Jesse B. Crawford | 24 Jan 22:47 2012

Enabling LPD backend

We (unfortunately) still use lprng for printing. In
/usr/lib64/gtk-3.0/3.0.0/printbackends we have
In applications using gtk2.0 (e.g. Firefox) the Print menu has an "LPR"
option that allows the user to enter options to the lpr command in to a
text box below the list. In gtk3.0 applications this option is missing.
I have tried changing settings.ini to include gtk-print-backends =
"lpr,file,cups", but this doesn't seem to have done it. gedit, for
example, still does not have the lpr option. I suspect maybe this
setting should go in gconf now, but I can't see where.

How can I properly enable the lpr print backend for gtk 3.0?


Jesse B. Crawford (jeanluc)
Systems Programmer
Tech Computer Center
New Mexico Inst. of Mining & Tech.

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jh_wang2004 | 11 Oct 09:21 2010

filter 'frgba' is unknown

Hi all!
I want use gnome-print API in my program,so i downloaded
libgnomeprint-2.18.7 source package,and compiled simple.c in tests
directory of that package to test the feature of gnome-print at my
computer. But when i ran ./simple, the warning: "GnomePrint-WARNING **:
Could not create filter from description 'frgba': filter 'frgba' is
unknown"  was displayed.

I don't know how to resolve this problem

i'm using ubuntu 9.04, the print function in other application such as
gedit,Document Viewer etc is well.



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Carlos R. Pasqualini | 20 Sep 21:25 2010

A5 Booklet Printing ¿¿don't have this feature??


i want to print a A4 PDF into a A5 Booklet.. i thought i can do it using
evince, but found that i can't.

looking for some info, i found a way to print more than one page into
one A4 page, and using the duplex from the printer i can print into A5
size, but i can not fold it in half and get a booklet A5.

i don't know if it is a feature that must get into the Gnome-Print
system or if it is a feature of the printer.

i'm using a standard Debian Squeeze (official debs only)



Carlos R. Pasqualini <pasqualinic <at>>
Adm. de Redes - Facultad de Ciencias de la Alimentación - UNER

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Alexander Wuerstlein | 23 Apr 11:21 2009

configuring the lpr/lpd backend


I'm using lprng as a printing system. In Gnome, the printing dialogs
show up empty except for "print to file". From looking at the source of
libgnomeprint i figured that there is an lpr/lpd backend which should be
able to parse /etc/printcap.

The problem is, I can't find out where this backend is enabled. Could
you point me somewhere? Specifically I'm looking for some setting which
is system-wide (for all users) and which I can distribute to a room full
of computers, so clicking somewhere is out of the question :)

Please CC me on the answers, since I'm not subscribed to the list.


Alexander Wuerstlein.
Christine Barlow | 4 Nov 22:17 2008

How to print from Ubuntu using a Dell Printer...


I just found the Ubuntu system and I have a Dell 720 printer, but I
can't seem to get it to work with Ubuntu.  I've tried using the
information I found on line, but I get all of these error messages and I
still can't print.  I tried to print a test page and I received the
following information to use with a bug report...

Page 1 (Choose printer):
{'cups_dest': <cups.Dest object at 0x949dd00>,
 'cups_instance': None,
 'cups_queue': 'Photo_Printer_720',
 'cups_queue_listed': True}
Page 2 (Check printer sanity):
{'cups_device_uri_scheme': u'usb',
 'cups_printer_dict': {'device-uri': u'usb://Dell%20/Photo%20Printer%
                       'printer-info': u'Dell  Photo Printer 720',
                       'printer-is-shared': True,
                       'printer-location': u'',
                       'printer-make-and-model': u'Generic text-only
                       'printer-state': 3,
                       'printer-state-message': u'',
                       'printer-state-reasons': [u'none'],
                       'printer-type': 4100,
 'is_cups_class': False}
Page 3 (Printer state reasons):
{'printer-state-message': '', 'printer-state-reasons': 'none'}
Page 4 (Print test page):
{'test_page_attempted': True,
 'test_page_job_status': [],
 'test_page_successful': False}
Page 5 (Printer state reasons):
{'printer-state-message': '', 'printer-state-reasons': 'none'}

Please help.
PChot | 12 Jan 09:52 2007

tiff print in gnome-print

Hi all!

