David H. Silber | 25 Jul 16:52 2014

Tomboy for Linux Synchronization Dialogs

Hi Folks,

I just installed Tomboy on a Mac. I then ran into some problems with
synchronization with my Linux Tomboy. I'm using rainy. I'm having a hard
time tracking down exactly where the issues are because where the linux
Tomboy synchronization dialog offers up "Details", that gives me a table
of "Note Title" and "Status", that table is empty. I think that
(sometimes, at least) the issue is with communication with the server,
but there is no way for the dialog to tell me about that.

I think the "Details" pane should have a plain text area before the
per-note table to show the communications status.

Again, if the gnome bugzilla is the correct place for bug reports, I
would be happy to put this there.



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David H. Silber | 25 Jul 16:39 2014

Tomboy for Mac OSX

Hi folks,

I just installed tomboy.osx 0.3.4. Installation went very smoothly. (I
had previous attempts fail on a different Mac - I now suspect that that
Mac had some problem with its Mono setup.)

I have noticed a few issues: 

  Character entities in titles are not displayed correctly. E.g a note
  with the title "Today's Plan" shows up as "Today's Plan". This
  happens everywhere I've noticed a title in use (main list, heading in
  note display, header of note display) but not where the it is used in
  the text of a note as a reference.

  The modification date display does not use the format I have set in my
  system user preferences.

  Where the modification date shows "Today", it would be more useful to
  show a time.

  The About dialog does not show the version of Tomboy.

Should I put them into the gnome bugzilla? There is recent Tomboy
activity there, but all of the bugs have a status of "Unconfirmed" so it
is unclear to me that bugzilla is actually being used for this project.



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Vladimir Botka | 14 Jul 11:08 2014

Rainy 0.5.0 is working fine with Ubuntu 14.04

Hi guys,

just wanted to let you know, that Rrainy 0.5.0 is working fine for me
with Ubuntu 14.04. Both clients (Tomboy 1.15.4-0/Ubuntu 14.04 and
Tomdroid 0.7.5/Android 4.0.4) are working as well.

Thank you for the great job!



Vladimir Botka
address: Smeralova 13, Prague 17000, Czech
sm8ps | 29 Jun 23:08 2014

rainy: Admin-PW


I recall some similar problems when firing up my Rainy server. Somewhere on this list I found a remark about the admin password not working with non-ASCII characters or something the like. This is what had made me stumble at the same step as you, so it might cause you trouble. You might want to look up the report to find more information on this issue.

Since I got that cleared, Rainy is running just beautifully well, serving Tomboy and Tomdroid their home cloud.

Tomboy-list mailing list
Christoph Menzer | 25 Jun 15:50 2014


Hello everbody,

I want to use Tomboy and Tomdroid with the synchronisation server rainy.
I have configured the administration password and started the rainy
binary file with mono. The administration panel is properly available
and i have commit my configured password for the administration login at
the top right corner, but it doesn´t accept this password. Have I
anything to do with the password or is it plain text? Any other ideas?



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Gary Kline | 24 Jun 06:27 2014


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	I'm not sure if this is a suggestion or  a request,  but 
	one think that would benefit tomboy users would be adding
	a one-character icon to the top row {"menu-bar?} that would
	shrink the roughly 525x400 pixel size of the utility to 
	about a quarter of that. another click on the icon would 
	restore the panel to its regular size.  

	I'm still trying to decide on the best notes utility and so
	far Tomboy has it.  {My sight has kept getting worse, 1, and
	having the smaller [closed] tomboy would take advantage of 
	that much more real estate, 2}.


	gary kline


 Gary Kline  kline@...  http://www.thought.org  Public Service Unix
             Twenty-seven years of service to the Unix community.
sm8ps | 8 Jun 22:22 2014

Tomboy not accepting self-signed certificates from Rainy server?

Hello all <at> tomboy-list!

I set up a Rainy server and it does sync well with Tomboy as well as Tomdroid. However, neither one does seem to like my poor man's self-signed SSL-certificates for a HTTPS connection.

I found out that Tomdroid has post-poned this feature to version 0.8 (as per

My question: is it correct that Tomboy does behave alike? If so, is this feature planned for the future? It is a bit eerie to know passwords floating clear-text across air and wire ...

