Svetlana Belkin | 6 Nov 21:37 2014

Syncing Notes via Servers


Is there a way to sync note via servers?  I have the 15 GB 
plan and I'm already using the CalDAV for my calender and task list, and 
I want to sync my notes with  their severs.

Thank you.

Svetlana Belkin
A.K.A: belkinsa
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Dave Bahr | 27 Oct 23:49 2014

Cannot install tomboy on win8

Hi all,

i've tried installing tomboy. I have windows 8 64 bit and have installed 
mono and the gtksharp for .net framework 2.12.22 and still get the message:

This setup requires Gtk# for .NET (version 2.12.20 or
higher). Please download the latest installer from

The installer for tomboy that I'm using is version 1.15.1

What am I doing wrong? Please help. thanks, dave
Simon Bateman | 25 Oct 15:49 2014

Tomboy SYNC

I have two Linux computers Ubuntu 14.04 PC and Lubuntu 14.04 Laptop (also an Android Tablet).  Since the demise of Ubuntu One, I have been using Google Drive Cloud launched by google-drive-ocamlfuse ~/Gdrive at start up.

When I set up Tomboy sync.on both computers pointing to /Gdrive it appeared  to synchronise OK.  On inspection of the Gdrive folder I noticed I had two new folders 0 and 0(1)!  Apparently, each machine created its own sub-folder so that one computer cannot see the other's NOTES. 

Is there any help you can give me in using the Cloud to synchronise.

Yours Simon Bateman (aka Mr.Grumpier)
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Tudza White | 24 Oct 02:10 2014

Method for importing notes from other note systems?

I moved from Outlook notes to Tomboy and had to do it by hand.

I could have automated the process, but I couldn't get a description of how the naming of the XML files in Tomboy was done. Is that documented anywhere?

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Christian Weiske | 23 Oct 22:25 2014

Formatted links in XML


I'm writing a tomboy note XML to HTML converter for grauphel, my sync

While testing unusual cases, I found that I could style links in
Tomboy 1.15.2.

The text is "Formattest" and it got autolinked. Then I applied
highlight to the first 4 characters, monospace to the "a" and made the
"st" huge. I can still click the link in Tomboy and the correct note
The generated XML is very strange:


I would have expected a <link:interal> around all the tags to the end
of the word, but there are several format and link tags wildly mixed
with each other, making it very hard to reconstruct the old link.

Is that a know bug, design decision or an unfortunate turnout of the
existing code? How does tomboy find out which note is linked?


Regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Christian Weiske

-=≡ Geeking around in the name of science since 1982 ≡=-
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Jared L Jennings | 18 Oct 02:15 2014

Meeting notes from Oct 17, 2014

We had a short 30 minute meeting today.
Stephen, Rashid, David and others were present.

Here’s kinda the main points from the meeting.

* See what hosted systems Rainy can be easily deployed to. Like Heroku, AWS, etc.
* Do we support online editing of Notes in Rainy? (I think so, but couldn’t remember)
* Ask Timo if he would be ok moving Rainy repo to Tomboy-Notes (github)
* SShaw will look at Notebook enhancements and Note sorting in OSX
* Rashid will continue work on iOS

Thanks everyone.
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Jared L Jennings | 15 Oct 18:45 2014

Missed and rescheduled Meet

Sorry about last week, it all fell apart and there was no meeting.

I’ve scheduled another meeting for this Friday. We will meet on at #tomboy.

Feel free to join.
* The focus of topics will be OSX and iOS.

LONDON, United Kingdom, England
10:00p Fri, Oct 17 2014
11:00p Fri, Oct 17 2014

MOSCOW, Russia
1:00a Sat, Oct 18 2014
2:00a Sat, Oct 18 2014

GMT, Greenwich Mean Time
9:00p Fri, Oct 17 2014
10:00p Fri, Oct 17 2014

CHICAGO, United States, Illinois
4:00p Fri, Oct 17 2014
5:00p Fri, Oct 17 2014

Scheduled with

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Seyoung Jeong | 9 Oct 20:49 2014

Mac - new note is always created under 'All notebooks'

Hi All,

I just synced source form git and build it on my Mac. Tomboy started beautifully but all notes go to 'All notebooks'. I tried to drag & drop the note to other notebook. Drag & drop doesn't work. I don't see the transparent image which is usually shown when dragging the item with mouse. I selected other note book and created note under it. The note goes to 'All notebooks' as well. No notes are shown under other notebooks. Does anybody notice this issue on Mac?

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Jared Jennings | 30 Sep 18:19 2014

Chat about Tomboy OSX and iOS development

We are going to have a chat over Google Hangouts next week. The chat is to briefly talk about the current development of Tomboy on OSX and iOS and secondly what we can tackle in the next month.

Feel free to join by participating in the Doodle poll for available times.

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Jared Jennings | 27 Sep 07:01 2014

Tomboy Windows Install GTK-Sharp location

There's been some people asking where they can get the GTK-sharp installer for Tomboy. You can get it from here.

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Abubakar Gambo | 16 Sep 22:47 2014

Tomboy Compatible Android App

Hi all,
I have just released a Tomboy compatible note taking Android app called TruNote.
This is my first Android app and so I was still getting farmiliar with
the Android development ecosystem while working on it. Notes created
with the TruNote can be simply copied from your device to the tomboy
notes folder on your PC to get them opened in Tomboy and vice versa.

I plan to add some more features in the future but that will be mostly
guided by user feedback. Find it in the google playstore and the
slideme market using the following links respectively.