I want to make script for printing into multipage tiff files, possible with g3 compression.

A came accross WebFax (  for KDE that could do that with minor modification. So naturaly i try to find out what i have to do that this will work in gnome. I try to find out how is "GNOME-PDF-WRITER.xml " created and how can i use it for template but i don't have much luck.

Is there easy solution?

Could you help me with some advice? Maybe someone else could use that feature.


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Matthias Clasen | 13 Dec 05:50 2006

eggcups patches


I decided that it is silly to accumulate eggcups patches in our Fedora
rpms, and merged them all upstream today. This should make eggcups 
work with DBus 1.0 and cups 1.2. 

I'm thinking of doing an eggcups release soon, but I thought I'd ask
others if there are more distribution patches for eggcups floating
around that we should merge before that.

Ghee Teo | 17 Oct 16:13 2006

FSG Printing Summit, Oct 23-26


  Is there anyone from the GNOME community is going to the FSG Printing 
at Lexington, KY on Oct 23-26 ?

  There are some printing folks from Sun will be there and like to get 
in touch with you.
Just reply to this, they will just pick it up from here :)


P.S. Some background on FSG Printing
PPS. One interesting blog from presenter of one of the session, Peter 
abel deuring | 17 Jul 17:12 2006

list of known printers / default page size

Hi all,

I have two problems with gnomeprint, version 2.10.1:

(1) If gnome_print_config_from_string is called with data for a
definetely existing printer, before a print dialog has run, I get
the warning "Model not found, discarding config". As I understand
it, the list of known printers is built as late a while the dialog
is run. This makes it impossible to set up a printer from a stored
configuration. The problem occurs also in the . This is perhaps
related to this mail:

This problem can easily be reproduced by running the script
examples/gnomeprint/ from gnome-python-extras.

I am currently using an ugly workaround: create a print dialog
during program start, iconify it as quickly as possible, wait a few
seconds and the delete it.

(2) Not necessarily a "pure" gnomeprint problem, but anyway:

If I try to print an A4 size page from gnomeprint via the Suse 9.3
print system (Cups, foomatic, Ghostscript and whatever else) to a
PCL printer, I get a too large top margin. If the identical data is
sent to a Postscript printer, the margins are correct. A small
modification of the Postscript code gives better margins for the PCL
printer. It seems that Ghostscript either does not understand the
page definition "/PageSize [595 842]" (A4 size in points) in line 35
of the Postscript code generated by gnomeprint (not very likely,
because postscript code generated by most programs is processed
fine), or that it interprets the lines 40 to 43 in a wrong way:

/Policies <<
/PolicyNotFound 1
/PageSize 3

If I remove the line "/PageSize 3", the page is printed properly.

I guess that the page size number three means "letter". IMHO it is
not a good idea to set a "hard wired" fallback page size on the
application level: Firstly, the decision, what to do, if the
selected page size does not exist for a printer, should be left to
the user and/or the print system, but should not be made by an
application, and secondly, the C code generating the "/PageSize 3"
line is:

gnome_print_transport_printf (pc->transport, "/PageSize 3" EOL)

(file gnome-print-ps2.c, function
gnome_print_ps2_setpagedevice_policies). So, the page size "letter"
is hard-wired in the code -- but some parts of the world like Europe
use A4 as the the default page size, and in other regions people
might choose neither A4 nor letter as the default page size.

In short: I think that the "/PageSize 3" line should disappear from
the Postscript code generated by gnomeprint.

