RoseW | 22 Oct 20:24 2014

Year End Audit-from a printed format

Local volunteer service club- a horticultural group in Ontario, Canada
Year end audited as a volunteer service by retired accountant.
Nov 2014 is the year end month.

Last year I took my laptop and left it with this volunteer accountant 
plus I printed out reports/ledgers
I discovered his first choice is not a computer accounting structure.
He used the data received and re-entered into his own spreadsheet 
structure. It is not a huge amount of data.
This year I am just preparing to print out all records.

The feature of closing the books was used to collect the 2013 data and 
zero out the totals
I set the chequing account ledger to display split entries, filtered on 
this accounting year and printed the pages.
The split entry displays the specific expense or income account.
This accountant matches each entry against a receipt/invoice.

1. The split entry has the chequing account show the reconciled tag but 
the offset account is not displaying as reconciled. Is that the routine?
2. Is it recommended to also print out the individual expense accounts 
or is the chequing account sufficient?
3. Chart of Accounts: I cannot see a procedure for printing the list of 

Since this is a local volunteer service club with a past history of 
writing entries into a journal - in a ledger style, not a bookkeeping 
style- I'm also considering the print out record sheets as the physical 
feature to pass on to a future treasurer.
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Greg Feneis | 22 Oct 15:00 2014

How to update Win7 2.6.3 to 2.6.4?

Hi Folks,

I'm a Win7-64 user with GnuCash 2.6.3 installed and it works fine.
Recently I was at and noticed the latest stable release is
2.6.4 and wanted to upgrade, so 2 questions:

1.  How to upgrade?  Do I need to uninstall 2.6.3 first, or if I
install 2.6.4, does it automatically upgrade any existing GnuCash
installations?  Or?

2.  I've tried downloading 2.6.4 from the link

twice and each time I try to run it I get a warning that the file is
corrupted and I need to download it again.


Kind Regards,

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Les | 21 Oct 22:49 2014

Mac OSX Yosemite

I have been notified that there is an upgrade to the above version
(10.10).  I am wondering whether any one has done this upgrade and if
there were any issues related to GC.

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Robert Mosher | 21 Oct 03:41 2014

Importing Split Transactions

I'm looking to import a transaction that splits to several different
sub-accounts into GnuCash. What is the format for such an import file? I've
been unable to find documentation on this. CSV would be the easiest for me
to generate. Though I understand CSV requires specifying the meaning of
each column on each import. If this is avoidable that would be preferable.

If you're curious about the details, I regularly move my income into
sub-accounts to help with budgeting. This is a tedious process in GnuCash.
Though I can re-enter the transaction name from the previous month and have
all the values copied forward, I need to make tweaks to the values each
month. GnuCash doesn't guarantee they'll be in a consistent order, meaning
I have to visually search for the correct transaction for each sub-account
before modifying it. It's also easier to visualize my budget in a custom
spreadsheet than in GnuCash, meaning I need a way to import it.

Thanks in advance,
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comsec | 20 Oct 18:35 2014

An error occurred while running the report

GnuCash 2.6.1 has worked fine. Suddenly this error when attempting a
receivables ageing. Other reports seem fine but I sort of rely on the
receivables ageing and it would be good to get it running again.
The error started afterv posting a new invoice.
Trace attached but these lines seem to be the error:
C:\Program Files
In procedure vector-ref in expression (vector-ref bucket-intervals
C:\Program Files
Value out of range: 5
* 17:31:27  WARN <gnc.scm> In C:\Program Files
 743: 21* [receivables-renderer #]
In unknown file:
   ?: 22  (letrec (#) (let* # # #))
In C:\Program Files

Hope there is a solution,


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Chris Lonsberry | 20 Oct 13:16 2014

Re: Can I get a transaction report without the monthly subtotals?

Thanks. I don't know why, but I assumed that the secondary subtotal would
be dependent on the primary. So I thought turning off the primary subtotal
would also turn off the secondary. It didn't occur to me to toggle the
secondary on its own.

Looks perfect now!


