Marko Anastasov | 1 Sep 20:42 2007

USBSink 0.3.2


I am happy release and announce USBSink 0.3.2.

You can download it from

What it is

USBSink is a GNOME program for automatic file synchronization with
removable drives (flash drives, external hard disks). In USBSink you
define a task associated to a particular removable drive, and then
have a complete automation of data transfers. With file monitoring
and hardware detection features, the program is able to respond
and act according to relevant events on the desktop.

Changes since 0.3.1


  * Fixed a bug of segfaulting sometimes when a drive gets unplugged
    without unmounting.

  * Support removable drives on SCSI.

  * Added option '--minimized', which runs the program in this state.
    This allows the program to start nicely with the desktop session.
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Andy Tai | 2 Sep 03:38 2007

gpaint 0.3.2 released

This is to announce gpaint (GNU Paint) version 0.3.2, a small-scale painting program for GNOME.

Gpaint is still work in progress and many features are still being developed.
However, gpaint is usable already for simple image editing.. 

Changes in this version (patch and bug numbers refer to the bug and task
trackers for gpaint at

    * patch from Daniel Nylander <yeager>, new Swedish translation, fix for Bug 20144
    * fix for bug 20150, gtk now needs v 2.8 or later
    * patch 6007 from Goedson Teixeira Paixao <goedson> applied; make the color palette width fixed
    * patch from Goedson Teixeira Paixao <goedson>, updated PR translation
    * patch from Goedson Teixeira Paixao <goedson>, fix for Bug 20251, gpaint crashed with SIGSEGV in image_from_selection()
    * fix for Bug 20562, patch from Charlie Watson <chunkyq>, fix crash when 0 is entered as line width
    * patch from Steven McCoy <steven.mccoy <at>>, submitted by Goedson Teixeira Paixao <goedson>, implements real clipboard copy and paste
    * patch from  Goedson Teixeira Paixao <goedson>, Implement keyboard accelerators for common operations
    * text drawing is now Pango-based; now multiple line text is supported
    * upgrade to GNU GPL v3

The release is available as
and soon from GNU mirror sites worldwide.

The gpaint project is hosted on the GNU Savannah site.

gpaint development utilizes the GNU Arch Revision Control System; The
development source is hosted at

Archive name: atai <at>
        URL: <at>
branch: atai <at>

Report bugs at

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Vivien Malerba | 2 Sep 09:58 2007

Libgda/Libgnomedb version 3.1.1 available

I'm pleased to annouce that the first beta version of
libgda/libgnomedb (version 3.1.1) have been released, which is the
first version of the unstable 3.1.x series.

libgda/libgnomedb are a complete framewok for developing database-oriented
applications, and actually allow access to PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase,
SQLite, FireBird/Interbase, IBM DB2, mSQL and MS SQL server, as well as
MS Access and xBase files and ODBC data sources.

libgda/libgnomedb are part of the GNOME Office application suite, providing
database access for many features in both Gnumeric and Abiword.

Changes from version 3.0.x include:

For Libgda:
 - Require inltool 0.35.5 when building from svn (Murray Cumming)
 - SQLite now version 3.4.2 (Vivien Malerba)
 - Added support for cursor-only access for data models returned by
the PostgreSQL provider (Vivien Malerba)
 - WIN32 port functionnal (needs testing, Vivien Malerba)
 - Installation is relocatable (Vivien Malerba)
 - New virtual connection feature, which allows to run SQL commands on
data models (Vivien Malerba)
 - Reworked the BDB provider to use virtual connections (Vivien Malerba)
 - Embedd the libcsv library (
for CSV parsing
 - Reworked the documentation
 - Many small corrections and improvements
 - New code examples (BDB usage, virtual connections)
 - New command line tool (similar to psql)
 - Reworked reports engine (breaks API -- the previous implemention
did not work)
 - Bug fixes: #432798, #432798, #433687, #316698, #449725, #450043,
#454896, #467273 (Armin Burgmeier,
   Marc-Andre Lureau, Piotr Pokora, Vivien Malerba)
 - Translations:
        - ar (Djihed Afifi)
        - zh_HK (Chao-Hsiung Liao)
        - zh_TW (Chao-Hsiung Liao)
        - es (Jorge Gonzalez)
        - vi (Clytie Siddall)
        - fi (Ilkka Tuohela)
        - eu (Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio)

