Owen Taylor | 17 Apr 15:48 2009

Changes to the System Adminstration Team

GNOME Foundation members,

We'd like to announce a formal system administration team. GNOME has
long had an informal sysadmin team that has managed the gnome.org
services. Putting this team on a more formal basis similar to the GNOME
Release Team will allow us to involve and recognize contributors more
effectively, and better coordinate with other parts of the GNOME

The team will be coordinated by a paid part-time system administrator.
John Carr has kindly offered to act as a coordinator to get the team
going on an interim basis and Codethink is generously donating his time.
However, we need your help to make this work long term.

In order to continue our current community plans and hire a system
administrator, we'd like to raise $50,000 through Friends of GNOME.
Thanks to our generous community members we have already received over
$5,000 this year. In addition, Google has put in $5,000 and Canonical
has offered to match the next $10,000. So we are 40% of the way there

Now we need your help! Please show your support for the GNOME project
and give to http://www.gnome.org/friends.

The GNOME Sysadmin Team, Board of Directors, and Board of Advisers

About the System Administration Team

The system administration team is responsible for setting up new
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Luis Villa | 20 Apr 20:05 2009

GNOME Board statement on GNOME 3.0 plan

Hi, all-
The Board would like to thank the GNOME Release Team for their recent
work laying out a plan to move towards GNOME 3.0. While we realize
that there is still a lot of work to be done by the community and
release team in terms of fleshing out/clarifying the plan, and then
actually implementing it, we're excited to see the Release Team taking
on a leadership role and pushing this important work forward.

The board and Foundation will actively support the plan. In particular
will we work with the Foundation's partners to ensure that they can
help provide more ideas, more leadership, and more resources to the

More than anything else, we expect that this will produce great
software- and so we really look forward to using GNOME 3.0.

Thanks, on behalf of the board-
john palmieri | 30 Apr 19:58 2009

2009 Current Year Budget

Dear Foundation Members,

Attached is the 2009 budget put together by Stormy.  Due to the economy our budget shows us eating into the surplus quite a bit.  While we will remain solvent for 2009, it is a burn rate we will not be able to sustain in 2010 barring changes in funding level and/or reduction of ongoing expenditures.  Those decisions will be made as the year progresses and we have a more complete picture of where we will be come December.  As I have said we are in good shape for this year but we need to look to the future in order to find ways to best serve our members.

On behalf of the board,
John (J5) Palmieri

Attachment (GNOME 2009 budget - w actuals - 0903v4.ods): application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet, 36 KiB
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john palmieri | 30 Apr 20:02 2009

The GNOME Foundation Needs Your Help

Dear Foundation members,

The 2009 yearly budget has been released.  For the past couple of years the GNOME Foundation has been running a healthy surplus in contributions.  As a result, year after year we have been expanding GNOME related activities and events.  Last year we had the opportunity to further increase the Foundation's value to its members by hiring the highly respected Stormy Peters as our Executive Director.  When that decision was made no one could have predicted the global economic downturn and the impact it would have on our industry. 

While Stormy has managed to get a number of new corporate sponsors and we have enough to keep paying her for this current budget cycle, we are still projecting that without a significant influx of steady contributions we will be unable to keep an Executive Director on the payroll without cutting into the activities budget.

As the economy persists on this roller coaster of ups and downs, the Foundation is rolling with the punches and looking for ways to best serve our members.  While we can look at this downturn as a time to tighten our belts, I would much rather look at this as an opportunity for the community to take a stake in the future of the Foundation and show that we are not exclusively reliant on corporate coffers to grow GNOME.

If you haven't donated in the past, now is the time to start by becoming a Friend of GNOME or donating at any of the contribution levels.  If you do currently donate to GNOME, look to see if you can contribute a tiny bit more on a monthly basis.  Every little bit helps.  Remember these funds go to programs like hackfests and putting on local conferences. It also goes to paying for our staff of two who along with the part time and overworked board construct the strategies for facilitating the growth of GNOME.

The Foundation has served us well over the years and will continue to serve us regardless of the outcome of the current economic climate.  The real tragedy would be to no longer have the funds to retain Stormy's services. Stormy's contributions in kicking our butts to finish ongoing projects as well as start new ones and bringing in new streams of funding are remarkable in themselves, and even more so in the current climate. Losing Stormy now would be sort of like having this shiny new plane but neglecting to build the runway long enough for it to take off.  The best of what Stormy has to offer has yet to be seen. I can tell you for a fact that without her the Foundation will be less effective in its mission.

Please go to the Friends of GNOME site at http://www.gnome.org/friends/ to donate.  We need your ongoing support.  Donations allow us to accelerate the adoption and development of GNOME while our paid staff allows us to be more effective with those donations.  Whatever you can give will ensure the continued good works of the GNOME Foundation.

Thanks on behalf of the Board,
John (J5) Palmieri
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