markdblackwell | 3 Jul 21:07 2015

barNumberCheck broken in LilyPond 2.19.22

If a user passes a wrong bar number to \barNumberCheck, LilyPond 2.19.22
produces a Scheme error:

GNU LilyPond 2.19.22
Processing `'
In procedure ly:input-warning in expression (ly:input-warning (*location*)
"Barcheck failed got ~a expect ~a" ...):
Wrong type argument in position 1 (expecting Input): #f contains the following code:

\version "2.19.18" % Please ignore this version number!
notes = {
c'2 d'
  \barNumberCheck #3
\book {
  \bookOutputName "barNumberCheck-tiny-example-test"
  \score {
    \layout { }

I'm using Windows XP.
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Simon Albrecht | 1 Jul 21:54 2015

Skip between \marks will be ignored


If there are only skips (s) between two \mark commands, these will be ignored, a warning given about
simultaneous marks, and everything following in this (input) music expression will not be engraved. It
boils down to the following:

\version "2.19.22"
% same with 2.18


The problem:
Warning about Two simultaneous mark events &c.
All the following music will be junked

Test cases:

Same duration       – \default given     – problem
Same duration       – \default not given – no problem
Different durations – \default given     – problem
Different durations – \default not given – problem


   \mark \default
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Gergely K. | 1 Jul 11:28 2015

xml conversion error

Hi all!

I imported some musicxml file, and got the following error message:

The file couldn't be converted. Error message:
musicxml2ly: Reading MusicXML from /media/sf_Temp/poco moderato midinek.xml
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/musicxml2ly", line 2986, in <module>
  File "/usr/bin/musicxml2ly", line 2981, in main
    voices = convert (filename, options)
  File "/usr/bin/musicxml2ly", line 2883, in convert
    score_information = extract_score_information (tree)
  File "/usr/bin/musicxml2ly", line 201, in extract_score_information
    set_if_exists ('title', movement_title.get_text ())
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_text'

I imported with frescobaldi for windows:
Frescobaldi: 2.18

Python: 2.7.1
Qt: 4.7.2
PyQt4: 4.8.4
sip: 4.12.2
python-ly: 0.9
poppler: unknown
python-poppler-qt4: unknown

Operating System:
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N. Andrew Walsh | 30 Jun 22:20 2015

Enhancement: expanded Woodwind diagrams

The fingering diagrams for woodwinds are excellent. I'd like to request that 
they be expanded/improved, with several likely candidates:

1) add the Kontraforte -- a modernized, considerably extended improvement over 
the original Heckel Contrabassoon design -- to the list, as the Kontraforte is 
replacing the Contrabassoon in modern/new-music ensembles (as well as 
traditional orchestras) as fast as the maker can build them. It's a 
fascinating instrument.

2) by the same token: I have an older Contrabassoon (Model #644, the last one 
the old master made in the 50s before retiring), which has a key layout that 
differs from the one in Lily (among other things, a fourth key in the right-
side column under my left thumb). Maybe some alternate layouts for contras, as 
well as maybe for French bassoons?

3) the Kingma quartertone flute, which is rare, but also a much superior 
instrument compared to the base layout. 

4) the Bohlen-Pierce Clarinet family, which has instruments based on a just-
intuned scale with a vastly simplified key layout.

There's a few others, but I'd *love* to see Lily able to address some 
alternate/expanded fingering diagrams, especially those that are getting some 
more play in new music.


Knute Snortum | 30 Jun 19:06 2015

Problem with 2.19.22

LilyPond 2.19.21 will process the attached file without error but 2.19.22
prints the following:

Parsing...C:/Program Files
music-functions.scm:1987:3: In procedure map-some-music in expression
music (lambda # #) (expand-repeat-chords! # music) ...):
C:/Program Files
tions.scm:1987:3: Wrong number of arguments to #<procedure map-some-music

Knute Snortum
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bug-lilypond mailing list
bug-lilypond <at>
Dan Eble | 30 Jun 01:12 2015

inconspicuous ties

\version “2.14.0”
\layout { indent = 0 }
\paper { paper-width = 6 \cm }

%% The first and second ties look different. Is there a good reason?
%% IMHO, the first is not conspicuous enough because it is too close
%% to the staff line.
\score {{ f'4 f'~ f'8 f'~ f'4 }}

%% This tie is nearly invisible before the line break.
\score {{ r2 f'8 f' f' f'~ \break | f'2 r }}


bug-lilypond mailing list
bug-lilypond <at>
Dan Eble | 29 Jun 01:27 2015

ugly slur

% slur collides with stem and flag of starting note
\version "2.16.0"
\layout { indent = 0 }
\paper { paper-width = 6 \cm }

{ \clef "bass" \key d \major d4 r r r8 a,8( \break | d4) r }
Dan Eble | 28 Jun 14:57 2015

autochange looks ahead by only one rest

The Notation Reference says that \autochange "looks ahead skipping over rests to switch in advance” and
provides an example with a single rest. When there are multiple rests, it doesn’t move them all, which
seems like a bug based on the NR.

I’ve prepared a patch to change this, but I haven’t created a ticket because I am not certain that it is a
bug.  I’ve never used autochange and have no plans to use it; what do others think?
See for sample input.


bug-lilypond mailing list
bug-lilypond <at>
Dénes Harmath | 25 Jun 22:14 2015

LilyDev Docker image?

Dear developers,

are there any plans to build a Docker image for building LilyPond? It would
be a much more lightweight solution than a VirtualBox image, so I think
contributors would be grateful.

Thanks in advance,
Dénes Harmath, lead of the Hungarian localization team
bug-lilypond mailing list
bug-lilypond <at>
Gergely | 22 Jun 22:49 2015

repeat volta 2

> I'm not top posting.

% Should I expect lilypond to understand what's going on?
% violin and viola are both 5 bar lenght staff, but see the combined output?

violin = \relative c'' {
\repeat volta 2 { c4 d e f | }
\alternative { { c2 e | } { f2 g | } }

viola = \relative c' {
\repeat volta 2 { c4 d e f | c2 c }

\score {
    \new Staff \violin
     \new Staff { \clef alto  \viola }
Gilberto Agostinho | 18 Jun 17:06 2015

makeCluster behaves strangely with repeated notes

When more than two notes are repeated, makeCluster creates some strange 
shapes. To observe that, it's necessary to reduce the 
ClusterSpanner.padding. See:

\version "2.19.15"

% all fine with single note repetitions
\makeClusters {
   \override ClusterSpanner.padding = #'-0.25

% all fine when a rest is in between repeated notes
\makeClusters {
   \override ClusterSpanner.padding = #'-0.25

% strange behaviour when more than 2 notes are repeated
\makeClusters {
   \override ClusterSpanner.padding = #'-0.25

This behaviour is not present when dealing with chords.
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