Fabiana Simões | 9 Jun 11:41 2014

GNOME Board of Directors Elections 2014 - Preliminary Results

Hello, Foundation!

The GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee is happy to
announce the preliminary results for this year's Board of Directors

Sriram Ramkrishna
Ekaterina Gerasimova
Karen Sandler
Tobias Mueller
Andrea Veri
Marina Zhurakhinskaya
Jeff Fortin

(details at http://vote.gnome.org/vote/results.php?election_id=22)

If you'd like to challenge these results, please send an e-mail to
membership-committee <at> gnome.org. You can challenge them until Tuesday,
2014-06-17, 23:59 UTC. Please note these results should not be
considered final untill all challenges have been resolved.

This year we had 310 registered voters, 194 of which sent in valid
ballots. We strongly encourage everyone to check the list of all votes
to verify their ballot:


Fabiana - on behalf of the GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee
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David King | 19 May 01:56 2014

Board of Directors Elections 2014 - Candidacy - David King

Name: David King
Email address: amigadave <at> amigadave.com
Corporate affiliation: Red Hat
Conflict of interest: I am the partner of another candidate (Ekaterina 


I would like to serve as a director so that I can help out with the 
important duties of the board for the coming year. I develop software 
for GNOME during the day (and sometimes by night!), and I also serve on 
the travel committee, as well as helping out on the documentation team.

My goal on the board is to be an effective director. As a visible 
portion of the Foundation's role is providing financial support to its 
members, I think that lots more work will be needed by the board to 
ensure that GNOME is financially secure, and will remain so in the 
future. I think that my experience on the travel committee will be 
helpful in making challenging decisions regarding finances.

A less visible part of the Foundation's role is its communication with 
members, which happens primarily through foundation-list. I have been 
disappointed with the delays in seeing meeting minutes published, and I 
would put myself forward for the position of secretary if I was elected, 
and strive to get the minutes published no later than the following 
board meeting.

Good luck to all the other candidates!


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Sriram Ramkrishna | 18 May 19:16 2014

Board of Directors Elections 2014 - Candidacy - Sriram Ramkrishna

Affiliation: Intel Corporation

I'm running for a second term as Director of the GNOME Foundation.  I
plan on continuing my efforts in outreach both inside of GNOME
Foundation and to external.  There is still many things to do in order
to make our platform and desktop attractive to everyone and I wish to
continue talking about our story.  I can continue to be effective in
leveraging what I've learned as Director as well as the extensive set
of contacts I have as part of my day job and the open source project I
am involved there as well.

During my tenure as Director, I have organized a hackfest, help start
a QA team, and worked to get many people involved in GNOME as
contributors. Long hours and days were spend engaging the Free and
Open Source community.  I find myself continuing to be energized in
being part of this organization of which I am proud of.  I ask for
your vote and confidence to continue working on the board.

Thank you!
Ekaterina Gerasimova | 18 May 12:03 2014

Board of Directors Elections 2014 - Candidacy - Ekaterina Gerasimova

Name: Ekaterina Gerasimova (kittykat)
Affiliation: none

I have been a board member for a year now, having run in 2013 with an
aim to improve the processes involved in running the various areas of
the Foundation. I have succeeded in getting areas such as GUADEC, the
Travel Committee, and the Foundation accounting and tax returns
(unfortunately, most of this is private) on the right path, but there
is still a lot of work to be done.

I am currently working towards the Foundation being able to be more
transparent again with its finances, as it used to be. This will help
our sponsors and supporters see how we are using their donations to
further the goals of GNOME and will help the membership, especially
the volunteers, to keep contributing to the project. The board will
also need to keep making challenging decisions for the benefit of the
Foundation, to make sure that our spending is in areas that are of
most importance. I feel that I have done this well over the last year
and would like to be able to keep doing it. In the upcoming year, I
want to be able to offer our sponsors better value for their financial

There is no quick fix for the current situation, so we need to
continue working hard at improving which includes involving the
membership more in the running of the Foundation. From a practical
point of view, I feel that I have a lot to bring to the board as I
have had some formal accounting training and have experience in
managing finances in corporate environments. I am the current
treasurer and intend to run for treasurer in the upcoming year.

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Marina Zhurakhinskaya | 17 May 23:56 2014

Board of Directors Elections 2014 - Candidacy - Marina Zhurakhinskaya

Name: Marina Zhurakhinskaya
Emails: marinaz <at> redhat.com and marinazik <at> gmail.com
Affiliations: Community Engagement Lead at Red Hat, Advisor and Director at the Ada Initiative
Blog: http://blogs.gnome.org/marina

Dear Foundation,

I'm running for a second term on the board to lend my organizing skills and my interest in reaching out to
people to the Foundation and ensure its growth. We have an amazing community and high quality technology.
My interests as a board member are to enable face-to-face work, development in the areas of interest to
donors and advisory board members, and better external visibility of GNOME. Most recently, I've been
helping organize sponsorship materials and process for GNOME.Asia and GUADEC, and contacting
prospective sponsors.

