Tobias Mueller | 8 May 21:38 2011

Announcing Board of Directors Elections 2011

Dear Foundation Members,

As part of the Membership and Elections Committee, I am pleased to
announce the upcoming elections for the Board of Directors in Spring 2011.

The most important deadlines (UTC) in the timeline are the following:

                          *GNOME Board Elections 2011*
                    2011-05-22:  List of candidates closed
                    2011-05-29:  Voting Begins
                    2011-06-12:  Voting Ends
                    2011-06-21:  Challenges End


The seven members of our current Board of Directors are ruling GNOME for
12 month now. We, the GNOME Foundation Members, will have to either
replace or reelect current members.


If you want to run for one of the seven places in the Board of
Directors, send an email to foundation-announce <at> and
elections <at> with your full name, e-mail, corporate affiliation
(if any), and a description of your reasons for wanting to serve as a

Candidacies must be announced prior to 2011-05-22, 23:59 UTC.
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Brian Cameron | 10 May 16:40 2011

Meeting Minutes Published - April 26th, 2011

The meeting minutes for the April 26th GNOME Foundation board
meeting is now published.  Refer here:


Other past board meetings are archived here:


-- text of the latest minutes follows --

Minutes for Meeting of April 26th, 2011

Next Meeting

     * May 10th, 2011


     * Andreas Nilsson
     * Bastien Nocera
     * Brian Cameron
     * Germán Póo-Caamaño
     * Og Maciel
     * Paul Cutler
     * Rosanna Yuen


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Bharath Acharya | 17 May 07:25 2011

Travel assistance applications to attend Desktop Summit 2011

Hello All,

The GNOME Foundation provides travel sponsorships to individuals who
want to attend Desktop Summit and need financial assistance.

We are happy to announce the Travel Committee is ready to receive
applications for sponsorships to attend Desktop Summit 2011. This year,
The Desktop Summit is being held in Humboldt University, in Berlin,
Germany, from Saturday 6th August, until Friday 12th August.

The instructions are detailed at
Please read them carefully.

Deadline: May 31, 2011, 19:00 UTC.  You can start sending in your
applications now!

Some extra comments:
* Any information you send to the Travel Committee will be private.

* Asking for sponsorship *does not* guarantee you will get sponsored.

* A good application with good information will be processed fast.

* If you need help with accommodation, you should state in your
application that you need lodging, and leave the cost blank.  The
organization has taken care of booking hostels in advance.

* Always choose the most economical option when possible.  People who
need travel sponsorship, should look for the best price (i.e. through a
service like  If the Travel Committee finds a cheaper price,
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Shaun McCance | 18 May 03:24 2011

Candidacy: Shaun McCance

Name:        Shaun McCance
Email:       shaunm <at>
Nick:        shaunm (pretty much everywhere)
Affiliation: self-employed (Syllogist LLC)

I've been actively involved in GNOME since, when I took over
Yelp development and leadership of the documentation team.
I've been the documentation guy ever since. I love GNOME,
and I want to contribute in new ways.

GNOME 3 is getting us into new territory. We're beginning to
define a complete operating system, rather than a bucket of
parts. To push this further, we need to think about our supply
chain. We need to talk more with distributors, not just the
distros we know and love, but the hardware vendors who are
putting devices in people's hands.

If we're serious about GNOME on anything other than traditional
desktop and laptop computers, we absolutely must partner with
vendors. This is something I hope to work on if elected.

I also think it's important that we have better partnerships
with web content providers. We need more web integration, but
at the same time, we need to continue to protect our users'
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Andrea Veri | 18 May 23:45 2011

Candidacy: Andrea Veri

Name:             Andrea Veri
Email:              av <at>
Affiliation:        None

GNOME Involvement

I started my GNOME adventure around three years ago while I was working 
on uploading GNOME 2.28 into Debian Unstable as a member of the awesome 
Debian’s GNOME Team.

After a few months I decided to apply to join the GNOME Foundation and on the
12th of November ’09 I had the great announcement that my application was accepted. 
During that period both the GNOME Foundation Membership Committee and the
Accounts Team weren’t having good times , the queues were huge, most of the members
were inactive and didn’t have enough time to cover all the items that were coming in.
I decided to start contributing and time by time I cleaned up the whole queues [1], updating 
team’s Wiki pages, setting up meetings and discussions to renew our guidelines and policies.
I am proud to say that within two years both the Membership Committee and the Accounts
Team are on top of the requests, everything is processed in a timely manner and finally this
is no more a bottleneck like it was in the past.

