Luis Villa | 21 Apr 00:18 2008

Minutes for Directors Meeting of Feb. 13th, 2008

(My apologies for the lag in delivering these; it had completely
slipped my mind as the semester got more intense. Several more are on
the way this evening.)

= Minutes for Meeting of Feb. 13th, 2008 =

== Next Meeting ==

Feb. 27th

== Attendance ==

 * Luis
 * Lucas
 * Brian
 * Behdad
 * J5
 * Vincent

=== Regrets ===

 * Jeff

== Minutes ==

=== Old items ===

 * '''insurance''': ACTION: Brian to put remaining questions for
insurance forms in wiki so that rest of board can help fill them out.
[DONE; other board members have edited.]
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Luis Villa | 21 Apr 00:19 2008

Minutes for Directors Meeting of Feb. 27th, 2008

(My apologies for the late delivery of these, as noted in the previous email.)

= Minutes for Meeting of Feb. 27, 2008 =

== Next Meeting ==

Mar. 12, 2008

== Attendance ==

 * Lucas
 * Vincent
 * Brian
 * J5
 * Behdad
 * Jeff
 * Zana

=== Regrets ===

 * Luis

== Minutes ==

=== Old items ===

 * '''insurance''': board members have edited answers in the wiki.
STATUS: Brian: some remaining questions to answer before we can submit
to agent.  Some hard questions: what events do we want to cover?  We
need to list them in advance. DECISION: discuss more and decide at
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Luis Villa | 21 Apr 00:25 2008

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting, Mar. 26th, 2008

(Apology as per last two minutes. This is the last one tonight;
minutes of the Apr. 9th meeting will be finalized and sent out in the
next few days.)

= Minutes for Meeting of Mar. 26th, 2008 =

== Note on meeting of 3/12 ==

Because of a variety of travel and other conflicts, no meeting was
held on Mar. 12th.

== Next Meeting ==

April 9th

== Attendance ==

 * Brian
 * J5
 * Vincent

=== Regrets ===

 * Behdad
 * Luis

=== Missing ===

 * Jeff
 * Lucas
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Behdad Esfahbod | 22 Apr 19:04 2008

Call for hosts for GUADEC 2009

Call for hosts for GUADEC 2009

The GNOME Foundation invites proposals to host GUADEC, the annual GNOME
conference, during the Summer of 2009.  GUADEC is the biggest gathering
of GNOME users and developers and includes a three-day conference, the
annual general meeting of the members of the GNOME Foundation, and a
week of coding, meeting, and discussing.

For the first time we also invite proposals to hold GUADEC and Akademy,
the KDE community conference, at the same time, in the same location.
Proposals should detail plans for hosting up to 800 attendees, with
separate facilities available for Akademy and GUADEC planned sessions.

The conferences should be held independently, in the same location, with
facilities available for joint sessions of interest to both communities.
A co-hosted event would constitute one of the largest events on the
planet dedicated to free software on the desktop.

Proposals for GUADEC-only should be sent to board <at>, proposals
for a co-hosted event should be sent to kde-ev-board <at> as well.
Deadline for proposals is June 15th.

Key points which proposals should consider, and which will be taken into
account when deciding among candidates, are:

  * Local community support for hosting the conference
  * The availability and cost of travel from major European cities
  * The availability of sufficient low-cost accommodation
  * The budget for infrastructure and facilities required to hold the
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Behdad Esfahbod | 22 Apr 20:10 2008

KDE e.V. and the GNOME Foundation to co-host flagship conferences

The boards of KDE e.V. and the GNOME Foundation have issued a call to
co-host Akademy and GUADEC, the flagship conferences of the KDE and
GNOME projects respectively, during the Summer of 2009.

This would be the first time that the conferences are to be co-hosted.
The combined conference is expected to have around 800 attendees, being
one of the biggest meetings of free software developers in the world.
The content of the conferences will be organized independently, with a
number of co-ordinated cross-over sessions with appeal to all attendees.

Both organizations have noted, however, that proposals to host the
conferences independently are invited as well. The decision about the
events will be made in collaboration of the KDE e.V. and the GNOME
Foundation based on the suitability of the available proposals.

Read the full release:
Domingo González | 22 Apr 20:20 2008

GUADEMY 2008: Final program and online participation


The final program of GUADEMY and more information is available in this link:

To enable participation of all people in GUADEMY 2008, we are going to
broadcast the event through video streaming, and we have configured a
Jabber room as a return channel for enable the online participation in
the discussions.

Friday, 25 April 2008

* GUADEMY 2008 Inaugural Ceremony
* Introduction Forum: current state and objectives
* QtWebKit
by Mr. Holger FREYTHER (FU-Berlin)
* Novell GNOME-KDE sharing project GNOME/KDE sharing and
by Mr. Rodrigo MOYA (GNOME Hispano); Mr. Will STEPHENSON (Novell, KDE)
* specifications: are they boring?
by Mr. Vincent UNTZ (Novell, GNOME)
* Developing on GNU
by Mr. Aleix POL (KDE)

Saturday, 26 April 2008

* The future of Free Software graphical toolkits
by Mr. Carlos GARNACHO (Imendio AB); Mr. Holger FREYTHER (FU-Berlin); *
* Metadata management in desktop
by Mr. Ivan FRADE (Nokia)
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