Wouter van Marle | 1 Mar 02:02 2003

SquirrelFax 0.6 (beta) release

As some alert readers (thank you!!) informed me: there is no download link in the release announcement. So hereby the link to my sourceforge homepage, sorry for the inconvenience.


If anyone would be interested in designing a simple web page for this project (project description, downloads, help files, etc), please contact me.

Wouter van Marle
SquirrelFax author.
Jeff Franks | 1 Mar 04:54 2003

[inti] ANNOUNCE: Inti-GConf-1.0 Beta3


Inti-GConf 1.0 Beta3


Inti-GConf is the second module in the Integrated Foundation Classes. It
is an Inti binding for GConf, the GNOME Configuration System. Inti-GConf
makes accessing the GConf database from your Inti applications easy and
intuitive. Its API and documentation are complete and it comes with
several examples.


- Requires Inti-1.0 Beta5.


- Updated several out-of-date projects files.

- Fixed a few small typos in the reference documentation.



The Inti Development Team.

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Jeff Franks | 1 Mar 04:54 2003

[inti] ANNOUNCE: Inti-1.0 Beta5


Inti-1.0 Beta5


The Integrated Foundation Classes, are a set of C++ classes for
developing Gnome and GTK+ applications on UNIX-like systems such as
Linux. They are designed to work nicely with the GNU toolchain and take
advantage of the standard C++ features provided by the GNU compiler.
Currently there are two modules, the core application development
platform Inti and a binding for the Gnome Configuration System Inti-GConf.

Inti combines the power of GTK+ and the power of C++ into a
state-of-the-art GUI toolkit that makes developing applications easy,
intuitive and efficient. There are more than 330 classes that wrap most
of the objects found in the ATK, GDK, GDK-PIXBUF, GLIB, GTK and Pango
libraries. It has its own system of signals and slots which make using
native GTK signals or creating your own signals easy. There is a
standard string compatible UTF-8 string class, a full set of simple
example programs, a C++ version of the GTK+ demonstration program,
extensive reference documentation and a tutorial.


- Finished adding doxygen reference documentation to the
   header files in the Inti, Main, G Gdk and Gtk namespaces.

- Minor Gdk API cleanups.


- Updated Gtk::Itemfactory tutorial page.

- Fixed several C++ problems with the Sun compiler.

- Several small bug fixes.



The Inti Development Team.

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Bastien Nocera | 1 Mar 15:06 2003

GNOME Fifth Toe 2.1.99


The Fifth Toe crew [1] is happy to announce the availability of Fifth
Toe 2.2 RC1 aka 2.1.99 [2]. This is a release of extra applications that
aren't part of the core/desktop releases.

Still, you'll really want those apps installed because they're pretty
cool. Of course, them being cool and knowing about it makes them even
cooler. Whaooo.

Ghex	2.2.0
Glade	1.1.3
Gcm	2.0.4
GOB	2.0.5
Memprof	0.5.1
Regexxer 0.4	


Drivel - 0.9.1
gnomeicu - 0.98.126
Gnomemeeting 0.96 + 2 libraries
Pan -
tsclient - 0.104
Xchat - 2.0.0


Abiword 1.1.3
Dia 0.91pre4
gcalctool - 4.2.43
libgda - 0.10.0
libgnomedb - 0.10.0
mergeant - 0.10.0
libmrproject - 0.9.1
mrproject - 0.9.1


camorama - 0.16
gnomeradio - 1.4
gthumb - 2.0.1
totem - 0.95.1


fontilus - 0.4
gnome-chord2 - 0.7.0
gok - 0.6.0
gswitchit - 2.0.2
gucharmap - 0.2
seti-applet 2.1.2
stickynotes - 1.0.11
zenity - 1.0
seahorse - 0.6.2

Find out the descriptions, home pages and ChangeLogs for all these nice
applications on http://5toe.lyrical.net/
Download this all on:


Bastien Nocera, on behalf of the Fifth Toe Team

[1]: Will LaShell, Scott Sibley and yours truly
[2]: Will likes numbers ;)

/Bastien Nocera

#2  0x4205a2cc in printf ("Oh my %s\n", preferred_deity) from
/lib/i686/libc.so.6 printf ("Oh my %s\n", preferred_deity);
Segmentation fault

Edd Dumbill | 1 Mar 23:20 2003

ANNOUNCE: Phone Manager 0.2.0


Phone Manager 0.2.0



Send and receive SMS messages on a mobile phone connected to your computer
via Bluetooth, IrDA or serial cable.


