markpolesky | 24 Jul 23:00 2014

Doc: NR - Pitches.itely - dodecaphonic-no-repeat text alt (issue 116990043 by pkx166h <at>
File Documentation/notation/pitches.itely (right):
Documentation/notation/pitches.itely:2446: suppressed for pitches
immediately repeated within the same Staff.
I'd either write "staff" or " <at> code{Staff} context", but not "Staff".
markpolesky | 24 Jul 22:55 2014

Re: Add an expert font tree interface (issue 108700043 by perpeduumimmobile <at>
File input/regression/ (right):
input/regression/ ;; definition,
irregardless of the name given. (Only before the score?
input/regression/ #(define fonts
#(define fonts
      (/ myStaffSize 20)))
input/regression/ \markup \huge { \sans "xxx
sans xxx" "xxx serif xxx" \typewriter "xxx monospace xxx" }
\markup \huge {
   \sans "xxx sans xxx"
   "xxx serif xxx"
   \typewriter "xxx monospace xxx"
input/regression/ \new Staff <<
`\new Staff << >>' is redundant, just do `\context Voice'
input/regression/ \override LyricText .
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James | 24 Jul 12:19 2014

PATCHES: Countdown for July 27th 2014


Here is the current patch countdown list. The next countdown will be on 
July 27th.

You can always view the most current countdown list here:



David Kastrup: Patch: Fix parts of apparently dead code make-stream-event

Janek Warchoł: Patch: Set X-parent of TextScript to NoteColumn instead 
of PaperColumn



Mark Polesky: Make list of `non-staff lines' easier to find in IR.

Mark Polesky: Clarify break-align symbols and space-alist args in IR.

James Lowe: Patch: Doc: NR - Pitches.itely - dodecaphonic-no-repeat text alt
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Mark Polesky | 22 Jul 23:09 2014

some working grob properties are unlisted?

I noticed that the 'baseline-skip property works with the
InstrumentName grob, which confuses me, because in the IR
entry for IntsrumentName, none of the supported interfaces
listed at the bottom provide the 'baseline-skip property.

Should InstrumentName support text-interface, which provides
'baseline-skip?  Or should some properties from
text-interface also be added to system-start-text-interface,
which *is* supported by InstrumentName (and if so, which

But more importantly, how does a property work when it's not
provided by any of the grob's interfaces?  Ambiguities like
that bother me.

Mark Polesky | 22 Jul 22:31 2014

thoughts on changing \magnifyMusic, please comment

I'm wondering whether I should do either of these:
1) rename \magnifyMusic to \magnifyVoice
2) change the \magnifyMusic interface to match \magnifyStaff

Regarding #2, currently \magnifyStaff can be used in a
Staff's \with block, but \magnifyMusic *can't* be used in a
Voice's \with block.  \magnifyStaff settings are reverted by
issuing `\magnifyStaff 1', and \magnifyMusic settings are
reverted when the music block argument is closed:


    \new Staff \with {
      \magnifyStaff #2/3
    } {
      \new Voice {
        c4 c c c
        % we could do `\magnifyStaff 1' here if we wanted
        c4 c c c


    \new Staff {
      c4 c c c
      \magnifyStaff #2/3
      c4 c c c
      \magnifyStaff 1
      c4 c c c
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markpolesky | 22 Jul 10:52 2014

Re: typo/oversight in and (issue 115770043 by thomasmorley65 <at>
File lily/ (left):
lily/ Returns the number of footntoes
associated with a given line.
footntoes?  Not handnfingers?
julien.rioux | 21 Jul 20:30 2014

Re: CG: Update of Patchy instructions (issue 112280043 by pkx166h <at>

Thanks for this! Some comments.
File Documentation/contributor/administration.itexi (right):
Documentation/contributor/administration.itexi:161: knowledge of of
compiling LilyPond and its documentation along with
"of of"
Documentation/contributor/administration.itexi:172: requires some human
intervention in order to to visually check for any
"to to"
Documentation/contributor/administration.itexi:178: compile, including
building all the LilyPond documentation, finally
The script makes sure that the new HEAD compiles, it does not attempt to
compile every individual commit.
Documentation/contributor/administration.itexi:238: Commit access
 <at> emph{is} required to test patches, but a valid login
"to test patches" -> "to test and push new commits"
Documentation/contributor/administration.itexi:256: of the
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James | 21 Jul 09:01 2014

PATCHES: Countdown for July 24th - 2014


Here is the current patch countdown list. The next countdown will be on
July 24th.

You can always view the most current countdown list here:



Mark Polesky: No spacing entry from KeyCancellation to `custos'

Mark Polesky: Add \magnifyStaff.

Thomas Morley: typos/oversight in and

David Kastrup: Patch: Pitch alterations use SCM rather than flower rationals



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lemzwerg | 21 Jul 02:28 2014

Allow specifying different alignment for grob and its parent (issue 118950043 by janek.lilypond <at>

File scm/define-grob-properties.scm (right):
scm/define-grob-properties.scm:814: Value  <at> w{ <at> code{-1}} means left
aligned,  <at> code{0} <at> tie{}centered, and
... value <at> tie{} <at> code{-1} ...
scm/define-grob-properties.scm:818: setting  <at> code{LyricText} alignment
to  <at> code{'(-1 . 1)} will result in
... will result in a ...
PhilEHolmes | 20 Jul 17:06 2014

Re: Changes from LSR doc run (issue 116040043 by PhilEHolmes <at>

Please review.
Abraham Lee | 20 Jul 16:43 2014

Re: Next step for easier custom music font switching


Thanks for your thoughts.

On Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 3:47 AM, Janek Warchoł 
<janek.lilypond <at>> wrote:
> Btw, just to make sure: have you seen
> ?

Yeah, I saw that and I think it's awesome!

> A thought: i'm missing the possibility to set the weight of the music
> font used by LilyPond for a particular score.  In other words: let's
Yeah, that makes sense. That's exactly how Feta (Emmentaler) is 
designed. Each optical size has a different weight, where "heavier" 
ones are designed for smaller print sizes and "lighter" ones are 
designed for larger print sizes. In the font files, they are actually 
the same size. 

The challenge here is how each of the glyphs get "heavier" or 
"lighter". This is a non-trivial design problem. I guess we could use 
FontForge's ability to uniformly change a font's weight, but I think 
this automagic change might not be what we really want (maybe it is). 
If you look at what changes the weights of the different optical text 
fonts, you'll find it's more than just making all the lines thicker 
(which is what FontForge does). Even Feta doesn't change like this 
through the different sizes. It changes more in some places than in 
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