Walter Nelson | 30 Aug 08:18 2015

Python scripting

I'm working on automating some of my more menial tasks in gramps using the Python Gramplet and have a couple questions.

One of my most menial tasks is adding a group of sequential events (say, E0186 to E0210) to a person or a group of people. So my current thinking is this:

1. Fetch the person from the database: person = db.get_person_from_gramps_id(...)
2. Iterate over the range of IDs, fetching each event from the db: event = db.get_event_from_gramps_id(id)
3. Somehow create an EventRef object from the event? (not sure how to do this)
4. Add the EventRef to each individual: person.add_event_ref(event_ref)

I'm very much unsure on how to proceed with regard to step #3. The constructor for an EventRef doesn't appear to take an Event object.

Also is there a way to save the custom code I write as it gets more complicated so that it is maintained despite several gramps restarts? i.e. somewhere I can store a .py file and have my functions imported automatically?

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jecxz112 | 29 Aug 04:42 2015

Media Verify tools causes crash

Installed Media Verify tool in Gramps 4.2, (under Linux int 
restarted Gramps,
loaded the tree I had been working on,
opened Media Verify from the tools menu,
click on 'Generate', it reports some bad files - these 
entries are in fact not files at all, they are URLs to 
findagrave, left over from the TNG import.

When I click on 'Verify' gramps crashes so badly the even 
the report generator is frozen - either reboot or kill the 
process - to continue :-(



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jecxz112 | 29 Aug 04:28 2015

Unknown media types

Running Gramps 4.2.9 under Linux Mint 17.2.

After importing my gedcom from TNG, I am still cleaning up.
The latest issue is that many of my media are listed as type 
unknown when I select the 'Media' view.

When I click on preview, the file is shown - it is in fact a 
document scan and converted into a png.

Just what does this mean and better yet, how do I fix it?



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Ray Phillips | 27 Aug 18:54 2015

User manual

Need Help?

Enabled manuals are available from within Gramps by pressing F1, or through the help menu.

    As a very long term genealogist attempting to change course by utilising Gramps 4.2 and finding it hard to get to grips with starting out in the system, some apparently simple procedures are giving me grief. The above is an example - F1 does not provide any enabled manuals. I quote - ' This page's factual accuracy may be compromised due to out-of-date information.' Is that the reason or as an old fashioned pen and paper man - am I missing something digitally?
Ray Phillips
phillips <at>

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Sebastian Schubert | 27 Aug 09:21 2015

Alternative spelling of names


I finally found a case where I have to take care of alternative
spellings of (sur)names. So far, I only had maximum 2 names: birth name
and name after marriage, which I entered using the name editor.

Where do I enter alternative spellings of a (sur)name? Should I add a
completely new name in the name tab? And the multiple surnames entry box
in the name editor is not for that?

If the answer is yes twice, I would like point out some issues I have
with that. These issue might be due to my very limited knowledge of name
patterns and traditions, please excuse me in that case:

I have the feeling that an alternative spelling of a name is basically
just the same name so they belong together and not as two separate name
entities. They belong together much more than e.g. Big Louie's two
surnames added under Multiple Surnames (which would be one name in the
Name tab, right?):

Furthermore, when I add another completely distinct name for a spelling
alternative, it is not clear for which original name this is an
alternative for. For example, is it an alternative for the birth name or
for the name after marriage? Usually, this should be obvious but still
it does not seem to be right.

Do I miss something?

After the discussion, I would like to add some information on the wiki
page about that.
should be the right place for that, right?


pekka.valta | 27 Aug 06:39 2015

Re: Gramps & Gramplets]


via Clipboard of Gramps you can share a note to another place. Then open 
the note in original place and remove the note from it if you like.


jecxz112 | 26 Aug 01:58 2015

Gramps & Gramplets

As a way to get used to gramplets, I added the ToDo gramplet
As it turns out, it only appears for the one category of Places - which is where I installed it first.
Which is not what I expected.

Then, it accepts notes, but they seem to get lost during a restart - again, not what I expected :-(

What am I missing or doing wrong?


Gramps 4.2 - Linux Mint 17.2
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jecxz112 | 25 Aug 23:14 2015

Gramps 4.2 media base path

Running under Linux Mint 17.2
Yesterday I started adding media to my 4.2 fork and as part 
of this I set the  Edit -> Preferences -> Base path for 
relative media paths to, say  ~/MyMedia.

Today, when I open the same gramps instance, the base path 
is empty, though I can see all media use the expected base path.

To my mind, the base path should be persistent across 
invocations and I expected it to be visible in the dialog.

Is there any reason this is not so?

In another instance, after importing the backup made from 
the first one into an instance running as a fork of 4.2 
maintenance off github , when I repeatedly open that 
instance, the base media path retains it value across 
invocations, though in this instance it is displayed as a 
relative path, wrt to the base directory.

