Edward Hervey | 2 Nov 17:35 2011

RELEASE: GStreamer FFmpeg Plug-ins 0.10.13 "Speeding, sparks like lightning"

This mail announces the release of GStreamer FFmpeg Plug-ins 0.10.13
"Speeding, sparks like lightning"

GStreamer FFmpeg plug-in contains  elements using the FFmpeg library
code. It contains most popular decoders and encoders.

Highlights of this release:
      * Use libav 0.7.2 internal branch for security fixes
      * Fixes for handling FLAC 
      * Post QoS messages when dropping 
      * Properly report GPL or LGPL licensing

For more information, see
To file bugs, go to

Download links
3e52d69a15d42f0a11abfc02f80effa1  gst-ffmpeg-0.10.13.tar.gz
7f5beacaf1312db2db30a026b36888c4  gst-ffmpeg-0.10.13.tar.bz2


Release notes for GStreamer FFmpeg Plug-insĀ 0.10.13 "Speeding, sparks like lightning"

The GStreamer team is proud to announce a new release
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Jens Georg | 24 Nov 08:31 2011

Rygel 0.13.0 (Dog With Two Bones)

Rygel 0.13.0 (Dog With Two Bones) is out!

The beginning of a new unstable release cycle.

Many of the commits in this release already have been released in one of
our stable 0.12.x versions. A list of all changes that already were released
is available in the stable branch's NEWS file:


Changes compared to 0.12.5:

- Use context-less API from gupnp-0.18.
- Switch to .xz tarballs as default.
- Get rid of a nested MainLoop in HTTP POST handling that caused a lot of
  trouble with vala's async support.
- Refactor ClientHacks into a generic part and XBox support.
- Add a hack for Panasonic TVs that can only handle PNG thumbnails if you
  tell them they're JPEG.
- Always build and run tests when using autogen.sh.
- Write uploaded data to a temporary hidden file first and move to real file
  later, helping file monitors to only create a single event.
- Add a 128x128 version of the icon.
- Move the 48x48 JPEG icon and 120x120 icons necessary for DLNA out of the
  icon theme.
- Drop XML comments from the content description files which might cause
  issues in IOP.
- Stabilize the error handling in HTTP POST.
- Clean-up GTK+ checks in configure.ac.
- Only pass -g to valac when --enable-debug was passed.
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