Gabriel Rauter | 14 Jun 20:40 2016

Survey: Relevance of Configuration Systems in Free and Open Source Software

Dear developers, contributors and caretakers of free and open source software.
If you are involved in the development of free and open source software (FLOSS) you are the person we are looking for.

It would be a great help if you take this survey:

It will be available till 18.07.2016 (anywhere on earth).

For every thoroughly and not anonymously finished survey € 40 cent will be donated to one of the following organizations of your choice:

For every thoroughly and not anonymously finished survey € 40 (at least € 200 in total) cent will be donated.
The donation goes to one organisation of your choice.
You need to enter your e-mail address to participate.
Then you can select between following projects:

- LimeSurvey (LimeService, kindly hosts this survey)
- SPI (General Donation: 0 A.D., LibreOffice, Debian, ArchLinux, …)
- Mozilla (Firefox)
- Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia)

So if you know anyone suited for this survey please feel free to share it.

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Aditya Mehra | 14 Jun 09:45 2016

Gnome Shell Extension Dev - Searching for Webkit Support

Hi All,

I am currently working on the development of Mycroft Ai Gnome Shell Extension for Gnome Shell, I have currently released version 0.1 of the extension which is available at: I am currently trying to improve on the extension and am looking for help with Webkit webview implementation in gnome shell extension. I am unable to find any documentation which states support for Webkit in gnome shell extensions, could anyone please guide me on where I can find any relevant documentation for the same.

Additionally i have tried importing webkit using tutorial


  const Webkit =; 

  this._webView = new Webkit.WebView ();


with errors: Object is of type Webkit.WebView - cannot convert to ClutterActor. Is there any specific method to call the webview in clutter ?

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赵冲 | 12 Mar 04:03 2016

[GSoc 2016]GNOME Logs: search improvements

Hi DavidKing
    I'm a student from Peking University of China and I'm very interested in the project GNOME Logs. 
    I have used GTK+ lib to develop project for one year and a half and hope to participate your project. 
    So I hope to get more information about it.

yours sincerely.
Chong Zhao
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btolksdorf | 3 Mar 22:38 2016

Fw: new important message



New message, please read


btolksdorf <at>

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Martin | 28 Feb 17:48 2016

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