Gerard | 29 Oct 22:07 2014

abc2ly big files

> I'm not top posting.


Parsing `'...
Line ... [100][200][300][400][500][600][700][800][900][1000][1100][1200]
[2500][2600][2700][2800][2900]lilypond output to: `'...Traceback (most 
recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/abc2ly", line 1466, in <module>
    dump_voices (outf)
  File "/usr/bin/abc2ly", line 283, in dump_voices
    if repeat_state[voice_idx_dict[k]]:

I think the file is too large...
Dan Eble | 29 Oct 02:15 2014

Center whole note chords

> I'm not top posting
% I don't have an engraving reference to consult (yet), but I have a
% hymnal here with some measures that look better than Lilypond's
% default.  I hope the experts will weigh in on whether there is
% material here for a ticket or two.
% 1. All voices have a fermata to be semantically correct.
% In a real score, I would have used partcombine but I've left
% it out for simplicity.  Regardless, the voices in unison in
% the top staff would not be combined.  Should Lilypond notice
% this situation and combine and center one fermata over them?
% 2. The notes in the lower staff are centered with respect
% to the notes in the upper staff.

\version "2.19.15"

\markup { Default }

  \new Staff <<
    f'1 \fermata
    f'1 \fermata

  \new Staff <<
    f''1 \fermata
    d'1 \fermata
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David Tresner-Kirsch | 28 Oct 20:09 2014

\compressFullBarRests only works with capital "R"

% Tried in v2.16.0 and v2.18.2, bug exists in both.
% \compressFullBarRests produces incorrect output if rests are
specified with a lowercase "r"

\score { \new Voice {
    R1*3 % shows up correctly as 3 compressed rest bars
    r1*3 % shows up incorrectly as just one rest bar
Urs Liska | 27 Oct 21:16 2014

\partcombine, trill spanner and acciaccatura

Hi all,

I'm experiencing an issue with \partcombine.

Consider the attached snippet and image.
When there is an acciaccatura in one of the voices the trill spanner 
doesn't stop in the \partcombine-d voice.

It doesn't matter in which voice the acciaccatura is. \appoggiatura has 
the same effect while \grace works well.

Is there anything wrong with the code or is this a bug?

Any ideas?

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Dan Eble | 27 Oct 03:45 2014

rename single-digit time signature style

% The time signature style "single-digit" is poorly named because it
% can display multiple digits.  "single-number" would be a better
% name.
\version "2.19.0"
\new Staff {
  \override = #'single-digit
  \time 10/1 d'1
Dan Eble | 26 Oct 21:25 2014

"trying to freeze in time" from unusual time signatures

% Produces "programming error: trying to freeze in time".
% There are also extra bar lines in the output.
\version "2.19.0"
\new Staff {
  \relative d' {
    \time 1/99999 d4*4/99999
    \time 8/1024 d128
    \time 10/6 d1*10/6
    \time 99999/1 d1
Dan Eble | 26 Oct 21:19 2014

Segfault from unusual time signatures

% This input caused a segfault on OS X Yosemite with Lilypond 2.19.15.
\version "2.19.0"
\new Staff {
  \relative d' {
    \time 8/1024 d128 |
    \time 99999/1 d1
Dan Eble | 26 Oct 20:54 2014

Loop with zero time signature

> I'm not top posting

% Lilypond seems loop on this, but memory consumption does not grow.
\version "2.19.0"
  \time 0/1 \partial 4 f'4
Dan Eble | 26 Oct 20:43 2014

Memory leak(?) with large numerator in time signature

> I'm not top posting.

\version "2.19.0"
  \time 999999999/1 f'1
Andreas Wenger | 26 Oct 17:50 2014

MusicXML test suite: Bug in 41f-StaffGroups-Overlapping.xml

The test description is wrong: "In this case, one group (with a square
bracket) goes from staff 2 to 4) and another group (with a curly bracket)
goes from staff 3 to 5."
It should be "one group ... goes from staff 1 to 4", since group 1 starts
already before part P1.
Greg Swinford | 24 Oct 14:10 2014

Incorrect example in Vocal Music documentation

There is an error in the example given on the following documentation page:

\override LyricText.self-alignment-X = #LEFT should read
\override LyricText #'self-alignment-X = #LEFT

otherwise the following error occurs:

error: syntax error, unexpected '.', expecting SCM_FUNCTION or
          \with { \override LyricText
                                     .self-alignment-X = #LEFT }

I presume the same error would occur with the font-shape definition above
this too, but I haven't tested this.