Zeeshan Ali (Khattak | 7 Jun 21:00 2010

Rygel 0.7.0 (Picture if You Will)

Rygel 0.7.0 (Picture if You Will) is out!

This release marks the start of the new unstable release-cycle. This is also the
release cycle that will be integrated into GNOME 2.31 (and 3.0 eventually).
Changes since 0.6.0:

- Exit on failure to load any plugins in 5 seconds.
- Add icon to preferences UI's desktop file.
- Correct error on missing 'Elements' node in 'CreateObject' action from client.
- Advertize upload features in 'X_DLNACAP' in device description.
- Remove comments from description files as per DLNA requirement (
- Don't allow comments in DIDL-Lite from client either. This is to satisfy the
  DLNA Confirmation Test Tool rather than DLNA itself.
- Don't advertize unimplemented actions.
- autogen.sh should create m4 directory if it doesn't exist already.
- Correct Icon path in preferences UI for uninstalled case.
- Specify on debug log where rygel is currently looking for plugins.
- Localization:
  - Don't translate all strings in media-export plugin.
  - No need to translate Mediathek plugin.
  - Add Hebrew translation.
  - Add Swedish translation.
  - Add Czech translation.
  - More Spanish translations.
  - More Slovenian translations.
  - More German translations.
- MediaExport:
  - Fix search result. Search was returning the the result for the current
    limits, not the overall result count. This lead to strange behaviour on
    e.g. XBox 360.
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Zeeshan Ali (Khattak | 25 Jun 01:30 2010

Rygel 0.7.1 (Home on the Remains)

Rygel 0.7.1 (Home on the Remains) is out!

A new release in the current unstable 0.7.x series for upcoming GNOME 2.31.4
release. Changes since 0.7.0:

- Implement DLNA's 'AnyContainer' upload extenstion. This allows clients to
  upload items without having to specify target container. Currently it only
  works for the Tracker backend.
- Report types of items that could be created/uploaded in a container and allow
  clients to search containers by this property.
- Port last bits of C code to Vala. Now Rygel is completely written in Vala.
- Make Rygel build/work against both current stable and unstable Vala releases.
- Offer SD transcoding in EU profile. Seems certain Sony Bravia TVs only
  support EU profiles. With this change, they should at least be able to use the
  SD transcoding.
- Two more unit tests.
- Provide default configuration for WMV transcoding.
- Correctly handle boolean commandline option for disabling WMV transcoder.
- External:
  - Port the external plugin to use the new D-Bus MediaServer specification:
    http://live.gnome.org/Rygel/MediaServer2Spec. The new specification is meant
    to be very generic and scale well to large media hierarchies.
  - Make use of search API when implemented by the external application.
  - Various other performance improvements.
- Preferences UI:
  - Improve resize behavior.
  - Add missing bevel to URI tree view.
  - Replace GtkVBox by GtkVButtonBox where appropriate.
- Localization:
  - Added Punjabi Translation.
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