Stefan Müller
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Jared Jennings | 4 Jun 04:20 2014

Tomboy.OSX 0.3.4 release

We are releasing the latest development build of Tomboy for OSX.

Get it at

MD5: cda1606af3b3be6467c10ff585d23790

Main Details
* Rainy Integration
* Notebook support
* Many bug fixes.

More details at
Tomboy-list mailing list
Rien Korstanje | 3 Jun 11:26 2014

Re: Synchronization: Could not find a part of the path

Hey Jared,

I figured it out! Its an interface issue.

Steps to reproduce:

Assuming ~/Dropbox/Notes/ is the folder I want to save to.

This works.
1. Browse to Dropbox folder.
2. Click Notes folder once so it is highlighted. (makes it blue)
3. Click open.

This doesn't
1. Browse to Dropbox folder.
2. Double click Notes folder so that it opens (and select nothing).
3. Click open.

I had a look at things in the Debugger.

In FileSystemSyncServiceAddin.SaveConfiguratio(), not selecting a folder pathButton.Filename reporting that the selected folder is C:\Users\mpkorstanje and using this for the sync path.

What should happen is that the syncPath is empty because then:

            if (syncPath == string.Empty) {
                // TODO: Figure out a way to send the error back to the client
                Logger.Debug ("The path is empty");
                throw new TomboySyncException (Catalog.GetString ("Folder path field is empty."));

However its not.

And this is where I'm out of my depth as far as it comes to debugging. From what I can see an empty string goes into the pathButton.Filename and a non empty one comes out when no folder has been selected.

On 3 April 2014 02:25, Rien Korstanje <rien.korstanje-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org> wrote:
Hey Jared,

I haven't tried since. Currently traveling.


On 1 April 2014 20:16, Jared Jennings <jared-8ahqS111WRRXkn1EJAUYDNi2O/JbrIOy@public.gmane.org> wrote:
Did you get this problem fixed or are you struggling with this?


From: Rien Korstanje rien.korstanje-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org
Reply: Rien Korstanje rien.korstanje-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org
Date: March 17, 2014 at 2:59:52 PM
To: tomboy-list tomboy-list-0fE9KPoRgkiLrwD38QH1XXHrszOJ0dCBAL8bYrjMMd8@public.gmane.org
Subject:  [tomboy-list] Synchronization: Could not find a part of the path

I installed Tomboy 1.5.1 on Windows 7 and I need it to sync with my Ubuntu machine. I've setup sharing through a Dropbox folder.

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Hal | 3 Jun 00:17 2014

( linux ) not all notes showing

Hi all,

I got a problem here...
tomboy 1.15.1
linux 64 bit

notes mismatch, notes missing ...

ok, the problem:
- quit tomboy
- open tomboy
- "search all notes" gui box is showing 25 notes - all of them
- but If i left click on gnome panel tomboy notes indicator
only 19 show up, some notes are not showing...

why different number of notes in search box and from indicator?
how to solve this problem ?

+++ in "search all notes" box, if I sort notes by name,
on the next open the sort result is not retained...
minor nuisance, but still irritating ...

Timo Dörr | 25 May 21:19 2014

Re: rainy on raspbian

2014-05-25 18:53 GMT+02:00 Niels Borne <niels.borne@...>:
> Hi,
> thanks for your answer (and for Rainy).
> Being more specific is hard. The webinterface is really very buggy:
> sometimes I can't even fill the "login" field, when I can, the buttons are
> without any effect (no login, no search when I manage to login, notes won't
> show up 9 times out of 10, even if I let pass several minutes). I have no
> idea why.
> Syncing with another computer or Tomdroid seems fine, after some tests.
> Best wishes,

If the syncing with Tomboy/Tomdroid works fine, that this issue is not
specific to Raspbian/RaspberryPi I think. The frontend is a 100%
static website that shouldn't be influenced by the operating system. I
think it is rather a browser issue. What browser are you using it
with, and can you try with latest chrome or firefox? Do you have any
browser extension that might interfere, of are you blocking Javascript
(NoScript extension?). Do the same issues occur when using the
webinterface of the public demoserver (find information on that here: