Fabiana Simões | 21 May 11:36 2015

GNOME Board of Directors Foundation Elections 2015 - Candidates

Hello Foundation Members,

It's that time of the year again! I'm happy to announce the following
candidates for this year's Board of Directors elections:

* Alexandre Franke

* Allan Day

* Andrea Veri

* Carlos Soriano

* Christian Hergert

* Cosimo Cecchi

* Ekaterina Gerasimova

* Jeff Fortin Tam

* Josh Triplett
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Ryan Lortie | 18 May 22:43 2015

Board of Directors Elections 2015 - Candidacy - Ryan Lortie


I am announcing my candidacy for the board of directors.

If elected, this would be my second time on the board.

I have been a GNOME developer during many years, mostly on lower-level

I am currently affiliated with Canonical where I am in the desktop team,
mostly in context of working on the GNOME technologies that are also
used in our products.

I am happy to answer any questions that you may have about how I would
represent you on the board of directors.

Ekaterina Gerasimova | 19 May 00:06 2015

Board of Directors Elections 2015 - Candidacy - Ekaterina Gerasimova

Hello Foundation members,

I am announcing my candidacy for the board of directors. If elected,
this will be my third term. I have been on the board since 2013, and
contributing for a few years longer. I am currently the documentation
team lead, a member of the Travel Committee, as well as the Foundation

I work for Collabora, although my work there is not currently directly
related to my contributions in GNOME.

I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have about what
I would bring to the board.

Shaun McCance | 18 May 22:29 2015

Board of Directors Elections 2015 - Shaun McCance

Name: Shaun McCance
Email: shaunm <at> gnome.org
Affiliation: Red Hat

Foundation Members,

I'm announcing my candidacy for the board of directors. I'm a long-time
GNOME developer and enthusiast, because I believe GNOME does important
work in ensuring free software is usable for everybody. I spent ten
years as the docs team lead. I've stepped down from that role, but I
still maintain our docs tools and try to remain active.

I work for Red Hat, though I do not work in the department that works on
GNOME. I work on the Open Source and Standards team as the Community
Documentation Liaison. Basically, my job is to build communities around
documentation in various upstream open source projects.

I served two terms on the board already, from 2011 to 2013. I'd like to
serve again. The board does important work. It's not always glamorous,
but board work is an important piece of the puzzle for maintaining a
healthy ecosystem around GNOME. I think the activities of the current
board have proven just how vital the board is to GNOME.

It also showed just how overtaxed the board has become in the absence of
an Executive Director. If elected, my first priority will be to bring a
new Executive Director on board. I understand there are difficulties in
hiring somebody new, as well as financial considerations. I'm willing to
hunt down those yaks for a good clean shave.

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Jeff Fortin Tam | 18 May 19:02 2015

Board of Directors Elections 2015 - Candidacy - Jeff Fortin Tam

Name: Jean-François Fortin Tam
Email: nekohayo at gmail
Affiliation: unaffiliated
Web/bio/blog/etc.: http://jeff.ecchi.ca

Hi everybody,

I am offering my candidacy to serve on the Foundation Board for a second term.

I have been involved in various areas of GNOME since 2004 or so, including testing, triaging, marketing, mentoring, coding, public speaking and advocacy, user interaction & UX design, etc. I am a business developer and manager. Besides running my branding & management consulting company, I have been serving you as president of the board since last year. A report on activities accomplished during that time can be found here: http://jeff.ecchi.ca/blog/2015/05/07/presidents-report-the-state-of-the-gnome-foundation/

With the experience gained throughout the years, I hope to continue serving GNOME to the best of my abilities.

You can learn more about me on my personal website above.

Thank you for your consideration,
Jean-François "Jeff" Fortin Tam
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Allan Day | 18 May 14:35 2015

Board of Directors Elections 2015 - Candidacy - Allan Day

Foundation Members,

I'm announcing my candidacy for the Foundation Board of Directors election.

I have worked on the GNOME Project for around 6 years, first as a volunteer, and currently as a Red Hat employee. I've always been deeply appreciative of the work done by the Board of Directors; now seems like a good time for me to help out in this important area.

As a member of the Board, I would work to ensure that the Foundation is both efficient and effective. I'm pretty good when it comes to organisational matters, and tend to get things done. One of my main interests would be to ensure that we successfully engage our Advisory Board members, as well as develop new partnerships wherever possible.

Also, I think that I have good awareness of where GNOME's strengths and weaknesses are right now - which would be helpful if I'm elected.


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Alexandre Franke | 18 May 12:06 2015

Board of Directors Elections 2015 - Candidacy - Alexandre Franke

Name: Alexandre Franke
Affiliation: none

Foundation members,

I have been involved in many areas of GNOME over the past decade,
amongst which are advocacy, translations and GUADEC organization. It
has given me a good overview of how the different areas and teams
within the Foundation function, as well as many occasions to exercise
my coordination, organisational and problem solving skills. I have
enjoyed my time working on GNOME and would like to use what I have
learnt to contribute on a higher level.

Being on the board is not a piece of cake and our past directors have
done a good job. I am now humbly presenting my candidacy, hoping that
I'll be able to serve as well as others have done in the past.



Alexandre Franke
GNOME Hacker
Andrea Veri | 17 May 23:27 2015

Board of Directors Elections 2015 - Candidacy - Andrea Veri

Name: Andrea Veri
Email: av <at> gnome.org
Affiliation: No Affiliation

Foundation Members,

this past year has been challenging for the Board of Directors - just 
to remind the most demanding items: from the Groupon trademark infringement
handling to the Outreach Program for Women outsourcing to the Software 
Freedom Conservancy - and I'm extremely proud to have had a chance to 
contribute to the success of the GNOME Foundation providing my 
feedback on both the legal and technical fields when issues arised.

I'm also glad to have served as the Secretary of the Board providing high 
detailed meeting minutes, answering Foundation member's questions 
privately and generally making sure the Foundation membership as a 
whole was informed of what the Board was up to in a timely manner.

That said, I'm happy to announce my candidacy to the Board of 
Directors for a second term.





Debian Developer,
Fedora / EPEL packager,
GNOME Sysadmin Team Coordinator,
GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee Chairman

Homepage: http://www.gnome.org/~av
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Josh Triplett | 17 May 22:11 2015

Board of Directors Elections 2015 - Candidacy - Josh Triplett

Name: Josh Triplett
Email: josh <at> joshtriplett.org or jtriplett <at> gnome.org
Affiliation: Intel, but not speaking for Intel or wearing my Intel hat
             except when explicitly stated as such.

I've been a Free Software developer for 15 years, and a GNOME user since
the early 1.x days, running GNOME with Sawfish and Window Maker.  I've
seen the transition to 2.0, with its massive improvements in usability
and sensible defaults (especially by 2.2 and 2.4 when the zeal towards
change tempered a bit), as well as the crowd of people saying the sky
was falling and that they were switching to another environment.  I've
seen the transition to 3.0, with its massive improvement in usability
and user experience (especially by 3.2 and 3.4 when the zeal towards
change tempered a bit), as well as the crowd of people saying the sky is
falling and that they are switching to another environment.

I run and depend on GNOME 3 every day, and it's one of the few projects
whose release notes I eagerly anticipate to hear about the next dose of
awesome coming my way.

I originally got involved with GNOME development as part of working on
OpenOffice.org; GNOME hosted the cross-distribution "ooo-build"
patchset, which later became go-oo and then LibreOffice.  My first FOSS
contribution was to make OO.o build without the then-proprietary Java.

I'm primarily a plumbing developer; I work on the Linux kernel,
low-level libraries and daemons, and distribution glue.  I'm a prolific
bug reporter for several projects, often with patches; I like working to
get bugs fixed rather than worked around, even when working around them
would be easier or require changes in fewer places.

More recently, I've worked on several policy issues: I worked with
Sriram Ramkrishna and Andrea Veri to help address the Groupon issue, and
I wrote what is now the GNOME Foundation's official policy for depicting
GNOME in film/video.  I enjoy working on policy and enablement issues in
addition to development.  As with my goal of seeing bugs fixed rather
than worked around, I prefer to tackle difficult policy issues head-on
rather than avoiding them.  If elected as a Board member, I plan to take
that as "here's your mop and plunger, get to work".

GNOME has a difficult challenge ahead, carefully balancing the goals of
the GNOME user community, the GNOME developer community, the broader
community of people using and building on GNOME technologies, and the
ultimate goal of building the best possible Free Software desktop
environment.  In the GNOME 3 timeframe especially, GNOME often helps
drive improvements in the full stack, from the kernel on up, and vice
versa.  This makes it possible for GNOME to tackle difficult technical
goals that could not be solved with changes to GNOME alone.  However, it
also requires increased collaboration among plumbing developers, as
those components must serve the needs of many different users and
environments.  In addition, GNOME's own components are increasingly used
in environments other than GNOME, requiring the same improvements to

I look forward to helping GNOME better address this and other

- Josh Triplett
Magdalen Berns | 17 May 19:05 2015

Board of Directors Elections 2015 - Candidacy - Magdalen Berns

Name: Magdalen Berns
Affiliation: GSoC, The Scottish National Party (SNP), University of Edinburgh

Dear Foundation Members,

I currently maintain the java-atk-wrapper and I have been an accessibility contributor at GNOME since 2013. I would like to put my hat in for the directors election this year, because I believe that GNOME is in a great position to set the bar for GNU/Linux desktop accessibility and more generally, I feel I am able to contribute progressive ideas towards developing GNOME’s infrastructure with a view to helping it grow as an autonomous non-profit organisation.

An atmosphere where the contributors are made to feel supported and valued, is one that is more able to constructively motivate productivity; so as an elected director, I would strive to best represent your views by being open, direct, approachable, communicative and accountable in seeking feedback on matters which may arise throughout the term.

Please feel free to fire any questions you may have about my candidacy to the list and I will do my best to answer comprehensively.

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Christian Hergert | 16 May 23:25 2015

Board of Directors Elections 2015 - Candidacy - Christian Hergert

Name ...... : Christian Hergert
Email ..... : chergert <at> gnome.org
Affiliation : No Affiliation

Foundation Members,

Over the years, I have watched our Board of Directors knowing that
someday I wanted to contribute on that level. This past year has been
an incredible experience for me and I owe that to all of you. I want
to continue by serving as a board member on your behalf.

I've been quite satisfied with our Board of Directors over the years.
Keeping momentum is not an easy task. I think I can help bring this to
our Board and to our Community at large.

Therefore, I am both humbled and excited to announce my candidacy for
the Board of Directors.

Peace, Love, GNOME!

-- Christian

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