Magdalen Berns | 27 May 20:07 2015

Re: GNOME Foundation 501(c)3 status

I've seen this mentioned previously on this list as well, and I'm
curious how that happened.

There is an interesting blog about these things which is worth a read (seems a little like some rule tightening has gone on and perhaps caught a few organisations unaware, but it's hard to say what's happened at this stage).[1] 

I would also suggest that this should be the top priority issue for the
GNOME Foundation to fix. 


Is the current Board already working to fix this?

A quick search shows GNOME is still listed on the IRS website as being in good standing:
(actually I think you'll need to redo your own search)

Unfortunately, it is delinquent according to the California Department of Justice (you may need to redo your own search to get it to come up there too).[2,3] It might be worth getting in touch with them directly about this because according to the Department of Justice, they have not received copies of the IRS Form 990 for the fiscal years ending 9/30/2009, 9/30/2011, 9/30/2012 and 9/30/2013 and the Annual Registration Renewal Fee Report (RRF-1) and IRS Form 990 for the fiscal year ending 9/30/2014 were due on February 15, 2015, as well.


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Mike Saunders | 27 May 15:00 2015

GIMP donation

Hi everyone,

I work for Linux Voice magazine and we donated £300 to GIMP (via the 
Gnome Foundation):

We made a bank transfer following the instructions here:

That was on 18th of May, with reference "For Gimp - LV". I also emailed 
fundraising <at> with details but heard nothing. Then, on 20th of 
May, £300 was sent to us from "Northern Trust". Is that the money 
bouncing back to us? Can someone from the Foundation please respond 
about the donation?


Mike Saunders
Linux Voice magazine
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Michael Catanzaro | 26 May 17:32 2015

Question to board candidates: privacy funds

In 2013 we raised $20,000 to improve security and privacy in GNOME. I am
aware that the current board has finally formed a committee to determine
how to use the funds, but I would have expected this process to have
been completed by now, since it has been nearly two years since the
conclusion of the fundraising campaign.

Question for candidates currently on the board: do you believe you
handled this process appropriately, and if so, why? If not, what should
have been done better?

Richard Stallman | 26 May 13:53 2015

Questions for candidates

I'd like to ask the candidates, how do you think GNOME should
contribute more to the advance of free software and users' freedom in
general (in addition to being useful free software).


Dr Richard Stallman
President, Free Software Foundation
51 Franklin St
Boston MA 02110
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Sriram Ramkrishna | 26 May 06:16 2015

Question on community to the candidates.

It is my impression (and I state impression because I am providing no
data) that GNOME has more reliance on people paid to work on GNOME
than community.  I do not question the passion and dedication to those
who are paid on GNOME, I know that they would do it as a community
even if they were not paid.

If you agree with my impression, what actions do you think would help
increase participation in GNOME?  Participation in the core parts of
GNOME is not trivial, and requires an enormous amount of time and
dedication to get to become familiar with the huge codebase that we
have, as well as gain the trust of the maintainer of the module you
are interested in.

If you disagree with my impression, what makes you believe that it is
not the case? How would you change my mind?  I did not bring any data
points, so you don't have to either.  I'm more interested in giving
you a biased opinion and I want to know how you would react to it.

Erick Pérez Castellanos | 26 May 04:52 2015

Question to the candidates.


First, thanks to all of you for running as directors.

Currently, GNOME is a strong platform for development, but it's lacking integration and features to be a complete, fully integrated desktop environment like Mac OS X, for instance. My question is:

"What plans do you have to make GNOME a more complete, fully working solution as desktop environment."

Cheers, and good luck!
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Fabiana Simões | 25 May 12:39 2015

Question for candidates: transparency and accountability

Hi everyone,

I'd like to hear your thoughts on implementing transparency and accountability on the Board.

How transparent the work of the Board should be to Foundation members? What should be communicated and when? Do you think we have been transparent enough in the last term? If not, how can we improve things and how high in your priorities would be to do so?

In terms of accountability, it's been unclear to me since joining the Foundation how much different Board members contribute to the Board's goals and tasks. Do you think the meeting notes provide enough visibility and context to the work being done? By the end of a term, how can the Foundation have a fair understanding of one's contributions to the Board?


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Andreas Nilsson | 24 May 19:23 2015

Question to candidates: Best use of Trademark Fundraiser money?

Dear candidates. Thank you all for running!

As part of the GNOME Trademark Fundraiser [1], the Foundation raised 
$102 608 USD.
Since the trademark claims from the other part in the issue was 
withdrawn, it was never taken to court and the money was never spent on 
What, in your mind, is the best use of these funds now? Kept as a War 
Chest [2] or spent on something specific?

- Andreas
Marina Zhurakhinskaya | 23 May 17:41 2015

code of conduct question for Board candidates


Thanks to all the candidates for stepping up to run for the board and for all the work you already do for the Foundation!

Many free software organizations have adopted codes of conduct for their events [1] and some for their
communities [2]. Detailed codes of conduct with specific enforcement guidelines signal to newcomers
that the community has high standards of behavior. They give participants who observe or are subject to
inappropriate behavior something to point to that shows that such behavior is outside of what is expected
and guidelines on how to proceed in getting it addressed.

What do you think about adopting a detailed code of conduct, similar to the one used for GUADEC 2014 [3], for
all GNOME events and creating a similarly detailed code of conduct for the GNOME community?


Karen Sandler | 21 May 23:25 2015

More questions for Board candidates

I have a few questions for the candidates too. I agree with what has 
been said by Jeff and Josh that it's important that people on the board 
have a diverse skillset, so I wouldn't expect all board members to 
answer yes on these, but I think it's good to know if at least a few 
people on the board have some background in these areas...

Have you ever done any fundraising?

Are you comfortable asking sponsors for money?

Have you ever been in a manager role?

Do you have any experience talking to reporters?

Have you ever talked to a group of people about why software freedom is 

Fabiana Simões | 21 May 11:36 2015

GNOME Board of Directors Foundation Elections 2015 - Candidates

Hello Foundation Members,

It's that time of the year again! I'm happy to announce the following
candidates for this year's Board of Directors elections:

* Alexandre Franke

* Allan Day

* Andrea Veri

* Carlos Soriano

* Christian Hergert

* Cosimo Cecchi

* Ekaterina Gerasimova

* Jeff Fortin Tam

* Josh Triplett

* Magdalen Berns

* Ryan Lortie

* Shaun McCance

* Tobias Muller

Please see <> for more details.

Foundation Members are welcome to ask questions to the candidates on
foundation-list. Please try to avoid duplicates, and bear in mind
candidates invest a lot of time in answering questions.

If you have any questions about the elections process itself, drop us
a line at membership-committee at

Fabiana - on behalf of the GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee