Tobias Mueller | 4 May 01:45 2010

Announcing GNOME Board of Directors Foundation Elections Spring 2010

Dear Foundation Members,

As part of the Membership and Elections Committee, I am pleased to
announce the upcoming elections for the Board of Directors in Spring 2010.

The most important deadlines (UTC) in the timeline are the following:

                          *GNOME Board Elections 2010*
                    2010-05-23:  List of candidates closed
                    2010-05-30:  Voting Begins
                    2010-06-13:  Voting Ends
                    2010-06-22:  Challenges End


The seven members of our current Board of Directors are ruling GNOME for
12 month now. We, the GNOME Foundation Members, will have to either
replace or reelect current members.


If you want to run for one of the seven places in the Board of
Directors, send an email to foundation-announce <at> and
elections <at> with your full name, e-mail, corporate affiliation
(if any), and a description of your reasons for wanting to serve as a

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Brian Cameron | 12 May 01:33 2010

Meeting Minutes Published - April 29, 2010

The meeting minutes for the April 29th GNOME Foundation board meeting
is now published.  Refer here:


Other past board meetings are archived here:


-- text of the latest minutes follows --

= Minutes for Meeting of April 29th, 2010 =

== Next Meeting ==

   May 13th, 2010

== Attendance ==

  * Brian Cameron
  * Diego Escalante
  * Jorge Castro (late)
  * Paul Cutler
  * Rosanna Yuen
  * Srinivasa Ragavan
  * Stormy Peters

== Regrets ==

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Paul Cutler | 17 May 16:38 2010

Candidacy: Paul Cutler

Name: Paul Cutler
Email: pcutler at gnome dot org
Nick: pcutler
Affiliation: Novell


Hi, I'm Paul and I've been contributing to GNOME since 2006 in
documentation, marketing and the web team. I have been on the Board for
the last two months having been asked to fill Behdad's term. I think the
GNOME Foundation is doing very well and the future is bright with GNOME
3.0 just around the corner. I want to help promote GNOME 3 and continue
to improve the communication between the Board, the GNOME communities
and GNOME's partners to help GNOME grow.


I first started contributing to GNOME in 2006 working on the web team
and later helping with GNOME Journal and the Annual Report. My primary
passion is writing and improving user help. I maintain a few different
project's user help and I am active in the GNOME Documentation team. I
also help with GNOME Journal, Snowy (Tomboy Online), the marketing team
and the Sysadmin team. When I was asked to join the Board a couple
months ago, it was recommended that I look for someone to help replace
me on the latter two teams, so if you want to help in doing that, please
let me know. :)

Why am I running?

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Jonh Wendell | 19 May 16:25 2010

Candidacy: Jonh Wendell

Name: Jonh Wendell
Email: jwendell <at>
Nick: jwendell
Affiliation: none


I've been using GNOME since 2005 and contributing since 2006.
I love GNOME. I love to spread GNOME. I love to bring new
contributors to GNOME. That's why I'm running for the board
of directors (for the first time).


I contribute to GNOME in

 - code (I maintain 3 modules and often write small patches
  here and there)
 - translating (I do translations and proofreading in the
  pt_BR team)
 - spreading GNOME: I'm always giving talks in Brazil about
  GNOME and how to contribute.
 - kind of coordinate GNOME Brazil: motivating users, managing
  Planet, managing mailing lists, etc

I like to invite and motivate people to contribute. I want
to see the GNOME community growing. I want people to know
what GNOME is. I want to work with Marketing team to help the
spreading of GNOME as a mainstream product. I want to fortify
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Og Maciel | 19 May 16:53 2010

Candidacy: Og Maciel

Name: Og Maciel
Mail: ogmaciel gnome org
Nick: OgMaciel
Affl: rPath Inc <>
Blog: (en_US) / (pt_BR)


The GNOME Project has allowed me to take my first steps into the world
of collaborative projects and long nights of translation sprints. Due
to my open minded attitude, I have been able to get involved in many
different projects and work with a great number of interesting people.

My passion is in the community aspect of these projects and how to
better integrate new comers and volunteers with the rest of the
community. I am also extremely interested in how we, the open source
community as a whole, can leverage this immense pool of ideas and
projects, and use it to the benefit of all.

If elected to the board, I will bring in my experience of building
communities and guiding/enabling users to become more active in the
GNOME Project. After all, the GNOME Project IS about people! I will
also push to make accessibility a high priority for the project.


For the last 60 months I have been deeply involved with the planning
and organization of several open source collaborative projects, mostly
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Brian Cameron | 19 May 20:08 2010

Candidacy: Brian Cameron

Name:        Brian Cameron
Email:       brian.cameron <at>
Nick:        yippi
Affiliation: Oracle (formerly Sun Microsystems, Inc.)

I think it is important for more people to consider running for the
GNOME Foundation board.  It is a great way to contribute to the GNOME
community.  The GNOME Foundation does a lot of work helping to organize
and promote GNOME-related events, so I would especially recommend
people to run who have this sort of experience.


I am running for re-election for a third term on the board.  I am
running not just because I love GNOME, the GNOME community, and free
software; but also because I have experience working on the board and a
good track record of getting things done.


