Robin Rowe | 21 Oct 06:41 2008

Cons and GTK

Hi. Can anyone point me to an example of a cons project file that builds 
against GTK or some other popular GUI toolkit? What's the syntax for 
using cons with pkg-config?

Thank you!


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Robin Rowe | 28 Feb 10:47 2008

Re: CinePaint Cons Packager

Somebody sent me this question off-list...

> Hi, have you considered using SCons ( instead? Cons has
> not been maintained for many years now, and is pretty much at the end of
> its life. However, its best ideas live on in SCons, which is actively
> being developed and sports features that surpass that of Cons (such as
> out-of-the-package support for parallel builds).

If someone wants to volunteer to provide scons support for CinePaint, I 
wouldn't turn it down. Personally, I prefer cons because I do more Perl 
than Python.

I've adopted orphaned projects before. CinePaint evolved from a 
forgotten branch of GIMP that project never released.


Robin Rowe
CinePaint Project Leader
Beverly Hills, California

Open CinePaint Volunteer Position

CinePaint is popular advanced image editing software used by pro 
photographers and studio visual effects artists.

Are you interested in learning an alternative to autotools? Cons is a 
simple widely-used, but not well-known build system based on Perl. Some 
knowledge or interest in learning cons, Perl, and autotools necessary. 
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Robin Rowe | 27 Feb 14:02 2008

CinePaint cons developer

Hi. CinePaint is popular advanced open source image editing software 
used by pro photographers and studio visual effects artists.

I'm fed up with autotools and looking for someone to volunteer to build 
CinePaint with cons. Contact me off-list if interested.

Thank you,

Robin Rowe
CinePaint Project Leader
Beverly Hills, California

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div.bruno | 27 Dec 13:57 2007

W2k: don't know how to construct "hello"

Hi, Version 2.2
perl: w2k Version
This is perl, v5.8.8 built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread (with 50 
registered patches, see perl -V for more detail)
perl: linux Version
This is perl, v5.8.8 built for i486-linux-gnu-thread-multi

using cons under linux -> Ok
using cons under w2k -> don't know how to construct "hello"

after tenth of hours reading the doc and single-stepping through 
(the first time seeing perl in my life) I have found the following facts:

dir::lookup(          my $e = $dir->{member}->{$entry};
(line number is with modified, see below. It is on line 2389 in 

$entry is 'hello' on both linux and w2k.
Under w2k the entry is not found. If you look al the liked lists, you will 
see, that there is no 'hello' but a 'hello.exe'

If you insert
$entry .= '.exe'
right before line 2390 it will work correctly in w2k.

In the attachment you will find the two traces 'TraceWin' and 
'TraceWinOk'. The following was inserted at line 80 of
'TraceWin': #undef $_exe;
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Blogger Man | 18 Dec 11:18 2007

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Michał Jelicz | 1 Oct 19:04 2007

Cons issue


I have question concerning CONS program.
Imagin following file free:


I would like to compile some_code.c make
that some_code.o goes to obj directory.
The important thing is that I would like
to have following dependency:

obj/some_code.o depends on src/some_code.c

My problem is that if I use
Objects src/some_code.c

Cons automatically makes following dependency:

src/some_code.o depends on src/some_code.c

Of course I tried this:
I chanded CCCOM

CCCOM => '%CC %CFLAGS %_IFLAGS -c %< -o obj/%>:f'

so it moves *.o to obj/ directory
but dependency still is the same:

src/some_code.o depends on src/some_code.c
so every time I run "cons ."
"some_code.c" file is always recompiled.

Do you know how I can change it?

Michal Jelicz

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Erik Wasser | 5 May 17:25 2006

I don't want to learn python for my makefiles or cons development (again) or future of cons (again)

Hi everyone,

I've read some of the posts of the past of this mailing list. I don't 
want to learn python to write some 'makefiles' in scons. Okay I have to 
learn perl for cons that I know that language already. I've read a lot 
about the code qualitity of cons but there are comments in the source 
and it's not php so I'm optimistic that the code can be maintained and 

What are the chances of bringing up some man power to bring cons back to 
live? I would like to be part of the active developers. Maybe we look 
on sourceforge/ for some other perl gurus with spare 
time to help us.

cons is too great to end like this.

Let me hear your voice. Thanks for listening.


So long... Fuzz

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Robin Rowe | 3 Feb 09:34 2006

cons unmaintained?

Hi. Has cons passed into the status of being unmaintained? The mail list 
archive doesn't show any traffic in almost a year. The website says, 
"Last updated: Tue May 29 2001".

I'm taking a look at cons docs. How does cons handle paths to system 
libraries like gtk?

Thank you!


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Cody T Rushing | 16 Jan 01:50 2006

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glim | 1 Oct 08:31 2002

[OT] Yet Another Perl Conference North America 2005 announces call-for-papers

   YAPC::NA 2005 (Yet Another Perl Conference, North America) has just
   released its call-for-papers; potential and aspiring speakers can
   submit a presentation proposal via:

   The dates of the conference are Monday - Wednesday 27-29 June 2005.
   The location will be in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Note that
   a different date block was previously announced, but has been moved to
   accomodate venue availability.)

   The close of the call-for-papers is April 18, 2005 at 11:59 pm.

   If you have any questions regarding the call-for-papers or speaking at
   YAPC::NA 2005 please email na-author <at>

   We would love to hear from potential sponsors. Please contact the
   organizers at na-sponsor <at> to learn about the benefits of

   Other information regarding the conference (e.g. venue, registration
   specifics) will be announced soon.

   We look forward to your submissions and a great conference!

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Yuri Shtil | 22 Feb 20:56 2005

(no subject)


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