Final Reminder: GStreamer Conference 2011 at the end of October

Hi Everyone!

The final preparations for the GStreamer Conference 2011 is going ahead 
at full steam as the 24th and 25th of October are approaching fast. We 
already got over 100 people registered for the conference, but we got 
room for more of you. But don't delay registering as we will be forced 
to close registration once the attendance limit is reached.

If you haven't done so already be sure to check out our program for the 
GStreamer Conference as we got some incredible talks lined up for you. 
And last but not least, can you really miss the opportunity to discuss 
GStreamer and multimedia over a big glass filled with Czech beer in the 
Conference program and registration information can be found here:

If you are still uncertain about coming remember that on Tuesday the 
25th you can also attend the Linux Kernel Summit sessions if you wish, 
and if you stay for a few more days you can attend LinuxCon Europe and 
Embedded Linux Conference Europe which both now have their schedules online:

You need to register separately (from the GStreamer Conference) though 
to attend the LinuxCon and Embedded Linux Conference double event:
Jens Georg | 9 Oct 14:56 2011

Rygel 0.12.4 (Into the Lion's Den)

Rygel 0.12.4 (Into the Lion's Den) is out!

Another release in the stable 0.12 series of Rygel

Changes since 0.12.3:

- Fix an assertion when one of the preconditions failed during HTTP Post.
- Limit the length of the filename generated in CreateObject to avoid problems
  on FAT.
- Use SoupURI to validate and properly escape the URI given during
  CreateObject. This could cause huge CPU consumption if the URI was really
  long (1k).
- Do not crash if ImportResource is cancelled.
- Fix DBUS thumbnailer regression introduced in 0.12.3

All contributors to this release:
  - Jens Georg <mail <at> jensge.org>
  - Joe Hansen <joedalton2 <at> yahoo.dk>
  - Kentaro KAZUHAMA <kazken3 <at> gmail.com>

Added/updated translations:
  - dk, courtesy of Joe Hansen
  - ja, courtesy of Kentaro KAZUHAMA

Bugs fixed:

Download source tarball here: http://download.gnome.org/sources/rygel/0.12/

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GStreamer Conference 2011 - hotel almost full

Hi everyone,
Just thought to let you know that the Clarion hotel that is hosting the 
GStreamer Conference (and LinuxCon and CE Linux Europe) is almost full 
so you might want to hurry up and book your room.

In terms of preparations we have sent the conference program off to the 
printer so everything should now be set. Looking forward to seeing many 
of you in Prague in a little bit over a week from now :)

As always you find hotel and registration information here:

Jens Georg | 22 Oct 07:51 2011

Rygel 0.12.5 (Wolf in Sheep's Clothing)

Rygel 0.12.5 (Wolf in Sheep's Clothing) is out!

Changes since 0.12.4:

- Send proper SSDP notification when killed with SIGTERM.
- Fix out-of-tree builds.
- Prevent a crash when searching and uploading in parallel.
- Prevent a critical error when the uri to be added already exists.
- Prevent a name clash when an uploader is really fast in creating items.
- Mark thumbnail resources as transcoded. This helps certain devices to use
  them as thumbnails and not as the original stream.
- Prevent a false-positive test success in http-post-test.
- Use proper error if a client tries to get the children of a media item.
- Fix huge CPU load if a client did a lot of byte-range requests on a large
  media file.

 - Fall back to nfo:fileLastModified if nie:creationDate is not available.
 - Properly clean and escape any passed item ID.

 - Properly disable MediaExport if Tracker start-up is slow.

All contributors to this release:
  - Jens Georg <mail <at> jensge.org>
  - Krzesimir Nowak <qdlacz <at> gmail.com>
  - Lukasz Pawlik <lucas.pawlik <at> gmail.com>

Bugs fixed:
  - https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=662125
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Tim-Philipp Müller | 29 Oct 18:58 2011

RELEASE: GStreamer Python Bindings 0.10.22 "Ninety Tons of Thunder"

This mail announces the release of GStreamer Python Bindings 0.10.22
"Ninety Tons of Thunder".

GStreamer Python Bindings is a set of Python bindings for GStreamer,
using the same system as PyGTK. It also comes with a number of examples.

For more information, see

To file bugs, go to


Major changes:

      * pad probes working properly with recent GStreamer
      * fixes for encoding profiles and encodebin
      * build fixes
      * install pygst.h, pygstminiobject.h and other headers
        so they can be used by other python bindings such the
        ones for gstreamer-editing-services


83cfa59d596bb876b6b576027f2d2b0e  gst-python-0.10.22.tar.gz
937152fe896241f827689f4b53e79b22  gst-python-0.10.22.tar.bz2


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ANNOUNCE: Transmageddon 0.20

Following the release of the gst-python today I am very happy to
announce a new release of Transmageddon - 0.20.

Transmageddon is an audio and video Transcoder and Remuxer based on
GStreamer. It supports a wide range of formats and hardware device
presets. It relies on bleeding edge versions of GStreamer.

This release features a long list of new features and changes:

* Heavily re-designed user interface
* Port to new plugins-base discoverer and encodebin
* add support for audio only transcoding
* add support for outputting audio only from video+audio files
* Add deinterlacing
* Support container free audio formats such as FLAC, mp3 and AAC
* Add HTML5 and Nokia 900 profile
* add support for video only transcoding
* add support for mpeg1 video and mpeg2 audio

Certain features in Transmageddon relies on bugfixes still only
available with GStreamer git master, but which will be released within
the next couple of Months.

Apart from maybe a small bugfix release this will be the last
Transmageddon release for GStreamer 0.10.x and GTK2, focus going forward
will be on porting to GStreamer 1.0.x and GTK3.

You find more information on the Transmageddon website:

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