Andrea Veri | 22 May 17:30 2013

GNOME Board of Directors Foundation Elections Spring 2013 - The candidates

Dear Foundation Members,

I am glad to announce the following list of candidates for the Board of Directors:
   * Marina Zhurakhinskaya
   * Ekaterina Gerasimova
   * Sriram Ramkrishna
   * Andreas Nilsson
   * Emmanuele Bassi
   * Joanmarie Diggs
   * Max Huang
   * Tobias Mueller

You are invited to ask the candidates questions by sending them to foundation-list. But please try to avoid duplicates and bear in mind, that the candidates invest a lot of time answering questions, thus please be reasonable with the amount and scope of the questions. You might want to send your question to membership-committee <at> instead, so that we can collect, sift and sort the questions before we send them out shortly after the ballots were sent. But again: if you feel the need to ask your question directly, please do so.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them at membership-committee <at> or elections <at>



Debian Developer,
Fedora / EPEL packager,
GNOME Sysadmin,
GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee Chairman

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foundation-announce <at> | 20 May 15:30 2013

Withdrawal of board of idrectors candidacy

I hereby withdraw my candidacy for the board of directors. I think I will not bring to the table as much as what the other candidates can bring. I wish them all the best.

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foundation-announce <at> | 20 May 01:51 2013

GNOME Foundation Board candidacy: Seif Lotfy

Name: Seif Lotfy
Email: seiflotfy (at)
Affiliation: None

I have been a GNOME contributor since 2007. And served on the board of directors the past year.

If elected, I would try to push for more initiatives to get communications across all gnome teams solidified as well as push for more outreach and marketing support from the community as well as the Advisory board.

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Marina Zhurakhinskaya | 20 May 01:40 2013

GNOME Foundation Board candidacy: Marina Zhurakhinskaya

Name: Marina Zhurakhinskaya
Email: marinaz <at>
Affiliation: Red Hat

Dear Foundation,

I have been working on GNOME for the last five years, as a developer of online-desktop and gnome-shell and as
a lead of our outreach efforts. With the help of so many people in the community, three and a half years ago I
created the Outreach Program for Women which enabled 49 women to do internships with GNOME and
significantly increased participation of women in the community. This program has grown to include
internships with 18 Free Software organizations this summer. I applied my experience in organizing
outreach to women to improving our outreach and engagement with all new contributors. I made the mentors
list we started for the program a general resource and introduced first patch and blogging requirements
for our Google Summer of Code students. I follow other outreach efforts in Fr
 ee Software and try to bring the best practices to GNOME. For example, after seeing OpenHatch workshop
participants learn a lot by following step-by-step missions, I created, with the help o
 f others, a newcomers tutorial for GNOME that 40 new contributors have completed so far.

I would like to serve on the board to have a broader view into how we can ensure that GNOME is thriving as a
project and a community, and to find the most effective ways I can apply my abilities and experience to help
make it happen.

Ekaterina Gerasimova | 19 May 23:12 2013

GNOME Foundation Board candidacy: Ekaterina Gerasimova

Name: Ekaterina Gerasimova (kittykat)
Affiliation: none

I have experienced the difficulties that are encountered by our local teams when organising events and I agree with Joanie that the Foundation's processes need to become more efficient. These responsibilities need to be clarified and followed to reduce friction and improve collaboration within the GNOME community.

Our existing processes are missing defined fallbacks and resolution paths. When decisions become stuck or blocked on, opportunities fall through and the Foundation loses out when its members cannot attend conferences and hackfests.

However, fallbacks and resolution paths should be a last resort. For instance, GUADEC, our annual flagship conference, would benefit from more continuity and consistency. This will help organisers, attendees and supporters of GNOME events. My time as the GNOME Board liaison for the Desktop Summit 2010 in Berlin and helping out with the GNOME booth at events has given me an insight into the workings of events, which I want to use to improve the experience for the community.
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Andreas Nilsson | 19 May 00:50 2013

GNOME Foundation Board candidacy: Andreas Nilsson

Name: Andreas Nilsson
Affiliation: Red Hat

Designer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, involved in GNOME since 2005.
I am part of the Marketing Team, mainly hacking on our websites and 
putting together printing materials for conferences. I also contribute 
to the Design Team, filing design bugs and doing some UX design. I've 
been an OPW mentor 2 times already, and hopefully will be a 3rd time 
this summer.

I would like to run for the Board again. I've served two times 
previously, one time in 2010-2011 and the other one during the current 
term, 2012-2013.
I currently hold the seat of President on the Board, making sure our 
meetings have a clear agenda and are run on time, in a productive way. 
In addition to that, I also conduct phone meetings with Karen Sandler, 
our ED, every two weeks. For the last two years, I've also put together 
our annual reports, an essential part of our communication with the 
Advisory Board and the community.

For this next term, I would like to focus on growing our contributor 
base, making sure the community has the resources to build a stronger 
product, and establishing new partnerships for doing amazing things 
together with them.
- Andreas
Emmanuele Bassi | 18 May 11:09 2013

GNOME Foundation Board candidacy: Emmanuele Bassi

name: Emmanuele Bassi
email: ebassi (at)
affiliation: Endless Mobile

I have been a GNOME contributor for the past 10 years, and served as
secreatry on the board of directors for the past two years.

I would love to continue serving as secretary on the board; I want to
help facilitating the communications between teams, contributors,
adboard members, ISVs that wish to target GNOME, as well as OSVs that
wish to use GNOME as their platform of choice for their products.


Joanmarie Diggs | 17 May 14:08 2013

GNOME Foundation Board candidacy: Joanmarie Diggs

Name: Joanmarie Diggs
E-mail: jdiggs <at>
Affiliation: Igalia, S.L.
More about me:

I have contributed to GNOME for the past six+ years as a developer
and maintainer of the Orca screen reader and as a member of the
GNOME Accessibility Team. This past year I have also served on the
GNOME Foundation's Board.

My first year as a Board member was in large part spent getting up
to speed and participating in the routine duties of being on the
Board. Doing so gave me the opportunity to look for where I can best
lend a hand to help the Foundation and its members. My conclusion,
and what I have since begun working on, is streamlining Foundation
processes, my first target being our travel sponsorship procedures.

Streamlining processes might strike you as an extremely dull area in
which to work. But, as crazy as it might sound, I actually enjoy it.
I personally hate inefficiencies: Life is too short, and the work we
all do as Foundation members is too important, to lose time due to
unnecessarily complex procedures and/or delayed communication. More
efficient processes and more timely communication will allow us to
focus on the work we are here to do, namely developing great Free

Thanks and take care.
Max | 17 May 09:02 2013

GNOME Foundation Board candidacy: Max Huang

Name:     Max Huang
Email:      sakanamax gmail com
Nick:        sakana
Blog: ( Chinese )


I am working in National Center for High-performance Computing Taiwan(  I have contributed to GNOME for the past 3  years.  Promote open source, freeware and linux at school in Taiwan.

I am one of GNOME.Asia Committee member, work with GNOME.Asia team.


*   Meet Pockey and Emily. Take the conference host for GNOME.Asia 2010 with COSCUP ( ).  
*  Create GNOME Taiwan Users Group, have a lot of  workshop with gtk and organize gnome 3 launch party with Beijin and Hong Kong.


*  Went to Bangalore, India  ( ), Learn how to host gnome booth, start making GNOME User video with summit. (

* Program Committee member in COSCUP to invite GNOME hacker to conference.  (Xan López and Bastien Nocera).


* Organize GNOME.Asia  summit 2012 in Hong Kong.

* Co-work with openSUSE / KDE, have conference with COSCUP in Taiwan. (


* Organize GNOME.Asia summit 2031 in South Korea.

If elected, still new to GNOME operation, wish  could work more with  GNOME promotion in Asia.   Thank you for considering me.

Best regards


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Jochim Selzer | 15 May 21:39 2013

FrOSCon 2013 Call for Papers and Call for Projects

// English \\ (fuer eine Deutsche Version siehe unten)

# FrOSCon 2013 Call for Projects #

We would like to invite you to take part in the eights Free and Open Source Software Conference (FrOSCon 2013).

FrOSCon is a two-day conference on Free Software and Open Source, which takes place on August 24th/25th,
2013 at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, in St. Augustin near Bonn, Germany.

Main part of the conference is a comprehensive range of talks and workshops. Furthermore, there is a large
exhibition area, where projects have the opportunity to present themselves and get in touch with users
and developers. Moreover, we offer a few rooms for Free Software projects to organize developer meetings
or to present their own program for the visitors of the conference.

We would be pleased if your project would like to contribute to this year's FrOSCon and thus support the
communication and exchange within the Open Source and Free Software community. Depending on the kind of
your participation, there is different information available to you.

# Booth #

To sign up for a booth, please visit and register your project.
Please feel free to contact us for any questions at exhibitors <at> The registration for booths
will be open until May 23rd.

# Developer Room #

If your project wants to sign up for a developer room, please visit, register your project and submit a proposal. The proposal
should contain a short summary (1-2 paragraphs) of what you plan to do and special requirements. Since the
demand for developer rooms usually exceeds the number of rooms we can offer, we will choose the projects
which look the most promising to us based on the submitted proposals. If you have questions concerning the
developer rooms, feel free to contact projects <at> The deadline for the submission of
developer room proposals is also May 23rd.

# Talk or Workshop #

Additionally our Call for Papers already started, we are looking forward to your submissions of talks and
workshops. You can register via For further information concerning the Call
for Papers take a look at The Call for Papers
will end on May 23rd, too.

# Important Dates #

May 23, 2013 End of Call for Projects. After this deadline your project can only be accepted if there is still
enough space on the conference and enough time to organize your participation

June 9th,2013 Notification if we accepted your project for a booth and/or developer room

August 24th,2013 First day of FrOSCon

We hope to meet you at FrOSCon in St. Augustin.

// Deutsch \\

Hiermit wollen wir dich herzlich einladen, an der achten Free and Open Source Software Conference
(FrOSCon 2013) teilzunehmen.

Die FrOSCon ist eine zweitaegige Konferenz ueber Freie und Open Source Software, die am 24. und 25. August
2013 an der Fachhochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg in Sankt Augustin, in der Naehe von Bonn stattfindet.

Auf der FrOSCon gibt es viele Vortraege ueber aktuelle Themen rund um Freie Software. Ausserdem gibt es
eine grosse Austellungsflaeche, wo sich Projekte mit einem Stand praesentieren koennen, um mit Nutzern
und Entwicklern ins Gespraech zu kommen. Zusaetzlich bieten wir einige Raeume fuer Projekte an, in denen
sich Entwickler treffen oder ein eigenes Programm auf die Beine stellen koennen.

Wir wuerden uns freuen, wenn auch ihr zur diesjaehrigen FrOSCon beitragt und damit den Austausch in der
Free Software Community unterstuetzt. Je nach euren Beteiligungswuenschen gibt es verschiedene Moeglichkeiten.

# Stand #

Euer Projekt hat die Moeglichkeit, sich an einem Stand den Besuchern zu praesentieren. Dafuer koennt ihr
euch unter anmelden. Die Deadline fuer Aussteller ist der 23.
Mai 2013. Wenn ihr Fragen habt, dann koennt ihr euch jederzeit an uns wenden (aussteller <at>

# Entwicklerraum #

Wenn ihr als Projekt einen Entwicklerraum haben moechtet, meldet euch bitte unter an. Registriert dort euer Projekt und hinterlegt an der dafuer
vorgesehenen Stelle  eine kurze Zusammenfassung (1-2 Absaetze) ueber das geplante Programm in eurem
Raum. Falls ihr spezielle Anforderungen habt, wuerden wir euch bitten diese auch dort mit anzugeben. Da
wir in der Vergangenheit mehr Bewerbungen als Raeume hatten, waehlen wir die vielversprechendsten
Projekte auf Grundlage der Beschreibungen aus. Die Deadline fuer die Bewerbung fuer einen
Entwicklerraum ist der 23. Mai 2013.

