Stefan Baebler | 21 Nov 17:58 2014

[OSM-dev] Shared borders of (multi) polygons represented as duplicated ways


While preparing a dataset for a community import ( ) we ran into 2 kinds of related problems that originate from Shapefile's different representation of polygons:

a) duplicated ways: when no tags are present on two overlaping ways, but ways are members of different relations JOSM reports this as an error. This is common mostly with nested multipolygon relations, where one relation's outer way is the other's inner member.

b) Ways on same position: this is similar to previous, but some tags differ, making the match not exact. JOSM reports this as warning. This is more common, because it doesn't require that many levels of nesting, A simple meadow in a multipolygon forest is enough.

The illustraded description is in the issue of ogr2osm (my first choice for preparing the dataset): (not fixed yet).

Vincent promptly fixed the JOSM's OpenData plugin for importing shapefiles and adjusted validation logic: , so we might go this way (shp -> JOSM instead of ogr2osm -> JOSM or any other editor), but it will require adjusting the data preparation scripts, and more importantly, relying on the end users (community importers) for using the latest (development) builds of JOSM with latest OpenData plugin to fix the data during the import.

While editing existing OSM data I noticed that this is quite common problem in OSM database, even if not coming in via imports (manual edits).

My questions are:
Are duplicated ways considered erronous and to be avoided at all costs or are they tolerable?
Are any tools (osm inspector and similar) detecting these problems?
Are there any plans to fix such topological errors (if considered as such) in existing data by bots (automated edits)?
Is ogr2osm being used for other imports with similar problems? 
Is ogr2osm being actively maintained?


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Shafaat Hussain Bhilavade | 19 Nov 11:20 2014

[OSM-dev] OSM Development

I am new to OSM , would like to know about OSM , what are the accessing tools for OSM code?, How to use the OSM code?
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Dave F. | 17 Nov 20:01 2014

[OSM-dev] Overpass ql problem using around/radius


With a bounding box, this works:

out body;
out skel qt;

But if If substitute the first line for around: [around:15000,51.38138, -2.35968];
it throws an error: Error: line 1: parse error: ']' expected - ',' found.

Is this expected behaviour? If I want to use radius/around do I have to include the line for all object types?:
node  ["leisure"="park"] (around:15000,51.38138, -2.35968);

Dave F.

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Roland Olbricht | 16 Nov 16:28 2014

[OSM-dev] Mapnik-Glitch "Schwarzwald"


Although the rendering stack in general works excellent, there is a 
strange glitch near Stuttgart in Germany:
contains the string "Schwarzwald" (which doesn't belong there)
but there is no element with a tag of any key with value "Schwarzwald" 
anywhere near, c.f.

The phenomenon has sustained a re-rendering, with rendering times from
Sat Nov 15 19:03:44 2014
Sun Nov 16 01:45:21 2014

Can somebody please explain where this "Schwarzwald" comes from? Or give 
a hint where to look next to understand the glitch?

Best regards,


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Matthijs Melissen | 15 Nov 19:18 2014

[OSM-dev] Release openstreetmap-carto v2.24.0

Dear all,

Today, v2.24.0 of the openstreetmap-carto stylesheet has been
released and rolled out to the servers. It might
take up to 48 hours before all tiles show the new rendering.

Changes include:

* Improve legibility of shop names.
* Better rendering of admin borders.
* Behind-the-scenes changes of (some) PNG icons to SVG.
* Labels for building names, addr:housename and addr:housenumber are
now prioritized by building size.
* Various bug fixes.

For a full list of commits, see

As always, we welcome any bug reports at

-- Matthijs

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Humphries, Grant | 12 Nov 02:31 2014

[OSM-dev] Changefile Downloads Stalling

Hi All,


I have been trying intermittently for a few weeks now to use osmupdate to refresh a local OSM extract.  The problem that I am having relates to the download of changefiles from  Ultimately I want to update my extract once per day, so most of the changefiles that need to be downloaded and applied are of the hourly variety, such as this one:


These files are generally 2 to 5 MB in size and the problem that I’m having is that my download will stall, sometimes for 20 to 30 minutes, sometimes up to a couple of hours, on one or more of these small changefiles virtually every time I attempt to use osmupdate.  The odd thing is that changefiles that are downloaded back-to-back, and that are roughly the same size can take vastly different amounts of time to complete.  For instance today osmupdate started with changefile 18975 and 18974 which took seconds, but then 18973 took around 20+ minutes.  I’m running this tool on a linux cent os server, and osmupdate uses wget to download the files.  I’ve tried using wget and curl on the same files outside of osmupdate and the problem persists.  I’ve also tried downloading the files through Firefox on a windows PC and had similar problems.  I’ve asked others on IRC to attempt the same downloads with varying results, some experience a similar lag, and some are able to download the same files I’m having trouble with in seconds.


