting to other GUIs or upgrading to newer gtk versions will be easier...