Bill Haneman | 1 Nov 03:21 2002

Throwing my hat into the ring...

Hi everybody:

This is an email to announce my "self-nomination" for the GNOME

I want to serve on the Board not because I am looking for something to
fill my idle time ;-), but because I believe that I have something to 
offer to the Board.

Why should you vote for me?  Well, besides being a very active full-time
contributor to GNOME, I believe that each core GNOME project area (such
as Usability, Documentation, Internationalization, etc.) should be
represented on the Board.  As the primary coordinator and a major code 
contributor to the Accessibility project, I think that I would be the
right person to represent this group.

At the same time I want to assure everyone that if elected to serve on
the Board, I won't wear only my Accessibility hat; I pledge to take a
big-picture view of GNOME's interests as a Board member.  This applies
doubly with respect to my role as a Sun employee; my membership on the
Board would clearly be as an individual contributor, and not as a "Sun
representative".  I do think however that it is desirable for the
Board's membership to include employees of the major 
"corporate" contributors to GNOME, so that the GNOME community 
as a whole and the various corporate GNOME groups can communicate 
openly and effectively about the interplay between commercial and 
non-commercial interests in GNOME, to help iron out concerns that may 
arise.  I also believe that such members can provide valuable feedback 
about the use of GNOME in the "enterprise" environment and other 
environments which differ from the single-user Linux environment.  
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Mike Newman | 2 Nov 15:17 2002

Candidacy Announcement

Name:		Mike Newman
Email:		mike <at>
Affiliation:	None

I'd like to propose myself as a candidate for the 2002 election to the
board of the GNOME Foundation.

I'll start by saying I am not a hacker in any sense of the word. I
served on the Membership & Elections committee for over a year, and
prior to my resignation was chair of that committee. I've contributed a
great deal of time and effort to supporting GNOME users via IRC in the
past, and have a particular interest in pushing GNOME to the non-profit
and government sectors, particularly in the EU and UK.

I'm standing because:

- I'm a firm believer in GNOME democracy and want to work to maintain
this. Whilst corporate involvement brings many benefits to GNOME we must
guard against some of its drawbacks.

- I believe that the board should have a non-hacker/administrative
element to balance the non-technical decision making necessary in
running what is a growing organisation with increasing responsibility.

- I also believe that a European element to the board is essential. I
would ideally like to see a more diverse geographical representation on
the board - reflecting the many places GNOME is used.

- I am committed to transparent decision making, and the board being
accessible and accountable to the Foundation Membership in all matters.
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Glynn Foster | 2 Nov 21:30 2002

Candidacy Announcement

Name: 	Glynn Foster
Email:	glynn.foster <at>
Aff:	Sun Microsystems

GNOME is going to be the next big thing - it's just a matter of time in
my mind. I've been on this incredible rollercoaster for the past 2
years, while working for Sun. In the last year, the project has been
making some absolutely amazing progress and certainly the continued
energy and enthusiasm from contributors right around the globe has
motivated me almost every day. We've come too far to stop now....we're
just getting to the exciting bit where we loop-the-loop. It's way better
than a love boat, right??

It's been really wonderful to see how the various groups [Usability,
Accessibility, Release, Documentation and Translation] within GNOME have
evolved since I've been working on the project. Without their tireless
work, GNOME wouldn't be where it is today.

Which is why I believe that the Board is still an important body within
GNOME. I believe we need a group to help nuture communication wherever
it breaks down, help provide resources whenever something extra is
needed and to spread the word about how great this project is. Most
importantly, having a group of people who are passionate about GNOME,
who desperately want to see the project grow and mature and, in time,

This year, I want to see an active Board. A Board full of motivated
people bringing an endless list of ideas and goals for the project.

I want to bring a stronger sense of communication to the Board and would
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Bastien Nocera | 3 Nov 21:32 2002

Candidacy Announcement

Name:           Bastien Nocera
Email:          hadess <at>
Affiliation:    Red Hat

I'd like to announce myself as a candidate for the 2002 election to the
board of the GNOME Foundation.

I've been a GNOME developer for more than 2 years now, starting as an
independant application developer, and finding myself more and more
involved in work on the core desktop.

I have never before been part of such a board, but I understand the
requisites for such a position, and will do everything to represent the
people voting for me.



/Bastien Nocera
Malcolm Tredinnick | 4 Nov 04:38 2002

Candidacy Announcement

Name:		Malcolm Tredinnick
Email:		malcolm <at>
Affiliation: 	None

I would like to nominate myself as a candidate for the board of the GNOME

I started playing with GNOME as a user back in early 1999 (just before 1.0 came
out, from memory) and began to contribute as a bug fixer and general nuisance
on mailing lists and IRC in mid-2000.

Currently most of my contributions are in the fields of helping out on a lot of
GNOME mailing lists and writing developer documentation. I have done a
reasonable amount of API documentation, along with writing a couple of
standalone documents aimed at helping developers use and distribute GNOME more
easily. I am interested in seeing GNOME continue to be pitched as viable
desktop platform to professional developers and would like to see more events
such as Sun's developer courses and the professional tutorials planned for next
year's GUADEC, along with online, self-teaching material for learning GNOME
development (a.k.a documentation). We seem to have reached the point where
GNOME is becoming a beautiful desktop, now we have to make it easy to install,
build and develop applications for.

I have some experience serving on large and small committees, including those
that influence events at a national level. Although I am not always bang
alongside the current development philosophy of GNOME at the detail level, that
does not seem relevant to the board's role and I can certainly set aside my
qualms to support the bigger picture.