Why am I running?

I have been silently following all the issues and problems GNOME has been encountering
during this year from the Canonical side and the arrival of Unity. And well, I think we should 
start working on this specific issue to make the big change happen. We need to thicken our
relationships with the major distributions around, we need to have a strong and trusted GNOME
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Rodrigo Moya | 19 May 10:23 2011

Candidacy: Rodrigo Moya

Name: Rodrigo Moya
Email: rodrigo <at>
Nick: rodrigo
Affiliation: Canonical

I joined the GNOME project in 1998 and have since then worked on several
projects (Evolution, GNOME-DB, Control Center, gnome-settings-daemon and
others) both on my free time and while working for some GNOME-related
companies (Ximian, Novell and Canonical now).

The main reason for my candidacy is the relationship between GNOME and
companies (specifically my current employer), which I would like to
improve, trying to get both sides of the problem fixed so that a healthy
and cooperative relationship can be built to make GNOME rock more than
what it's been rocking in all these years.

Also, based on recent discussions, I would like to help define the
message we give to 3rd parties about what GNOME is, so there is no
confusion as to what those 3rd parties should expect from GNOME.

Apart from that, I would like to help in spreading more the GNOME love,
which I used to do a lot some years ago, when I was one of the most
active persons in the GNOME Hispano group, but now with a more
international scope. That is, I would like to help local groups get more
people to become contributors to GNOME in whatever ways the Foundation
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Emmanuele Bassi | 20 May 00:27 2011

Candidacy: Emmanuele Bassi

Name: Emmanuele Bassi
Email: ebassi <at>
Nick: ebassi
Affiliation: Open Source Technology Center, Intel UK Ltd, part of the
  Intel Corporation

• Summary

I started contributing to the GNOME project in 2003; I worked on
the Perl language bindings, I co-maintain the GNOME Utilities, I
contribute to GLib and GTK+, and maintain the Clutter toolkit. I
also organize the GTK Team meetings on IRC by collecting the agenda
and keeping the minutes and the log of the meetings. I contribute to
GNOME both as part of my job and on my free time.

• Details

My main motivation for running for the Foundation's Board in this year's
elections is to try and steer the direction of the project as a whole
towards a single, albeit admittedly huge goal: the establishment of GNOME
as a valid and complete alternative for an Operating System to Windows,
OS X and Android for both mobile and destkop platforms.

While the technical side is best left to the release-team and the
project's maintainers, the role of the Foundation should be to push the
adoption of the GNOME OS by working with OEMs, OSVs and ISVs, be them
commercial entities or community members; the Foundation should also
facilitate the implementation of infrastructure for developers and
designers, in order to further the current ecosystem of companies and
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Pockey Lam | 20 May 16:13 2011

Candidacy: Pockey Lam

Name: Pockey Lam
Email: pockeylam(at)gnome(dot)org
Nick: pockeylam
Affiliation: None


As a founding member of the GNOME.Asia committee,Beijing GUG and Taiwan 
GUG I strive to promote GNOME in Asia. I am one of the lead organizers 
of the GNOME.Asia Summit since its inception (China, Vietnam, Taiwan, 
India) as well as assisting numerous groups to start and grow their GUGs 
in their area. I also organized the first GNOME Hackfest in Asia 
supported by the release and marketing teams, to work on preparing the 
GNOME 3.0 release.

Within 4 years GNOME.Asia committee has been growing from organizing an 
annual conference to running different projects. One of those successful 
initiatives was to put together the GNOME 3 launch parties campaign and 
ensure people would know about it. With 141 parties worldwide I feel 
this has been a tremendous success.


* Founding member of GNOME.Asia committee, Beijing GUG and Taiwan GUG
* GNOME.Asia committee lead
* GNOME marketing team member
* GUGmasters mailing list admin and moderator
* GNOME.Asia site admin
* Software Freedom International Board Director and Secretary
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Stormy Peters | 20 May 19:55 2011

Candidacy: Stormy Peters

Name:        Stormy Peters
Email:         stormy <at>
Nick:           stormy
Affiliation:   Mozilla

I am running for the GNOME Board of Directors because the people of GNOME are awesome!