Again, I am trying to understand the reason behind this 
difference so that I'll be able to manage my backups and 
media properly.



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Brad Rogers | 25 Aug 20:02 2015

Photo tagging gramplet

Hello All,

I've just installed the photo-tagging gramplet in Gramps 4.2.0, (Debian
testing) and I think I have all the required libs etc. necessary, but the
automatic face recognition button remains ghosted.  I can (obviously)
select faces manually, but it would be nice to get everything working.
Running Gramps from the command line gives no clues as to possible
errors, AFAICS.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Installed libs:
various libopencv- packages (all I could find except -dev packages)

Gramps Settings:
 python    : 3.4.3
 gramps    : 4.2.0
 gtk++     : 3.16.6
 pygobject : 3.16.2
 pango     : 1.36.8
 bsddb     : 6.1.0
 bsddb.db  : 5.3.28
 cairo     : 1.14.2
 pycairo   : 1.10.0
 osmgpsmap : 1.0
 GExiv2    : 0.10
 ICU       : 52.1
 PyICU     : 1.8
 o.s.      : linux
 kernel    : 4.1.0-1-amd64

Environment settings:
 LANG      : en_GB.UTF-8
 LANGUAGE  : en_GB:en
 GRAMPSI18N: not set
 GRAMPSHOME: not set
 GRAMPSDIR : not set

Non-python dependencies:
 Graphviz  : 2.38
 Ghostscr. : 9.16

System PATH env variable:


 Regards  _
         / )           "The blindingly obvious is
        / _)rad        never immediately apparent"
I hope I live to relive the days gone by
Old Before I Die - Robbie Williams
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Sam Manzi | 25 Aug 04:21 2015

Fwd: Editing places hierarchy in 4.1.3 - I'll be darn!

Hi Julia,

Of course you can in Gramps 3.4 information about editing place information can be found at:

Does that help you?

But as Ron Johnson &  Rich Lakey are talking about using the additional feature eg the "Enclosed By" tab found on the "Place editor tab pages" in Gramps 4.1 and greater see:

If your interested in that feature then you would need to upgrade.

Hopefully that's clearer?

PS:My comment was about your comment "(This wiki page doesn't mention the version it references, but it's definitely not 3.4.9-1: .)" which is what this message is titled eg:"Re: [Gramps-users] Editing places hierarchy in [Gramps] 4.1.3"

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: juliasgenes
Date: 25 August 2015 at 11:09
Subject: Re: [Gramps-users] Editing places hierarchy in 4.1.3 - I'll be darn!
To: Sam Manzi

So there's NO WAY to edit place entries in version 3.4.9-1?
From: Sam Manzi <manzi.sam <at>>

. . .If you would like to use the feature I'd strongly recommend you use the current Gramps 4.2.0 release. . .

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Adrian Davey | 23 Aug 04:28 2015

Custom filter challenge

I am hoping someone can point out the blindingly obvious here I have probably missed ...

I have an unexpected opportunity to visit one of the interstate reading rooms of the National Archives, where I can access records not normally accessible to me.

Among my gramps notes there are some in which for occasions like this I have entered the relevant archive call numbers, together with the name of the capital city the item is held, and a note that the item in question has not yet been examined by me. There may or may not be additional comments about whether this is completely speculative, or whether there is already strong evidence that record does relate to the correct individual. I need to find these records quickly so I can order them for delivery to the reading room prior to arrival!

I construct a custom note filter, consisting of two rules, each of which are instances of the general filter "Notes containing <text>". In the first instance the substring to be found is "elbourne", and in the second it is "rchive". The option "All rules must apply" is selected. The option to "Return values that do not match the filter rules" is NOT selected.

A find using this filter returns EVERY note in the database, the vast majority of which do not contain either substring!

Even if I was completely mistaken about any of my notes containing the strings I am expecting, the result returned from a find using this filter should be zero rather than all!

I get the same result [i.e. every note] even if the custom filter contains just a single "Notes containing <text>" rule.

However, if instead I use the second filtering box within the filter gramplet itself [Text ...]—rather than any custom filter—the find is correctly limited to notes containing the specified substring.

But it is of course limited to searching on a single substring, whereas what I am trying to achieve is to search on [contains] <substring1> AND [also contains] <substring2>.

Can anyone explain why there is this apparently inconsistent behaviour between a custom filter and the operation of the Text box in the filter gramplet? Is this the operator, or a bug? [I am on 4.1.3-1 on w7pro32]

many thanks, Adrian

Adrian Davey | adrian.g.davey <at> | p +61 2 6247 3653 | m +61 422 805536 | Canberra AUSTRALIA
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