  * I have been a part of the GNOME community since January, 2001 (almost
    10 years!)
  * I have over 18 years of experience as a UNIX programmer and
    technical documentation writer.
  * I am affiliated with Oracle (formerly Sun Microsystems) where I work
    as a senior engineer on the OpenSolaris Desktop team.
  * I have served on the GNOME Foundation board since December, 2008 and
    acted as secretary in the last term.
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Vincent Untz | 20 May 03:49 2010

Call for hosts for Akademy/GUADEC 2011: deadline extended

The KDE and GNOME communities are looking for a host for the Desktop
Summit 2011, the prime free desktop software event in 2011. The Desktop
Summit is the joining of the annual conferences of KDE and GNOME,
following up on the success of the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit. To give
potential hosts some more time to prepare quality proposals, the boards
have decided to extend the submission deadline to June 9th 2010.

For details see the call for hosts [1]. Please send your proposals for
hosting the Desktop Summit 2011 to the boards of KDE e.V.
(kde-ev-board <at> and the GNOME Foundation (board-list <at>
no later than June 9th. Please also feel free to contact us in case of
any questions.




Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.
Brian Cameron | 21 May 20:52 2010

Announcing the GNOME Developing World List

GNOME Community:

I have the pleasure of announcing the GNOME Developing World list.  One
of the GNOME Foundation's high level goals is to work harder to increase
the visibility, promotion and usage of GNOME in the developing world.

This mailing list will provide a forum for people with an interest in
developing a stronger GNOME presence in the developing world.  Topics
will likely include ways to reach out and promote GNOME in regions with
limited access to technology, solving particular needs in the developing
world, and promoting more humanitarian efforts within the GNOME

If you have an interest in participating, please subscribe and join the
discussions!  Refer here for more information:


Emily Chen | 23 May 17:33 2010

Candidacy: Emily Chen

Name:       Yang Emily Chen
Email:        emilychen522 <at>
Nick:          emily
Affiliation:   Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Will become Oracle soon after LEC in China)


Hi, this Emily Chen. I participated in GNOME since 2006. Now I am continue working in GNOME community because I believe in GNOME. I worked on LDTP project in 2006, then participated in Google Summer of Code 2006 and 2007 on GNOME LDTP projects as mentor. In 2008, I started the GNOME.Asia and organized the GNOME.Asia Summit 2008 in China and GNOME.Asia Summit 2009 in Vietnam. Now I am working on the GNOME.Asia 2010, which will be host in Taiwan in August. Also, I start the Beijing GNOME Users Group in Beijing since 2008 Nov. Now Beijing GNOME Users Group is one of the most active organization in Beijing. I want to make GNOME grow in Beijing, China, and Asia, it is meaningful to promote GNOME to more people, especially in Asia, because I see many opportunity and good community here in Asian.


 * I am affiliated with Sun Microsystems China, where I work as a Quality Engineer on the OpenSolaris Desktop team
 * I worked on Mozilla projects and lots of GNOME projects on Solaris as QE
 * I am the founder and president of Beijing GNOME Users Group, our monthly meeting is supported by many companies, like (Intel, Novell, Sun, Google, CS2C, etc). Those company provide venue, gifts and food for our monthly meeting. We also work closely with other communities like: Beijing Linux Users Group, Open Party, Ubuntu Community, Beijing OpenSolaris Users Group, Unix-Center etc.
 * I have attended GUADEC 2007 in UK and GUADEC 2008 in Istanbul
 * I organized GNOME.Asia Summit 2008 and 2009, now preparing the 2010.
 * I live in Beijing China


I have passion in GNOME. I inspired by the people in GNOME, they are smart, creative and enthusiastic. I belive GNOME is a good desktop solution for people all over the world.

If I was selected in the GNOME board, I plan to :
* Encourage more Asian students to participated in GNOME projects. A good platform is GNOME under Google Summer of Code.
* Encourage more people from Asian to join GNOME Foundation, there many many talent and skillful students and engineers in China, but they are not so connected with GNOME, may due to the language barriers and culture difference.
* Continue work on GNOME.Asia and Beijing GNOME Users Group. They are good platform and we should continue to make it grow.
* I want to became the bridge of GNOME Foundation and Asian GNOME community, spread the latest news to Asian, and bring feedback to Foundation.
* I want to share my limited experiences on organizing community events

Finally, my personal reason, I want to learn from senior people in GNOME community. There are lots of skill I still need to learn.

Thank you for considering me.

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Diego Escalante Urrelo | 23 May 22:45 2010

Candidacy: Diego Escalante Urrelo

Name:        Diego Escalante Urrelo
Email:       diegoe <at>
Nick:        diegoe
Affiliation: Igalia S.L.

    I'm Diego, 22, from good old Lima - Perú. I've been involved
    since 2006, I've contributed with code, bug triaging, accounts
    administration, promotion with/at events, organization, Board, etc.

    I love GNOME and our community, it's awesome :).

Motivation for this period
    I think I've gathered important experience from my time on the
    Board; I contribute more, and better, as time passes.

    For this period I'm interested in new opportunities for GNOME to get
    more funding, supporting new hackfests, keeping a close relationship
    with our worldwide community and improving our marketing.

    I look forward to also keep doing a good job following up with
    topics, assuming more roles and transfering experience to new Board

What I did this period in the Board
    * Worked on the GNOME Women Outreach Program[0] with Marina and
    Stormy, should launch soon (you are welcome to help!)

    * Launched Foundation IRC meetings.

    * Defined the work flow for hackfests and put together the New
    Hackfest howto[1]

    * Started an internal+periodical 360° review process for the
    Board with Stormy.

    * In general I have tried to follow discussed issues closely,
    giving timely feedback and also trying to get opinions from people
    outside the Board (when possible).

    * Outside the Board I try to be involved in discussions on
    mailing lists, lately in the marketing list. I've even tried to 
    control some flames. I've also helped Stormy and Ruben
    maintaining the twitter/ accounts.

Thanks for reading and considering me!

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