Federico Bruni | 16 Apr 22:47 2014

\deadNote doesn't work when setting TabNoteHead to a font other than Feta

Three  years ago I didn't follow up to this proposal of Carl:

I wonder if you can add an issue now.

Description of the problem

If I use a different font for TabNoteHead

\override TabStaff.TabNoteHead #'font-name = #"Nimbus Sans L Bold"

when a score contains \deadNote I'm forced to comment the line above
and switch back to Feta, otherwise lilypond can't find noteheads.s2cross
(the Feta glyph for dampened notes) and no TabNoteHead is printed. This is
the warning:

warning: none of note heads `noteheads.s' or `noteheads.u' found

The two solutions proposed by Carl in the link above didn't work back then
and don't work now.

Carl's proposal

"Probably the right way to fix this is to have \deadNotesOn set the font to
Feta, and \deadNotesOff set the font to a saved font.  But we don't have
that capability currently implemented.

We also ought to have \deadNote (or better yet, xNote) use a tweak, instead
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Felix Janda | 12 Apr 15:22 2014

Make \upbow an empty command + Segmentation fault


say I have a violin part with bowing instructions in a variable. Now I want
to use the same variable in the full orchestral score but the bowing marks
should be suppressed.

\upbow is treated by lilypond as an articulation, but the other
articulations should be unaffected by the suppressing of \upbow.


doesn't work because it breaks things like

a\upbow ~ a

Playing a bit with the definition of \upbow gave me a segfault.
Minimal example:

\version "2.18.0"

upbow = #(make-music 'ArticulationEvent
                     'articulation-type "upbow" 'types #f)
downbow = \upbow

Anyway, how do I make a command which has no effect at all?

Pierre Perol-Schneider | 12 Apr 11:59 2014

[LSR] "Preventing collisions between two accidentals on the same note" obsolete

I'm not top posting.

Hi Squad,

The following snippet :

seems obsolete to me.
Shall I delete it ?

Pierre Perol-Schneider | 9 Apr 23:27 2014

Doc "Flamenco notation" has ugly output

Hi Editors,

Please check here;

See discussion here :

See workaround here:

Pierre Perol-Schneider | 9 Apr 23:12 2014

Snippet "Forcing measure width to adapt to MetronomeMark’s width" correction

Hi Editors,

The following snippet:

does not the job.

see "disscussion" here:

See workaround here :


PS. Why not adding this snippet to the rhythm section ?
Pierre Perol-Schneider | 8 Apr 21:45 2014

Add "Extending a TrillSpann" in the doc.

Hi Editors,

After a discussion on the french forum I've added this snippet to the LSR:

I think it would be helpfull to add it in the doc :

with beams and glissandi.

Pierre Perol-Schneider | 8 Apr 18:27 2014

LSR correction - Partial measures (pickup measures)

Hi Squad, Hi Editors,

In this snippet description :

I've deleted the following lines :


<p>This command does not take into account grace notes at the start of

the music. When a piece starts with graces notes in the pickup, then

the <code>\partial</code> should follow the grace notes (see the second
line of music)."

and untagged "workaround".

If that causes any problem, I'll put them back.


pls | 8 Apr 18:15 2014

no bar numbers printed after a line break in the middle of a repeated measure

Hey all,

if this is a bug it might be related to issue 460: in the following tiny example no bar numbers are printed in
the line after a line break in the middle of a repeated measure.  Obviously the bar numbers are only
invisible because they are counted correctly:

\version "2.19.3"
  \repeat volta 2 {
    \partial 4 g4
    \repeat unfold 24
  \repeat volta 2 {
    \repeat unfold 24

Urs Liska | 7 Apr 22:18 2014

\voiceOne rest positioning


I've just updated an example on the German Wikipedia

and noticed that the position of the initial \voiceOne rest is suboptimal.
Compare LilyPond's output with that of Score and Amadeus which are both 
I have no clue about the Score input but that of Amadeus is definitely 
default placement.

Of course it is trivial to write a pitched rest here, but I think the 
default placement should be improved. This is also in the context of 
Daniel Spreadbury's recent post about their rest positioning algorithm.

If I write a \voiceOne rest it will be placed that far to the top, even 
if there are only spacer rests in the other voice.
I don't know how that positioning is realized, but I think the rest 
should be placed much lower by default, just with the option to move 
upwards to avoid collisions.

I think that's the current behaviour anyway, so the solution might be 
one of the following:
- place \voiceXXX rest exactly as \oneVoice, just define the direction 
where they move for collision handling.
   (this would also eliminate the problem of having to switch to 
\oneVoice for a single common rest).
- try to determine the pitches before and after the rest and place it in 
the middle (if collision handling allows).

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Martin Jacobs | 7 Apr 20:48 2014

No space between header and markuplist after page break

> I'm not top posting.
%% Occasionally I noticed that text wrapped around to "next" page
%% is placed right below header line, no vertical space between.
%% This has been reproduced using lilypond version 2.19.3
%% see also http://www.lilypondforum.de/index.php?topic=1724.msg9549#msg9549
%% any idea how to fix this?
%% Adding 
%% \paper {
%%   top-markup-spacing #'basic-distance = #10
%% }
%% doesn't help, it just shifts everything a little bit downwards.
%% Page break moves some lines upwards.
%% This sample is tested against paper format a4. Other sizes may need
%% minor adaptions.

\version "2.16.2"

\include "deutsch.ly"

musik = \relative c'' { b a c h }

\header {
	title = "Titel"
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Thomas Klausner | 6 Apr 16:19 2014

clang fix for git version

A recent git commit introduced a call to to_string. To make lilypond
compile with clang again, please commit the attached diff (fixed like
other instances of the same issue).

--- lily/misc.cc.orig	2014-04-06 12:44:15.000000000 +0000
+++ lily/misc.cc
 <at>  <at>  -31,7 +31,7  <at>  <at>  int
 intlog2 (int d)
   if (d <= 0)
-    error ("intlog2 with negative argument: " + to_string (d));
+    error ("intlog2 with negative argument: " + ::to_string (d));
   int i = 0;
   while ((d != 1))
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