Andy Colson | 17 Dec 16:30 2014

Click handler lost

Hi All,

We host maps here:

This is the test page.  When the hand tool is selected you can click 
some place and it'll pop up an info box.

If you click one of the other tools, then click right back to the hand, 
the pop up still works.

If you click the zoom tool, drag and area, then go back to hand tool, it 
still works.

BUT, if you click one of the measure tools, and actually measure 
something, then when you go back to the hand tool, the info box never 
comes back.

Anyone seen anything like this?  Maybe some pointers on how I might fix it?

Thanks for your time,

Wolfgang Wienke | 16 Dec 16:34 2014

OpenLayers V2.11, no Layer.OSM over Layer.Bing

I changed a map from a google base-layer to a bing base-layer. Now my 
Layer.OSM overlay is no longer visible.
It must be something with the projections, but I cannot fix it. Can 
someone help? It's the second map on the page
google version:
bing version:

adityakumar529 | 16 Dec 10:14 2014

Day night map

Hi Users,
   I want to add a day-night map in my map. Is there any wms available for
In case of no please let me know how can I make my own day-night layer which
keeps on updating after some interval of time

Aditya Kumar

GIS Developer

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Max Demars | 12 Dec 21:01 2014

Vector layer not redraw correctly when zooming


I load an external GeoJSON file into a vector layer and add it to the map:

geojson_layer = new OpenLayers.Layer.Vector("GeoJSON", { strategies: [new OpenLayers.Strategy.Fixed()], protocol: new OpenLayers.Protocol.HTTP({ url: "json/CS_Fr_St_General.json", format: new OpenLayers.Format.GeoJSON() }) }); olmap.addLayer(geojson_layer);

When I zoom in or out, the old drawings of the geojson are not removed and the new one is added over it.

I suppose there is a setting in olmap that prevent the geojson to be refreshed/redrawn when zooming but I dont know how to fix it.

You can inspect the olmap and the geojson_layer in the debug tool from this address

Thanks for your help

-Max Demars

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Andreas Hocevar | 11 Dec 15:03 2014 maintenance on Saturday/Sunday

Hey OpenLayers users,

this is just a heads-up that the demo server we use in many OpenLayers
and OpenLayers 3 examples,, will be down for a
few hours on Saturday night EST (Sunday morning CET).



Andreas Hocevar
Geospatial Solutions Engineer | Boundless
 <at> boundlessgeo
Jan Tappenbeck | 6 Dec 16:14 2014

ol2 - problems to open map....

hi !

i have got a map with on an other server current works

now i develop local and it works  - but on my testing-server i get following messagge by firefox:

TypeError: c is undefined

did anyone have a idea for the blocker ... ?

regards Jan :-) -- Freundliche Grüße Jan Tappenbeck ----------------------------------- OpenStreetMap (OSM) - das FREIE Kartenprojekt N E U ! ! OSM-NEWS für Lübeck & Umgebung unter TREFFPUNKTE einfach weitergeben mit OpenStreetMap. Einzelheiten hierzu finden Sie auf meinem Blog unter ... OpenStreetMap mit (FEHLER)HINWEISEN unterstützen Einzelheiten hierzu finden Sie auf meinem Blog unter ...
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Horst Garstka | 3 Dec 16:35 2014

ol3 and highlighting features

I'm working on an ol3-project. In that I load features via a KML file
into a vector layer. Now I tried to highlight the features with mouseover.

The code to do so is:
map.addInteraction(new ol.interaction.Select({
        condition: function(evt){
                return evt.originalEvent.type == 'mousemove':

It works, but now I want to change the icon of the actual highlighted
feature, which is now a blue dot. But I don't find the place where the
definition of that icon is.

Has someone of you a hint?

Andrea Aime | 2 Dec 20:10 2014

Image reload attempts possibly ignored

I'm looking at some white tiles in the GeoServer preview, happening randomly,
which I've noticed are happening somehow randomly, without error logs
in GeoServer.

Then I made a guess and enabled the logging of http connection closed in the GeoServer
face by the client, and sure enough, two white tiles in the map, two errors (and just
two) that the client closed the HTTP connection before GeoServer could write out
the response.

The response is coming back in less than a second, and the preview has:

So, I was sort of expecting to see 10 errors in the GeoServer log, for those two
missing tiles, not just two...
Any chance the reload attempts are not working as they should?

I'm on Chrome 39, Linux Mint, OpenLayers 2.11


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Ing. Andrea Aime 
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Sven Schroeter | 28 Nov 14:41 2014

Performance problem of UI with OL 2.13


turned my OL-Client from OL 2.12 to 2.13.1
Everything works fine but I have performance problems with my UI Elements
(KendoUI / JQuery e.g. drag n drop of modal windows) over the map.

I've read this part:
"To make the zoom animation smooth, GPU support is active by default for
rendering tiles. 
This may interfere with UI widgets that overlay the map. 
In this case, it may be necessary to turn GPU support off, which is done
with the following css declaration:"

img.olTileImage {
    -webkit-transform: inherit;
    -moz-transform: inherit;
    -o-transform: inherit;
    -ms-transform: inherit;
    transform: inherit;
    -webkit-backface-visibility: inherit;
    -moz-backface-visibility: inherit;
    -ms-backface-visibility: inherit;
    backface-visibility: inherit;
    -webkit-perspective: inherit;
    -moz-perspective: inherit;
    -ms-perspective: inherit;
    perspective: inherit;

I've added the css, but nothing changed.
Any idea?

Horst Garstka | 28 Nov 14:11 2014

getFeatures().length very often zero

Hi to everyone,

my problem with ol3 is that
[vectorlayer].getSource().getFeatures().length results very often in
'0'. Only if I stop and restart the javascript with FireBug near that
command I get the correct result '64'.

The vector layer is loading a KML file with 64 placemarks. And I'm able
to display popups of the name of the placemarks via click-events.

Thanks for your help
dave.potts | 24 Nov 12:36 2014

Openlayers 3, 0 modify/resize/roate vector features


Just been playing with Open layers 3.

I was looking for support to rotate/resize vector features[its possible in
openlayers 2.0], I have read the documentation, unless I have missed

It seems that there is no support for this type of request, I known its
possible to rotate a map,but  is it possible to apply this just to a
vector layer?