Jacob Perkins | 1 Feb 02:01 2003

ANNOUNCE: Seahorse 0.6.1


Seahorse 0.6.1


Seahorse is a GNOME frontend for GnuPG (the GNU Privacy
Guard) file encryption/decryption program.


* More and updated translations
* Key manager updates all keys when changed
* Preferences loads faster
* More HIG compliant windows & dialogs
* Failure to install schemas does not stop installation
* Better about dialog: shows version & lists translators


* Correctly check for GPGME 0.3.14 and GnuPG 1.2 during build


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Jody Goldberg | 1 Feb 04:17 2003

Gnumeric 1.1.16

Gnumeric 1.1.16 aka 'L M L W' is now available.

    A few long awaited improvements to the internals have finally landed.  This
    includes full support for Ms Excel's 1904 date convention.  If you don't
    know what it is consider yourself lucky.  Jon Kre stepped up and finished
    off the hyper-link dialog which makes that feature useful.  There was also a
    fair amount of testing for the xls exporter.  We can definitely handle
    files larger than 6.8Meg now (something gnumeric-1.0.x & libole2 could not).
    Also, at Daniel's behest our new xml import utilities can correctly handle
    namespaces, enough that a quick test wrapper for Ms Excel XP's xml format
    was simple.  Oddly, I actually prefer Excel's xml to OpenOffice.

    NOTE : Although this is a development release it should be quite
      stable.  There are is still feature regressions from 1.0
      (porting graphs to gtk2) but other than that this release should
      be usable.  Please play with it.

    NOTE : This release now relied on gnome-print-2.2.x

	* Support Mac Office style 1904 date convention.
	* Fix recalc problem with MMULT.
	* Bump libgsf req to 1.7.2
	* Fixed XL export (apologies to all)
	* Improve support for negative elapsed time formats.
	* Minor lotus-123 import issue.
	* Added Skeleton for importing MS Excel XML.
	* Changed default toolbar layout to icon only.

Jon Kre:
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Glynn Foster | 1 Feb 13:48 2003

Zenity 1.0 " The obstacle is the path "

Zenity is a basic rewrite of gdialog, without the pain involved of
trying to figure out commandline parsing. Zenity is zen-like; simple and
easy to use.

Zenity is especially useful in scripts.

Zen Requirements -
popt, scrollkeeper and intltool.
gtk+-2.0, libglade-2.0, gconf-2.0 and libgnomecanvas-2.0.

Zen Dialogs -
Calendar, Text Entry, Error, Informational, File Selection, List,
Progress, Question, Text Information and Warning.

See 'zenity --about' and Help for more details of how to use Zenity.

Zen Thanks -
        * Mike Newman and John Fleck for their direct help.
        * Jonathan Blanford, Anders Carlsson, James Henstridge, 
          Havoc Pennington, Kristian Rietveld, Jakub Steiner and 
          Tom Tromey for their indirect help.

Zen Translations -
        * Vincent van Adrighem, Pablo Gonzalo del Campo, Abel Cheung, 
          Ole Laursen, Kjartan Maraas, Christian Rose and Pablo 
          Saratxaga for their wonderful translations.
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Glynn Foster | 1 Feb 13:56 2003

Re: Zenity 1.0 " The obstacle is the path "

On Sat, 2003-02-01 at 12:48, Glynn Foster wrote:
> Zenity is a basic rewrite of gdialog, without the pain involved of
> trying to figure out commandline parsing. Zenity is zen-like; simple and
> easy to use.

Oh balls, it's available from -


[It should also be noted that Zenity is non-compatible with gdialog]

				See ya,
					Glynn :)
Ander Lozano Pérez | 1 Feb 17:03 2003



DiaSCE 1.3.1


DiaSCE (David is a Simple Code Editor) is a C/C++ code editor for GNOME. It
pretends to be a complement to Glade, so it doesn't include an environment
for GUI's development.It has neither a debugger. The idea is for it to be a
light code editor that doesn


- Fixed an important bug in the detection of Glade2


Mike Newman | 1 Feb 17:20 2003

ANNOUNCE: gnome-pkgview 1.0.0 (Fleet)


gnome-pkgview 1.0.0 (Fleet)


Displays the version of desktop components installed, and makes a stab at
your overall GNOME version.


- lots of new and updated translations
- a GConf key to hide/show *-uninstalled packages


Gavin Brown | 1 Feb 18:58 2003

ANNOUNCE: Greenwich 0.5.0


Greenwich 0.5.0


A graphical whois client for GNOME.


This is an almost complete rewrite of the original code - it is now
entirely object-oriented. A couple of new translations have been added, as
well as support for doing lookups of IP addresses, using the IP::Authority


Bastien Nocera | 2 Feb 01:45 2003

acme 2.0.2


acme "Ta Yeule" 2.0.2 is out.

ACME is a small GNOME tool to make use of the multimedia buttons
present on most laptops and internet keyboards.

Plenty of translation updates, and a small fix for Solaris/non-XFree86 users.

Download it at http://www.hadess.net/misc-code.php3 or


Bastien Nocera <hadess <at> hadess.net>

GStreamer 0.6.0 released

GStreamer "Hottest Pick" 0.6.0 released[*]

The GStreamer team is happy to announce our first ABI stable release
series. The 0.6.x series of the GStreamer streaming-media framework. 

At this point in time GStreamer is fully functional for creating
audio-based applications, as shown by applications such as
gnome-sound-recorder, Rhythmbox and nautilus-media. 

Video-based applications still have some issues at this point, but we
plan on solving those issues during the 0.6.x series in an ABI
compatible way.

We will also be releasing a development 0.7 release series, in which we
will work on such things as the remaining video issues and the
interactivity support which is needed for DVD menus and SWF (Flash).
This means developers working on apps needing these services can use the
0.7 series for development and then enable 0.6 support as these
additions optionally get backported to 0.6 once they are stable and work

Thread issues and GStreamer
Many of GStreamer's features relies heavily on threads. Unfortunately
everything is not rosy in the Linux world of threads. If you have a
glibc version installed compiled with i686 optimizations (which uses a
different codepath than standard i386 glibc), there is a good chance you
will experience thread-related crashes in gstreamer-based applications.
There are a few workarounds to this available.

      * You can use an i386 glibc package instead. (Since this is the
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Alex Duggan | 2 Feb 16:23 2003

ANNOUNCE: bugzilla-applet 0.1


bugzilla-applet 0.1


bugzilla-applet is a GNOME 2.x panel applet for quickly accessing bug
reports for specific bugs

Initial release