Shrey Bagroy | 6 Mar 16:42 2015

[OSM-dev] Introduction as a prospective GSoC'15 student

I'm an undergraduate student, studying Computer Science and Engineering at Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology,Delhi. I am interested in the Moderation Queue and OSM Anomaly detection projects, which I found in OSM's ideas list for GSoC'15. 
My background is of a web developer.I am comfortable with HTML,CSS,Javascript,Bootstrap for the front end. For the back-end, I prefer Ruby on Rails but also have some experience with Python (Django).
( Github: )
It would be great if somebody could help me get started.
Shrey Bagroy
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Ankit Kumar | 6 Mar 08:46 2015

[OSM-dev] Greetings Openstreet Community : GSOC queries

Greetings Openstreetmap Community,

My name is Ankit Kumar and I am a third year student of Materials Science Engineering at IIT Kanpur, India.

I am interested in knowing more about a project listed on OpenStreetmap GSOC Ideas page: Learning platform for Overpass API

I hold some experience as in the Current semester, I am heading the development of SaaS project a cloud based extractive metallurgy simulation again using Python, numpy, scipy and its web frameworks flask and frontend with Bootdtrap and Javascript. 

Although I currently dont have knowledge of Overpass API query, learning it, I believe wont take more than week at max. So I satisfy the requisite skill need. 

Kindly guide how do I start working for this project ? Expectations in Proposals ?

Kindly share any details that you would like to share or any questions that you may have for me regarding this GSOC project. 

Let me know what you think. Thanks a lot.

Yours Sincerely
Ankit Kumar
IIT Kanpur

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Secret | 6 Mar 08:10 2015

[OSM-dev] GSOC 2015 Proposal

Hello and a good day everyone!

I'm Arian, and I would love to get initial feedback from you here about my project proposal for GSOC 2015.

Specifically, I aim to develop Learning platform for Overpass API, the initial idea being on the IdeasList.

I am excited with the scope of this project, as I'm very interested in e-learning platforms (having participated in MOOCs that feature such platforms myself). Because of this, I really feel that my point of view can really help flesh out the learning platform for overpass' api.

It would be great if I can get your guys ideas as well, and if I can meet the potential mentor for this project, so that we can have a healthy discussion for the ideas and direction that will be best for this proposal.

With regards to me, I'm a software developer with a few years of experience under my belt and a handful of released game titles. I strive for usability, usefullnes, and beauty in the apps that I create. I also have experience with educational games, which I believe will be a vital advantage to this project -> I have created multiple cross-platform educational games for the k-12 audience for a major client. (unfortunately, I can't share which company, per NDA clause)

Thank you and have a nice day!
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Jakob Jarosch | 5 Mar 21:30 2015

[OSM-dev] GitHub repositories

Hi there,
I'm one of the original developers of the OSMembrane GUI tool for osmosis. It hadn't a real maintenance but looks like the source code is now on GitHub. I would like to give OSMembrane another try and update the GitHub repository with the latest build and a README. Is there anyone who can give me access to that repository so I can add a release?

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Arjun Krishna | 5 Mar 16:46 2015

[OSM-dev] GSOC 2015 Introduction

Hello Everyone,
 Hey, I was going through the ideas  for GSOC '15 and the Learning
platform for Overpass API really caught my eye. I have some experience
in web-development mostly Django and some Javascript and some of it's
brilliant libraries along with the usual HTML,CSS .
I had some ideas on how this can be implemented, here they go.

The idea for teh learning platform mentioned something like codeacademy.
The process of learning in code academy involves this
    1.You signup for a course and find a bunch of chapters in that course.
    2.You can go chapter by chapter or skip to the chapter you want.
    3.Then they teach you a little by showing an example and a few
lines explaining it or just the explanation.
    4.Then you have to solve a problem , they check if you solved it
by looking at your output (console logs in javascript)
    5.You move on to other chapters.
   Code academy is great if you want to learn something from top to
bottom, however if you just want to get a small doubt cleared
codeacademy is not the place.
   I think this is where something like w3schools comes in, they're
great to use when you have to just clear up a small detail about
javascript or something else.
   One of the major differences between codeacademy and w3schools is
that w3schools does not validate your answer, there is no problem to
solve in w3schools just examples. In code academy there are mostly
problems to solve.
   Many users may want to start from scratch to learn the overpass api
and many of them may just want to clear a small doubt up.
   I suggest that something like w3schools but also with dedicated
courses like codeacademy would be great(Best of both worlds).
   Coming towards coding up such a platform one of the main questions
is whether to use overpass turbo or not.
   Overpass turbo is great for building queries and running them ,
however testing the output obtained in order to ensure that the user
solved the problem    might be hard(Or atleast thats what I think ,
not too sure, have been thinking of ways to  use it and develop over
   I suggest that  overpass turbo be used when just examples have to
be showcased and use the platform and leafleft.js(To show the output)
when problems are being solved.

   PS: Here's something that I started writing just to familiarize
myself with leaflet.js [] , I was
just trying to show the query results on a map(I know it's ugly ,
excuse the looks please and it works only for nodes now).

