Frederic Y. Bois | 25 Jul 09:22 2007

Re: mailing list moderation

Karl Berry <karl <at>> writes:

> Greetings,
> It appears that this mailing list, help-mcsim <at>, (among many 
> has no known owner/moderator, and accepts mail from non-subscribers.
> The result is passing through of lots of spam.
> So we need to do something.  I'm writing to get input on the best thing
> to do.  Please reply to me if you have any thoughts on the following:
> (1) If this list is obsolete and should be deleted.  We'd keep the
>     archives, just make the address inactive, so any future mail to it
>     would bounce.
> (2) If the list is *not* obsolete, and should remain as a live address.
>     In many cases there is so much junk in the archives that it is hard
>     to tell, hence my query.  In other cases, I could guess, but I felt
>     it would be best to just inquire about everything.
> In case (2), if you can volunteer to help moderate the list (and/or
> others!), that would be most appreciated.  But even if not, I'd still
> like to know if the list is still live; I'm recruiting volunteer
> moderators to help with the job.
> Any other information or suggestions is welcome too.  For example, if
> someone is already administering the list but just isn't listed in the
> mailman interface.
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