Steve Bergman | 15 Mar 20:09 2006

Eggcups icon not appearing

I did a "side-grade" of Fedora Core 2 to CentOS (RHEL) 4.2.

The version of eggcups is "desktop-printing-0.17-3.EL.1".


There is a notification area on the panel.  the dbus daemon is running, 
as is hal.

But no icon when the user prints.  I can start eggcups manually and it 
exits without errors, returning a 0.  It does not daemonize.

Any ideas?  I'm more comfortable with web server config than the 
minutiae of all this new fangled desktop stuff. ;-)

Thanks for any help,
Steve Bergman
Denis Auroux | 16 Dec 06:32 2005

many questions on gnomeprint/gnomeprintui


I'm relatively new to libgnomeprint(ui), so I'm full of questions.
Any answers to the questions below will be highly appreciated... the
first question especially is confusing me a lot, I feel like either
I'm an idiot or the API is completely useless.

On a more general level, is there any good documentation or howto ?
The HTML docs are very deficient, and the howtos I found on the web seem
to all date back to a time when libgnomeprint didn't actually exist yet.
The source code is useful to some extent, but the overall architecture
looks really complicated.

1. Selecting a printer without going through a gnome-print-dialog

I'd like my app to have a "print to PDF" feature that generates a PDF
file with minimal amount of user interaction. I thought I'd go with
a bunch of calls to gnome_print_config_set(...) to start with the default
print config and set some crucial keys such as System.Engine.Backend and
a few others. It turns out this works well at the beginning (while the
default print config is still for a generic uninitialized printer), but
after going through a printout via a gnome-print-dialog the default
print config's tree references a CUPS printer, and I get errors like

** WARNING **: could not set the value of Settings.Engine.Backend, node 
not found

I guess what I actually want to do is modify the "Printer" key to reference
the standard Gnome PDF printer, but I don't see how to do that? (doesn't
that require getting into the gpa structures underlying the GnomePrintConfig
structure, which are private and hence inaccessible to my code ?)

Or else, should I try to create a GnomePrintConfig from an XML description
of what I want? (using gnome_print_config_from_string()). If so, is there
a relatively version-independent way of doing it ? (I see that the XML tree
dump contains lots of version info; in addition, I may want to keep a lot of
the system's default settings and only modify the choice of printer rather
than also set a paper size and all that).

2. Transparency ?

I've read in the docs that libgnomeprint is supposed to know how to
render partial transparency even when the underlying devices can't do it.
All my attempts at rendering partially transparent strokes with 

gnome_print_setopacity(gpc, 0.5);
// a moveto and a sequence of lineto

have given completely opaque outputs. (I'm using libgnomeprint 2.10.3,
let me know if this has been fixed since then). Is that normal ?
Is there any way to get around it ?

3. Print preview completely broken ?

As far as I can tell, gnome-print-job-preview isn't stable at all (at least
in version 2.10.1 of libgnomeprintui -- I haven't checked the latest
version, but anyway I want my app to work with the libraries that people 
typically already have on their machines, if at all possible). For example
one can cut pages until there are no pages left and then everything crashes, 
and that's just one of many examples. 

Is there a trimmed-down version of gnome-print-job-preview which doesn't
offer any of the unstable editing "features"? Why isn't there an option
to set how much bells-and-whistles one wants the preview to have ?
Even worse, the preview widget doesn't seem to export any of its user
interface elements publicly, and I was hoping for a cleaner method than
scanning through the successive GtkContainers of the interface to hide
all the faulty buttons... (which doesn't disable the drag-and-drop of 
pages, nor the keyboard shortcuts, so it's not a good solution at all).

4. Inserting EPS or PDF fragments

If I know for sure that I'm rendering to a PS or PDF printer, is there
any way of inserting EPS or PDF fragments into the output ? (or maybe
there's a more appropriate library for manipulating PS and PDF in C ?
I agree that it's not clear at all why this should be libgnomeprint's

Thanks in advance! (and sorry if some of my questions are stupid).