Running the Outreach Program for Women, in which 30 Free Software organizations have participated so far,
has helped me connect with and learn about the work and community of these organizations. Knowing how
other organizations advance Free Software is helpful in charting our own course. For GNOME, organizing
the Outreach Program for Women allows us to be a leader in advancing the inclusivity of all Free Software.
I'm also on the board of directors for the Ada Initiative, an organization dedicated to promoting women in
open technology and culture, which gives me insights into how another well-managed non-profit is run.

My other accomplishments in the last year include improving the way we keep track of incoming and outgoing
payments related to the Outreach Program for Women, reviewing all the Google Summer of Code applications
GNOME received, and running several GNOME newcomers workshops.

Emily Gonyer | 17 May 20:42 2014

Board of Directors Elections 2014 - Candidacy - Emily Gonyer

Name: Emily Gonyer
Email: emilyyrose <at> gmail.com
Affiliation: None

Dear Foundation,

I'm interested in serving on GNOME's board of directors for the first
time, in order to help steer GNOME in a more open and community led
direction. It is my opinion that GNOME has strode too far towards a
corporate-driven project and away from its community-led roots. As of
now, GNOME is, in my opinion too beholden to a small handful of large
corporations which forces the project to ignore large swaths of our
users in preference to them. The end result being that GNOME has lost
a tremendous portion of its respect and goodwill in the wider free
software community. As a member of the GNOME board of directors I will
actively work against this tide and towards the more open,
community-driven project that GNOME once was and I hope will be again.

I have been a long time user of GNOME since the 1.x days, and an
active contributor for the last 2+ years, primarily in
Marketing/Engagement with limited development and design
contributions. I actively promote free
software whenever and wherever I can, and feel strongly that it is
only through free software that we will be able to keep the freedoms
that we all cherish both online and off. Those freedoms are being
actively obstructed and eroded by corporations and governments around
the world. As a member of the board of directors I will actively work
against these forces, in order to ensure a free and open internet for

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anish patil | 17 May 18:58 2014

Board of Directors Elections 2014 - Candidacy - Anish Patil

Affiliation: Red Hat

Hi all,

This is the first time i have been running for any election (you can't win over your friends)
Since last few years, i have been talking at various conferences making awareness about Free Software and GNOME, input methods and how one can make money from free software.

The reason i would like to run for this election is because I think would be the right person to promote GNOME specially in Asian region. If I get elected,i would try to have more hackfests in Asia region and try to raise fund for GNOME.

Anish P. 

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Andrea Veri | 17 May 16:27 2014

Board of Directors Elections 2014 - Candidacy - Andrea Veri

Name: Andrea Veri
Email: av <at> gnome.org
Affiliation: GNOME Foundation

Dear Foundation Members,

I would like to throw my hat in for this year elections and bring my 
expertise and passion to fulfill Board's duties and challenges.

I've been part of the Foundation since late 2009 participating and 
contributing in many GNOME teams and fields. While it's usually common 
among applicants during elections (them being either political 
or private for a certain foundation or association) to promise or 
propose what they plan to do (in case of them being elected) for the 
next term, I'd like to focus on my involvement on the GNOME Project 
and my past work on the Foundation instead. This to let everyone know 
how deeply I've been caring about GNOME and the awesome community 
behind it.

Since the very beginning I revamped the Accounts Team bringing the 
total number of open tickets to zero, at the same I made sure all the 
relevant wiki pages with the policies and procedures were taken back 
into an up-to-date status to avoid confusion between account 

Lately when I joined the GNOME Foundation Membership Committee I 
firstly helped the team as a member processing the queue and reducing 
the huge gap there was between new (tickets never being looked at) and 
resolved (tickets that have been looked at and processed either 
resulting in an approval or refusal of the applicant). The suggestions 
and the huge passion I put on the team rewarded me with the Chairman 
status. Since then the whole subset of wiki pages under the 
/MembershipCommittee hat were updated and completely rebuilt. Lastly 
but not last the Emeritus status [1] was born helping past members to 
not lose some of the benefits they've been contributing hard to achieve.

But that's not all, thanks to Sriram Ramkrishna I lately joined the 
GNOME Sysadmin Team revamping the GNOME Infrastructure from its 
ground. I don't want to annoy you more about my contributions on this 
field given the huge amount of announcements and blog posts I made 
about the great work the GNOME Sysadmin Team has made during the past 
year. (huge kudos goes to Patrick Uiterwijk as well for helping out 
the team and providing support to users and developers on the various 
support channels (IRC, mailing lists, Request Tracker) we provide)

Joining the Board of Directors would give me a chance to take my 
passion and willingness aboard making sure my action items will be 
taken care of in the fastest and best way as possible.

