byhisdeeds | 3 Jul 01:58 2015
Jan Tappenbeck | 1 Jul 18:30 2015

Problems to by error-images

  Hi !

we have a project in this url:

when you zoom into the map and the level is 7 (not show in website) 
there will come images that will not show. the image is not avaible!

in css-file there was 
a command

.olImageLoadError {
     display: none !important;

but when this is active - in firefox no map will show.

the used ol-version is 2.12.

did someone have an idea ?? in the past the map will work fine. is this 
a problem of firefox-versions? i used 38.0.5

regards Jan
Bretschneider, Danilo | 1 Jul 08:56 2015

WMS request with custom header


during my research I've got different answers on how to set a custom header for WMS request. I need a header
entry like

headers: {
  "sendBy" : "OpenLayers"

The custom header works fine for GetFeatureInfo requests, but not for GetMap requests. It is possible to
create custom header for GetMap requests in OL?

Kind regards

Danilo Bretschneider
Wolfgang Wienke | 30 Jun 20:38 2015

problem of understanding point of Time for map drawing

if I understand right, a map is drawn, when the map object is defined.
Is there no possibility of "redraw the map" (for example with other
Do I have to declare all overlays BEFORE drawing and set their visibility?

                               mit freundlichen Grüssen

                                     Wolfgang Wienke
Wolfgang Wienke | 26 Jun 17:56 2015

sneaf ;-( nobody helps me

cannot be, that my question ist too difficult. Am I too much of a dummy? <at>

Help would be very nice!

                               mit freundlichen Grüssen

                                     Wolfgang Wienke
Dave Potts | 26 Jun 01:15 2015

source of an event in openlayers3

If I define a general purpose event listener in openlayers3 which is 
attached to two layers by saying something like

map.addInteraction(selectClick selectClickOn('select',function(e){
     console.log("Select items" + e.selected.length);

var selectClick= new ol.interaction.Select({

When somebody select something the click handler will be invoke and the 
selected object may be accessed from e.selected, is there way within the 
event handler of finding out which layer the selected object comes from?

Wolfgang Wienke | 23 Jun 20:46 2015

showing image on map

I want to place an image above of a Bing-map. The map is ok, but no
image. It must be something wrong with the projections, which I not
really do understand.

	var apiKey =
"AgBbMqJKmhNhpAAHQBpa4OkUPiq-ipzDOcCG7mDGTm2ORrIFM52j1qdIdixf7SF-"; <!--
key für AhE-->

var extent = [0, 0, 436, 600];
var projection = new ol.proj.Projection({ code: 'EPSG:3857', units:
'pixels', extent: extent });

var bild =   new ol.layer.Image({
      			source: new ol.source.ImageStatic({
        				url: '../windflaechen/300m.png',
        				projection: projection,
					imageSize: [436, 600],
        				imageExtent: extent

var satmap    =  new ol.layer.Tile({
                    source: new ol.source.BingMaps({
						key: apiKey,
						imagerySet: "Aerial"

map = new ol.Map({
		target: 'map',
	    layers: [satmap, bild],
    	view: new ol.View({ center:  ol.proj.transform([200, 300],
projection, 'EPSG:3857'), zoom: 2 }),


                               mit freundlichen Grüssen

                                     Wolfgang Wienke
IVAN G. MATALA | 23 Jun 04:25 2015

Enable preloading with vector tiles

I'm currently using vector tiles like this example here but the problem is that, when we zoom, there is a blank white loading tiles. I want to prevent that by using preloading feature (i think it is only available to raster tiles)( Any idea how to use that feature in that example (vector tiles).

Thank you so much
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Wolfgang Wienke | 18 Jun 21:08 2015

ImageLayer over BingLayer

I want to show an image (with transparent parts) with
		source: new ol.source.ImageStatic
over a Bing-Layer.
If I understand (dummy) the ol-examples right, both layers in the
view-part need different projections and different zooms.
How to solve?


                               mit freundlichen Grüssen

                                     Wolfgang Wienke
Morescratch | 18 Jun 17:59 2015

Vector Layer from GeoJSON with server-side defined callback

Hi all,

I am trying to load a geoJSON file from:

As you can see the response includes a server-side defined callback
parameter. The resource will not get returned if anything is added to URL
(e.g. ?callback=somegnarlycallbackparameter). Here is what I have so far: 

protocol: new OpenLayers.Protocol.Script( {
    callbackKey: '',
    callbackTemplate: '',
    format: new OpenLayers.Format.GeoJSON( { ... } )
} );

Using that the request URL is:

Which still gets refused by the source. 

Any ideas?

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mortac8 | 15 Jun 17:48 2015

Prevent requests for hidden layers?

Is there any way to prevent OpenLayers from requesting map tiles from hidden
layers when panning or zooming?  Our users generally use 1 base layer with
4-5 layers that they toggle-on sparingly.  The network performance isn't
great so all the requests for the 4-5 layers (even if hidden) really bog
things down.  

Any thoughts on how to address this?  We are on OpenLayers 2.12.  


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