Arun Persaud | 9 Feb 00:28 2009

started a translation file for German


I started a de.po file. Got roughly 50% translated, not sure when I'll have time to finish it, so I thought I
send it in.

I also added some simple gnu-readline support  (usefull when playing on FICS) and plan to work a bit on better
bughouse support if time permits. 


Attachment (de.po): text/x-gettext-translation, 30 KiB
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Arun Persaud | 2 Mar 19:26 2009

testing new commits

Hi all

I started fixing some bugs and might add some other features
(gnu-readline support and better bughouse support) to xboard. However, I
can only test on SUSE linux, so I was wondering if there is anyone on
the list who can test on windows and/or other systems?