For Libgnomedb:
 - Use libgcrypt instead of openssl (Gustavo R. Montesino)
 - New (experimental) graph widget based on the GooCanvas library
(Vivien Malerba)
 - Support automatic graph layout if the GraphViz library is present
(Vivien Malerba)
 - WIN32 port functionnal (needs testing, Vivien Malerba)
 - Installation is relocatable (Vivien Malerba)
 - Glade 3.3.x support (Vivien Malerba)
 - New grid-based plugin (Carlos Savoretti)
 - New demos in gnome-db-demo (Vivien Malerba)
 - Many small corrections and improvements
 - Bug fixes: #437212, #426007, #448359 (Claude Paroz, Gustavo R.
Montesino, Vivien Malerba)
 - Translations:
        - ar (Djihed Afifi)
        - zh_HK (Chao-Hsiung Liao)
        - zh_TW (Chao-Hsiung Liao)
        - es (Jorge Gonzalez)
        - vi (Clytie Siddall)
        - eu (Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio)

Tarballs are available (or should soon be) at and

To install this new version, you'll need:
* libgda: glib, libxml2, libxslt
* libgnomedb: libgda and dependencies, Gtk+ >= 2.6.0, libgnomeui,
libglade, gtksourceview

You can find more information at the projects' homepage
(, or you can ask
any question/propose anything you
want in the GNOME-DB mailing list, which is available at
Callum McKenzie | 3 Sep 12:04 2007

gnome-applets 2.19.91

Changes in GNOME-Applets 2.19.91
Codename: "Excuses And Accusations"

 Keyboard Indicator:
  - Make sure the keyboard applet works after the first login (Sergey
  - Added a "Plugins" menu item (Sergey Udaltsov).
 Disk Mounter:
  - C89 compatibility fix (Jens Granseuer).

  as, be, bn_IN, en_CA, es, et, gu, ja, nb, pt_BR, si, ta, vi

Documentation Translations:
  ca, oc

Get it from:

and mirrors.

 - Callum
Philip Van Hoof | 2 Sep 14:04 2007

Tinymail pre-release v0.0.1 - E-mail library

I hereby announce the availability of Tinymail's first pre-release
labelled v0.0.1.

Tinymail is a library for developing mobile applications with E-mail
functionality. The framework provides components that aid the developer
with the user interface but of course also with the connectivity and the
caching of messages.

For more information:

This pre-release marks the start of achieving API stability and software
quality. This pre-release contains features like:

   o. Support for IMAP
   o. Support for POP
   o. Support for SMTP
   o. Support for Maildir
   o. Support for SSL and TLS using either OpenSSL or NSS for IMAP, POP
      and SMTP
   o. Support for DIGEST-MD5, CRAM-MD5, GSSAPI, Kerberos 4, NTLM/SPA,
      PLAIN, Login, POP before SMTP
   o. Reading E-mails offline (offline caching)
   o. Various components that go well with Gtk+
   o. Support for HTML E-mails (Gecko)
   o. Documentation
   o. Support for the platforms Maemo, GPE, OLPC and GNOME desktop
   o. Message notifications (Push E-mail) on IMAP

Features that have been left out, that might be added to a final
release, are:

   o. Python language bindings
   o. .NET language bindings
   o. C++ language bindings
   o. Vala language bindings
   o. D language bindings
   o. Virtual machine images with test IMAP servers
   o. Virtual machine images with test clients
   o. Support for Webkit when viewing HTML E-mails
   o. ACAP support for account configuration
   o. Message notifications with GMail using XMPP
   o. Unit tests integrated with test IMAP servers
   o. Unit tests specific for the Python language bindings
   o. Documentation updates and improvements

Branch in the Subversion repository:

Trunk in the Subversion repository:

Online API documentation of this pre-release:


I hope packages will become available during the pre-releases. They will
most likely usually be based on earlier pre-releases. 


