Charles Cotton | 24 Apr 18:00 2015

Suggestion: Move the "quit" command off the bottom.

I have my toolbar with Tomboy on the bottom of the screen.  I'm thinking you developers must have it on top.

Most every day I "accidently" "quit" tomboy because I open up tomboy to look at my list of notes, but simply lifting up my mouse button (without moving it), the quit command is executed.

May I suggest moving the "quit" command higher up (or have a confirmation) so that this volatile command is not so easy to execute?
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David H. Silber | 24 Apr 03:32 2015

Building Rainy

Hi folks,

I'm attempting to build Rainy. I'm currently running a version from
about a year ago. I'm noting some issues. Perhaps they have been fixed?
If not, the first step to being able to find and fix them is to be able
to build the software. Either way, I should build it.

I'm using MonoDevelop. (Perhaps that is part of my problem?)

I got Rainy, which needed DevDefined.OAuth, JsonConfig, and
tomboy-library. I got all of those and dropped then into the Rainy
directory tree as specified by Rainy's solution file. Building this got
me errors regarding missing assemblies:

JsonFX, ServiceStack, IDbConnectionFactory, JsonServicesClient

I got the JsonFX source from github and attempted to load its solution
into MonoDevelop and got:

	Could not load Silverlight project 'src/JsonFx/JsonFx.csproj'.
	This project type is not supported by MonoDevelop.

Is there some other tool I should be using to build an assembly? Should
I be getting these assemblies prebuilt from somewhere?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Klaus Manns | 18 Apr 01:21 2015

Tomboy always crashes when trying to enter preferences - fresh build - new Mac

Dear all,

I've just built Tomboy on my new MacBook (I'm new to Mac) following 
these steps:
Got no errors during the make in Terminal and the build-process in 
Xamarin Studio.
As a second attempt I've also downloaded the pre-built package from
Both with the same result: Tomboy opens nicely, but always crashes as 
soon as I'm trying to enter the preferences.

These are the tools and exact versions I'm using:

     OS-Version:    OS X 10.10.2 (14C109)
     Kernel-Version:    Darwin 14.1.0

Xamarin Studio Version 5.7 (build 661)
     Mono 3.12.0 (detached/a813491)
     GTK+ 2.24.23 (Raleigh theme)
     Package version: 312000068

Apple Developer Tools
     Xcode 6.1.1 (6611) Build 6A2008a

As I seem to be the only one experiencing this fundamental problem 
please could someone give me any hint about where I'm basically wrong or 
what I might be missing?
Many thanks in advance.

Regards, Klaus
David H. Silber | 14 Apr 17:44 2015

Tomboy sync failure on Android 5.0.1

Just as I was getting used to having Tomboy/Tomdroid working...

AT&T helpfully upgraded my Galaxy S4 to Android 5.0.1 and suddenly I
cannot synchronize notes. The message I get is:

	"Error parsing response from Online Syncronization"

Is there some log that might have more detailed information so that I
can make a more complete report?

I can see from work that my Rainy server is up & running.

Martin Monperrus | 14 Apr 12:24 2015

Feature request: menu item "close all notes"


Sometimes, I get dozens of open Tomboy notes.

When this happens, I'd like a menu item 'close all notes', for instance
by clicking on the tomboy icon in the notification area.

What do you think?

Best regards,

David H. Silber | 8 Apr 12:12 2015

Tomboy <--> Rainy <--> Tomdroid Syncronization Time Issue

Hi Folks,

I use Tomboy, Tomdroid, and Rainy and all works well, except that either
way I syncronize, eight hours get added to the date of any notes that I
have modified.

I would like to track this down and fix it. How do I find/enable logging
for the various pieces of software? 

I am running...
  Tomdroid 0.7.5 on Galaxy S4 running Android 4.4.4
  Tomboy 1.15.4 on Kubuntu 14.04
  Rainy 0.5.0 on Debian 7.6

David H. Silber | 2 Apr 21:36 2015

Tomdroid on Galaxy S4 missing menu

Hi folks,

I just got a Galaxy S4 and installed Tomdroid on it. For some reason,
the menu which would let me get to the settings is entirely missing.

What I get on the top bar of the app are:
  - Tomdroid icon
  - "Tomdroid"
  - search icon
  - plus icon
  - sync icon

If I turn the phone to landscape orientation, I also get the icon for
changing the sort order of the list of notes.

I never see the icon which should give me the menu.

The S4 is running Android 4.4.4
I have Tomdroid 0.7.5 straight off the Play Store

Anyone know what I can do to get at the settings?

Ken Elvehjem | 19 Mar 14:43 2015

Forwarding webdav question


I posted the following on the "" list, but it seems not to be very active, so I'm pasting the post here also.


New question #263858 on Tomdroid: When I installed Tomdroid on my smartphone, there were instructions that popped up concerning the use of a webdav. So I set up a webdav type share on some webspace that I own, (and tested it from a PC) but cannot make Tomdroid connect to it. I have done *some* due diligence in trying to find an answer before posting, but I may not have looked in the right places. So, Status, anyone? or is there another page where I could find some instructions? Thanks to the dev crew for a really cool product! Ken
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Tycho Schenkeveld | 15 Mar 20:31 2015

Re: Tomboy with proxy on Windows

Hi Boris,

> I would like to use the Tomboy sync on a Windows PC.
> This works fine on a first machine but it's doesn't work on a machine behind a proxy server.
> Is it possible to configure proxy preference in Tomboy on Windows?

I also use it with a proxy at work, and it uses the configured proxy
automatically! This is with the normal .NET runtime, not Mono for
Windows. It just needs to be configured under the connection settings
in Internet Explorer.

Please note, I am using the latest version from git, compiled with
Visual Studio Express. I had several issues with the latest binary.
Boris MANCHETTE | 3 Mar 13:23 2015

Tomboy with proxy on Windows


I would like to use the Tomboy sync on a Windows PC.
This works fine on a first machine but it's doesn't work on a machine behind a proxy server.

Is it possible to configure proxy preference in Tomboy on Windows?

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gstalnaker | 5 Feb 17:33 2015

Rainy connections from Windows7 and DebianTesting failing


I have a working Rainy server on my home DebianTesting desktop. I have
successfully configured and synced Tomdroid on a SamsungTab3.8 (AndroidOS
4.42) to connect via wireless using a router IP:port from home. I have
successfully configured and synced my HTC One M8 (Android 4.4.4) using the
externally facing IP:port. Thus I know the Rainy server is working and can
be connected to either locally at home or when away and that my credentials
are correct.

I cannot get Tomboy on my Win7 box *at work* (where it is part of an AD
domain) or *at home* (where it is on the local domain) to connect to the
Rainy server. When I enter the IP:8800/uid/pwd URL in Tomboy, I get a
"Server not responding. Try again later" error. 

Nor can I get Tomboy on my DebianTesting work computer to connect. It *does*
successfully contact the Rainy server using the public IP, but it then says
"Authorizing in browser (Press to reset connection)" yet it never shifts to
a browser for the authorization step. When I set up both the Samsung tablet
and the HTCOneM8 Tomdroid *did* shift to a browser for the authorization

Any ideas on what I can do for these two issues?

Much thanks in advance.


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