# Vortrag oder Workshop #

Der Call for Papers ist gestartet und wir freuen uns auf eure Vortraege oder Workshops. Anmelden koennt ihr
euch unter Weitere Informationen findet ihr unter Der Call for Papers wird am 23.05.2012 geschlossen.

# Wichtige Daten #

23.05.2013 Ende des Call for Projects. Nach dieser Deadline koennt ihr nurnoch akzeptiert werden, wenn
genug Platz und Zeit ist um eure Teilnahme zu ermoeglichen

09.06.2013 Benachrichtigung ueber die Annahme oder Ablehnung der Staende/Entwicklerraeume

24.08.2013 Erster Tag der FrOSCon

Wir hoffen euch auf der FrOSCon zu sehen.
Andrea Veri | 6 May 11:29 2013

Announcing Board of Directors Elections 2013

Dear Foundation Members,

The GNOME Foundation Membership and Elections Committee are pleased to announce the upcoming elections for the Board of Directors in Spring 2013.

The most important deadlines (UTC) in the timeline are the following:

                          *GNOME Board Elections 2013*
2013-05-06: List of candidates opens.
2013-05-19: Last day to announce candidacies, submit summary statements.
2013-05-22: Final list of candidates.
2013-05-26: Instructions mailed to eligible voters, voting begins.
2013-06-09: Voting closes.
2013-06-11: Preliminary results are announced.
2013-06-18: Last day to challenge preliminary results.


The seven members of our current Board of Directors have been ruling GNOME for 12 months now. We, the GNOME Foundation Members, will have to elect what will be the Board of Directors for the next year.


If you want to run for one of the seven positions on The GNOME Foundation Board of Directors, then send an email to foundation-announce <at> and elections <at> gnome org with your full
name, e-mail, corporate affiliation (if any), and your reasons for wanting to serve as a director.

Candidacies must be announced prior to 2013-05-19, 23:59 UTC.

All discussion related to the elections should be held on foundation-list. Members are invited to ask questions to one or all candidates on that list (see below).

A list of candidates will be announced on 2013-05-22.

At this point, you are invited to ask the candidates questions by sending them to foundation-list. These candidates might become your representative, so do not hesitate to ask them questions.

Please try to avoid asking duplicate questions that others have already asked. Also, bear in mind that the candidates invest a lot of time answering questions, so please be reasonable with the amount and scope of the questions. You can also send your questions to membership-committee <at> instead, so that the committee can collect, sift and sort the questions before sending them to foundation-list for the candidates to respond. Though, if you prefer to ask your questions directly, please do so.


Every GNOME Foundation member whose membership is valid as of 2013-05-22 is eligible to vote in the elections. Please note that Emeritus members won't have voting rights. More details about what Emeritus members can and can't do are available at

If you are not a member yet, please consider applying for membership ASAP. Late applications will most likely not be processed in time.

The GNOME Foundation Membership and Elections Committee do inform members they need to renew by mailing them once a month both on their personal e-mail and on the foundation-list mailing list. We recommend that members to also double check this to avoid a missed opportunity to vote. Please verify that the email address that is associated with your GNOME Foundation membership is valid and that you are able to read emails sent to this address.

You can verify your membership status by visiting and looking for your name, surname on the list of members. You can also verify your last renewal date by highlighting your name, surname with your mouse and waiting a little second for the date to appear correctly.


The Electorate will receive complete instructions on how to vote by 2013-05-26 via email.

The 7 candidates who receive the most votes as counted by a single transferable vote system (Scottish STV) will be elected, except that no more than two individuals affiliated with any one corporation may be elected.

In the event of a tie for the final slot on the board, the Elections Committee will schedule run-off elections as soon as possible.


More information about The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee and the voting process can be found here:



Debian Developer,
Fedora / EPEL packager,
GNOME Sysadmin,
GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee Chairman

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