I believe strongly that the technology should be accessible to everyone regardless of financial status, language, physical ability, religious beliefs, politics, ... GNOME, both the desktop and the technologies that are part of GNOME, are a very important part of making technology accessible to everyone. The GNOME Foundation plays an important role in the world of free software and technology and I believe that I can make a difference and help GNOME fulfill its mission by helping the GNOME Foundation be successful.

My background:

 * I have been part of the GNOME community since 2000. (I worked with HelixCode to get GNOME on HPUX.)
 * In 2001 I joined the advisory board on behalf of HP when the GNOME Foundation was formed.
 * I recently served as Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation. During that time, we saw:
   * our income more than double
   * hackfests around GNOME technologies go from 1-2/year to more than 10 last year
   * our marketing team really come together (2 marketing hackfests!)
   * GNOME Asia become a huge success (yeah, Pockey, Fred, Emily!)
   * the travel committee formed to help sponsor GNOME folks working and advocating for GNOME technologies (yeah, Germán and Bharath!)
   * the GNOME Outreach Program for Women start up again (yeah, Marina!)
   * and many more things.
   Obviously I did not do all these things by myself - I helped support them, raise funds, encourage them and spread the word.
 * I currently work at Mozilla because I'm passionate about making sure the web is open and respects users' rights. I believe we need both a desktop and the web and they must both be free.
 * I have experience in fundraising, partnering with large and small businesses, explaining the value of free software, advocating for free software projects, leading teams, doing the day to day stuff that makes a team or organization work, ...
 * In GNOME, I am currently working on:
  * The GNOME Executive Director Hiring Committee. My number one priority when I left the ED role was to make sure we hired an awesome executive director. I put together the hiring committee. We got tons of great resumes, narrowed it down to a few good candidates and we are working closely with the board now on next steps.
  * Desktop Summit sponsorships. I'm on the Desktop Summit planning team where I'm helping to procure sponsorship funds for the conference.
  * Marketing team. I'm on the GNOME marketing team.
  * Bringing the right people together. Making introductions and connecting the right people.


The GNOME Board of Directors makes a difference. They are the most active board I know. They don't just advise the GNOME Foundation, they run it. I would like to contribute my share. I believe my experience with the Foundation and my skills can help.

Some of the things that I think are important in this upcoming year:
* How can GNOME best work with the companies that contribute and distribute GNOME technologies? How can we help them work together? How can our free software model and experience help them be successful in bringing free software to more people?
* Is GNOME a desktop or a set of technologies? How do we partner with companies that are not traditional desktop companies?
* How can we best facilitate GNOME technical leaders? How do we help them get work done while including the broader community, getting feedback and communicating key decisions?

If elected, I promise to be accessible to GNOME Foundation members, respond to email quickly, vote in a timely fashion, communicate what the board is doing to the greater community, facilitate conversations that will help shape the future of GNOME, bring a new executive director on board and help do all the administrative tasks that keep the GNOME Foundation running.

I believe I can help GNOME fulfill its mission of creating a free desktop accessible to everyone. And I think that mission has expanded (to include "clients") and I think we need to articulate that.

GNOME rocks!

foundation-announce mailing list
foundation-announce <at>
Bastien Nocera | 21 May 13:09 2011

Candidacy: Bastien Nocera

Name:         Bastien Nocera
Email:        hadess at hadess dot net
Nick:         hadess
Affiliation:  Red Hat UK Ltd.

After my maiden year on the Board last year, I feel that I have a better
grasp of what my position should be within the GNOME Foundation Board.

I have been able to get the MeeGo/GTK+ contract going, for which we
should see a summary very soon, and helped with getting the EU events
box replaced, and started discussions with various companies about GNOME
using their web services. I've also been involved in various smaller
tasks about keeping GNOME's trademark intact (usually relating to logos
and websites with GNOME in the name).

I believe that my remit is to handle discussions within the Foundation
Board related to developer relations (though not politics so much :)


I hope that Germán Póo-Caamaño will be running for the board again this
year, as I can see nobody in a better position than him to run our
finances, and I would really enjoy Paul Cutler running as well, as we
seem to have connected on the path to take for a number of hard
decisions that were made on the Board this year.