abel deuring | 17 Jul 17:12 2006

list of known printers / default page size

Hi all,

I have two problems with gnomeprint, version 2.10.1:

(1) If gnome_print_config_from_string is called with data for a
definetely existing printer, before a print dialog has run, I get
the warning "Model not found, discarding config". As I understand
it, the list of known printers is built as late a while the dialog
is run. This makes it impossible to set up a printer from a stored
configuration. The problem occurs also in the . This is perhaps
related to this mail:

This problem can easily be reproduced by running the script
examples/gnomeprint/example_09.py from gnome-python-extras.

I am currently using an ugly workaround: create a print dialog
during program start, iconify it as quickly as possible, wait a few
seconds and the delete it.

(2) Not necessarily a "pure" gnomeprint problem, but anyway:

If I try to print an A4 size page from gnomeprint via the Suse 9.3
print system (Cups, foomatic, Ghostscript and whatever else) to a
PCL printer, I get a too large top margin. If the identical data is
sent to a Postscript printer, the margins are correct. A small
modification of the Postscript code gives better margins for the PCL
printer. It seems that Ghostscript either does not understand the
page definition "/PageSize [595 842]" (A4 size in points) in line 35
of the Postscript code generated by gnomeprint (not very likely,
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