Michael Meeks | 5 Aug 12:14 2002

GB is dead, long live Mono.

Hi guys,

	As many of you know GB is deprecated in favour of Mono, and Mono Basic,
see http://www.go-mono.com. Mono is making exciting progress, and is
where the future of a compatible Basic on Linux lies.

	I'm shutting this list, since it now serves no useful purpose.

	Thanks for your interest in Gnome Basic.




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Kang Jeong-Hee | 24 Apr 20:54 2002

invoke gb as module of big suite?

I'm planning to make browser engine.
gnome-basic is vb interpreter module in the suite.

what I expect to be best is:
	gathering script text from web page
	by filtering <script language="vb"> tag.
and give the script text to gb
to return result the script made.

but this moment is not the time yet.
I've gotta build fundamental page parsing system first,
and gb of cvs not finish compile for me, with error:
../gb/.libs/libgb.al(gb-lex.lo): In function `parse_basic':
/home/Keizi/src/cvs/gb/gb/gb-lex.c:300: undefined reference to `gb_is_function'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

btw, what I exactly want to know is this:
	gb is fit to module of big suite in this stage of development?
	or is that possible in the future?