Thanks for your attention and have an awesome day,

[1] https://wiki.gnome.org/MembershipCommittee/EmeritusMembers





Debian Developer,
Fedora / EPEL packager,
GNOME Sysadmin Team Coordinator,
GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee Chairman

Homepage: http://www.gnome.org/~av
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Karen Sandler | 17 May 16:14 2014

Board of Directors Elections 2014 - Candidacy - Karen Sandler

Affiliation: Software Freedom Conservancy. I'm also pro bono General 
Counsel of QuestionCopyright.Org, and an advisor of The Ada Initiative 
and sometimes help other orgs (like the FSF) on legal and other free 
software related matters.

As promised when I left the position of Executive Director, I'd like to 
throw my hat in the ring for the Board of Directors. I think I can help 
bring continuity to the board (Stormy was incredibly helpful on the 
board when I started as ED). Also, as a lawyer I sometimes have an 
additionally useful perspective. I'm still doing volunteer work for 
GNOME both as pro bono counsel and as a volunteer on nonlegal matters 
for GNOME. I've been helping with fundraising, collecting on outstanding 
invoices and generally wherever I can.

Additionally, as you all know by now, I'm a huge advocate for software 
freedom. I'd love to help GNOME continue to partner with its nonprofit 
and corporate allies as well as ensuring that the foundation is solidly 
focused on promoting freedom.

Jeff Fortin | 15 May 21:42 2014

Board of Directors Election 2014 - Candidacy - Jean-François Fortin Tam

Name: Jean-François Fortin Tam
Email: nekohayo at gmail
Affiliation: none (freelance)
Web/bio/blog/etc.: http://jeff.ecchi.ca

Hi everybody,

I would like to offer my candidacy to serve on the Foundation Board.

I have been involved in various areas of GNOME since 2004 or so, including testing, triaging, marketing, mentoring, coding, public speaking and advocacy, UI/UX design, etc. I also graduated from business & management school, so I would like to put that background to good use. I'm keeping this description short & simple (as I suspect many of you will know me); you can learn more about me at http://jeff.ecchi.ca

In GNOME's context, my areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • The "big picture": becoming a sustainable ecosystem for attracting developers and partners. For example, sustainable bug tracking[0][1] and the revival of a QA team; steering our focus from the initial "disruptive innovation" phase of GNOME 3.x towards also re-emphasizing the perhaps more "boring" but essential bits (a renewed effort/focus around performance and robustness); etc.
  • Organizational processes and tools. From my experience and what I have seen in previous threads (or meeting minutes) here, there probably is room for improvement in the way we handle partnerships, financial operations and policies, etc. I'm not saying I magically have all the answers, but this is something I would like to get more familiar with, evaluate and help streamline if possible.
  • Financial security: fundraising, diversification and protection against downturns. This is not only the recent events regarding the state of the Foundation's finances, but also about the "big picture". I'd like to help ensure the sustainability of GNOME as an organization.
  • Nurturing our brand.
  • Major technological shifts (such as Wayland, GTK4, systemd, you name it).

I hope to continue serving GNOME to the best of my abilities.
The board is one area where I hope to make a difference.

Thank you for your consideration,
Jean-François "Jeff" Fortin Tam

[0]: http://jeff.ecchi.ca/blog/2012/10/08/reducing-our-core-apps-software-inventory/
[1]: see also my GUADEC 2013 talk
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Oliver Propst | 14 May 22:32 2014

Board of Directors Elections 2014 - Candidacy - Oliver Propst

Foundation Board of Directors

Name:Oliver Propst
Email: oliver.propst <at> gmail.com

Dear foundation members,

I want to announce my candidacy for the GNOME Board of Directors. I
have contributing as part of the Engagement Team since 2010, recently
I  have been involved with the GUADEC 2015 Gothenburg bid and the
Annual Report.

I think that free software never have more important then now and if
we as a community can get together and do the necessary work the
greatest future of GNOME lay ahead of us.

I have two years of experience of being on the non-for profit FSCONS
board (FSCONS, the free software conference in Gothenburg that Karen
keynoted last year). More info about me (including occupation) can be
found here [1].

In the upcoming year I like to continue explore growth/collaborations
opportunities for the foundation and investigate the benefits of a
possible WC3[2] membership.

I would also want to work for the Board to have a stronger and more
public profile (especially in light of the current situation where we
have no ED).

1  https://mail.gnome.org/archives/foundation-list/2014-April/msg00116.html
2 http://www.w3.org/


-mvh Oliver Propst