Frederic Bois | 22 Feb 09:43 2012

GNU MCSim and R

The latest version (available from savannah) of the model generator 
"mod" can now generate C code directly usable with the R package 
deSolve. Simply use the "-R" option for that. You just need to have R 
and its deSolve package installed...

Frederic Bois

Bill Harris | 25 Feb 17:39 2012

Debian package availability

In case anyone else here runs Debian, I created a Debian package that
may be of help.  It's the first time I have shared one, so there may be
all sorts of problems.

I created it using ./configure, make, checkinstall on a Debian Squeeze
(6.0.3) amd64 architecture system.  libsbml 5.4.0 had been installed
previously.  I presume (and Frederic seems to agree) that the
./configure is general enough so that specifics besides being a 64-bit
system may not be an issue.

While I think I'm trustworthy, use it at your own risk.  It's not much
easier to use this than to build it locally, but it does save a few

While I don't have much spare time, I do welcome your feedback.  If I
did something strange that's preventing it from being useful, perhaps I
can learn and then improve it to make it more generally useful.

You can find the download on the main MCSim page at  


PS: If anyone has a foolproof installation for Windows (in particular,
for XP Pro or XP 64), I'm still interested.  I did that once years ago
with an earlier version of MCSim, but my recent attempts have failed.
An msi or the like would be great, if anyone is _really_ dedicated. :-)

Bill Harris                  
Facilitated Systems
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