Seth Nickell | 14 Aug 02:34 2002

Workspace poll results

Hi, many of you were curious to know some of the results of the
workspaces poll, so here are some of the results I've been able to
massage out. I received 79 responses to the poll that contained usable
information, and 6 responses that were either too vague or did not
concern themselves with their actual current layout.

Please note that for # of workspaces I used the number respondents
actually had in use (what I was mostly interested in), not the number
present in their system configuration.

# workspaces |  % respondents 
          1  | 14
          2  |  4
          3  | 24
          4  | 38
          5  |  6            
          6  |  5
          7  |  1
          8  |  4
          9  |  1
         10  |  1
         11  |  1

I was also interested in determining how workspaces were being used. I
noticed two major categories of use: project-based and
application-based. Project based users placed a number of disimilar
applications in a workspace, whereas application based users would
frequently put multiple applications of the same sort together even if
they were related to fairly different topics. These categories were not
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Mugurel Tudor | 14 Aug 22:22 2002

gedit romanian translation

        I started a romanian translation of gedit 2.0, but I've noticed
that any of the romanian specific character like ă,ş,ţ,î,â are skipped
from displaying, more than that, any characters that appear after them
disappear.What is the problem ? I use Tahoma (from Microsoft) as a
general font, and should be enough. What is changed in gnome-2.0 ? What
is the solution to that problem ? Gedit should use an ISO8859-2 font to
solve my problem, I can't figure it out. Please help me ...

Mugurel Tudor (mugurelu <at>   
Linux Registered User:  212231
   Microsoft and Apple make the easy things very easy and the hard 
things impossible. *BSD and Linux make the easy things challenging 
and the hard things difficult but possible. -- Larry Wall
Melinda Taylor | 14 Aug 04:57 2002

gdm error messgae

I have recently enabled XDMCP on my new linux server so that users in my
local network can connect to the server using their xterms.

However I keep seeing the following message in /var/log/messages:

gdm[1241]: gdm_xdmcp_decode_packet: Unknown opcode from host XXX.XX.XXX.XX

All the IP's are valid IP's for xterms in the dept. but I am not sure
exactly what the error message is telling me? ANyone have any ideas?

Many Thanks,