Philip Van Hoof, software developer
home: me at pvanhoof dot be 
gnome: pvanhoof at gnome dot org
Sebastian Pölsterl | 3 Sep 14:20 2007

Deskbar-Applet 2.19.92 released

This is mostly a bug fix release.
The minimum version of GTK+, PyGTK and PyGObject has been increased to
2.10. If you don't have at least version 2.10 please use Deskbar-Applet
2.18.x. The directory where modules are stored changed to
modules-2.20-compatible to point out what API the modules have to use.


Known Issues
Beagle handler does not return any results (see bug #472362).
Currently, it's not even known what causes this error.

	* Only clear entry, matches and actions when pressing escape if
clear_entry is TRUE
	* Only activate first item when pressing Enter in entry	if results are
already available
	* Fixed: Exception when activating match pressing Enter
	* Matches of history handler have icon of action
	* Bump minimum version of gtk+, pygtk and pygobject to 2.10
	* OpenSmartBoomarkAction has "web-search" icon
	* Fixed bug #472069: crash in Web Bookmarks (Mozilla) entering search
terms or scrolling
	* Fixed bug #472449: Opening a volume causes an exception
	* Fixed: Throw exception if keybinding is already in use
	* Changed modules folder to modules-2.20-compatible
	* Changed history file to history-2.20-compatible
	* Replace gnome-searchtool icon with system-search icon	because it got
removed from gnome-icon-theme
	* Fixed bug #473107: Deskbar opens all last searched words when
searching in dictionary
	* Fixed bug #472930: Tango icon (thanks to Rodney Dawes)
	* Added type checks for icon and pixbuf

Contributors to this release: Sebastian Pölsterl, Rodney Dawes

Updated Translations:
	* Brazilian Portuguese
	* Bulgarian
	* Estonian
	* Finnish
	* Galician
	* German
	* Gujarati
	* Japanese
	* Malayalam
	* Polish
	* Spanish
	* Swedish
	* Tamil
	* Thai
	* Vietnamese

Contributors to the translations: Raphael Higino, Alexander Shopov, Ivar
Smolin, Ilkka Tuohela, Ignacio Casal Quinteiro, Johannes Schmid, Ankit
Patel, Takeshi AIHANA, Ani Peter, Artur Flinta, Jorge Gonzalez, Daniel
Nylander, Tirumurthi Vasudevan, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan, Clytie Siddall
Boyd Timothy | 3 Sep 15:31 2007

ANNOUNCE: Tomboy 0.7.6 Released (development release)

Hey Everyone,

This email is to announce Tomboy 0.7.6, a development release
in the 0.7.x series leading up to 0.8.  Like usual, please be aware
that running the development series code is considered living on the
edge (please make regular backup copies of your notes).

This is a bugfix release (see comments below for details).

Tomboy is a simple personal note-taking application designed to be
unobtrusive and friendly, while supporting inter-note-links similar to
a WikiWikiWeb to help you organize your notes and ideas.  It can run
either as a GNOME panel applet or a notification tray icon.

Tomboy's Website:

Tomboy's Wiki:
 * Road Map:
 * Brainstorming:

Tomboy is available at:
 md5sum: f4163188fb4f5d16e7770889cd5161c6
 size: 2.2M
 md5sum: f7a7959bbfe1b67c1f5de32eb118a65a
 size: 1.7M

This release includes the following:

Version 0.7.6
* Fix sync UI crash (#470620).
* Fix addins directory reference (#472670, Robin Sonefors).
* Fix HTML export CSS format (#463957, Tommi Asiala).
* Fix LGPL/GPL license problem in print code (#459697).
* Fix bonobo deprecation warning (#393249).
* Added better sync exception handling.
* Other bugfixes: #471260, #473149.

Special thanks to everyone entering bugs, submitting patches,
keeping translations up to date, and helping to make Tomboy
better!  You rock!


Rich Burridge | 3 Sep 18:41 2007

ANNOUNCE: gcalctool v5.19.92 [stable]

Gcalctool is the default GNOME desktop calculator.

It has Basic, Advanced, Financial and Scientific modes. Internally it
uses multiple precision arithmetic to produce results to a high degree
of accuracy.

This release is for GNOME 2.19.92

Changes since the last gcalctool version (5.19.91):

 - None.

Updated String Translations (thankyou!)