- Added SMS send capability and activated &quot;Reply&quot; functionality
  message alert dialog


Mikael Hallendal | 2 Mar 03:00 2003

ANNOUNCE: Devhelp 0.5


Devhelp 0.5


A developers help program.
Browse and search GNOME API & GNU Manuals.

Web page


* GNOME 2 port             (Mikael, Richard)
* LOTS of code cleanups    (Mikael)
* Support gzipped books    (Ross Burton)
* Better activation        (Richard)
* Support for gtk-doc built .devhelp files (Mikael)
  (Thanks Jamesh!!)


Jacob Perkins | 3 Mar 17:01 2003

ANNOUNCE: Seahorse 0.7.1


Seahorse 0.7.1


Seahorse is a GNOME frontend for GnuPG (the GNU Privacy
Guard) file encryption/decryption program.

This is a testing release! It should be stable, but there are probably some
bugs we don't know about.


-Added context menu for keys
-Sign an entire key
-Add a revoker to a key
-Key pairs initially listed first
-Performance improvements with large key rings, especially in loading
-Progress display at startup for listing of keys
-Can delete subkeys of non key-pairs


-Changed File menu to Key menu
-Bug fix when setting Ascii Armor Preferences
-Removed File Manager, replaced with file operations in Tools
-General interface cleanups


Michael Meeks | 4 Mar 17:46 2003


        * Bugs fixed
                + invisible event box replacement (Dave Camp)
                + async / gtk+ state sync loop (Radek Doulik)
                + UI image related segv (Michael, Ettore)
                + build fixes (Alex Duggan)
        * Featurelets
                + very major docs improvements (Gustavo Carneiro)
        * Translations
                + updated (mn, ro, id, kn, fa): (Christian Rose,
                  Marius Andreiana, Roozbeh Purnader)


 mmeeks <at> gnu.org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot
Sander Vesik | 5 Mar 17:23 2003

REMINDER: OpenOffice.org Conference 2003 - Please register!

From: Erwin Tenhumberg <erwin.tenhumberg <at> sun.com>

Hello everybody!

Please secure your seat at the OpenOffice.org Conference
by registering today (Hamburg, Germany, March 20-21)!

We just published a preliminary schedule for the conference
at http://marketing.openoffice.org/conference/schedule.html

Here are some highlights:

      Integration with Gnome
      Michael Meeks

      Migrating from Microsoft Office to Openoffice.org/StarOffice
      Frank Gamerdinger

      The Mac OS X/Darwin port of OpenOffice.org
      Dan Williams

      Marketing OpenOffice.org in Your Country
      Nick Richards

      Where do we go from here? The future of OpenOffice.org
      Louis Suarez-Potts

      OpenOffice.org Software Development Kit (SDK)
      - For own solutions and products based on OpenOffice.org and Java
      J├╝rgen Schmidt

      Introduction to the OpenOffice.org XML File Format
      Michael Brauer, Daniel Vogelheim

      Integration of StarOffice / OpenOffice.org with Tamino
      Robert Diawara

      Analysis of the OpenOffice.org User and Developer Survey Results
      Sam Hiser, Erwin Tenhumberg, Cristian Driga

      OpenOffice.org Enterprise Deployment
      Martijn Dekkers

If you are interested in attending the conference, please go to

See you in Hamburg!

Best regards,

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George | 5 Mar 23:44 2003

ANNOUNCE: GENIUS 0.5.3 the "Homework, homework, homework" release

To find out what Genius is, skip a few paragraphs down, or go to

Lots of new stuff because I need it for homework.  Hmmm, strange that the
other grad students get by without writing their own math package.  Maybe I'm
doing something wrong.  In any case, we now have very simple minded line
plotting with the function LinePlot (of course you must be running
gnome-genius for this).  Also of interest, genius now uses the MPFR library
(comes with gmp, but the redhat build of gmp doesn't enable it, use
--enable-mpfr for that), this speeds up lots of floating point stuff by
orders of magnitude (and is likely more correct then the native genius
implementation which was very simple minded).  All kinds of other cool stuff
as well, a bunch of syntax changes too, though I don't think it should effect
you unless you were doing something very weird.