If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?
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Michael Meeks | 4 Nov 10:59 2002

Candidacy: Michael Meeks

	I'm standing because too few hackers seem to have done so; I'm also
proud[1] to be affiliated with Ximian.

And now the pitch to drive the voters away screaming:

* Pushing for closer integration with other parts of the desktop;
  OpenOffice particularly.

* Ensuring that Gnome stays a Meritocracy, where ones influence is 
  proportional to ones hard, measurable contribution - code, i18n,
  artwork, etc. both past, present and future.

* Keeping our vision wider than a file manager and control panel, and
  on a complete Free software desktop.

* Ensuring the hackers make the coding / code inclusion decisions, the 
  artists make the art / art inclusion decisions, the UI team decide
  the UI, the i18n team in charge of i18n, and the release team in
  charge of co-ordinating releases.

	And to people who accuse me of electioneering I say:

	 "Vote for me !"



[1] - pride is a sin[2]; good word though, 'thankful' is perhaps better.
[2] - perhaps a Gnome song starting "It's hard to be humble ..."
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Daniel Veillard | 4 Nov 16:28 2002

Candidacy (Daniel Veillard)

Name:                   Daniel Veillard
Email:                  veillard <at>
Corporate Affiliation:  Red Hat, Inc.


I am French, long time Gnomer and Linux addict, maintainer of
libxml, libxslt and rpmfind. I served on the Gnome Board for two
years and I am used to non-profit organizations and the negociations
needed to reach consensus in a group. I will focuse on the reuse
of standards, internationalization and keeping trust relationship at an
individual level. I think those are needed to keep hacking on Gnome fun
and getting acceptance in new communities. Growing the foundation to
get acceptance by program developpers is the next challenge of the Board.

Full candidacy statement:

  Here are some of the points which I think make my candidacy relevant
considering the work expected to be done in the Gnome Foundation Board:

   - I think I know the Gnome project well, I came in shortly after
     meeting the group during Linux Expo 98 and served on the board since
     it's creation.
   - I have some experience in non-profit organizations, I co-founded
     the first French Linux User Group (Guilde), used to be a W3C 
     employee for 5 years, and served on the Gnome Board for the last
     two years.
   - I don't know if I am an hacker but I am definitely a coder, I am not
     a GUI expert but I designed and wrote libxml and libxslt, I also
     designed and maintain the rpmfind servers and client code. I hold
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James Henstridge | 4 Nov 16:42 2002

Candidacy: James Henstridge

Name: James Henstridge
Email: james <at>
Affiliation: None
(jamesh on #gnome)

I am announcing myself as a candidate for the 2002 elections of the 
GNOME Foundation board of directors.

I have been hacking on GNOME since 1998, ranging from language bindings 
(I maintain the Python bindings for GNOME), to platform libraries 
(libglade, and contributions to other libraries) and applications.  I 
was elected at the previous elections, and am currently serving on the 
Foundation board.

I am active in the GNOME language bindings community, having helped 
define some of the standards shared by a number of the GNOME language 
bindings, and have helped a number of other authors develop their bindings.

I have also been working on various widgets in libegg that will feature 
in future GNOME platform libraries.

At the last elections, I promised to make it difficult to schedule 
conference calls.  George will probably agree that I kept this promise.



Email: james <at>              |
WWW: | Jan 22-25   Perth, Western Australia. 
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Jeff Waugh | 4 Nov 18:54 2002

Candidacy: Jeff Waugh

  Name: Jeff Waugh
  Mail: jdub <at> / jdub <at>
  Nick: jdub
  Affl: None

Here's my foray into the jaws of democracy (again), or at least my
nomination as candidate for the GNOME Foundation Board elections.

The "Who Am I?" bit:

  - I am an Australian Free Software activist

    My passion for Free Software was borne from experience of and disgust
    for the information technology industry a few years ago. A friend put me
    onto some high quality software that I could read and learn from, and I
    subsequently found out about the community of hackers and contributors
    writing software for fun, education and each other's praise. It renewed
    by interest in computing, I got hooked, and it has changed my life. :-)

  - I am the GNOME Release Co-ordinator

    Over the past year, I have worked on GNOME release management, as one
    small part of the awesome GNOME Release Team. During this time, we have
    earned the trust of the GNOME developer community, madly hand-waved the
    GNOME 2.0 project back on track, and brought strong co-operation and
    "the love" back to the project after a short hiatus. It has required an
    interesting combination of skills, from cheer-leading and Maciej-style
    police brutality to subtle diplomacy and 'networking'.

  - I contribute to other GNOME activities
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Jim.Gettys | 4 Nov 19:14 2002

Candidacy: Jim Gettys

Name:			Jim Gettys
Email:			Jim.Gettys <at>
Corporate Affiliation: 	Hewlett-Packard Company


I'm announcing myself as a candidate for the 2002 elections of the
GNOME Foundation board of directors.

The largest value I bring to Gnome is one of perspective to the operation 
of a number of different styles of organizations. Specifically, GNOME 
needs to continue to be open to contributions of all sorts, whether code, 
or translations, or web work, to UI design and graphics, to name a few.

While I don't currently write Gnome code itself, I do hack on the X Window 
System, as I have for a long time; most recently on the RandR extension.  
I've been on the Gnome board the last two years.

Full statement:

I've seen the damage done when open source organizations are not
fully open; this previously greatly damaged the X community, and we must
continue to reach out both to people interested in contributing to Gnome,
but also to other related projects.  Gnome itself cannot succeed if it
takes a parochial view of its mission, but must work well with other
groups (e.g. KDE) and projects (name your favorite configuration headache
here) if it is to succeed. 

I've also been working the font issue for Gnome and the larger community.  
I hope to be able to say alot more very soon on this front.
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