   Stéphane Raimbault  - fr.po: Updated French translation.
   Clytie Siddall      - vi.po: Updated Vietnamese translation.
   Duarte Loreto       - pt.po: Updated Portuguese translation.
   Priit Laes          - et.po: Estonian translation updates by Ivar Smolin

You can download this new version from:

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Thomas H.P. Andersen | 3 Sep 21:20 2007

gnome-games 2.19.92 released

gnome-games 2.19.92

This is the release candidate of gnome-games. This release includes
some minor bugfixes, code cleanup, a single crasher bug, lots of
translations and
documentation updates. Give it a try, and please report any bugs you find!




  - Remove ellipsis from "Select game" button on toolbar (Christian Persch)
  - Remove stray debug spew (Christian Persch)

  - Updated documentation, especially keyboard controls (Claude Paroz)
  - Apply keys when closing preferences instead of when restarting
    game (Thomas Andersen)
  - Unfocus the toolbar to prevent accidentaly starting a game by
    pressing space (Thomas Andersen)

  - Don't crash if puzzle generator target is zero (Thomas Andersen)

  - Blank tiles when game is paused (David Westlund)
  - Remove dead code (Thomas Andersen)

Updated translations:
- es (Jorge Gonzalez)
- et (Ivar Smolin)
- fr (Claude Paroz)
- gl (Ignacio Casal Quinteiro)
- ml (Ani Peter)
- nb (Kjartan Maraas)
- oc (Yannig Marchegay)
- pt (Duarte Loreto)
- vi (Clytie Siddall)
Willie Walker | 3 Sep 23:05 2007

Announcing Orca v2.19.92

* What is Orca?

Orca is a free, open source, flexible, and extensible screen reader
that provides access to the graphical desktop via user-customizable
combinations of speech, braille, and/or magnification.  Orca
development has been led by the Sun Microsystems, Inc., Accessibility
Program Office via continued engagement with its end users and
generous contributions from wonderful community members.

You can also read more about Orca at

* What's changed for Orca v2.19.92?

2.19.92 - 03-Sep-2007


* Fix for bug 456970 - Orca says "0 items" for tree tables that use
  NODE_CHILD_OF relationship.

* Fix for bug 471220 - Gaim's prefixChatMessage setting should have
  option to only prefix non-focused tabs.  Now if you enable the
  app-specific setting to speak chatroom name, it will only speak it
  when the message is not in your current room.

* Work on bug 472377 - Need to fix braille for radio buttons and
  checkboxes in HTML content.  There are two issues: 1) repetition of
  labels with radio buttons and 2) The label and name of radio buttons
  and checkboxes needs to be reversed.  1) is easy and now done.  
  2) will take some thought and will likely wait until after
  GNOME 2.20.

* Fix for bug 472407 - Orca doesn't always announce new messages in
  unfocused tabs in Pidgin.


* Fix for bug 469686 - Sanity check needed in gecko.getHeadingLevel.

* One more "check" related to the fix for bug 470332 - Can no longer
  arrow to push buttons in FF3.  The original fix exposed a Mozilla
  bug which was causing Orca to hang when it encountered (un)ordered
  lists.  See bug 470853.  This update should prevent the hang while
  we're waiting for the fix.

* Fix for bug 471537 - We need to find a way to identify truly
  "focusable" elements in FF3.

* Fix for bug 471955 - Orca does not provide access to state changes
  in HTML radio buttons in FF3.

* Work on bug 472029 - Cannot arrow into autocompletes in HTML forms
  if Orca is controlling the caret.  There's an outstanding bug in
  Firefox that can cause some odd behavior with autocompletes.
  Monitor bug 472029 to track it.

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    es      Spanish              Francisco Javier Dorado Martinez and
                                 Jorge Gonzalez
    fi      Finnish              Ilkka Tuohela
    fr      French               Claude Paroz and Stéphane Raimbault
    gu      Gujarati             Ankit Patel
    sv      Swedish              Daniel Nylander
    ta      Tamil                Tirumurthi Vasudevan and I. Felix
    vi      Vietnamese           Clytie Siddall

* Where can I get it ?

You can obtain Orca v2.19.92 in source code form at the following:


The Orca Team

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