We also have a simple MathML output mode (not as nice as the LaTeX and Troff
modes are though).  And in the GUI version you can do
Edit->Copy Answer as LaTeX and such.

On the topic of MPFR.  If you use the RPM that I build it "should" work even
if you don't get an updated gmp.  I have put up an updated GMP rpm that
enables MPFR.  It is really as simple as recompiling gmp with --enable-mpfr.
Genius will work without MPFR just as it did before, but I think in time I
will make it require MPFR to avoid the huge code duplication and the fact
that I have absolutely no interest in debugging something that MPFR does a
LOT better.

In any case, Genius is one of the oldest GNOME projects, it has been
the original GNOME calculator before I got wild ideas about it doing
absolutely everything.  It is programmable has a powerful language and
handles many fun features including matlab like support for matrices.
It requires GNOME2 and a recent enough gmp library.  However you can
still use the command line version if you prefer non-gui interface.

There is still a lot of work required to make this all nice, mostly it needs
to have the function library improved and verified to be correct and
documentation needs to be written (the complete help system is not yet in
place).  Feel free to help out :)

Here are the news in 0.5.3:

Note the syntax changes marked with 'SYNTAX:'

* Very basic line graphing of R->R functions with LinePlot function
* Use MPFR for some floating point functions such as powers, logs, sin/cos
  and such.  This increases the speed of those operations by about 10 fold
  or more.  I will start migrating towards MPFR only support in the future.
  See www.mpfr.org.
* "a^b mod m" is now done sanely and fast just like the PowerMod function
* Rudimentary MathML output support
* Add Copy Answer As Plain/LaTeX/MathML/Troff menu items
* SYNTAX: A null inside a matrix expansion is treated as an empty matrix.  So
  [null,1,2] will be expanded as [1,2]
* SYNTAX: Allow rationals and integers as complex numbers though this support is  kind of experimental
* Increase some limits on factorizations
* SYNTAX: Add (<expr>)i operator macro which will multiply <expr> by i
* SYNTAX: Negation parsing changed -1^k still parses as (-1)^k but -a^k parses
  as -(a^k) (where a is anything but a number
* Rational powers now return integers if possible, and so the
  SymbolicSquareRoot and SymbolicNthRoot functions are not neccessary
* Nicer printing of complex numbers
* Printing fixes
* Fractions printed nicely in troff and latex mode
* Fix crash on setting built in parameters if there is an exception
* Add MaximalPrimePowerFactors, PrimeFactors and CombineFactorizations,
  RemoveFactor, Gravity (the gravitational constant), EulerConstant,
  FermatFactorization, IsGaussInteger, IsPositiveInteger, MillerRabinTest
* Use MillerRabinTest in IsPrime adding a config parameter for this
* Remove SymbolicSquareRoot, SymbolicNthRoot (sqrt and rational powers
  is the same thing)
* Add some new aliases for a few functions
* Better EulerPhi implementation
* Fix Factors
* SYNTAX: Fix precedence of : to be lower then that of standard arithmetic
* SYNTAX: Factorial now binds more closely then power
* SYNTAX: Allow more matlab like notation of getting whole rows/columns
  (such as foo <at> (2,:))
* Add an Edit menu with Copy and Paste
* Add "Really want to quit" dialog and allow quitting while calculations are
* Allow reading arbitrarily long compiled file record lines
* Some very minor leaks fixed
* Fix interrupting input while not calculating anything (this was a nasty
  bug that prevented any further thing to be evaluated)
* Don't allow executing anything if something else is executing, thus causing
  a crash.
* A number of minor bugs squashed
* And finally a new small easter egg


(Note that at the 5z.com site there are also some RPMS for RH8.0, Note that
on RH8 the menuitem is in Extras/Other.  There is also a GMP RPM for RH8.0
which enabled MPFR and I recommend upgrading to that.)

Have fun,



George <jirka <at> 5z.com>
   There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that
   which should not be done at all.
                       -- Peter Drucker