I was just going to say that this file in particular has given me trouble as I have tried to download it many times and it has always stalled and taken an extremely long time to complete, but I just tried it one more time and it took 8.8 seconds.  So is this kind of variance to be expected?


Thanks in advance for any help






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Pulkit Bhuwalka | 10 Nov 00:46 2014

[OSM-dev] Querying OSM data for a region


My goal is to create my own local database of OSM data and use it for fast querying (no writes) - so that I can ask things like "give me all the roads within a small bounding box" etc.

I got a sense from the component overview that data should be imported into a PostGIS data for quick querying. So as of now, I have managed to

1. Download bulk data from OSM using API (This is a small region)
2. Setup Postgres with PostGIS extension.
3. Import data into PostGIS database using osm2pgsql

I am not sure about the next step. What api should I use to query the database? I suppose there exists some data access API which Mapnik and other services use for drawing.

Also, I don't quite understand the DB structure and the data encoding within it. There are a few tables created by PostGIS (spatial_ref_sys etc.) and a few tables created by OSM (planet_osm_*). I am unsure about the relation between these tables.

I recently also stumbled upon the Overpass API which seems to do something similar. My requirements are actually pretty simple. I need some simple querying to experiment with some rendering of my own.

Any help is really appreciated. Thanks a lot for your help and OSM!


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Lukas Sommer | 8 Nov 10:39 2014

[OSM-dev] syntax highlighting for CartoCSS in KDE


For those who want to open CartoCSS files with KDE software: I've
written (originally for personal use) a syntax highlighting file for
katepart (Kate, KWrite…). See for download.

Best regards


Lukas Sommer

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Antje | 7 Nov 21:06 2014

[OSM-dev] Migrating from SHA-1 to SHA-2 (HTTPS on OSM)


Today I received an email from NameCheap that told me about the retirement of SHA-1 for HTTPS certificates
and I realised that OpenStreetMap has HTTPS support. According to (a website that lets you check if a website is
using SHA-1 or SHA-2), OpenStreetMap is apparently using SHA-1.

The email says that Google will begin to sunset SHA-1 this month (even though we have doubts about their
maps, the SHA-1 news is still important). (source: Qualys Lab at
Can OpenStreetMap please update their HTTPS Certificate to use SHA-2 instead of SHA-1?


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Ra Node | 3 Nov 12:54 2014

[OSM-dev] Adding More Data


I am new to OSM. We have built an OSM server through packages by following the directions at We have successfully built the server with data for our city. Now we need to add more data for the entire state / country. What is the best way to do this? Would appreciate any pointers. Please help.

Thank you!
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Paul Norman | 2 Nov 23:02 2014

[OSM-dev] Tuning ZFS and osm2pgsql

I completed some benchmarking of osm2pgsql with various ZFS filesystem 
settings for use in my new server, and wrote up a blog post. I believe 
the results to be generally applicable for large OSM-based databases on 
ZFS storage and are not confined to osm2pgsql.

The short version of the ZFS tuning is

- Use an 8K recordsize for the tablespace, always
- Use lz4 compression for anything except a write-only workload with COPY
- CPU usage of compression is not significant

I am reluctant to extend the results beyond ZFS to other compression 
schemes, but switching geometry columns from MAIN to EXTENDED on systems 
where the underlying filesystem is not compressed may be worth 
investigating. This would impact a rendering workload, not an import 

I also did some basic postgresql.conf tuning, documented in

This brought the initial import time from 46 hours to 25 hours, mainly 
due to a much faster GIN index build. Tuning is important, particularly 
maintenance_work_mem for GIN index creation.

My fastest time for a full --slim import without --drop was 21.5 hours, 
which is pretty good for 7200 RPM HDDs as the underlying storage. As 
always, if you are not planning on updating, --drop will save much of 
that time, probably about half of it.

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