Knute Snortum | 15 Sep 23:56 2014

Ottava dash-fraction = #0.0 produces dots, not "no line"

>I'm not top posting

The section on the 2.18 version of OttavaBracket...

...looks like this:

  dash-fraction (number):
    Size of the dashes, relative to dash-period. Should be between 0.0 (no
line) and 1.0 (continuous line).

But this code...
%% --- Start
\version "2.18.2"

\relative c,, {
  \clef bass
  \ottava #-1
  \override Staff.OttavaBracket.dash-fraction = #0.0
  c4 c c c
%% --- End

...produces a dotted line, not "no line" as the documentations states.
 Either the documentation or the behavior should be changed.

Knute Snortum
(via Gmail)
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Guy Stalnaker | 15 Sep 21:41 2014

Odd layout choices


Sometimes Lilypond changes how it does its "Fitting music on ..." 
calculations when it decides what can fit on a page and what cannot. In 
this case, after four pages on which the "fitting" process puts two 
systems per page, the subsequent pages *all* have only one system per 
page--even though there is no change in number of staves -- still seven 
(SATB plus organ). The links below to the Lilypond code and resulting 
PDF show what I mean. Now, I know I can fiddle with the margins and 
likely get Lilypond to fit two systems per page throughout, but this 
just seems so odd. Why can two seven-stave systems work for four pages 
but not for all remaining pages?

Verbose logging provides no guidance as, well, there's technically been 
no error. In order to get two systems per page through out, I have to 
set-global-staff-size to 14 and decrease all margins thus:

   top-margin = 1.0\in
   bottom-margin = .75\in
   right-margin = 1.0\in
   left-margin = 1.0\in

Which is, well, odd. To me at least.

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Jakob Schöttl | 15 Sep 16:40 2014

Wrong translation in doc

Wrong translation for the description of "list" type:

> Eine eingeklammerte Anzahl von Einträgen, mit Klammern getrennt und 
> angeführt von einem Apostroph

It's space-separeted, not paren-separeted.
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Jakob Schöttl | 14 Sep 23:34 2014

Little mistake in documentation (naming convention/consistency)

Here is a syntax against the naming convention and consistancy:

 > \tweak layout-object.layout-property value
or german
 > \tweak layout-object #'layout-property value

must be

 > \tweak LayoutObject #'layout-property #value
 > \tweak LayoutObject.layout-property #value

as in the very first code block on that page.

(Same error also in German language.)
pls | 14 Sep 19:37 2014

misaligned composer in LP 2.19.14

Hey all,

there seems to be a bug in LilyPond 2.19.14: in the following example the composer is center-aligned
instead of right-aligned:

\version "2.19.14"

\header {
  composer = "composer"

\score {

TorbjörnBjörkman | 14 Sep 17:21 2014

Hiding first stem in group hides beam

I try to hide the first stem in a beam group and expect this to keep the
beam, just as happens if you hide any other stem in the group. However, the
whole beam goes away.

I run lilypond version 2.18.2 on a Mac.

Code snippet that demonstrates the issue follows. The first two beam groups
show the expected behaviour and the last fails. This seems to be a bug.

Best regards,
Torbjörn Björkman

  \new Staff 
  \relative c' {
    c8[ e \once \hide Stem f] 
    c[ \once \hide Stem e f] 
    \once \hide Stem c[ e f] 

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Dan Eble | 13 Sep 21:13 2014

(De)crescendo with unspecified starting volume in MIDI.

>I'm not top posting.
% warning: (De)crescendo with unspecified starting volume in MIDI.
% In 2.16, both of these scores trigger the warning.
% In 2.18, only the first scrore triggers the warning.  The
% inconsistency does not seem right; the starting volume is no worse
% specified in the first case than the second.  The output does sound
% like it is growing, so the warning does not seem very helpful.

\version "2.16.0"

\score {
  \new Staff \relative e' { f\< f f f\! }
  \midi {}

\score {
  \new Staff \relative e' { f f\< f f\! }
  \midi {}
Dan Eble | 13 Sep 18:57 2014

Let \partial 1*0 set TimingMeasurePosition to 0

>I'm not top posting.
\version "2.19.0"

music = \relative b' {
  \time 3/4
  b4 b b | b2 \bar "||" \break

  % This adjustment to measurePosition is required to suppress
  % the warning "\time in mid-measure...."
  % The notation reference says,
  %     \partial duration can also be written as:
  %       \set Timing.measurePosition -duration
  % Assuming that the warning should remain because it is helpful
  % more often than not, can this workaround be improved upon?
  % I tried \partial 1*0, but it doesn't seem to be equivalent
  % as the notation reference would have me believe.
  \set Timing.measurePosition = #(ly:make-moment 0) % suppress warning
  \time 4/4
  \partial 4
  f4 | f f f f |

\layout {
  indent = 0
  ragged-right = ##t

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Dan Eble | 13 Sep 16:25 2014

Part combiner warning about simultaneous breathing

> I'm not top posting
% warning: Two simultaneous breathing events
% 2.19 warns but older versions do not.
\version "2.18.0"
upper = \relative a' { a \breathe a }
lower = \relative f' { f \breathe f }

\new Staff << \partcombine \upper \lower >>

% There is no warning about this:
% \new Staff << \upper \\ \lower >>
Keith OHara | 6 Sep 21:38 2014

Re: Wrong type argument

>> Is it because NullVoice is has now been moved in terms of its context
>> 'position' (if that is the right word)?

Yes. But we can revert that.

The commit just before that one fixed the bugs in NullVoice; then the commit you found moved NullVoice to
Score so I wouldn't need the part of the bug-fix with ugly code.  I was thinking there might be more unwanted
interactions between NullVoice and the Staff waiting to be found.

> Though, I'm not sure it's a bug. I doubt it make much sense to add an
> engraver like the solfege-engraver to NullVoice.
> I've the feeling it negates the sense of NullVoice.

The description is a place to put notes so you can attach lyrics, without printing the notes,

The bug-report in this thread was about an unforeseen use that stopped working:
in addition to Lyrics, use NullVoice to attach numbers giving the pitches.

Easier to add a bug than not
Dan Eble | 6 Sep 20:04 2014

Note_column programming errors

> I'm not top posting.
% This sample produces these warnings:
%   programming error: note column without heads and stem
%   programming error: Note_column without first_head()
% If this deserves a ticket, please create one.
% I intend to try to fix it myself.
\version "2.19.13"

\layout {
  \context {
    \accepts "HiddenVoice"

  \context {
    \name "HiddenVoice"
    \type "Engraver_group"
    \consists "Note_heads_engraver"
    \hide NoteHead

\score {
    \new Staff <<
      \new Voice { \relative c'' { c4 r4 } }
      \new HiddenVoice { \relative c' { a4. g8 } }
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