On Sat, Oct 18, 2014 at 9:43 AM, Maf. King <maf <at>> wrote:

> On Sat 18 October 14 09:37:13 Chris Lonsberry wrote:
> > Subject says it all. I like the transaction report, but I could really do
> > without monthly subtotals. I'm running it for a full year and often there
> > is only one transaction per month, so the monthly totals are mostly a
> waste
> > of space and a distraction.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Chris
> Yes, you can.
> Something like: 4th tab in the report options -> secondary subtotal <NONE>
> Sorry for not being more specific, don't have GC to hand at the moment.
> HTH,
> Maf.
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John R. Sowden | 20 Oct 01:48 2014

make description payee?

I there a way to make the column name description, payee instead, in the 
checking account, and its associated reports?


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Jill Terry | 19 Oct 15:06 2014

Bug? Reports are blank and GnuCash hangs

Hope this is the right place to send this!

I have been running version 2.4.13.

This morning I downloaded the latest version (2.6.4-2), but whenever I 
try to display a report it just shows a blank area instead of the report 
and hangs. I have to close the program.

I am running Windows 8.1.
I have tried downloading and re-installing, but no change.
I also tried creating a new file from scratch in case it was a 
compatibility problem with my old version files. No change.

I am presuming that this is a bug but have no idea where I should be 
reporting this.

Any help with this appreciated!

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Aaron Johns | 19 Oct 14:25 2014

Change Gnucash GUI Font on mac?

Hi there, I hope I have used the right address for support questions on Gnucash, thanks in advance for any
assistance. I upgraded my mac to OS X (10.10) Yosemite yesterday and the font in the main window has changed
(see screenshot attached). Is there a setting somewhere that I can choose a new font as this one is very hard
for my poor old eyes to read. :)

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John W. O'Brien | 19 Oct 21:11 2014

Custom reports do not load after upgrade to 2.6.4 on OSX

Hello Gnucash-user,

While using 2.6.3, I successfully followed the wiki guide to making
custom reports [0], and wound up with the following, which has been
working as I expected.

    $ ls -1 ~/Library/Application\ Support/Gnucash/*saltant*
    /Users/obrienjw/Library/Application Support/Gnucash/saltant-invoice.scm
    $ cat ~/Library/Application\ Support/Gnucash/config.user
    (load "saltant-invoice.scm")
    (load "saltant-customer-report.scm")
    (load "stylesheet-saltant.scm")

Upon upgrading to 2.6.4, the custom reports stopped loading on startup.
I found this in the trace file:

    ERROR: In procedure open-file: No such file or directory:

If I run gnucash from the command line, that error follows my CWD. For
example, if I run it from my homedir, it says,

    ERROR: In procedure open-file: No such file or directory:

I don't see anything obvious (to me) in the release notes that would
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Divakar Ramachandran | 19 Oct 14:56 2014

Demerger of company - how to record?

I need help recording the following event in a company whose shares I own:

I had 'x' shares in company 'A' each of which had a value 'rA' on date
I received notice from 'A' that there was a demerger of 'A' into
companies 'A' and 'B', each individually listed on stock exchanges. The
terms of the demerger were such that I had as a result, 'x/2' shares of
'A' and 'x/2' shares of 'B'.
The letter from the company 'A' had the statement that "shareholders are
advised to apportion their pre-demerger cost of acqquisition of company
'A' shares as: 69% for 'A' and 31% for 'B'".

I used the stock split dialog for this, entering '-x/2' for company 'A'
shares, and '0.69 * (rA * x) / (x/2)' for price; the next window for
cash disbursement was left blank, since I received 'x/2' shares of
company 'B'. This results in a single transaction reducing stock in 'A'
by 'x/2' and a record of the price in the price editor. I could record
the shares of 'B' that have resulted as a separate transaction at the
price '0.31 * (rA * x) / (x/2)'.

Alternatively, if I record the entire transaction as a split transaction
with '-x/2' shares of 'A' at price '0.69 * (rA * x) / (x/2)' and '+x/2'
shares of 'B' at price '0.31 * (rA * x) / (x/2)' I am left with an
obvious imbalance that GC propmts me to correct either number, or price
or value.

What is the correct way to record such a de-merger?


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