Carnë Draug | 23 Sep 02:31 2014

Matlab has implemented flip after only 10 years - deprecate flipdim


during the codesprint this weekend (before I figured that the subject
was going to increase line coverage), I added a new function, flip,
and deprecated flipdim [1]. The function flip is exactly the same as
flipdim, the only difference being that the first exists in Matlab
(since R2014a - only 10 years after Octave).

I'm kinda regretting deprecating it because package maintainers will
not have a chance to write code that works in both 4.0.X and 4.2.X
without triggering warnings or errors. I think it kinda makes sense to
deprecate flipdim in favour of flip (although it does annoy me folding
to Mathworks every time), but it maybe it could go through a phase of
semi, non-official deprecation, where it does not cause any warning,
it is only noticed on the NEWS, and only properly deprecated after 1



Krishnaprasad | 22 Sep 13:53 2014

Model object as output after fitting the linear model

Hallo all,

I am using Octave 3.8.0 to build a linear model that has several input
features and one output feature. I am using this model in order to predict
the output for the given set of input features. When I searched on the web
for statistical packages, I found the following functions: polyfit and
regress. But none of these functions returns me a model object which I can
use it for prediction.

Can I kindly know from the forum is there a function in octave that returns
me a model object for linear regression?

Best regards,

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Daniel J Sebald | 21 Sep 09:34 2014

Interest in selectively deleting history entries.

I'm curious what people's thoughts are on the ability to selectively 
delete individual lines of history.  What I see it used for, in 
particular, is removing a password the user accidentally types and hits 
return.  That could happen if the user thinks the account is locked but 
it is actually the monitor's screen saver.

I think I saw that the internal list code has the ability to delete 
individual lines.  So that part is straightforward.  The question is 
what to do with the numbering.  If a line is deleted, should there just 
be a hole in the numbering sequence where the line used to be?  I think 
it is probably preferred to not change the number of a line in history 
once it is assigned.  So that would make an extra level of mapping the 
list number to a command-line number.

Is there a use for numbered history if there is nothing in the history 
command that can act on the line number?


kellnerp | 20 Sep 17:12 2014

Just compiled 3.8.1 - Crash on loading an image

I just compiled Octave 3.8.1 on my Core2duo notebook under Ubuntu 12.10. When
I loaded the image package and tried to run a script I had Octave crashed
(exit code 9). I suspected the image I was loading was the culprit so I
tried loading it from the command line. I got this reading the image:
>> I = imread('IMG_20140905_094102.jpg');
warning: your version of GraphicsMagick limits images to 8 bits per pixel

This image is only 5.3M.

Then I executed this command:
>> figure(1); image(I);
panic: Bus error -- stopping myself...
attempting to save variables too...

and then exit code 7 on the console from which I started Octave.

~/Downloads/octave-3.8.1$ octave3.8 --force-gui
octave exited with signal 7

How should I proceed on something like this?

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Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso | 18 Sep 21:25 2014

OctConf tomorrow

Tomorrow morning at 09:00 we'll be at the CRIM for OctConf 2014!

Couple of notes: breakfast is on your own, but there are a few places
to get a light breakfast near the venue: a big supermarket that also
sells prepared meals, and a Tim Hortons a block away. We'll have lunch
together, and perhaps dinner too.

Remember to come prepared with anything you may want to present or
discuss. During the first session we'll set the agenda and talk about
what we want to spend our time during the next three days. If you have
slides or anything you want to show on the projector, we'll have that
ready for you.

See you soon!

- Jordi G. H.

Julius O. Smith | 16 Sep 01:54 2014

Cannot install control package in Octave 3.8.1 on Mac OSX

Has anyone else run into the inability to use the control package with MacPorts Octave 3.8.1?

I submitted my details here:

Thanks for any suggestions,

Julius O. Smith III <jos <at>>
Professor of Music and, by courtesy, Electrical Engineering
CCRMA, Stanford University
José Luis García Pallero | 15 Sep 18:02 2014

Installing packages using Windows MXE Octave


I've installed the MXE Windows compilation of Octave
(, and I need to install some packages from
octave forge. There is no problem when the package has not external
dependencies. For packages with external dependencies, I've installed
them via MinGW, but I don't know how to tell 'pkg install' how the
dependencies paths for the headers and libraries are. Has anyone
installed packages with external dependencies in MXE Octave for



José Luis García Pallero
jgpallero <at>
/ / \
Use Debian GNU/Linux and enjoy!

Carnë Draug | 15 Sep 13:04 2014

Re: broken links on OF html

On 15 September 2014 11:54, Julien Bect <julien.bect <at>> wrote:
> Le 15/09/2014 12:32, Carnë Draug a écrit :
>> [...]
>> [1]
>> [2]
> Hello Carnë,
> The HTML doc for the two packages that you just released still suffer from
> the broken links issues recently discussed (see index.html and NEWS.html,
> for instance).
> These problems have been fixed in the mercurial repo of the generate_html
> package, perhaps would it be a good idea to release a new version of it ?

I thought you were still working on the package. Are you done with it already?


Carnë Draug | 15 Sep 12:32 2014

io 2.2.4 released

Hi everyone

a new release of the io package [1] is out, version 2.2.4, by Philip Nienhuis.
A summary of important user-visible changes is also available online [2].

Enjoy Octave responsibly,


Daniel J Sebald | 13 Sep 19:50 2014

Slightly different implementation of GUI main window Undo.

I've removed another GUI callback to command_editor and put the 
changeset here:

It's a better approach in several ways from a programming perspective, 
and the end result is an Undo behavior for the main window that is more 
conventional.  If the tab that is in focus does not have some form of 
Undo, the Cntl-Z in the Edit dropdown menu and the green undo icon are 
turned gray.

These two patches are pretty small:

Could someone please review these in the next few days.  They factor 
into what I'm working on for next weekend.



Rik | 13 Sep 15:45 2014

Save the Date : Octave Code Sprint Sep. 21, 2014


Not everyone can come in person to OctConf 2014 in Montreal, Canada.  But
everyone can join us virtually on Sunday September 21st for a code sprint.
We will be sprinting from 1-5 p.m. local time which is UTC - 4.  Join us
online in the IRC channel #octave.

We will be picking the theme at the start of the sprint and may have
multiple projects if there are lots of coders.

Free your Numbers,
The Octave Maintainers