PPS: My linked in profile ,

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Akanksha Srivastava | 5 Mar 15:03 2015

[OSM-dev] GSoC 15 - Introduction

Hello, I am Akanksha a 2nd Year Computer Science And Engineering Student from IIIT Hyderabad India.
I am interested in applying for GSoC 15. I looked through the project ideas page and found the following ideas suited to my interests and skills.
1) Web application for sharing 3D-Models to use in OSM-related 3D-Applications - Requires development of a web application. I am well versed in Ruby on Rails therefore I would like to develop this application in that technology. However if a lighter web application is required then I can develop in any Python based web framework like flask or bottles.   
2)Learning platform for Overpass API: Documentation and easy to follow tutorials are required to learn any new piece of technology and it would be very stimulating for me to learn the Overpass API myself and as then document my experience as a beginner to make it easier for future users. I am well versed with Javascript and HTML. 
3) Moderation Queue for I have prior experience in Ruby on Rails so I would be very interested in developing a web extension for the osm website.

I request the mentors to guide me on how to get started to contributing to the project.
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Divyanshu Maithani | 5 Mar 10:23 2015

[OSM-dev] GSoC 2015 Applicant Introduction and Queries

Greetings OSM developers,

I'm Divyanshu Maithani, a third year student pursuing Computer Science and Engineering from National Institute of Technology(NIT), Hamirpur, India. I'm quite passionate about open source technologies and I've been using OSMs for quite some time. I'm also a member of GNU Linux User Group of our college and an active open source contributor. I would like to participate with OSM for GSoC 2015.

I'm well versed in Python, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, C, C++ and interested in the following projects:
OSM Anomaly Detection
2. Learning platform for Overpass AP

I've already started getting familiarized with OSM by improving the map in my local areas. It would be great if someone could guide me on how to proceed next and start contributing some more to strengthen my proposal and getting more involved with OSM.

Thanking you in anticipation

Divyanshu Maithani,
3rd Year, Computer Science and Engineering,
National Institute of Technology(NIT), Hamirpur

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Jochen Topf | 5 Mar 00:16 2015

[OSM-dev] Osmosis data corruption on Debian Jessie/Testing


Just spent a few hours debugging this problem: The way Osmosis is packaged
on Debian Jessie seems to be wrong. It doesn't use the Xerces XML parser
but seems to fall back to Java default XML parser which mangles Unicode

This can lead to data corruption (and has for me today) when using Osmosis
for planet updates etc.

You can test whether this bug is on your system, too: Download the XML
for this node: Then run
it through osmosis:

    osmosis --rx 3382756758.osm --wx out.osm

Compare the two files, you'll see the musical notation character doubling
in the second case when your Osmosis is broken. The fix is simple: Add
a line "load /usr/share/java/xercesImpl.jar" to /etc/osmosis/plexus.conf.
As I understand this, it tells Java to load Xerces replacing the built-in
XML parser.

I have opened a bug with Debian.

Arguably Osmosis should somehow detect when Xerces isn't found and return an
error instead of using a different implemenation. But I don't know enough about
Java to say whether thats possible.


Jochen Topf  jochen <at>  +49-173-7019282

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Nikhil Ramesh | 4 Mar 15:39 2015

[OSM-dev] GSoc 2015 Queries

Dear Sir,
             I am Nikhil.R, second year student in Birla Institute of Technology,Pilani, India. I am interested in applying for Google summer of Code(GSoc) under Open Street Map. I have around two years of experience in web development and I am currently working for startup also as a backend developer.  I am very proficient in Javascript, PHP, Python, Lua, SQL, HTML5 and  CSS3. I have done many side projects using the same tools.

Link to github profile:
This should give you a good idea of the experience I have in this field. I have uploaded around 80% of my projects there. 

I am interested in:
Learning platform for Overpass API
OSM Anomaly Detection

I want to learn more about the project and if possible submit a small demo, before submitting a final proposal. I also want to get some guidance on how these should be implemented so that I can start as soon as possible. 

I also want to know more about the project so that I can show you guys a prototype before the final proposal submission. I want to do some simple tasks first showing that I will be the right candidate for the project. 

Thank You,
BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus, India
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Aryaman Gupta | 3 Mar 22:27 2015

[OSM-dev] Contribute Moderation Queue

Dear Developers,

I am a beginner and want to conribute for project Moderation Queue for
Please help me getting started with it.

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Dushyant Sabharwal | 3 Mar 14:43 2015

[OSM-dev] GSOC Candidate Instroduction

Hello Everyone

**Apologies for cross emailing**

I am a final year graduate student in Computer Science and majoring in GeoInformatics at IIT Bombay, India. During the summer of 2014 i got the chance to contribute to 52North through Google Summer of Code where i had developed an Access Control User Interface for Sensor Observation Service users. I have been using Open Street Maps for almost all of the course projects which involve map layers. One such project was the development of an Interoperable Web GIS Client based on OGC Web Services.

The project through which i would love to contribute to OSM is the "Image filters for Raster layers in JOSM". I have done courses on Image Processing and Advance Image Processing involving satellite images which have several bands and as part of the course curriculum we have developed filters, morphological operators and models for data classification.

Currently i have signed up to OSM and started editing the maps following which i'll try to understand the schema as well. If i could be directed to a specific repository, bug tracker relevant to the project, it would be great!

Looking forward to the experience

Best Regards
Dushyant Sabharwal
Graduate Student | CSRE, IIT Bombay
Connect with me : Github | LinkedIn
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